Sunday, May 30, 2010

Chapter 35

During the night Karen couldn't sleep and was tossing around, waking Sidney up.

"Alright, either tell me what's wrong or get the hell out of bed."

"Sorry I can't sleep."

"Well that's apparent. What's the matter?"

"I had a run in with Jordan in the kitchen after I came out of the bathroom."

"What did he do?" Sidney said getting angry.

"Nothing, it's what he said."

"Then what did he say to you?"

"That him and Brit are now engaged and he'll be around for us to be one big happy family."

"When did they get engaged?"

"I don't know. He just said he asked her to marry him when I told him it was good to see them happy and together."

"So this is just another way to stay near you?"

"What's with all the questions?"

"Well what you're talking about keeps stirring up other questions. So what are you afraid of?"

"That now with the babies born, I'm scared he may try something for real."

Sidney sat up "I will never let that happen, you know that right?"

"I know but there will be some moment you won't be around."

"You're right, I can't be around you all the time but we can change that."

"I am not taking on a bodyguard Sid."

"Not what I meant. We will just talk about it and come up with a plan to make you always with someone or just not in the same place as Jordan."

"Ok, I think we can work it out that way."

"Good, now will you go to sleep."

Karen cuddled into him "I think I can now." She laid there and still couldn't fall right asleep but the tiredness did soon take over.

It had been a few days since the babies were born and Karen was already getting antsy. She wasn't really allowed to do anything and the annoying part was when she tried to do something when Sidney wasn't home, she saw all these post-it notes all around the house telling her to stop and go sit down. Karen had collected all of them and saved them, waiting for the perfect time to give them back to him.

Karen was coming from the basement when she heard a car pull up. She walked as fast as she could without hurting herself and went to sit down on the couch. A minute later, Sidney came through the door and saw her sitting there with a smile.

"Hey baby" he said coming over to give her a kiss.

"Hey, how was practice?"

"It was good" he said looking at her.

"What's with the look?"

"What did you just do?"

"I didn't do anything."

"Uh huh" Sidney said getting up and walking around.

"What are you doing?" she asked watching him walk around the house. Sidney came back and stood at the doorway "did you find something?"

"Come here."

"I'm suppose to be resting."

"Just for a second baby." Karen got up and walked over to him and he led her to the basement door, opening it "do you hear something?"

Karen knew what he was hearing "no, I don't. You've always had dog ears to hear the most weird noises" she said walking away but was stopped.

"You put a load of laundry in didn't you?" he said standing there staring at her.

"No...why would could be the furnace...stop staring at me like that...ok, fine. Yes I put a load of laundry in the washer a few minutes ago before you came home. Happy now Mr. Caveman, won't let his wife do anything" she said walking back to the living room.

"I'm not the one telling you not to do anything, those are doctor's orders baby."

"I know but I'm bored not being able to do anything. Even a simple walk to the kitchen for something to drink I get a note" she said pulling out a post-it and putting it on his chest. "When I get up to go outside and maybe take a short walk, there's a note on the door" putting another one on his leg. "Getting up and going to the BATHROOM, there's a note on the mirror" she said putting it on his ballcap. "Note, note, note note note" Karen put each note on him and all on his face.

"Baby, I just want to remind you to be careful" he said trying to take the post-its off his face but Karen slapped his hand away.

"I have about 20 more, would you like to see them?"

"No, I know what they already say. Look, I'm sorry but I'm worried about you alright" he said taking them off his face and putting them on his legs.

"I know we have a six week no sex clause, but if one night I want to pleasure you are you going to put a post-it on your body to stop me?"

"I get where you're going with this. You can be limited but you can also do normal things until you say it's too much."

"Sid, I love you and I am not going to jeopardize my health to cause more problems. I know what I can and can't do before I feel like I've strained myself. That load I put in was the sheets off our bed. I do things in small amounts and I've been fine."

"You have?"

"Oh stop pretending to be shocked, you know I have been doing things. Dinner doesn't magically appear or fresh sheets don't remake the bed themselves. I'm fine."

"How about I let you go into work for two days out of the week? If you go in with me like before and then work until I get done with practice and my work outs, then we can head home and it'll get you out of the house." Sidney saw Karen smile and get excited "but Ray will know to not let you run around the arena and you will still take it easy."

"I can agree to that" she said kissing him "I love you."

"You better" he said getting a look from her "and I love you too baby."

A couple days later and Sidney was going in for practice and Karen was right with him. He walked her up to the offices and to her dismay heard him tell Ray her limited abilities. Ray just smiled when he looked behind Sidney and saw Karen making faces behind his back. When Sidney turned around, Karen just smiled and he shook his head leaving, giving her a kiss.

A few hours later, Karen had left Ray's office and headed down towards the locker room to find Sidney, instead she found Jordan.

"Hey beautiful. Hope you came to see me?"

"Sorry to disappoint you but I'm looking for my husband."

"If you divorce him, I could be your husband."

"You're going to be my sister's husband so why continue to pursue me?"

"You know why."

"Actually I don't. All I keep hearing is this bullshit how you can't get over me. How much rejection can you take Jordan?"

As soon as she said it, Karen knew she regretted it. Jordan got an unfamiliar look in his eyes and pushed her against the wall "I can always make you want me as much as I want you."

"Don't flatter yourself."

Jordan held onto her against the wall but let his hands slip under her shirt "Ooo, you're getting your body back I see" he said feeling her stomach.

"Stop it Jordan."

"And your breasts..." he said moving his hands to the bottom of her breasts and caressing around the sides "are the way I like them, nice and round." Karen's breathing started to get faster but it wasn't from him turning her on, it was out of fear.

"Stop touching me now."

Karen felt Jordan move his hands to her waist and the band of her jeans, moving his finger right above it "feel like getting caught" he said trying to unbutton her jeans.

Karen was able to fight her fear and lift her arms, pushing Jordan away with her hands "I said STOP IT!" She got louder with her demands and when Jordan scowled, he came back at her and pressed his body tighter against her.

"Wrong move beautiful. You want to play rough, let me show you rough."

Before Jordan could attack her lips, Karen felt him being pulled off her and slightly thanked God it was Sidney. Before Karen could say anything, she saw Sidney pull his arm back and hit Jordan square in the jaw. Next thing, Jordan came back hitting Sidney on the cheek and a full blown fight was happening infront of her in the hallway.

Karen couldn't stand to see them exchanging punches and throwing each other against the wall "stop it..." no response "I said STOP IT!!! Sidney? Jordan? BOTH OF YOU, STOP!!!!" Karen screamed at the top of her lungs but nothing happened until she saw some of the guys run past her to break up the teammates. Max went over to Karen, who was crying uncontrollably and walked her away from them.

"Damn it, what's going on here?" Coach Dan yelled at both players who now had red marks and blood on their faces.

"Just a misunderstanding Coach" Jordan said.

"Bullshit, he had his hands all over my wife and I wasn't about to deal with his shit excuses" Sidney said as they fought to get back at each other.

"ENOUGH! Crosby, my office NOW!" Jordan managed to get out of Geno's and Jay McKee's grasp and smirk walking back into the locker room. Billy and Tanger still had a hold of Sidney "That's it, practice is over, everyone head home. Crosby, now." Sidney just nodded and Coach Dan walked back into the locker room with everyone else.

"What the hell was that all about?" Tanger asked Sidney.

"You might as well know, Jordan has been after Karen and he got too close for my liking."

"That doesn't make any sense Sid" Billy asked "talk."

"Jordan and Karen had an affair awhile back. It was over when I caught them, we made up and got back together, but Jordan never got over his feelings for her and that's why he's been pursuing her constantly. I just didn't think he was that dumb to take it this far."

Billy looked around "where's Karen at?"

"I think Max has her and took her away so she wouldn't watch these two rip each other apart" Tanger said.

"I need to find her" Sidney said trying to get away from them.

