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Chapter 50: Finale

Opening Night
October 4, 2029

"Are you going in with us mom?" Sidney asked during dinner.

"No, I'm going to get things cleaned up and changed then I'll be in" she said as they finished dinner. The kids were grabbing their stuff as Sidney was downstairs waiting for them. He saw Karen by the sink and walked back into the kitchen, leaning upagainst the doorframe.

"You know as well as I do those could have waited until we came back baby."

Karen smiled before turning around "and you know why I'm coming in after you." Sidney just looked at her as she walked over to him "you need this time with them alone, tell me I'm wrong."

"You're not wrong Karen" he said wrapping his arms around her "I just didn't think it was that obvious."

"Sid, you are about to play your first game, the first national televised game with your son and daughter. I know how special this is for all three of you and I know what that car ride will be like."

"A lot of nerves and excitedness."

"And your little speech about how this is the start of something special for them."

"Wow, it's like you know me or something" he said getting Karen to laugh.

"To know you is to love you."

"Dad, we're ready" Nicki yelled to him as they came down the steps and stopped by the door.

"Ok baby girl" he turned his head to respond before turning back to Karen.

"Go, enjoy the moment and I will see all three of you after the game."

"Where will you be?"

"I'll be up in the suite watching my son, daughter and husband play together for the first time. See that's what will be my proudest moment about tonight. So after player intros and the national anthem, you will look to your left and then look to your right and have your proudest moment before the puck drops."

"I like the sound to that" he said leaning in to kiss her "I love you."

"I love you too." Karen kissed him then walked to the door with him to wish Sidney and Nicki good luck. She watched them leave and smiled knowing tonight was going to be history in the making.

A couple hours later and Karen was up in the suite awaiting the players to come out. She intently watched all three during warm ups and saw the nervousness with Nicki. Every now and again she would look up into the crowd and Karen could see the uneasyness. She smiled when Sidney skated over and talked to her. Karen knew her brother would step in to help, since the twin thing got eerie at times. Karen remembered back to one day when they were little and Nicki was coloring in the living room and Sidney was outside with his dad playing around. All of the sudden Nicki started crying and came running into her mom. Next thing she knew, Sidney came into the house crying cause he had fallen and scraped his knee. They knew each other's feelings and this time Sidney felt Nicki's nerves.

"I know that smile" Nathalie said coming up behind Karen "I had it when Austin played his first game in the NHL."

"I know I should be used to it from watching their first game when they were younger, but there's something about the first NHL game of their career."

"Its not knowing what's going to happen now. Their strengths, weaknesses are all tested in this game. Every fan and media types are ready to pick them apart."

"Don't let them hear that" Karen said with a small laugh.

"I think their father will help out with that" she said pointing to the tv in the suite.

Here's a look, Sidney Crosby is giving some last minute advice maybe to his son and daughter.

Well whatever he's saying, tonight is going to be one for the record books. One team, one goal, and three Crosbys. It can't get any better than that folks and we will be back for player intros.

Soon, the arena got dark and the light show started to get the crowd pumped. Karen felt the nerves arise as the announcer came on to make the player introductions. Her heart started to flutter when they got to Sidney.

At #10 and the first overall draft pick for the Penguins, please welcome Sidney Crosby Jr

Karen smiled and proudly cheered loudly as her son skated onto the ice and lifted his stick to acknowledge the crowd and their cheers. She couldn't erase the smile from her face and it got bigger when she soon saw Nicki was coming up.

Penguin fans, at #25 and the first female to be drafted into the NHL...Nicki Crosby

Karen let the happy tears fall as her daughter skated onto the ice and lifted her stick. She couldn't believe that her kids were actually standing on the ice in Penguin jerseys getting ready to play for the fans in Pittsburgh.

"You know there wasn't anyone else I'd rather have wearing my number" Max said coming up to her.

"I figured it would have been dipped in bronze and lifted to the rafters."

"It almost was" he said getting her to laugh "but I stopped it just in time for the female phemon down there."

"Max, don't put that pressure on her like that" Natalie said hitting him in the arm.

"He's right Nat, just watch and see. She'll give the boys a run for the scoring title this year."

"That is if her dad and brother ever give her the puck" Mario chimed in.

"She'll surprise all of you, just wait" she said as Sidney was about to be called.

And now, wearing #87 and you Pittsburgh Penguins captain...Sidney Crosby

As the announcer elongated his name, the crowd roared and Karen smiled. But the smile faded knowing this was going to be the last introduction for him. After the cheering died down a little, the lights came on and the teams skated around. As the players got to the benches and the first line stood on the ice as the national anthem was sung. Karen silently said a little prayer that tonight went great for her family. After the anthem was done, the lines were getting situated for the drop of the puck. Sidney skated around and went back to Flower and hit his pads with his stick, then going by the defense and getting them ready. He looked at Sidney and Nicki talking and smiled on the inside. He skated up to the ref and bent over resting his stick on his knees. Sidney looked to his left to see his son then looked right seeing his daughter. He got a smirk on his face and waited for the puck to drop and the season to begin.

After the game, the Penguins won 5-3 with both Nicki and Sidney taking a pass from their dad to each score their first NHL goal. Karen made her way to the lounge and waited for her family. She was able to peek into the locker room and saw the media around all three of them and Karen couldn't stop the smile on her face. A while later, Nicki was the first one out and met up with her mom.

"I am so proud of you baby girl" she said hugging her.

"Thanks mom, I couldn't have done it without dad or Sidney" she said "too bad daddy only got 3 assists tonight."

"I don't think he's going to mind that Nic."

"Some of the guys are going out tonight to celebrate and they want Sid and I to go, can we?"

"I think you deserve it, just no drinking."

"Duh, I know" she said as they laughed and talked some more until her dad and brother came out.

When all four were ready, they headed out to a scream of fans wanting autographs from the two Crosby kids.

"Are you not going over?" Karen asked Sidney.

"Let the kids have this."

"But I think there are a couple that still want yours."

"Oh alright."

"Like it's such a burden" she said after he left her making him look back smiling. Karen walked down to the car and waited for them. After they got done signing, Sidney and Nicki took Karen's keys to her car and went with a couple of the players leaving Karen and Sidney alone.

"Well, well, well Mrs. Crosby, looks like we have an empty house to go home to."

"Hmm, we haven't celebrated after a game since the twins went off to Shattucks."

"Wow, you're right. Man, I feel so nervous about being alone with you."

"Oh stop it" she said hitting him only to to get a kiss in response. They got in the car and headed home.

Once they got home and headed inside, Karen was about to make a move to go into the living room when Sidney grabbed her arm and nodded his head in the direction of upstairs.

"Are you trying to seduce me Crosby?"

"I think I am. Is it working?"

"Nah" she said scrunching up her nose and shaking her head until they both laughed.

"Apparently I'm going to have to change your mind" he said before grabbing her by the waist and picking her up, flinging her over his shoulder to carry her upstairs.

