Friday, August 14, 2009

Chapter 22

The next day, Sidney went to practice as Karen went to see her doctor. She wanted to make sure everything would be ok if the pain reappeared. The office was full when she got there and all appointments were pushed back for at least 15 minutes.

It was finally Karen's turn and she was called back into the office. She got up on the table and waited for her doctor to join her.

"Hi Karen. How's everything going today?"

"It's good."

"So my file has you feeling some discomfort. Want to explain to me what happened when you felt it?"

"Well, it happened three times in a two day span. The first time was when I picked up a laundry basket and carried it upstairs. After I got to the couch and started folding the clothes, I got the pain. The second time, I lifted a suitcase not really too heavy, from the car and when I put it down to move it again, the pain hit me. The last time was kind of was after Sidney and and I made love and it was right after I had an orgasm."

"Where did you feel the pain hit?"

"Right here" Karen said putting her hand over the area "I think it's down enough to be around the ovaries. I looked at the diagram and it seems to be right in there."

"Why don't you lay down and let me have a feel?" Karen laid down and felt the doctor's hands lightly press around the area Karen had pointed out. It was a little tender, but Karen could stand the pain. "Well you're right, that is the general area but I don't feel any lumps or swelling. You winced the first time I touched it, does it still hurt?"

"A little. After I get the pain and it subsides, it's still a little tender."

"How bad is the cramping?"

"Like doubled over being really closed up tight in a ball until it passes."

"The only thing I can guarantee is that it isn't anywhere near the baby or the pain shouldn't disrupt the baby in the womb. At most I can tell is you strained your groin lifting the laundry basket and then the other bag just added to it before you were able fully get rid of it."

"Well that is very reassuring."

"Since you're here, how about we do a check up for safety."

"I wasn't going to leave until you gave me one."

"Karen, I know you want this baby to happen. The other times could have been flukes. I still can't tell you why you miscarried all those times."

"Its ok, as long as this one works out."

"Is something else wrong? You just seem like your world will fall apart if something happens."

"I had an affair and I feel like this baby is what might keep Sid and I together. The affair is over and done with, but I get the feeling he doesn't still trust me."

"And you feel if you lose this baby, it might be over."

"It's probably stupid I know but I regret what happened and I just want him to really forgive me. If I lose this baby, he might not and leave me."

"Well I am going to do everything possible to make that not happen." Karen smiled and let her do the check up.

An hour later, Karen was on her way home and was happy that her check up went great. Her doctor told her that whenever she felt the pain again to write down what she was doing and how long it lasted but if it happened more often, she would restrict Karen from doing certain things until she goes into labor. Karen knew if she told Sidney that part, he would put her on bedrest himself and hire someone to do everything else. She got home ten minutes later and found Sidney not home yet. Karen went in and got something to drink before going to lie down on the couch until he got home.

A while later, Sidney got home and found Karen asleep on the couch. He quietly walked over to her and sat on the coffee table in front of her. Sidney just sat and watched her for a few minutes. He wondered why his love didn't seem enough that made her go to Jordan. He pushed a stray hair behind her ear and whispered "maybe I should have tried to be more like him."

"I don't want you like him" Karen said opening her eyes to look at Sidney "I just wanted the variety."

"I thought you were asleep baby."

"I heard you come in. Please don't keep questioning this Sid. I have always been satisfied by you and in a way, how loving and special you made me feel, it should have been enough but when you're faced with something new it sticks for a while. I should have stopped it, it was my fault."

"Baby, shh. I didn't mean to start anything. We're past this and I don't know why I said it." Karen sat up in front of Sidney "what I do want to know is how your doctor's appointment went."

"She said that might have pulled or just strained my groin muscle when I picked up the laundry basket and just irritated it with the suitcase. She couldn't really explain why it popped up after the sex but she wants me to write down everytime I have one and what I did before it errupted."

"And if it happens too many times?"

"She'll restrict me from certain things until the baby is born."

"That is if I don't restrict you first."

"That's exactly what I told her" she said laughing.

"Baby, it's not funny. I will personally put you on bed rest and hire you a nurse if you get it again."

Karen saw the concern but also the sincerity in his eyes " I know Sid. How about I make a promise?"

"I'm listening."

"I will not lift anything heavier then I'm used to and take breaks between doing things. That day, I just kept going and not really slowed down to rest inbetween. Maybe that had something to do with it too."

"Maybe. I just want you to be safe and at the end of this have a healthy baby to add to our family."

"I really like the sound to that."

"Good. How about I make us dinner tonight before heading to the arena?"

"Ooo, let the pampering start."

"Nah" he said leaning in to kiss her "just saving your energy for tonight."

"You sure you want to go there this soon?"

"I feel bad for turning you down and maybe the sex did have nothing to do with it. If we had tried the other night, we could have seen then."

"I love you" she said smiling at him.

"I love you too. Mind if I lay down with you for a little bit?"

"I don't mind at all." Karen got up and let Sidney lay down on the couch. She laid back down on her side and let Sidney wrap his arm around her stomach. Karen brought her hand up and put it over his as it softly covered her stomach.

A couple hours later, Sidney and Karen headed into the arena and he took her down to the lounge area for a little bit before he had to get ready. Karen saw Jordan come in and look at her before sitting down and relaxing with a couple other players. She hated that he couldn't forget his feelings for her and be friends again. She decided to just let it go and let Jordan come to terms with it on his own. Twenty minutes later, Karen and Britnie headed to the suite to watch the game. As they got to halfway of the stairs to the suite, Karen had slowed down and started to sit down on the step.

"Karen? What's wrong?"

"I'm fine Brit" she said with her breathing escalating "it's just a little discomfort, it'll go away in a minute."

"Sis, you are really pale. Let me go get you some water."

"No, I'm ok" she said taking a couple deep breaths "I can make it the rest of the way and get some water after I sit down." Karen was thankful there wasn't anyone else coming up or down to see her struggle and knew she could get Britnie to not say anything about it. They made it to the suite and Karen went to sit down as Britnie got her some water.

"What's going on? Are you really ok?"

"I pulled a muscle or something the other day and I guess the long walk up the stairs tightened it up a little."

"You got really pale though Karen."

"I know, when the pain hits I kind of hold my breath and just get lightheaded from that. This one wasn't as bad or powerful as before, so I'm fine and there's no need to tell Sid, ok?"

"Wait? What do you mean before?"

"I had three other pains before in the same area and they were pretty bad, like doubled over in pain bad. My doctor checked me out said it wasn't near the baby and to just take it easy. Please Brit, I don't want to worry Sidney anymore then what he needs to concentrate on with this series. I need you to not say anything to anyone."

Britnie saw the scared look in her eyes "of course I won't say anything, but if it does happen again around me, I can't make the same promise."

"Thanks Brit." They heard the crowd cheer and knew the guys were coming onto the ice as they got something to eat and went to sit down.

Game three was indeed different than the first two as the Pens played equally hard and came out on top 4-3. Karen saw the intensity come out in Sidney's play and knew the rest of the series would be a good one. They waited for a few minutes before heading down to the locker room to see the guys.