"I will go find them, you go see Coach Dan" Billy insisted. Sidney just looked at him and then nodded going into the locker room as Billy left to find Karen. He walked a ways down the hallway and saw Max holding Karen and he could tell she was still crying. Billy put his hand on her back and offered a sad smile when she looked at him "you ok?"

"Yeah" she nodded "is Sid ok?"

"He's fine. I think he surprised us all, we didn't think he had that in him" he said to get Karen to let out a small laugh. "They're both in there talking to coach, so can I take you home?"

"I can take her" Max said.

"Actually, I'd rather wait for Sidney."

"Karen, I don't think that's a good idea right now. We don't know how long he'll be talking with coach."

Karen looked between Max and Billy "you're right. One of you can take me home, if you don't mind."

Max smiled and Billy hugged her "neither of us do. Max why don't you stay with her and I will go change and take her home."

"Sounds good."

"I don't how to handle having two such fine looking bodyguards."

"Well Nat would kill me if she knew I left you alone for Jordan to try and get to you again, so it's kind of an unwritten rule to look after your wife's best friend."

"And my wife would just kill me for not helping out a friend."

"You guys are the best, thank you."

"It's our pleasure Karen" Max said.

"Absolutely. Let me go change and I will meet you in a few minutes." Karen just nodded and Billy ran to get changed. Max took her towards the seats so they could sit and talk in private.

Meanwhile in Coach Dan's office...

"What the hell got into the two of you? I pretended to not notice the tension on the ice during practice or games but this is totally uncalled for."

"Like I said, it was a misunderstanding" Jordan said.

"Stop saying that, you had an agenda and it didn't happen."

"It would have if you didn't show up."

"Fuck you Jordan."

"Sid, enough and Jordan that was uncalled for. I want to know what is going on, now."

"Make him leave and I will tell you" Sidney said after a few minutes of silence.

Dan looked to Jordan who just shrugged his shoulders "alright, Staal go home and we'll talk tomorrow."

Jordan left but smirked at Sidney before leaving the office. If he could, Sidney would have jumped out of his chair to grab him but he restrained himself and took a deep breath before telling Dan everything.

Karen was still sitting with Max in the arena seats waiting for Billy "thanks for staying with me."

"You know I want you safe."

"Could you not tell Nat about this. I don't want her to worry since she doesn't know about Jordan's pursuing of me since we broke it off."

"So it is all over with him?"

"Yes" Karen said almost in a defensive tone "before Sid and I got back together I knew it was over then. It was over when he caught us."

"Ok, I just wanted to make sure. Staalsy has this way with women and most find it very hard to say no to him."

"Just like you before you found Nattie."

"What do you take me for?"

"A womanizer?"

"Ok, that may be somewhat true. I enjoy women, what man doesn't."

"Hopefully my Sidney is to only want one. Most days I still can't believe he chose to stay with me when he could have just left and not looked back."

"Karen, Sid is one of my best friends and from the day he saw you, it was over and there wasn't going to be anyone else."

"Did he confide in you when all this happened?"

"No, I didn't know anything about it until Natalie told me what you told her. Why?"

"I just wanted to hear what he had to say about it when he caught us. I didn't know if he would have opened up knowing how private he is."

"It was probably for the best because the media didn't pick up on it."

"But who's to say they won't pick up on this" Karen said as Max just nodded his head. Soon, Billy showed up and him and Karen left. Max told her that he would tell Sidney where she was and everything would be ok.

Back in Coach Dan's office...

"So let me get this straight" Dan started "before you and Karen met, she and Jordan dated. They called it quits when you asked her out and started dating but still met up one more time while you were together."

"Yeah, and after we got married I guess they continued to sneak around."

"Until you caught them." Sidney just nodded "I can see where you have hatred towards him."

"Karen said it was over and I believe her. Everything that's happened, Jordan had approached her. After we won the Cup and I was with the Media, he pinned her to the wall and kissed her. When she told me on our way back to Nova Scotia what happened, I let it go thinking he was done. Then when I saw him at Olympic training camp, it all came back and I decked him."

"You hit him?"

"He was standing there laughing with his brothers and my anger just festered. Can you blame me?"

"No I don't. So what happened out in the hallway?"

"I heard a women's voice yell 'stop it' and when I walked out I saw he had Karen pinned up against the wall and his hands were on her. I was just protecting what's mine Coach."

"I understand Sid and I'm not going to punish you guys..."


"I will have a talk with Jordan tomorrow before practice and if he loves playing here, the threat of leave Karen alone or he will be traded will be issued. It doesn't matter the circumstance leading up to what happened, he crossed a line and that won't be tolerated."

"You know, Jordan is still a friend, even through everything and him getting traded isn't what I want. I know we have a strong team and a good shot to repeat, I don't want to be the one to disrupt that."

"If Jordan can't leave your wife alone, we'll make it to where you had nothing to do with it."

"I just want it all over. Karen just had the babies a week ago and I don't want to constantly worry about her when they come home in a month."

"It'll be ok Sid. Why don't you grab a shower and head home to see her. I think either Max or Billy took her home."

"Thanks Coach, I appreciate it."

"Just doing what's best for the team Sid. I hope Karen's alright."

"I'll tell her" he said before leaving the coach's room and heading into the locker room. He saw Max coming from the shower and walking towards him.

"Billy took her home man and he'll stay with her until you get there."

"Thanks man, I owe you both for taking care of her."

"You know, we were talking waiting for Billy and Karen wondered if you talked to anyone about what happened when you caught them."

"Not really. How can you go to a trusted friend and say you just walked in on your naked wife with another guy, who's suppose to be your friend, touching her and knowing what they're about to go do?"

"I guess she was just curious to what you said about it, like how you felt."

"I felt sick and crushed. I saw the love of my life break my heart. What would you do if you saw Natalie in the same scenerio?"

"I'd feel the same way and can imagine how you felt. Just remember that this is all Jordan, Karen never wants anything to do with him again."

"I know and it helps hearing it from you."

"Anything for you Sid, besides, if you didn't have me to talk to who would you go to?"

Sidney looked around the locker room "I think I have a lot of choices" he said getting the two to laugh. Max got up and went to get dressed as Sidney got undressed to get his shower and head home to see Karen.

Billy had pulled into the driveway and they both got out heading inside.

"Thanks for bringing me home, you've been a great friend for not knowing what's going on."

"We're a family, it's the least I can do."

"Can I get you something to drink or eat?"

"A drink would be great" he said following her to the kitchen. Karen poured two glasses of iced tea and they went to sit down in the living room "excited about gettting the babies in a month?"

"Yeah. We went to the hospital last night and they took them off one of the machines because they're getting stronger. I can't wait to hold them and feed them."

"Let me tell you, when my daughter was born there was no feeling in the world like it. I could tell Sid has been anxious ever since you told him you were pregnant. I remember him coming in with this goofy smile everyday after you two told us. It was like his life was finally into place."

"Until I almost screwed it up."

"Karen, you can't keep dwelling on it. Look, a lot of hockey players have affairs on the road and some wives find out, others don't. Yes, you got caught but it got you to come to your senses and know where your heart lies. Can I ask why you did it?"

"I met Jordan before I met Sidney. We had a couple fun nights and there was some feelings brewing. But when Sid finally asked me out, we had so much fun together and I began to feel torn between them. The more time I spent with Sidney, the less time I saw Jordan. We got together one night with some other friends and ended up in bed. I thought that was the last time because Sid had asked me to marry him and I knew who I wanted to be with. After we got married, Jordan started seeing my sister Britnie and the four of us were inseparatable. I guess being that close to Jordan again brought back some of those feelings and we began sneaking around again. He became a force bigger than me Billy that I couldn't stop myself. Sid catching us brought me back to reality."

"Most of the time, that's what it takes."

"I hurt him" she said letting the tears fill her eyes.

"But he's forgiven you."

"I know but it still goes back to being the one to hurt him."