"Oh my god, Sidney put me down" Karen said laughing.

"Nope, not until I get you where I want you." He continued heading upstairs and to their bedroom before putting her down on the bed and crawling over her body, letting their lips meet in a heated kiss.

Before long, clothes were scattered and their naked bodies ravished each other as the moonlight shined through the window cascading a glow over them. Karen arched her back and her head melted into the pillow as Sidney thrusted into her slowly but forcefully. Her fingers scraped into his skin down his back showing her pleasures he was bringing out in her. Sidney went harder and deeper to bring her orgasm out and make him follow with his own, leaving them sweaty and breathless. Their eyes met before their lips found each others to seal their ever growing love. After a few minutes, Sidney moved off her and to her side. Karen laid with her back upagainst his chest, resting her arms over his that were wrapped around her to hold her close.

"Do you know how amazing tonight was?"

"I can only imagine Sid."

"It was like there were three of me out there. They skated like me, made plays like was surreal at times."

"But you enjoyed it right?"

"When I had time to, yeah."

"Then why rush retiring when you could have this feeling for a couple years with them?"

"Why are you questioning my decision?"

"I'm not questioning it Sid" she said sitting up and turning to look at him "you love this game to much. You play this year, especailly with Sidney and Nicki and you are not going to be able to walk away to just watch them every night after that. I know you, you are going to hate not playing like this."

Sidney sighed and sat up beside her "maybe you're right but I want to be a father and a fan to them like my dad was to me."

"What makes you think you're not that now?" Sidney just looked at her and realized she was right "they adore you Sid and getting this chance to play with you is an achievement a lot of kids wished they had. Look at Austin and Stephanie. They would have loved to have had the chance to play with Mario. Don't make a hasty decision like this."

"Maybe if I had nagging injuries like Max then I could actually have a reason to retire, but maybe playing another year or two after this one wouldn't be so bad."

"This decision is totally up to you Sid, I just wanted you to make sure all your options were covered first."

"I love you and your voice of reasoning."

"Good, because they are both going to be around for a long time" she said leaning in to kiss him "and I love you too." They laid back down, curling up together and let different thoughts go through their minds before falling asleep.

Nine Months Later
June 7, 2030

He we are folks. Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals in Pittsburgh, PA as the Penguins look to close out their series and claim the Stanley Cup against the Dallas Stars. This could almost be a deja vu moment as this could mirror the first time these two teams met back in 1991.

Of course they were the Minnesota North Stars back then but history does have a way of making a full circle. This year had been a whirlwind for the Penguins as everyone got to witness the crowning moment in October when the season opened up with not one, but three Crosbys taking the ice for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

You are absolutely right. History was made in October and we will see if history will be made even more tonight if the Penguins can clinch this series and win another Stanley Cup for the franchise.

Karen sat up in the suite and listened to the tv as the announcers talked about the game. She had the nerves going through her body and wondered what the feelings were like down in the locker room.

Nicki was sitting out in the hallway taking a moment at what could happen tonight. She almost had to pinch herself that she was playing for the Stanley Cup in her first year. She had finished forth for the scoring title, only because she missed three games due to a sprained wrist and her dad insisted she didn't play with it until she had no pain. She was lost in thought when a body came by and sat beside her.

"Hey Sid."

"What's the matter Nic? Dad and I were looking for ya."

"Just needed a minute to reflect on some things. What did you and daddy want?"

"He wanted to talk to us but I think he just wants to see how we're feeling."

Sidney had come out of the locker room and turned into the hallway but stopped, ducking back when he saw his kids talking. he leaned up to the wall and listened.

"Well if anyone, he would be able to calm our nerves."

"Speak for yourself sis, I'm not nervous" he said getting a look from Nicki "oh alright, maybe once the game gets going, some nerves may be present but its nothing a lot of focus can help cure."

"Just remember what dad told us on opening night..."

"Keep your eyes on the puck and your mind in the game and in the end everything will fit into place" they both said in unison as Sidney silently chuckled to himself. He thought they only humored him when they would repeat it back to him as they were growing up.

"It's surreal that we're playing for the holy grail tonight. We have a chance to win it all after 60 minutes Nic. Can you imagine how how big this is?"

"Yes I can and we've both dreamed about it" she said with a little reserve in her voice and Sidney picked up on it while he still listened.

"Then what's wrong sis?"

"I'm scared Sid. What if this doesn't happen? What if we have this golden chance and the team blows it and goes the distance? We either could win it all tonight or lose what we've been dreaming about since we could skate."

"I don't think we're the only ones thinking it Nic. I saw dad sitting in his stall and I think he had fear in his eyes too."

"I think you're only saying that to make me feel better Sid."

"I think he said it because it's true" Sidney said walking out from the corner and kneeled down infront of them.

"Daddy, you were listening?"

"Yeah, it's something I've done with you two since you were little. You both would have these amazing conversations and I just stood to the side and listened. But your brother's right Nicki, everyone has the same feelings as you do. We don't know how tonight is going to play out until we get out there. All four games have been tough and Dallas hasn't backed down, we were just enough lucky to have one more goal than them as the game ended."

"Told you Nic" Sid told her only to get a stern look from Sidney.

"Why don't you go finish getting ready and let me talk to your sister Sid."

"Alright" he said getting up "just think positive Nic."

"Ok. Sid's gone, now tell me what's really going on in that head of yours."

"I'm just scared daddy. I was nervous on opening night but this has me rattled. I can't stop thinking about all the scenerios for tonight."

"What does your heart tell you?"

"That I'm going out there and play my hardest to win it all."

"Well tell your head to listen to your heart baby girl. You can't imagine how proud I am of you. You came into this league so headstrong and determined to be the best female player out there and you've lived up to it."

"Are you just saying that because you told Sidney the same thing?"

"No" he said shaking his head and smiling "Sidney got a different speech, this one is special for you. Whether we win tonight or lose it all in game 7, you have to take the bad with the good. Look what you've accomplished this season, fourth for the title is nothing to get all bummed about."

"I would have ended higher if it wasn't for my wrist."

"I insisted you sit out those games to make your wirst and mental ability stronger. What could have happened if you played with it sore?"

"I could have done more permenant damage to it."

"Nic, it's your first season. Don't try to win everything all at once."

"So in other words, don't be exactly like you."

Sidney smiled and laughed "you can be like me Nicki, just put your own spin on it."

"I want us to win tonight daddy."

Sidney stood up and help Nicki up "then let's go win it baby girl" he said accepting the hug she gave him.

"Thanks daddy" she said as they pulled apart and went back to finish getting ready.

After all the festivities and the national anthem was sung, the players were getting one more final skate around before getting ready to drop the puck. Sidney did his usual routine by skating by each one on the ice and then headed to center ice. He looked around the arena and then up towards the suites. Karen saw him look up in her direction and she put her fingers to her lips and blew a kiss to him to wish him good luck. Sidney bent over and got ready for the puck to drop and the game to start.