"But he saved you today. I think he's not hurting anymore."

"Yeah I guess you're right" she said with a smile "would you like to see the babies' room?"

"I would love too" they smiled at each other and headed upstairs.

"Sid is working on Sidney's side and I'm going to decorate Trina Nicole's."

"I can see the contrast now, one side all hockey and the other all pretty in pink."

"Well does sell women's jerseys in pink."

"So which one do you think will have daddy's skills?"

"You know Sid would love nothing more for Sidney to follow in his footsteps, but I would love to see Trina Nicole out there too. I guess the pipe dream would be to have Sid still playing when they both turn 18 and be on the same line with their dad."

"You never know, that could happen."

"As long as Sid stays healthy for 18 more years."

"You're joking right? That kid will be playing with a walker if he could" Billy said to get Karen laughing. They left the room a few minutes later and Karen told Billy she was going to use the bathroom and would meet him downstairs. He left her alone and went back down, meeting Sidney as he came through the door.

"Where's Karen? Is she alright?" Sidney asked frantic not seeing her with him.

"Relax, she in the bathroom and will be down in a minute."

"Oh, ok. Thanks for driving her home."

"It was my pleasure. She's a sweet girl and I'm glad to have spent time with her, even if it was under these circumstances. So what did Dan tell you?"

"This goes no further, but if Jordan doesn't take his warning to stay away from Karen, then they are going to trade him."

"Are you serious?"

"Dan figures if he loves playing here like the rest of us, he'll heed the warning."

"You don't think he will?"

"It'll either be one of three things...he gets traded, gets arrested for sexual assault, or I kill him."


"He has no right to keep going after her Billy."

"And your angry right now, which I understand, but two of the three is a little extreme."

"I know and you know he would get traded before the other two but that's all I can think about right now...punishing him."

"Well leave that up to Dan, Ray, and Mario. I'm going to head out and let you two be alone. Tell Karen I said bye and I'll see you at the rink tomorrow, hopefully with a cooler head."

"It will be. Thanks again" he told him and closed the door behind him. When he turned around, he saw Karen was coming down the stairs and walked over to him. No words needed, Sidney wrapped his arms around her waist and Karen melted into his touch, letting the tears fall as she stroked the back of his head.

"Thank you for saving me" she whispered.

"I will always save you baby" he whispered back as they continued to hold each other.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chapter 34

When they got there, Karen noticed a lot more cars on the road but didn't think about it since they seemed to be spaced out for the other houses. Sidney held onto her as they went inside only to be met by loud voices.

"SURPRISE!" Karen jumped a little as players, their wifes or girlfriends, Karen's friends and both her and Sidney's parents were all standing around.

"I knew something had to be up with all the extra cars on the street. What's everyone doing here?"

"It's an impromtu surprise party to congratulate you on having the babies" Billy spoke up as he gave her a kiss.

"Plus its a belated baby shower since your son and daughter couldn't wait for you to have one first" his wife chimed in.

"Oh wow, thank you guys for coming." Karen briefly looked around and smiled seeing Jordan and Britnie standing there together. She looked to Sid who just shrugged his shoulders and kissed her before leading her into the living room to sit down.

"My baby girl" Karen's mom sat down beside her and gave her a hug "you have your family."

"I know. I've dreamed of this for how long?"

"Pretty much since Brit was born and you claimed her as your own."

"Hi baby" her dad came over to hug her "you feeling ok?"

"Yeah daddy, I'm good."

"So how are they?"

"They're good. Getting stronger but they want to keep them the full month until they are completely sure they're ready to come home."

"Do either of them look like me?"

"No, they look more like Sidney but once you get a hold of them, I'm sure they'll be picking up some traits from their grandfather."

The rest of the time, Karen got hugs and congratualtions from everyone and she saw the pile of presents for the babies that she was told she could open later at her leisure. A little while later, Karen needed to go to the bathroom and Sidney helped her walk there and to her tone, he left her alone and went back to the party. When Karen was done, she came out and walked gingerly into the kitchen to be met by Jordan.

"Congratulations Karen."

"Thanks. Good to see you and Brit happily together."

"We should be happy, I asked her to marry me."

Karen stood there shocked "well then congratulations go out to you too."

Jordan took a step closer to her and Karen knew he would't hurt her standing her ground "thanks and you know what this means, I will always be around since we'll be one big happy family." He kissed her cheek before leaving her alone. She stood there for a minute before getting her drink and making her way out into the living room.

"You ok?" Sidney said running to her side.

"Are you going to be this annoying until I'm better?"

"I could be" he said as they both laughed, helping her sit down.

"So Karen" Vero started "do you know what names you have picked out?"

"Well when I found out I was having twins..."

"And kept that from me" Sidney interrupted.

"I thought about it a lot. I had two boy names and two girl names picked out and just needed to wait until they joined us to see which ones I needed."

"Can we know them?" Geno yelled out.

Karen looked at everyone "Ok, the girl will be named after both of our moms" she said seeing them look at each other "so her name will be Trina Nicole Crosby." Karen saw their moms smile through the tears they were now crying.

"And the boy" her dad asked with hope in not only his eyes, but Troy's as well.

"I don't want to disappoint you but I thought long and hard about this. I hope you understand that this was the most appropriate name for our son...Sidney Patrick Crosby Jr" she said looking at Sidney as she said the name.

"Baby, you don't....we don't need...I can't...."he said getting speechless.

"Son, it's the best honor a man can have" Troy told him as Karen's dad agreed.

"Please tell me you agree with those names Sid?"

He looked at her with tears in his eyes "I definitely agree to the names baby." Sidney kissed her to the awws of the crowd. Everyone stayed for about another two hours then left them alone for the night.

Sidney had taken the trash out and came back to see Karen sitting on the couch lost in thought. She saw him come in and motioned for him to sit with her.

"Thank you for putting all this together for me."

"Well everyone kept asking how you were so I figured if they all came over to see you they'd stop badgering me about it."

Karen laughed "sorry for being burden for our friends to worry about."

"That's my worry about you" he said putting her hair behind her ear. "I don't think you'll ever know how scared I was when I heard you were in the hospital. For a moment, I thought I lost you."

"You're not getting rid of me that easily."

"Good because I don't want to" he said kissing her "and you didn't have to name our son after me."

"Yes I did. When you wheeled me in there today I saw you in him. That was the only name that fit."

"And I think you made our moms' lifetime."

"And disappointed our dads."

"I don't think they minded once they heard the name you chose."

"Well just promise me you'll let little Sidney get stable on his little legs before you stuff his baby feet into skates."

"I'll start him when my dad started me" he said as Karen chuckled.

"I guess we have a month to get the nursery finished huh?"

"Well now that they're here, we can really get it done right."

"How about you do Sidney's side and I'll do Trina Nicole's side?"

"That is a deal baby." Sidney leaned in and kissed her before helping her up and leading her upstairs to go to bed after a long day.

Chapter 33

More than an hour later, Sidney hadn't heard anything. He couldn't sit there anymore and called the one person to get him through this.

"Dad" Sidney said trying not to cry but it was near impossible.

"Sid, what's wrong?" Troy said sitting up in bed concerned.

"It', it's Karen."

"What about Karen?" Troy said making Trina sit up to listen "Is she alright?"

"No, dad she went into labor early and now she...something else happened and she's in surgery again."

"Oh God, how's the baby?"

Sidney actually smiled through his tears "they're fine and healthy, early, but healthy."

"That's wonderful to hear son" he said telling Trina. She just got a confused look on her face as Troy began talking again until she snatched the phone out of his hand.

"Sidney Patrick, did you just tell your father 'they' were fine? What did you mean by that?"

"Apparently Karen was carrying twins and wanted to surprise me in a month."

Trina pulled the phone from her ear to tell Troy "Karen had twins." They both smiled and finished taking to Sidney. He told them everything he knew and then saw Dr. Kelley come out. He hung up telling them he'd call them later, getting up to meet her.

"What happened, is she alright?"

"She's stable right now. When I saw what the problem was, I knew what I had to do. Her uterus teared Sid. I must not have seen it when we performed the C section because it was near but not part of the incision I made. I got it stitched up and it should be good until she heals. The only thing is she might need more than a week off her feet until it completely heals. If something happens before I could get to her, the end result might be worse."

"As long as she ok now, I will do whatever to keep her immobile until she's better. When can I see her?"

"I'm going to put her in ICU just for tonight. She should be fine but just for safety I'd feel better if she had eyes on her round the clock."

"Please tell me I can be with her tonight?"

"I'm sorry Sid. I can let you sit with her for an hour, two will be stretching it but not any longer than that."

"I'll take what I can get. Thank you again Dr. Kelley, really. I appreciate everything you've done for Karen tonight."

"Karen's a special lady and a wonderful patient. If she needs anything, let me know."

Sidney called his parents and told them the updated news. By the time he got off the phone, Karen was moved into ICU. They allowed him to sit with her, but under the circumstances, no one would kick him out if he just happened to be there the rest of the night....which he did. The morning came and Sidney was curled up in a chair beside Karen's bed. He came to when he heard a wimper come from her and sat up, taking her hand.

"Baby? Karen, wake up baby."

"What happened? Why am I in more pain?"

"Do you remember anything last night?"

"I remember getting up to go to the bathroom but after that it's not clear."

"You collapsed and began bleeding again. They rushed you into surgery to get you fixed up."

"What did they do?"

"Why don't you let me see if Dr. Kelley is still here and let her tell you."

"Why won't you tell me?"

Sidney took a deep breath before speaking "she found a tear in your uterus. It must have happened during the C section but she didn't know until it opened up more."

"But everything is ok now?"

"Yeah but you have to be off your feet for a little longer than a week."

"I think I can handle the trade off" she said with a soft smile.

"How can you be so positive about this from what all you've been through?"

"I have to get better to take care of our children Sid. We have our family and that's what you wanted."

"But I wanted you to want that too" he said somewhat dejected.

"I guess in a way I did. I know everything that happened with Jordan did happen for a reason of not being ready to have kids, but after I got pregnant all I could imagine was raising them with you. I began to see that kids were an important part for our marriage to survive."

"I think I'm going to get the nurse, you seem delirious" he said with a smile.

"I just know this is where I've always wanted to be...with you and our children."

"I don't think I've ever wanted to hear anything else in my life" he said leaning in to kiss her. When he pulled away, he pushed the hair from her cheek and looked lovingly into her eyes. Sidney stayed with her for another hour before reluctantly leaving her and heading home. He had practice to get to but he didn't really want to go. He got a shower and headed to the arena getting bombarded by questions from the guys before practice. He told them what happened and then got his head into practice.

A couple hours later, practice was over and Sidney was waiting for the media rush to get to him about the upcoming game and what happened to Karen.

"Sid, what can you tell us about what happened with your wife?" Dan Potash asked him.

Sidney thought about what Karen went through but smiled "yeah, she went into early labor but her and my children are doing great right now."

"Wait, your children?" Rob Rossi asked quzzically.

"Yeah, apparently Karen was pregnant with twins and wanted to surprise me. Trust me, I was beyond surprised when I saw them." Sidney took a few more questions about what happened and then asked for privacy while Karen and the babies get better. They focused on questions about the next game before leaving him alone so he could go to the hospital and see them.

Before Sidney could leave, Jordan was standing by his car waiting for him.

"Sid, can we talk for a minute man?"

"Sure" he said not really wanting to get into with him.

"How's Karen and the babies?"

"They're both good" he said putting his stuff in the car "why do you want to know?"

"Believe it or not Sid, we were friends before it all blew out of the water and I do still care about her that way."

"As long as it's the only way you care about her."

"I can't explain why I can't let this attraction for her go man. She's got something special that just makes you want to love her."

Sidney tried with all his might to not hit Jordan again "I'm going to tell you one last time Jordan, leave her alone and get over your feelings for her. You will never have any kind of chance with her again, get it through your head."

"I may never get a chance with her again, but I won't ever stop loving her" he said before walking off and getting into his car. Sidney just stood there and took a few deep breaths before heading to the hospital to see Karen. When he got there, he was told she was out of ICU and in a private room. He went to find her, going in to see her sitting up and looking better.

"Hey gorgeous" Sidney said walking over to her and giving her a huge passionate kiss.

"Mmm, what happened?"

"What do you mean, nothing happened."

"Me thinks you had a little run in with Jordan."

Sidney let out a long breath "could we not talk about that right now?"

"No. Let me guess, he asked how I was and said he was concerned because he still had feelings. You told him to get over his feelings because you would never let him anywhere near me, but then he came back and said he would never stop loving me."

"Damn woman, did you get part of my brain surgically implanted into yours?"

"No" she said laughing and caressing her cheek "I just know you. Is that what happened?"

"Pretty much, but I will agree with one thing he do have something special to make everyone want to love you. Have you gotten to see the babies yet?"

"No, Dr. Kelley said I could see them before I get released."

"You're going home today?"

"She can go home whenever you want to take her Sid" Dr. Kelley said coming into the room.

"Give me the papers to sign and we will leave right now" Sidney said standing up.

"Slow down Sid, I already signed myself out and was just waiting to get dressed when you showed up."

"Well Karen, I want to see you in two weeks. Just call the office or find a day to pop in, either would work and remember..."

"I know, no heavy lifting and stay off my feet as much as I can for a couple weeks."

"And Sidney?"

"I know, no sex for six weeks" he said like a 5 year old getting punished and confessing to his crime making Karen and Dr. Kelley laugh.

"In hockey, those six weeks will fly by Sidney."

"Yeah ok."

"I'm going to leave you two alone and if you have any problems or questions, call me day or night." Dr. Kelley left them alone and Karen asked Sidney to get her clothes from the chair so she could get dressed. She asked Sidney to help her but he had to promise to be good or she would have to kick him out of the room. Sidney tried but he stopped when Karen winced as she laughed too hard. They got her dressed and a nurse came in with a wheelchair to take Karen out, making one stop on the way.

Sidney wheeled Karen into the room and she started to cry seeing them in their incubators. She saw the tubes and monitors and had to wondered if everything was alright.

"Baby, you ok?"

"Yeah, I just can't believe they're both here."

"I couldn't either when I saw them."

"When Dr. Kelley told me I was carrying twins, my fears doubled not kowing what would happen."

"Hey" he said kneeling down to her "they are getting stronger and nothing bad is going to happen to them. It was just a shock to their little bodies how they came into this world."

"But they're here now and we just need them to get better and take them home."

"That's my baby thinking clearly. How about we head home and we can come back a little while later?"

"Ok" Karen kissed her fingers and placed them on the glass "bye my precious babies, we'll be back." Sidney wheeled her out and then outside. He put her by the door as he ran to get the car to pick her up. After he stopped the car, he got out and helped her into the passenger seat, being careful as he drove home.

Chapter 32

"So you were surprised?" Karen's whispered voice spoke out.

Sidney shot his head up to see Karen trying to open her eyes and focus on him "hey baby, you ok?" Karen just nodded her head "and yes I was surprised. Why didn't you tell me?"

"When I found out I was going to tell you but then I wanted you to be surprised when they came out. But I didn't know it was one of each."

"We have a son and a daughter baby. Do you know how happy you made me?"

"I think I can imagine. I was so scared that I wouldn't have been able to carry them to term and to disappoint you again."

"You could never disappoint me Karen. I love you way to much for that to ever happen." Sidney leaned in and captured her lips in a soft kiss.

"You know, you would have had time to shower before coming to see me."

"I thought you liked me like this, said it turned you on."

"It does, but I can't ravish you like I would want to right now so that makes you not playing fair."