The first two periods had come and gone and there was no score to show for the hard work each team showed. The goaltenders were standing on their heads to make impossible saves as the shooters were throwing everything at them. Nicki and Sidney had a few good shots as their dad was giving them the puck every chance he had. As the game progressed, it wasn't about Sidney but his kids. He didn't care if he scored, he wanted them to and experience it all till the end.

The third period was nearing the end and it seemed overtime was going to happen. Sidney was on the bench and looked up at the clock. There was 2:15 left on the clock and the Stars were taking their last time out. The coaches of course sent out the Crosby line to see if magic could happen in these last couple of minutes. They took the face off and got the puck in motion. The Penguins were in control of the puck and slowed down the play behind the net. The defense started up and shot the puck to Sidney who started on a breakaway. He saw out of the corner of his eye that his son and daughter were coming up behind him to join him on the play. Sidney got into Dallas' end and stopped, passing the puck to Sidney. He made a couple moves and saw Nicki in perfect place. He shot a look and nod to his dad who glanced to his right and tapped his stick to the ice wanting the puck. Sidney made the play to his dad, who in turn faked a shot and passed it to Nicki who slammed it home in the corner of the net. As the goal light flashed on and the crowd erupted, Nicki got trampled by her dad, brother and teammates to celebrate the goal which they looked to see the clock was at all zeros and they had won the Stanley Cup.

Karen had sat down in a seat and put her head in her hands, crying out the tears she held in for the last minute. She looked up and saw the mayhem on the ice, smiling knowing what this meant to her family. She got up and headed down to the ice with everyone else to join in the celebration.

Sidney was hugging his son and daughter as the three of them were all smiles. He looked over to the bench and saw Karen standing there, getting their attention "go see your mom" he told them as they skated over.

Karen saw Sidney and Nicki skate towards her and she hugged them both "I am so proud of you two. Congratulations babies."

"Thanks mom" Sidney said "we couldn't have done it without dad."

"And he's saying the same thing about you too Sid." She saw how antsy he was and laughed "go celebrate." Sidney kissed his mom's cheek and skated off.

"Oh baby girl, you ok?" Karen asked Nicki as she saw the tears.

"Yeah, I'm just so happy you can't imagine mom."

"Actually I can sweetie" she said hugging her "go celebrate with your team, I'll be here when you're done." She hugged her again before watching her skate off. Karen watched as the Stanley Cup came out and the commissioner came with it.

Congratulaions to the Pittsburgh Penguins for a tremdous year. Sidney Crosby...come claim the Stanley Cup.

Sidney skated over to the cheers of his teammates and fans. He took his picture with the Cup and commissioner before picking it up and yelling as he skated around with it. He went by the bench and saw his parents and Karen, smiling as he proudly displayed the Cup over his head. As Sidney skated towards the team, they all pushed Nicki to get the Cup after her dad. She smiled through her tears and took the Cup from her dad as he whispered 'go enjoy it baby girl'. Sidney skated over to the bench and got a huge hug from Karen and stood there holding her as they watched Nicki skate by with the Cup. They watched her skate to the team and hand off the Cup to her brother, who screamed as he went around the ice pumping the Cup over his head towards the crowd.

Karen turned and looked at Sidney "so, you still think you can leave this?"

"Not in amillion years baby. I want to see this every year now" he told her watching Sidney hand off the Cup to Flower and go over to hug his sister. He kissed her and then went over to join his kids.

Karen saw her family together celebrating and the tears fell again "I want to see this every year too." After everything her and her family had been through, nothing could have topped this moment and she was happy to see that it all worked out for the best.

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Chapter 49: Draft

June 2029
NHL Draft Day

The NHL draft was underway and the Crosbys were sitting in the stands waiting to see what the decision would be for who would go 1st overall. The class Sidney and Nicki were in was stacked and there were a lot of great kids for the new Rookie class of the 2029-2030 season.

Flashback March 2029

"Sid, I just don't know if it'll be allowed."

"Then go to the league and make it happen. Better yet, maybe I'll talk to them and tell them how I've done everything for them since I came into the NHL in 2005 and never asked for anything in return."

"Are you saying the league owes you?"

"Maybe I am. We can come up with options or a few alternatives to make it happen. I'm asking for one year, one season."

"Why this year? Why not see what happens then try to make it feasible for next year to get it to work out."

"Because this might be my last year to play."


"I have had a great 23 years playing and all in Pittsburgh. My kids are coming into the league and after this year, I want to watch them. Put every game into them and their success."

"You can't be serious about this?"

"After the draft I'll decide if it will be my last year or not depending what happens in June but if we make this happen, can you imagine how powerful the team would be? I know you're thinking about that."

"It does sound tempting. Ok, I've got four months to see if it can happen and I will keep you informed."

"That's all I ask."

End of Flashback

Sidney sat there and remembered that conversation vividly. He also remembered all the trips to New York to talk to the board and Players' Union to try and make his final dream come true.

The lottery had already given some good news by giving the Penguins first pick in the draft, now the wait was to see who went first.

"I'm nervous dad" Sidney told his father. He hadn't let on what he was trying to do to Karen or the kids because he didn't want to disappoint any of them, especially today.

"I know you are son. I had a feeling I would go first but your class is strong that I'm not sure how everything will play out."

"Wherever Nic and I end up, be proud of us dad."

"Sidney, I have always been proud of the accomplishments of you and your sister. Whether you go first or 91st, I'll be happy either way. You are about to enter the NHL son, how can I not be proud?" he said hugging his son.

After another few minutes, Pittsburgh went up to the stage to tell their decision.

"Before we give Pittsburgh the chance to make their choice, this is an exciting draft year for it is the first time women have been allowed to participate in the NHL Draft. All the team organizations, players, and coaches have been waiting for this moment as I'm sure the fans have too" the commissioner of the NHL started "we have a great class of both young men and women ready to show off their skills for the fans of the NHL. Pittsburgh, I will now give you the floor."

"Thank you commissioner" Max Talbot started. Injuries have plagued Max and he decided to retire before doing any permenant damage. The Penguins couldn't see the need to get rid of him and made him General Manager after Ray Shero retired. "This was a difficult decision for there are so many great youngsters to grace the NHL with their talent. The Pittsburgh Penguins take from the Minnesota Junior Hockey League...Sidney Crosby Jr."

Sidney jumped up and frantically hugged his dad then his mom and sister "I so proud of you Sid."

"Thanks sis. You're next" he whispered to her before leaving his family in the stands and headed to the stage. He climbed up the steps and shook hands with everyone and put on the Penguins Jersey and hat to get his picture taken.

They finished with the picture and ushered Sidney to the media table for an interview with NHL Network.

"I am joined here with Sidney Crosby Jr, of course son to the Penguins captain Sidney Crosby. Sidney, I have to ask first of all, can you wrap around the fact that you could be playing with your dad in a few months?"

"Yes I can. My sister Nicki and I have grown up idolizing our dad and to get this unbelievable opportunity to play on a line with him would be the ideal dream."

"We aren't sure where your sister will go but from your perspective, how would you characterize her style of play?"

"She plays hard and isn't afraid to get in and play with the boys. If you watch her, she has her own style but you can see our dad in her."

"Much like you."

"Oh definitely. We try to put our spin on things but we learned from the best so its hard to not be compared to him."

"Before I let you go, is there going to be bragging rights in the family between you two?"

"I don't think so" Sidney said laughing "we're both good and we just want a chance to prove it."

"Thank you Sidney and good luck in the NHL. Now we will take a break and come back for the second overall pick in the 2029 NHL Draft."

During the break Nicki had moved inbetween Sidney and Karen and was bouncing her leg feverishly.

"You ok baby girl?"

"I'm fine daddy."


"Ok, maybe I'm nervous. What if I don't get picked? What if I go somewhere that won't let me play to my potential? What if..."

"Nicki, calm down baby. Whoever picks you knows how great you are. You will undoubtly play your first year."

"I don't want to go anywhere else daddy" she said looking at him "I want to play with you and Sidney."

"I know baby, I know" he said putting his arm around her.

Everyone got quiet as the commissioner stepped back up to the podium "I have a trade announcement. The Detroit Red Wings are trading the second overall pick to the Pittsburgh Penguins" as the crowd roars with excitment "for every Pittsburgh pick for the rest of the 2029 draft and their first draft pick in the 2030 NHL Draft. So Pittsburgh, you have three minutes to make you next selection."

After the announcement, Karen just looked to Sidney who shrugged his shoulders and turned back to the stage.

The Penguins organization sat and discussed for two of the three minutes before heading to the stage. Max once again took to the podium to make their choice.

"The Pittsburgh Penguins take from the Minnesota Junior Hockey League and the first woman to be drafted into the NHL...Trina Nicole Crosby."

"OH MY GOD!!" Nicki jumped up and hugged her parents.

"I told you baby girl."

"Thanks daddy" she said hugging her. "Oh mom, I can't believe it" she said turning to Karen.

"I am so proud of you Nicki."

"Thanks mommy. I love you."

"I love you too" she told her before letting her go to the stage. Sidney put his arm around Karen and she saw how he was beaming with pride "how did you make this happen?"

"Why do you assume it was me?"

"Sidney Patrick Crosby..."

"Ok, so maybe I had a little to do with it but the organization was already trying to get them both for this year."

"You wanted to play on a line with them as much as they did with you huh?"

"Ever since I saw how great they were becoming I knew it would be the perfect ending to my dream and a perfect beginning to theirs."

"Your ending?" she asked confused.

"After this year, I'm retiring so we can enjoy their careers."


"Baby, I've played for 23 years, well 24 this year. I have had a great run, it's their time now" he said as they looked by the stage to see Sidney hugging his sister and new teammate.

"You'll never be able to walk away from the game Sid."

"I know that's why I'll have a job with the front office or maybe assistant coach when I'm ready."

"And I'll still be beside you no matter what you decide."

"I know, that's why I love you so much baby."

After a few minutes Nicki and Max were sitting at the media table talking to NHL Network.

"We are back with Nicki Crosby, the daughter of Penguins captain Sidney Crosby and twin sister to Sidney Crosby Jr. I have to ask Nicki, is this all a dream to you right now?"

"It kind of is. Growing up with Sidney Crosby as my dad, I knew where my life was headed, but he never really said this is what you'll do when you get older. He left that decision to me and my brother and I guess it just came naturally."

"I asked your brother about playing with your dad, your thoughts about that?"

"Honestly, I've had dreams about playing with him and against him. I'm thankful to get that opportunity and hopefully will get to play with him and the Penguins Organization."

"Max, you and the other members of the organization must have thought this through to give up all the remainder picks in this years draft to achieve this."

"Having played with Sidney and watching these two grow up, you could see the potential for greatness and after we won the lottery for first pick we knew who we wanted. We had the wheels turning to try for second pick as well and we were happy when Detroit helped us out."

"Nicki, do you think you'll be able to play at the level in the NHL?"

"Oh definitely. I have been playing on teams that were more male oriented and I have been bumped around with the best of them. I feel learning to play in that environment is what will give me the edge in the NHL."

"I have to say, you and your brother are going to be the ones to watch come next season and add your dad, the Penguins will definitely be a force to reckon with. Nicki, Max thank you and good luck with your future." They both thanked them and went to walk off the stage to head over to the Penguins table before going for pictures and other media.

"I can't believe this happened Uncle Max."

"I can. That dad of your is one persistent man."

"What do you mean?"

"He wanted this. He wanted to play with both you and Sidney before he retires after next season."

"Daddy wants to retire?" she said as the news stopped her in her tracks.

"Maybe I shouldn't have said anything kiddo. Don't make a big deal about it today and talk to him when you guys get home." Max left Nicki standing there lost in thought for a minute before going over to meet everyone else at the table.

While they were waiting for the kids to get their media pictures taken after being drafted, the media was around Sidney to get his thoughts on the day.

"Did you have anything to do with your kids going first and second today, especially both to the Penguins?"

"I might have gave my opinion about it" he told them and they all laughed "but watching them grow up playing and I could see the potential they had. And to get a chance to play with your son and daughter, what hockey player wouldn't want that."

"They're saying that next season will be the season to let the women play on the teams. Do you have any reservations about playing against them or are there any feelings about seeing them play against your daughter?"

"When I'm out there playing, I see the net and the puck, not who's infront of me. The women who get drafted today and who got signed from the National teams have the ability to play with the men in the NHL. I know a lot of the players are welcoming the challenge as much as the women are to play with and against us guys. Nicki is strong and she's been on the boys' teams ever since she was 8. She can handle herself and if not, she got her brother to help her out."

"Is it safe to say that on opening night October 2029, there will be a Crosby line?"

"If it's not a permanent line, I believe that at least for the first shift of the home opener you could see me at center with my son to my left and daughter on my right" Sidney said beaming with pride. The media guys thanked him and he saw his family standing off to the side waiting for him.

When everything was said and done, the family was on their way back home when Nicki spoke up.

"Are you retiring after this season daddy?"

"Sidney shot a look into the rear view mirror "who told you that?"

"Uncle Max."

"Is it true dad?" Sidney chimed in shocked.

Karen took a hold of Sidney's hand and gave him a look to tell them "it might be. I've had a great run of now 24 years and with you two coming in to the league, I figured I would play one year with both of you then retire to become the fan I should be of his kids."

"Is that why you helped get today to be what it was?"

"I need to tell Max to not tell you guys everything."

"What are you talking about Nic?" Sidney asked his sister.