"All in good time baby, all in good time" Sidney was about to lean in for another kiss but was interrupted.

"Apparently I need to tell you that 6 weeks is the timeline before you can lead where that kiss usually takes you" Dr. Kelley said walking in.

"You might need to record that so I can play it everyday for him."

"I'll be good, but I can't promise it won't be easy."

"Karen, you feel ok?"

"Yeah, a little sore but the end result was worth it."

"Well here's what happened. The pain you felt was your placenta rupturing. It caused a cramp and there's no real way to stop it from happening. You were far along enough that the end result was a great one. If this had happened earlier you might have lost them both. I had to do a C section so your abdomen will be sore for a couple weeks. I want no heavy lifting, minimal time on your feet for at least a week and as I said, no sex for 6 weeks."

"You might need to make a recording for her about staying off her feet there doc." Karen just smiled at Sidney.

"I would like to see you in two weeks just to make sure everything is healing properly."

"What about the babies?"

"They are in an incubator and trying to breathe on their own. As I told Sidney, they have oxygen flowing into their lungs just in case but their vitals look great and are getting stronger every minute. Of course a visit from their father could have done that."

"When can I see them?"

"How about tomorrow? I don't think you're really up to it right now."

Sidney saw the disappointment on her face "you sure we couldn't just let her see them for a second?"

"I can't risk her pulling her stitches Sid, I'm sorry Karen but you can see them tomorrow ok?"

"Ok, I can wait until tomorrow but can I ask one request?"


"Could my handsome husband stay with me tonight?"

"I don't see that as a problem. I might be able to get a bigger bed so you'll both be comfortable too."

"Thanks." Dr. Kelley left as Sidney turned back to her.

"Like I was going to leave you anyway baby."

"Well, unless you go get a shower like right now, you might be leaving me for the night."

"Actually, how about I head home and get a quick shower and I can get you a change of clothes too. I'll see you in about a half hour ok?"

"Ok. I love you."

"I love you too Karen and thank you."

"For what?"

"For making me a father" he said kissing her lips then leaving the room.

"Thank you for making me a mother" she whispered as the door shut. She let the tears she held fall and was happy her family was really here.

Sidney got home and was about to go upstairs when he heard voices in the kitchen. He headed towards there and saw Max and Natalie cleaning up.

"What are you guys doing here?" he said looking at the floor and seeing the red stain.

"I didn't want you to see this" Natalie told him.

"I appreciate that Nat, thank you."

"How's Karen?" Max said.

"She's awake. She summoned me home for a shower and I want to bring her some new clothes incase she leaves tomorrow."

"Well we'll finish up here and then get out of your way." Sidney hugged his friends and ran upstairs as they finished cleaning up.

An hour later, Sidney was back at the hospital and was told to go to another room. Karen was moved to one that had a double bed and they could sleep together. Sidney got into bed and let Karen curl up to him before he wrapped his arms around her, not to hurt her.

"Have you heard from your parents or Britnie?"

"No, I'll call them tmorrow. That way I can let my grandparents know at the same time."

"Sorry they weren't here for this."

"Not like you were either."

"I know, sorry my career that puts food on the table and makes it possible to buy you all the jewelry you could want got in the way."

Karen just smiled into his chest "well just don't let it happen again."

"I promise it won't baby, now get some sleep." Sidney held her as tight as he could and Karen loved being in his arms. They both dozed off for a peaceful sleep.

During the night, Karen had to go to the bathroom and carefully got out of bed. She managed to go by herself taking it one slow step at a time. A few minutes later, she was coming out of the bathroom and felt dizzy.

"Sidney? I don't feel so...." that was all she said as she tried to clutch the wall falling to the floor. Sidney jumped out of bed and ran to her side. He was about to pick her up when he saw she was bleeding again. He opened the door and yelled out into the hall for anyone. A few orderlies came in and picked her up, putting her on a gurney. Sidney just stood there in disbelief and wondered what could have happened. He got a shirt on and ran down the hall after them. He was stopped short of the OR and was told someone would be out to talk to him.

After what seemed like an eternity, Dr. Kelley emerged and he ran over to meet her.

"I didn't know you were still here?"

"I'm on rotation for the weekend. Do you know what happened?"

"I felt her get out of bed and then heard the toilet flush then she called for me before collapsing. What happened?"

"I'm not sure but if it's what I think, I may need to operate again and we might need to do a hysterectomy. I won't truly know until I get in there. I need to know you're fine with all this."

"Do whatever you need to, just don't let her die."

"I will take care of her Sid and I will be out as soon as I can ok?"

"Ok." Sidney found the closest chair and fell into it. He put his head into his hands and every thought possible ran through his head again. "God, please you need to help me. That woman in there is my life and those two beautiful babies born tonight need her too. Please, do whatever you have to just save her and bring her back to me. I won't be able to live if she's not in my life." He silently cried and kept saying over and over again she has to be alright until he couldn't say it anymore.

Chapter 31

The last month had moved by quickly and Karen's due date was now only a month away. She hadn't really been feeling all that well and been taking it easy every chance she had. Sidney had noticed and told her that if she didn't feel like going to the arena these last few weeks, he'd rather have her safe at home.

It was now November and for one home game, Natalie decided to stay with Karen and watch the game with her at her house. They wanted some popcorn, so Karen went to make it. As the microwave dinged, Karen reached for a glass bowl on a shelf. Natalie was getting settled in for the rest of the third period when she heard the distinct sound of glass breaking. She got off the couch and ran into the kitchen to see Karen on the floor and blood pooling around her legs.

"Oh my God, Karen what happened?"

"I felt a sharp pain and then I just collapsed. Something's not right Nat."

"Karen, your bleeding. Did you get cut by the bowl?"

"No" she said as she realized what it was from and started crying.

"Ok, hold on. I'm going to call an ambulance."

Natalie ran to get her cell phone as Karen tried to calm her self down by taking deep breaths. Natalie came back with 911 on the line and Karen heard her give the address and then tell them it was Sidney Crosby's wife. "They're on the way."

"I don't know what difference it made to tell them who I was married to" Karen said with a little laugh.

"You never know. Our husbands are like Gods in this city, they may fly here." Natalie tried to comfort her by holding her hand to reassure her everything was going to be ok.

"Nat, what if...."

"No" she said shaking her head "we are not going to even think it let alone talk about it. We will get to the hospital and everything will be ok."

"Ok, but Nat..."

"No buts either."



"You need to call the arena."

Natalie heard them say there was still 8 minutes left in the game "ok, the game's almost over so if they get him now, he might be able to leave before the mad rush." Karen saw her dial and then leave the room. She heard the ambulance and let them in as she got connected to the arena. "I know this seems like a bad time to reach the players, but this is an extreme emergency...this is Natalie Talbot, I need an urgent message to get to Sidney Crosby right I can't hold, tell him his wife got hurt and went into labor early...I know the game is still going on moron, his wife is in labor, being taken to the hospital by an ambulance and you want to argue with me. Tell him now that he needs to get to the hospital ASAP...THANK YOU!" Natalie hung up and left the house with Karen going in the ambulance with her. They reached the hospital a few minutes later and Karen was rushed into the OR. Natalie waited in the waiting room and was watching the post game and heard Paul Alexander talking.

We just got word why Sidney Crosby left the ice with more than 6 minutes remaining in the game. His wife went into early labor and no doubt he wanted to be with her. We here at FSN hopes everything is ok and we will let everyone know when more information is available.

Sidney practically threw off his gear and got dressed in a hurry putting on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. He heard Max say they would be there when they could and ran out of the arena. He got into his car and called Natalie's cell phone as he was on his way.

"Where is she? Is Karen ok?"

"They have her in the OR. No one has come out to say anything to me Sid."