"I guess daddy had a hand in making today possible. To take you first then try for anything to get me second.

Is that right dad?"

"Yes Nicki it was. I had a talk with Max before last season ended and I knew you two were headed for the draft. He made calls, I made calls and we did what we needed to do to make next season happen. But I don't want either of you to think you wouldn't have gone where you did. I didn't want Nicki to go to another team and if that makes me selfish, then I'll take it."

"You weren't selfish dad, we all wanted to play at least one year together" Sidney said putting his arm around his sister who was now crying silently.

After they got home, Nicki went to her room and Sidney was about to follow when Karen stopped him "let me go first." Sidney just kissed her lips and nodded watching go talk to their daughter.

"Baby girl?"

"I'm fine mommy, I just can't believe daddy did that."

"Can't believe good or bad?"

"Good. He wants to play with me mom. He wants to play with both his kids, how can he not be the greatest."

Karen sat there and smiled as she rubbed her daughter's back to soothe her "your dad has always been persistent baby. I was shocked when he told me after your name was called." Nicki turned over and sat up facing her mom "he can't become the fan he needs to for his son and daughter if he's still playing. I think he's realized he's done Nic and this is a way to pass on his greatness to you and Sidney."

"I think I'm looking more and more to opening night" Nicki said as they both laughed.

"Let's get through training camp first baby girl, then we'll go from there."

"I love you mom."

"And I am absolutely so proud of you. You are going to be great and I will be cheering every game loudly for you. I love you too Nicki."

"I think I'm going to talk to daddy now."

"He'd love that." They hugged again then both left the room to head downstairs. Nicki found her brother and dad outside playing one on one and went outside to join them. Karen just watched them through the window and saw them talk for a minute before Nicki stepped up to hug her dad. She watched for a little bit longer as the three of them started playing again before she left them alone to play.

Chapter 48: Going Away

July 2025

"You don't have to go baby girl. You can stay home, finish school and go to college if you want."

"But I'll disappoint daddy if I don't go."

"Nicki, baby listen to me" Karen said stopping her daughter from packing "this has to be your dream. Your dad will understand if you don't want to play hockey this way. If you still want to play for the fun of it, finish school and play in college. There's always the Women's National team."

"But this would be my chance to be one of the lucky girls to maybe get to play in the NHL mom."

"I know sweetie and I would love to watch you play at that level."

"Then let me go to Shattucks with Sidney."

Karen sat on the bed and smiled "you are so much like your dad."

"You say that like it's a bad thing mommy" she said as she continued packing.

"It's not baby girl, it's the best thing you could have learned growing up. You know, he might not show it because of how much he wants this for you and your brother, but he is so proud for you for wanting to follow in his footsteps."

Nicki sat back down on the bed "every time I watched daddy out there for games I knew I wanted to play like him, be like him."

"You already are baby girl" she said getting up and hugging her "but my little piece of advice to like your dad, but be you." Karen kissed her daughter's head then left her to finish packing on her own. She headed downstairs and went into the kitchen to get something to drink.

"Is Nicki almost ready?" Sidney asked coming into the kitchen.

"Yeah, she's finishing up now."

"You're still not happy with all this are you?"

"I'm happy as long as this remains her choice, her dream Sid."

"Who said it wasn't?"

Karen turned around to face him "Sid, I know this is what you wanted for them ever since the day they were born. You said it yourself that you would never pressure them into this decision."

"I don't think I did baby."

"Yes you did. Every dinner conversation, every late night puck drills in the driveway before bedtime...that was telling them to do it your way."

"Karen, they're good. Their team won every tournament they've been in since they were 8. This should be a natural decision for them to want this."

"Well call me selfish but I'm not ready to let them go yet" she said walking away from him.

"I'm not ready either baby" he whispered to himself.

A half hour later, the bags were loaded into the car as was everyone else and they started the drive to Minnesota. Karen wondered why they weren't flying and Sidney responded to have more time with the kids. It was only a 14 hour drive from Pittsburgh, but Sidney decided they would stay somewhere close and finish the drive the next morning.

The next day, the Crosbys drove up to the school and Sidney parked the car. They got out and went inside to register before grabbing any bags.

"This is it Nic" Sidney told her "we are at the base camp for greatness to be like dad."

"I know. I was scared to want to do this, but now that we're here I can't wait to get started."

"Hey" he said stopping her "whatever happens, we have each other sis. We help each other and we both make ourselves great for dad to be proud of us."

"You think he'll be disappointed if we don't make it or want to come home?"

"Think about it Nicki, he wants this for us."

"But you have to want it for yourself too Sidney."

"I do sis but to be like daddy, come on. He is the greatest in the NHL right now with multiple Stanley Cups, all those scoring titles and records he's broken in his 20 years. I want that. I want to be up there with him."

"I just want the chance to play with daddy."

"Well this is where we need to make that dream happen. If we stayed at home and went to RMU after graduation, it would take us forever to get there. Even dad can't play forever. I also want to play on a line with him before he retires. We get that chance starting today."

"You're right Sidney. To be as great as daddy, we need to be where daddy started it all."

Karen looked back and saw the kids were 10 feet behind them "Sid, wait."

Sidney stopped and looked behind him "wonder what they're talking about."

"Don't know but I'm sure everythings ok with the smiles they have on their faces."

"Thank you baby."

"For what?"

"For letting this happen and not debating me about it. I can see the potential they have and if they stayed at home, it would be wasted. I just feel like they need this to advance."

"I never wanted to admit it to them or you but they do need this. Besides, they have each other." Sidney smiled and hugged Karen as the kids ran to catch up to them. They got them all registered and found their dorms. They got Sidney settled first before going to help Nicki in her room. After they were all settled, Sidney and Karen knew it was time to let go.

"I just want both of you to know how proud I am that you wanted to come here" Sidney told the twins.

"Thanks dad and we wanted to come here as much as you wanted us to."

"Sidney's right daddy, we both wanted to come here to start our dream."

Karen just stood there and smiled realizing what they were doing "you both are going to do great" she said hugging Nicki first then Sidney. "Take care of each other and if you need anything, we're just a phone call away."

"We love you mom" Nicki said hugging her again.

"Sidney, let me talk to you for a minute" Sid said moving them away "I know you said this was both your dreams and I just wanted to make sure that it truly is."

"It is dad. Nic and I have talked about it and we both want to get the chance to play in the NHL...with you."

"What?" Sidney asked in shocked.

"We know you can't play forever dad and we wanted this so we could get in the NHL when we both turn 18. We just hope to be on the same team with you."

Sidney grabbed his son and hugged him "you and your sister have made me the proudest father in the world."

They got out of their hug and went back over to the girls. Karen and Sidney told them goodbye for one final time and got in the car to leave.

As they were driving, Karen noticed Sidney was quiet and put her hand over his "what's wrong?"

"You won't believe what Sidney told me."

"Which was?"

"They wanted to go to Shattucks to basically get better to be drafted in the NHL when they're 18 and they both want to play with me."

"Oh Sid."

"I knew one day if I was still playing that I would get the chance to play against them but for my own children to want to play on the same team with me would be the ultimate dream come true."

"It sounds like they've thought about this more than you thought. But what are the chances that the Pens would get both of them. If they improve like you know they will, I think a few teams will want them."

"Then I find a way to make it happen."

"I don't doubt that you will" she told him and leaned over to kiss his cheek before putting her head on his shoulder to enjoy the drive back home to Pittsburgh.

Chapter 47: First Skate with the Twins

October 2014

Sidney had Karen and the kids in the car going for a ride.

"Where we goin daddy?" Nicki asked in her small voice.

"Just for a ride princess."

"We goin to daddy's house" Sidney told his sister.

"Silly, daddy lives wif mommy" Nicki answered back.

"We goin to daddy's utter house, see" he said pointing out the window.

Karen looked out the window and heard the kids laughing in the back seat. She just looked at Sidney who shrugged his shoulder "you're not right" she told him.

Sidney picked up her hand and kissed the inside of her wrist "you love me anyway." Karen shook her head as Sidney parked in the players lot. They got out and got the kids out of their car seats, holding their hands as they all walked inside. They headed to the lounge and Karen sat down with the kids as Sidney went to the locker room. He came back out with skates for the kids then disappeared before coming back with his and a pair for Karen. They got the skates on the kids before putting theirs on. Helping to walk them to the ice, Karen smiled knowing Sidney had waited for this moment.

"Sid, becareful with them their first time out."

"I will baby" he said kissing her cheek. "Ok guys, we're going to start off easy and just learn balance today." Sidney took Nicki who was attached to his leg and Karen had to literally slow Sidney down because he was practically running to the ice.

"My God, he is just like you" she said as they passed them. Sidney just laughed as Karen scooped him up and went onto the ice.

"You say that like it's a bad thing" he said picking up Nicki and going out on the ice.

"I just wanted it to wait a few years. Was that too much to ask?"

"Mommy, down" Sidney said squirming in her arms and she put him on the ice, holding onto him.

"Apparently not" Sid told her as he started skating around with Nicki in his arms until she wanted to get down and try on her own.

Sidney was going a little fast and Karen was having a hard time keeping up with him. Her motherly instincts wanted to hold on to him but the fan in her wanted to see if he could do it on his own at 4 years old. Karen let go and Sidney skated over with Nicki giving her to Karen and went after Sidney. She just smiled and took Nicki's hands and slowly skated with her until she felt comfortable on her skates. After a while, Nicki was getting stronger and Karen let her hands go so she could go on her own. Karen just stood back by the bench and watched as her son, daughter, and husband skated around.

"How long have you waited for this moment?" a voice rang out behind her.

Karen turned around and saw Mario standing there "not as long as the big kid out there has."

"You know after he found out you were pregnant, I would find him just standing at center ice and staring around the ice. After a few times watching him, I asked him what he was doing."

"And his answer was what?"

"That he was trying to imagine this moment that's happening now."

"I knew this was going to be inevitable but just watching him with the twins it's overwhelming. Sidney couldn't wait to get on the ice and it took Nicki a little while to get comfortable, but look at them now."

"They have hockey in their blood." Karen just looked at Mario and smiled as he gave her a wink and left them alone.

"Come on mommy. Daddy said you need to come have fun wif us" Sidney said as he skated over to get his mom.

"Only daddy?" she said bending over, grabbing him and started to tickle his sides.

"No" he said laughing.

"No? Who else wants me to come have fun?"

"Me and Nicki."

Karen stopped tickling her son and knelt down to his level "I would love to come have fun with you and Nicki and your daddy." Sidney threw his arms around Karen's neck and hugged her before they skated off and over to where the other two were.

Awhile after skating around, Sidney went towards the bench and grabbed a couple of small sticks and two of his own. He stuck a couple of pucks in his pocket as he skated back over to his family.

"Here baby" he said handing her one of his sticks.

"Oh no, the world is going to end now" Karen said as the kids looked at her "someone other than daddy is touching his stick" she said getting a laugh out of the twins.

"They're two young to understand baby."

"Give them another few years and they'll understand."

"You're funny."

"Well I try to be" she said seeing him give a small stick to both Nicki and Sidney.

He put the pucks on the ice and showed the twins a couple of simple moves to get the puck going. They both picked it up quickly and made short strides to the net. Sidney kept it up until they felt a little more comfortable on their own. Karen had just watched them take the pucks around the net when Sidney skated up to her.

"I'm not pushing them if that's what you're thinking."

"I'm not thinking that Sid."

"Then why aren't you playing with us?"

"It's the being supportive role. If I can stand back to watch them and resist the urge to go be right beside them to keep them from falling then I believe I can let this happen."

"Tell me what you're afraid of."

"I'm afraid they'll love this. I don't think I'm ready to be a hockey mom when being a hockey wife takes all my time."

"Karen, if all I get out of today is that they had fun and no aspiring dreams come out of it, then I'll be happy."


"Yes really. I want them to know what I do and if they choose on their own to keep doing it, then I know they're truly my kids" he said getting a look from Karen "what I meant was, if they didn't like today then the hospital must have switched the babies."

"Oh god" she said rolling her eyes and skated over to the twins.

"What, it could be a possibility" he yelled as he skated towards her. She looked up and smiled as they continued playing around with the twins.

After a couple more hours, Sidney and Karen got the kids back to the locker room and took off their skates. They headed out and went to get a late lunch. When they finished lunch, the kids fell asleep in the back seat on their way home. When Sidney pulled into the driveway, they each took a kid and carried them inside, taking them directly to their room and putting them in bed for a nap.

"You wore them out today."

"Yes I did and I'm proud of it" Sidney said smiling as they left the room.

They headed downstairs to the living room and sat on the couch "I know I had reservations about this moment, but I loved watching you out there with them today."

"Thanks baby I appreciate that. I've been dreaming about this moment for so long."

"I think I saw how you must of felt when you first stepped foot on the ice at that age."

"I'm just glad I got to have this moment."

"I don't doubt that you wouldn't have had this moment Sid."

"I know. Before you finally got pregnant and you told me about those other times, I was actually scared that I wouldn't get that moment like we had today."

"I was scared too. I knew you wanted an heir to follow in your footsteps, now you have two. I don't think today could have went any better and I will forever remember it."

"Me too baby, me too" he said leaning in for a kiss before Karen laid her head on his shoulder as they enjoyed the quiet.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Chapter 46

They laid on the bed kissing and making the moment intense between them. Karen was hoping Sidney would just pounce on her as turned on he was getting her, but the slow and sensual pace was getting her hotter by the minute.