"Fuck, I'm on my way. If you get to see her, tell her I am on my way." He hung up from her so he could concentrate on driving. About five minutes later, Sidney pulled up to the hospital and ran inside to be met by Natalie who just shook her head. Sidney went to the desk to get some answers. "I need some information about my wife, Karen Crosby. Please, can you help me?"

The nurse looked through her book "here it is...Mrs. Crosby is in the operating room right now. They are doing an emergency C section."

"Oh God" Sidney said falling to his knees and Natalie came running over to him "I can't lose her Nat."

"None of us do, come on let's go sit down." She got Sidney off the floor and over to a chair "she's a fighter Sid, we know she's not going to let anything happen to that precious baby of yours."

"I love her so much. I knew she's been feeling off and I should have not played tonight, staying home with her."

"Sid, if this didn't happen tonight, it could have been another time. Be thankful she was home safe and I was with her."

"Thanks Nat, I am grateful you were there. What happened anyway?"

"She made some popcorn and I heard the microwave go off. Next thing I knew, glass was breaking and when I ran into the kitchen Karen was holding her stomach and blood was all around her legs. It didn't take a genius to know where it was coming from. I called the ambulance and then the arena to get word to you." They sat there holding hands and waiting on bated breath until someone came to talk to them.

An hour later, most the the guys had joined Sidney in the waiting room. He had gotten up to see what was taking so long when Dr. Kelley came out.

"Is Karen ok? What's going on? Can I see her?"

"Karen is doing good. Her placenta ruptured and we had to do a C section. Evrything is fine and Karen will be
in her room shortly. Would you like to go see the babies?"

Sidney started to follow her when he stopped dead in his tracks "babies? Did you just say babies, as in more than one?"

"Karen was carrying twins. Did she not tell you? I had told her a couple months ago that she was having twins."

Sidney couldn't decide to either cry, faint, or scream at the top of his lungs. He just turned to his teammates and yelled "TWINS!" Everyone clapped and cheered as Sidney went with Dr. Kelley to Infant ICU.

"They are in an incubator and are trying to breathe on their own, but we have oxygen flowing for them. They are still a month early and twins are smaller anyway so we will probably need to keep them for the remaining month until their vital signs improve. They are healthy and getting stronger every minute Sid."

"Thanks but why would she keep this from me?"

"I think she wanted to surprise you when she went into natural labor. You can stay with them for a little bit longer. Karen should be in her room by then."

"Thanks Dr. Kelley, for everything."

"It was my pleasure Sid."

Sidney looked at the cards on the incubators and saw the words baby boy Crosby and baby girl Crosby. He smiled and let the few tears fall down his cheeks.

"We have been waiting a long time for you two. Of course, I only thought there was one of you and now I have you both. My son and my daughter at once. Your mom has some explaining to do but whatever she tells me, I'll be fine with it. Your mom is an amazing woman and you are going to love her, just as much as I do. I better go and let you two start getting better so we can take you home. I love you guys." Sidney kissed his fingers and placed them on each incubator before he left. He went out to tell everyone in the waiting room about the babies. The nurse came out a few minutes later and told him that Karen was being moved to her room and he could go see her. All the guys told Sidney to give Karen their love and only Max and Natalie stayed to go with him to her room.

The three of them quietly walked into the room and saw Karen hooked up to a couple machines. Natalie couldn't stop the tears and Max just held her. Sidney stood back and let her best friend give her a kiss on the cheek and whispered to her. Max just kissed her and told her that she better be ok because he missed her around the arena. They both left and bid Sidney goodnight.

Sidney brought over a chair that was in the corner and sat beside her bed. He grabbed Karen's hand, holding it and bringing his lips down to kiss the back of it.

"Baby, what I really need for you to do is wake up for me. I know you just had surgery but you need to come back to me. I don't think I have ever been so scared in my life than the message I got at the arena that you were being brought here. A million bad thoughts went through my mind until I knew you were alright." Sidney thought he felt her squeeze his hand but wasn't sure "I can't believe you kept a two month long secret from me that we were having twins. We have a boy and a girl baby. They are so beautiful, of course look who their mother is. I am so proud of you" he said moving a piece of stray hair from her cheek "we have our family baby" he whispered before dipping his head down and kissing her hand.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chapter 30

Karen got up to the suite and Mario told her to go out front so she could see with Natalie. They stood there and when their respective husbands were announced, not only did they scream the loudest, but you couldn't wipe the smiles off their faces. As they stood on the line for the ceremony, Karen couldn't stop looking between Jordan and Sidney. She believed in her heart that she was over Jordan and wanted to follow it to only be with Sidney, but it still perplexed her why that dream happened. Karen was brought out of her thoughts when the players moved down the ice and waited for the banner to raise. Everyone was hollering but Karen had tears in her eyes as she couldn't have been more proud of Sidney then at this moment. The game finally got underway and when it was over, the Pens had won their home opener 3-2. Karen sat up in the suite and waited until the majority of the fans were gone so she could head down to the locker room.

"Hey, you ok Karen?" Nathalie asked her as she still saw her sitting while everyone was leaving the suite.

"Yeah just waiting for the crowd to thin down. Don't want to chance being pushed around" she said pointing to her stomach.

"How's everything going?" she said rubbing her stomach.

"Good, no pains have popped up these last few months so now it's just waiting to see if I make it to the end."

"I don't doubt you will" Nathalie looked around "seems to be safe if you want to head down, I'll go with you."

"Hold your hands out to protect the future Penguin prospect?"

"I don't think Sidney or Mario would want it any other way" she said making both of them laugh. Nathalie helped Karen up and they walked out of the suite and on their way to the locker room.

After Karen got down there, she peeked in the locker room and saw the crowd of media around Sidney. She just smiled to herself that it never gets old and went to sit in the lounge until he was done. A while later, Karen was sitting on the couch when she felt a pair of lips on her cheek. She smiled and turned around only to have that smile fade.

"Jordan, I told you to not do that."

"Sorry, couldn't resist" he said smiling at her.

"Why can't you leave me alone?"

Jordan walked around the couch and closer to her. Karen looked and saw she was pinned between the other couch with no where to go "because I love you."

"Stop telling me that" she said trying to make a move to get around him.

"Karen, just listen to me" he said putting his arm out to stop her "do you know what you do to me? I can't stop thinking of you baby."

"Just stop it Jordan. I don't love you the way you want me to. You're a friend and if you at least want to stay that you'll stop harassing me."

"I'm not trying to be harassing, that's the last thing I want" he said following her when she got passed him "Karen wait?" he lightly grabbed her arm to keep her from walking away.

"You're hurting me" she said trying to get out of his grasp.

Jordan let go "I'm sorry, don't be mad. Look, I want us to be friends but I can't get over my feelings for you" he said stepping closer to her.

Sidney had heard some talking and went out into the lounge. He saw Jordan standing as close as he could to Karen and the look they were giving each other seemed like something was about to happen. He stood nearby and listened.

"You have to get over your feeling for me. Everyday I am still fighting feelings of shame and regret for what I did to Sid. I love him so much that I was stupid for hurting him like I did. Everything is different now and I am not about to ruin or cheapen it again for you to get one more time with me to curb your feelings." Karen stepped back away from Jordan and turned to walk away before turning back "I told you it's over and nothing has changed my mind about that" she said walking out into the hallway and away from the situation. Sidney smiled and went to get showered and changed so he could take Karen home.

Jordan stood there "you just need someone to change it again" he whispered to himself before going to get his shower.

Karen found herself on the opposite side of the arena and kept walking. She was nearing the opposing team's locker room and stood back as the were coming out to leave and didn't want to make her way through the crowd of players.

"Hey beautiful. Why you shying away like that?"

"Henrik" she said hugging him "how are you?"

"I'm good but you" he said stepping back to look at her "how far long?"

"7 months."

"Sidney is one lucky man."

"That he is. How are you? I've missed you."

"I'm good, just glad the season is underway."

"How was training camp for the Olympics?"