Sidney broke the kiss and moved down her body. He lifted up the babydoll towards her breasts to expose her stomach. He place light kisses over the skin as he made his way to the top of her panties. Putting his thumbs inside the fabric, Sidney pulled her panties down off her hips and proceeded to take them off completely, leaving her womanhood open to him. He threw the panties to the floor and came back to her. Karen bent her knees, spreading her legs to give him better access. Sidney dipped his head down and kissed her inner thighs making her squirm. He reached her mound and blew cool air over the swollen lips begging to be touched.

Karen drew in a deep breath when Sidney stuck out his tongue and ran it over her lips, aiming directly for her clit. He flicked it numerous times hearing whimpers and moans come from her. After a few minutes of torture, Sidney placed his mouth directly over her opening and started sucking, making sure to dart his tongue in and out of her core. Karen reached her hands above her head to grab the pillows around her as the sensations were driving her wild. As her orgasm was ready to explode, Karen moved her hand and put it in his hair, lightly tugging as she moaned out her release. She felt her body tremble as Sidney left her mound and moved back up her body, waiting for her to calm down. He kissed her neck as he felt her breathing return to normal. Sidney looked up and into her eyes, no words needed to where they took it next.

Karen pulled down Sidney's shorts off his ass and down his hips. She brought her foot up and pushed them down the rest of the way until she got them off completely. Their lips met again as Sidney took one of Karen's hands and placed it over his cock. She instinctly began to massage his manhood hearing a low growl escape his throat. When she had him hard as a rock, she took her hand away as Sidney replaced his hand to guide himself inside her wet core. He stayed still for a few minutes before he bent one of his knees for better access. Karen wrapped her leg around his thigh, locking her ankle against his ass. He started out slow, rocking his hips as his cock went deep inside her. The closeness of their bodies was more erotic then their normal routine as they held onto one another while letting their souls speak to each other. Karen could feel her orgasm build and dug her fingernails into his skin every time a wave hit. Sidney took the hint and lifted himself up on his hands, bending his elbows to stay close to her body. His hip movements got a little bigger and faster as he started to pound into her, letting the moans fill the room. Sidney felt the tightness around his cock and that made him bring out her orgasm by coming all the way out and slamming back into her, milking both of theirs out. Karen unwrapped her leg and relaxed it as Sidney placed his forehead to hers.

"I love you" Karen mustered out between breaths.

"I love you too baby" Sidney said issuing the same sentiment before pulling off her and slipping to her side and holding her.

"I don't think this night could have been any more perfect."

"Me either. Do you know how hard it was to keep all this away from you?"

"And to make sure everyone else didn't say anything either."

"That's what made it perfect baby" he whispered. "You said you needed something to smack you in the face to realize my love for you, so that's when I came up with the impromtu wedding."

"So the deal with the ring is?" she said holding up her hand.

"I was looking for an anniversary present for you and I wasn't sure what to get you until I saw this" he said putting his hand over hers and interlocked their fingers together.

Karen turned her head to kiss him "you didn't need to get me anything Sid."

"I know I didn't but you know how it is, to give you anything and everything your heart desires or whatever I want to buy you...whichever comes first."

"So then what's my role?"

"Hmmm, I'll let you know later" he said kissing her temple "but I do need to sound selfish and ask where my present is."

"Well I didn't bring it since I thought we'd be home after the party."

"You could tell me what you got me."

"I could but then it won't be a surprise."

"Oh come on, I'll still be surprised when I see it baby."

"Well that's the thing, you won't see it until we go to Nova Scotia next summer."

Sidney sat up and looked at her "what did you get me Karen?"

"I bought that boat you were looking at last summer before we left to come home."

"How did you...why...wait, what?"

"I think you heard me."

"But why, it's so expensive and you didn't need to."

"I know I didn't need to but I wanted to. You give me so much without realizing it and I have my own money, let me give you something special."

"Thank you baby, really" he said kissing her.

Your welcome. Happy Anniversary Sidney."

"Happy Anniversay Karen" he said as they kissed again before cuddling up against each other and let sleep overcome them.

Later that morning, Karen managed to get untangled from Sidney arms and get out of bed to go to the bathroom. She came out a few minutes later and saw Sidney still sleeping. Karen smiled at the sight and went out of the bedroom and towards the balcony, looking out the window. Sidney had woken up ten minutes later and noticed Karen wasn't beside him. He got up and put on his shorts before going to find her. He left the bedroom and was about to head towards the door when he saw her standing by the balcony door looking lost in thought. He walked over and stood behind her wrapping his arms around her waist.

"I thought you left me."

"That would never happen."

"Why did you leave the bed?"

"Had to go to the bathroom."

"Ok but that doesn't explain why you didn't come back."

"I didn't feel like falling back asleep."

"You could have woke me up and we could have done something else."

"I know."

"Something wrong baby?"

"No, everything is perfect. Just standing here thinking how very blessed I am."

"We're are both blessed and we have two beautiful kids to help prove that."

"Speaking of them, would you mind if we headed home?"

"You miss them huh?"

"Please don't be disappointed."

"I'm not" he said turning her around "I miss them too baby. Why don't we get ready and head home to them."

"Thank you for last night."

"Your welcome" he said kissing her then leading her back to the bedroom to get ready to head home.

After a half hour, Sidney and Karen headed home. They walked into the house and saw his parents in the living room drinking some coffee.

"Didn't expect you two back so early" Trina said putting her cup down and hugging them both.

"Separation anxiety from the twins" Karen told her with a smile.

"Totally understand dear" she said as they went upstairs to see the them.

"So last night really surprised Karen huh?" Troy asked his son.

"Definitely dad, she had no idea."

"I'm happy everything worked out and you two are back on track Sid."

"Thanks dad. I didn't want to lose her after what happened and this is what I had to do. I'll marry her every year if I need to" he said smiling as his dad nodded in agreement.

A while later, Sidney's parents left and he went upstairs to find Karen in the nursery with the twins. She just got done feeding Nicki and was putting her back into the crib.

"Do you need Sidney?"

"No, I fed him first."

They stood inbetween the cribs and looked from one to the other "I know what your role is?"

"And that would be?"

Sidney took her into his arms "to be my wife and mother to our children. Your role is to love us everyday no matter what the world throws at us."

"I think that is a perfect role for me considering how much I already love you and our children."

"Is it safe to say that this is the first day of the rest of our lives?"

"Yeah, I think it is but I want to look at it as living happily ever after."

"We will definitely be doing that too baby" he said as they shared a kiss to cement their love and future together as a family.

The End

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Chapter 45

A minute later, a minister came out and stood infront of Sidney and Karen. They let go of each other and faced him, still holding hands.

"When I was asked here tonight, I knew something special was going to happen. A year ago when I married Sidney and Karen the first time, I saw a love between these two that I hadn't seen in a long time and I am honored to get the pleasure to rejoin them in their vows once again. Sidney, Karen please face each other" the minister said and they turned towards each other as they took each other's hands. "Since these two are already married, I think it's appropriate that they say what exactly is in their hearts. Karen, would you like to go first?"