"It was good, just hope we can make a run at your boys" he said nodding his head towards Sidney as he approached them. Karen turned her head and saw Sidney "congratualtions man" he told him, shaking his hand.

"Thanks, we appreciate it."

"Well I better go before they leave me here and make me walk back to New York" he said getting another hug from Karen "it was good seeing you and keep me posted when this little one arrives. I'll buy a little Rangers jersey for you." Henrik walked away laughing and Karen was laughing too.

"He wasn't serious was he?"

"Don't know, he could be."

"Well he'll have too many Penguins shirts, jerseys, and other clothes to wear that it would be years before that would come out of the closet."

"Are you seriously jealous about this?"

"No, just letting you know."

"Alright then" she said laughing at him "how'd you know I was here?"

"Didn't. When I couldn't find you someone said you had walked around to the other side and I figured you would keep making the full circle. How do you know Lunquist?"

"He dated one of my friends when he first got to New York. When they broke up, we stayed in touch every now and again. He's a sweet guy, sad that my friend made the huge mistake in letting that one go."

"Why's that?"

"He was good for her, maybe too good. You ready to head home?"

"Definitely. You hungry or anything?"

"Not really....wait" she put her hand over her stomach that just kicked her "I think the baby is though."

Sidney put his hand over where Karen's was and felt the kicking "wow, I haven't gotten to experience this yet."

"That's because the kickings have been minimal and nothing to alert you to."

"Well if my son is hungry then we shall feed him."

"Yes, your daughter will be forever grateful" she said kissing him before walking away and having Sidney run after her to catch up. They left the arena and Sidney signed a few autographs for the last ones waiting for him. When he was done, they headed to a quiet diner for a late night binge.

As they were waiting for their food, Karen could tell something was on Sidney's mind. "Something you want to share with me?"

"I heard what you told Jordan" he saw Karen look down "baby, I've forgiven you completely why would you still feel shameful for what happened?"

"Because everytime I see him I'm reminded of what happened and what I did to you. And his constant pursuit is not helping anything."

"If you meant what you said about being completely over him, then you need to just concentrate on now and not then" he said grabbing her hand to hold.

"I want that more than anything." They smiled at each other and soon got their food.

After they ate and headed home, Sidney got changed and Karen went to sit on the couch. As she was sitting there, a wave of sickness hit her and her sight was getting blurred. Karen sat there breathing a little hard until the feeling went away "please don't let anything be wrong" she whispered to herself "oh god, not now." By the time Sidney came back down, the feeling was completely gone and she hoped the pale coloring was gone from her face. "Hey" she said as he sat down beside her.

Sidney looked at her "what happened? You look like you've seen a ghost of something."

"What do you mean?"

"You look kind of pale. What's wrong?"

"I don't know. I felt a wave of sickness a minute ago, but it passed and I'm fine." Karen saw the look in his eyes "Sid, it's passed and I don't feel sick now."

"Ok. As long as you feel fine now."

"I do Sid." Sidney smiled as he caressed her cheek, leaning closer to her as their lips met for a soft kiss that intensified the longer they went. Sidney broke the kiss and got up, lending a hand to help Karen up. He led her to the steps then left her to lock up before rejoining her at the steps. They walked upstairs together and when they got to their bedroom, their hands couldn't undress each other quick enough. As clothes were thrown around them, Sidney stepped back and looked at Karen, really looked at her. He brought his hand up and put it on the lower part of her stomach, lightly touching her and going up her body. When he reached her breast, Karen closed her eyes and enjoyed the feelings he was stirring within her. Karen brought her hand up and covered his while it still massaged her breast. Sidney removed their hands and brought hers up to his lips, kissing the back of it before they stepped closer to each other, wrapping their arms around the other's bodies. Karen leaned in for a kiss before getting out of his arms and going over to get into bed. With her being 7 months pregnant, they coudn't make love the way they wanted and always ended up having wild sex. But Sidney had other plans. He crawled onto the bed and made Karen turn on her side as Sidney was behind her. He figured this was the closest they could be together and still make it passionate for them. Karen turned her head and looked back at Sidney who connected his lips with her.

When their lips parted, Sidney took his hand and put them between Karen's legs. On instinct, she lifted them apart and Sidney snuck his hand towards her mound, rubbing over the now swollen and aching lips. He slipped a couple fingers inside making Karen take a deep ragged breath. He lifted her leg higher and grabbed his cock, entering her from behind. Sidney put his leg inbetween hers, scooting closer to her body as he started moving inside of her. Karen brought her hand up and put it on Sidney's body, gripping her fingernails at the skin the more he thrusted into her. Sidney kept his hand on her hip but every so often would move it up to her breast and continue his assault from before.

"Mmm, harder Sid" she said as she could feel her orgasm get closer.

"All in good time baby" he smiled and slowed down instead. He heard a whimper come out of Karen and knew he was torturing her but had a feeling she loved it. Sidney kept the slow pace going for a while until he felt himself ready to explode. He sped up his pace and Karen's orgasm returned getting closer and closer, letting loose making her moan out for him. When Sidney's fingers dug deeper into Karen's hip and felt the tightness around his cock, he couldn't hold on and came hard inside her. They laid their breathless and holding on to each other. Karen turned her head and meeting Sidney lips again for a passionate kiss.

"So is this how we're going to celebrate after every win this year?"

"Maybe, you never know" he said before kissing her again.

Karen felt him pull out of her and remove his leg from between hers. He rolled her over and got as close as he could, cuddling up to her. They locked eyes and each saw the true love they held for each other. Sidney caressed her cheek before sealing their love with a slow, passion filled kiss. When their lips parted, Karen snuggled into the nook of Sidney's neck and fell asleep listening to his slowed breathing that soothed her.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Chapter 29

The next month had passed and it was now October and the home opener was just around the corner. Karen had gotten bigger and was somewhat happy she was now in her third trimester. The uneasy feelings were still in her mind though.

Karen had stayed home from work since she's been feeling off. Nothing bad, but she didn't want to chance doing too much at one time. She had gotten out of the shower and dried off but before she got dressed, Karen stood in front of the mirror looking at her body.

Sidney had come home from practice and called for Karen but got no answer. He panicked for a minute and went to find her. He went upstairs and as he was about to walk into the bedroom, he stopped at the doorway and watched her. He saw her rub over her stomach and just really looked at herself.

Karen looked from her feet all the way up to her face, seeing every inch of her body. She couldn't believe she was really pregnant and in her 7th month. A couple tears escaped and she brought her hand up to wipe it off.

"You know, if I come home everyday and you greet me like this, I may have to leave and come back about 20 times a day" Sidney said walking into the room.

Karen saw him through the mirror and smiled "how about you just never leave" she said turning around to him.

"I could but then that means the team comes over here to play."

"Well that would give you the reason to build that hockey rink in the back yard you always wanted."

Sidney just smiled "you're beautiful. You were beautiful before you got pregnant and after you bring our baby into the world, you will still be beautiful." He saw Karen's smile start to fade and got out of his grip going to get her robe and put it on "what just happened?"

"I'm scared Sid."

"Baby, we've come this far and..."

"I know we've come this far and there's still a possibility that something could happen."

Sidney brought her over to the bed and sat her down, kneeling in front of her "I'm scared about that too Karen but thinking that we are going to have our family in 3 months puts all those bad thoughts out of my mind. You need to think that too."

"I know I do."

"How about if you get dressed and we'll go out to dinner? I'll take you to your favorite Mexican place."

"You need to stop spoiling me."

"Never in a million years" he said kissing her then leaving her alone to get dressed. Twenty minutes later, Karen was downstairs and they left for a night out.

During the middle of the night, Karen was moving around because she couldn't get comfortable. She moved onto her back and closed her eyes, drifting back into a peaceful sleep.

"Sexy" he said whispering to her "wake up for me beautiful."

Karen slowly opened her eyes to the voice and was startled "Jordan? What are you doing here?" she said looking over and not seeing Sidney beside her.

"I came for you. I came to have my last time with you."

"I told you no Jordan."

"Well if you look down, I think you're saying yes."

Jordan moved off her and Karen looked at herself. She saw she was now naked and so was he "I'm not saying yes Jordan" she said pulling the sheet over her "you need to leave."

Jordan climbed back on the bed "isn't this what you wanted baby" Sidney said as he walked into the room, climbing on the bed beside her.

"What's going on Sid?"

"You wanted us both, here's your chance."

"I don't understand this."

"Its not for you to understand sexy" Jordan said caressing her cheek and pulling the sheet off "just go with it." Jordan leaned in and kissed her and Karen hesitated for a moment before kissing him back. She felt herself being moved in a sitting position and Sidney moved in behind her. Jordan broke the kiss and leaned her back against Sidney's chest. Karen turned her head to look at Sidney, only to have his lips meet hers for a searing kiss. Karen let go of his lips to let out a whimpering moan when she felt Jordan's tongue lick all around her aching lips. As Jordan went deeper, Karen pushed her head back into Sidney's shoulder and loved the feelings that were coming over her. Sidney reached his hands around and attacked her breasts, massaging them hard to help draw out those feelings. Karen moaned out when her orgasm hit her. She didn't know what was to come next and it wasn't long before she found out.

Jordan scooted up her naked, pregnant body and kissed her. He sat her up and brought her to her knees. This also made room for Sidney to move off the bed and walked over to the lounge chair in the room, sitting down and watching Jordan with his wife. Jordan moved behind her and just ran his hands over her body as he kissed her neck. Pushing her forward a little, he was able to slide inside of her with ease before bringing her back up against his chest. Jordan grabbed her hips to help pound into her and Karen reached her hands around grabbing his ass and leaving fingernail marks in his skin.

Sidney sat there and watched how much Karen enjoyed being touched by Jordan. Watching Jordan pound his hard cock inside her making her moan out for him. His anger started to rise within his body and he walked over to them, standing at the foot of the bed and infront of Karen. When she felt another set of hands on her body, her focus went from Jordan behind her to Sidney who was now touching her. Karen brought one of her hands around and wrapped it around Sidney's body letting their lips meet again. The more feelings Jordan brought out in her, there was an intensity when she kissed Sidney. She felt his fingers begin to play with her clit and it helped bring her second orgasm rushing through her body. Jordan felt the tightness and came hard after the last few hard pounding thrusts he gave her. Sidney left her lips only to have Jordan turn her head around and reclaiming them in a fiery kiss.

Sidney broke them apart to Jordan's dismay "my wife, my turn" he told him. Jordan snuck in one last kiss before he pulled out from behind her and got off the bed. Sidney stepped back up to her body and wrapped his arms around her body, bringing her in for his own searing kiss. When they broke apart, Karen didn't know how much more she could take.

"Baby, relax" he said tracing his finger over her cheek to calm her down "it's just you and me now" he whispered to her before pulling her in for another kiss. Karen left his lips and Sidney got on the bed in front of her. He managed to lay down and Karen instinctively staddled his cock and slid down on him. Karen started off slow but moved a little faster when she couldn't get enough. Jordan had moved back over to the bed and stood beside Karen. As she laced her fingers with Sidney's, Jordan's hands were touching her breasts and went to find her clit to help her out. Karen couldn't handle all the sensations and turned her head to meet Jordan's lips as her third and final orgasm ripped through her body making her leave his lips and scream out....

Sidney shot up in bed when he heard Karen let out a small scream "baby. what's wrong?" he said frantic.

Karen sat up like she was gasping for breath and looked around "what happened?"

"That's what I'm trying to find out. You let out a scream and then shot up breathing all heavy. Are you ok? Is it the baby?"

Karen grabbed her stomach and felt around not feeling any pain or liquid "no, the baby's fine. I guess I just had a bad dream." She started to remember everything and telling him what she dreamt was not what she had planned. "I'm sorry I scared you" she said caressing his cheek.

"I just want you safe baby."

"I'm here with you, so I am definitely safe" she said leaning into him for a gentle kiss. Sidney laid back down and brought her with him, letting her get comfortable and falling back asleep.

Two days later, it was the home opener and Karen wasn't about to miss it. Sidney could tell she had been feeling off and wasn't about to tell her to stay home. He got her to go into the arena with him so he knew where she was and he could keep an eye on her until he had to get ready for warm ups.

Karen was sitting in the lounge with some other girlfriends and wives while the guys were having their soccer game to warm up. Natalie came over to sit with her friend and could sense something was wrong.

"Hey, feel like going for a walk?"

"Yeah. It does seem to be getting a little crowded in here."

"And we can talk about what happened."

They got up and started walking out of the lounge and locker room, going down the corridor "where would you get something happened?"

"Girl please, I know you. What happened?"

"Ok but I need you to be sworn to secrecy for what I tell you."

"No details will leave my lips, what is it?"

"Apparently I dreamt that I sex with Sidney..."

"Oh please, that's not news" she said interrupting her.

"....and Jordan."

Natalie stopped her friend from walking "say that again but as a whole sentence."

"I had a dream that I had sex with Sidney and Jordan."

"Like, together? As a threesome?" she asked with disbelief.

"No, not as a threesome. I was asleep and Jordan woke me up. Sidney wasn't in bed with us but then walked in and said that I wanted them both so here was my chance. Then it just started and Jordan went first as Sidney watched us. Then he wanted his turn and Jordan watched but started touching me as Sidney and I were having sex. I guess when my final orgasm came, I screamed out literally and woke up."

"Damn girl. What triggered that?"

"I don't know" she said with some hesitation "maybe its because Jordan said he wouldn't give up until he's been with me again and the fear he would try something."

"Or it could be you never got over your feelings for him fully."

Karen just looked at her friend "I don't love him Nat."

"I didn't say you did Karen....unless you have some underlying feeling of love for him that you don't want to admit to yourself."

"Everything is perfect between Sid and I now. I'm not going to jeopardize that again."

"Kiki, I didn't mean anything by it. I know you love Sid and this baby is proof of that."

"So, that dream meant nothing...right?"

"Not unless you want it to" she told her friend before they finished their walk. They got near the lounge and Karen saw Sidney and Max outside waiting for them "well?"

"I don't want anything to happen with Jordan again."

"Then there's your answer. Just chaulk it up to pregnancy hormones." Natalie walked over to Max when Sidney made a beeline for Karen.

"I got worried when you weren't in the lounge."

"Sorry, Nat and I couldn't sit still and went for a walk."

"Everything ok?" he said rubbing her stomach.

Karen saw Jordan walk out and go the other way, smiling when she locked eyes with Sidney "everything's perfect." They shared a kiss and headed back into the lounge for a little bit. A while later, everyone left the guys to get ready and Sidney held Karen back to just get one last kiss in before the game.

"Tonight's the night to start defending what's yours" she told him as they locked eyes.

"You've put up with so much and here it is another year just beginning."

"I only worry on the days inbetween pay days" Karen smiled to get him to "this is what you love and I love watching you live your dream."

"My dream also includes you and this little one. Thank you for standing by me, I couldn't do all this without you."

"I think you could have but I'm glad through everything we're together."

"I'll let you in on a little secret...not at any time did I ever not want to be with you."

As soon as Karen heard those words, the tears she was holding began to fall "I love you and I want you to go out there tonight, take in the ceremony and watch that banner raise to the roof, then kick some Ranger ass."

"How about a goal tonight just for you."

"How about one for your child instead."

"Alright one for both of you."

"And if you only score one during the whole game?"

"I'll let you choose who it belongs to."

"I think that will work."

"I love you Karen. See you after?"

"I love you too Sid and unless I get a better offer, you're stuck with me." They shared another kiss until Sidney got pulled away by Flower and Geno and left her there laughing. She turned and headed up to Mario's suite to watch the game with everyone.