"I guess if I knew this was going to happen I could have at least knew what I was going to say" she said getting a laugh out of the crowd "but seeing the man I love standing infront of me, it's not hard to speak how I feel about him" she started as s few tears began to fall. Sidney brought his hand up and lightly wiped away the ones that fell "on this night a year ago, we stood infront of, pretty much the same friends and family and professed our love for each other. And here a year later, you made it possible for us to do it again. This year had been filled with both the good and the bad, which I'm sure we both wish the bad never happened. It scared me that there was a brief moment we wouldn't have gotten to where we are right now but our love fought through and got us not only back together but it brought us two of the most beautiful children in the world and I can't wait to see what the world has in store for all of us. I love you with all my heart and nothing can or will ever change that" she said as the tears flowed freely down her cheeks.


He wiped his eyes and smiled "maybe I should have gone first" he said as everyone, including Karen laughed. "I don't know what else I can say that you already did but it's all true. My love for you started the first day I saw you and each day since then, I was able to find more and more love to share with you. Yes, we had a bad stint but those two beautiful babies were a result of the love that fought through. I don't know how you were able to put up with all the commitments that pulled me in so many directions but you never complained once when I had to leave at a moments notice. For that, I am grateful and love you so much more for it. I can't wait to see what the next 18 years hold raising our son and daughter, and many more years after that spending the rest of my life with you. Remember that I will always love you everyday for the rest of our lives."

"Well from what I heard, it tells me that no two other people should be together more than Sidney and Karen. I was told that you have a ring for Karen?"

"Yes I do" Sidney said reaching into his pocket.

"You didn't need to get me a new ring Sid."

"Yes I did" he said taking her hand and placing the new white gold diamond band with her other ones "the old rings still symbolize my love for you, this one symbolizes our love for many more years to come."

"It's beautiful."

"So are you."

"Since we can all see where this is going I will make this short and sweet. Sidney, do you take Karen to be your wife?" the minister asked.

"I forever do" he said with a smile.

"Karen, do you take Sidney to be your husband?"

"I forever do" she said as a tear escaped down her cheek.

"For the second time, I proudly pronounce you husband and wife. Sidney, you may kiss you bride."

Sidney took a step closer and wrapped his arms around Karen's waist as hers went around his neck. Their lips met in a soft kiss, which got a little too intense until the crowd got involved and they broke apart "sorry, couldn't help myself" Karen said blushing.

"Save it for later" Max said to get everyone laughing only to have Natalie hit him on the arm "what, like I'm the only one thinking it."

"You can think it all you want Max, I just have two things left to, Happy Anniversary to my beautiful wife and two, Happy New Year everyone" he said realizing it was now midnight. Everyone ushered the same sentiment as they all hugged and kiss to celebrate the new year.

After another hour, Sidney's parents decided to leave and as promised took the twins with them. The night was winding down and more people were leaving to head home.

"So are we heading home anytime soon, oh husband of mine" she asked him taking him away from his conversation with Max, Jordan, and Kris Letang. The other three just looked at each other "oh please, not like you all have someone that you want to go home with." They all just smiled and bid the happy couple goodnight.

"Actually, I lied earlier."

"You're not my husband?"

"Oh I am definitely your husband but I lied about going back home after the party. Mom and dad are staying at the house with the twins and we have a room upstairs."

"Let me guess, you already had a bag packed just for this occasion."

"I actually had the room ready with our bag in it since yesterday. I had to make sure it was perfect for tonight."

"Any more surprises my dear?"

"Just what I have planned for you in bed, but then again we're so great together that it's no surprise there." Karen just shook her head and smiled as they said goodnight to everyone else left and went upstairs to their room.

When they got to the floor and their room Sidney unlocked the door and turned to Karen "close your eyes" he told her and she did. Sidney got the door open slightly before picking her up and carrying her into their room. He got her a ways in and set her down "open your eyes baby."

Karen opened her eyes and scanned the room. It was filled with roses of all colors and there was a plate of fruit and a bottle of champagne on the table by the patio door. "I can't believe you did all this for us."

"Well, more for you" he said wrapping his arms around her waist from behind "I just wanted to show you how much you mean to me."

Karen turned around to face him "I know how much you love me Sid, you know I never needed anything expensive or fancy to prove that."

"I know and I love the fact that you never asked for more than what you wanted. You always kept it simple which told me you loved me for me."

"When have I ever never loved you for just being you?"

Sidney smiled "never. Why don't you get changed into something a little more comfortable and I will open the champagne?"

"I'm assuming my Christmas present is in the bag."

"But of course beautiful" he said kissing her then letting her go change. Karen went to pick up the bag and took it into the bathroom with her. She decided to jump in the shower real quick and got undressed, putting her hair up. After her shower, Karen dried off, put on some lotion and found her present in the bag. She smiled as she held it up then put on the babydoll and matching panties. Karen looked in the mirror once more and smiled before walking out into the living room area.

Before Karen came out, Sidney had moved the fruit and champagne over to the coffee table. He was opening the bottle when he saw the bathroom door open and Karen walk out in the lingerie that he bought her. Karen stood in the doorway for a minute as she caught Sidney's eye. He forgot what he was doing and the cork of the champagne bottle popped out and flew across the room, making both of them laugh.

"You're dangerous with those as I remember."

"Well they do tend to have a mind of their own when something stunning walks into the room."

"I don't think the bottle can tell if something is stunning."

"No, but I can and you look beautiful Karen."

"Thank you but you need to credit my handsome husband for picking it out."

"He did a great job if I say so myself."

"Don't get all cocky on me now."

"Oh I can get cocky baby, you just need to be open to it."

"For you, I am open to anything."


Karen smiled "almost anything."

"I think we can play with that" he said handing her a glass of champagne. "To my beautiful wife, who I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with."

"And to my sexy husband who loves me enough to want to spend the rest of his life with me and our beautiful children."

They clinked glasses "I will definitely drink to that" he said as they took a drink. "I love you."

"I love you too."

They finished their glass and Sidney sat down, pulling Karen down onto the couch with him. She reached for the bottle and refilled their glasses "planning on getting me drunk?"

"I don't know, maybe" she said smiling at him "you were pretty fun the last time you had too much to drink."

"If I remember correctly, we were celebrating something then too."

"Do I dare ask if you are going to compare them?"

"I might but I think this celebration will win out" he said kissing her but after a minute Karen broke the kiss "what's wrong?"

"Nothing except for the fact that you are way to overdressed to be doing this with me."

"I think I might be able to fix that, here" he said giving her his glass and leaving the room. Karen saw him head to the bathroom and she just smiled sitting back and finishing her drink and his.

A couple minutes later, Sidney emerged in only a pair of shorts "is this better?"

Karen looked up and smiled "much better." Sidney walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her "I think I know what that look means."

"You better know" he said leaning down to kiss her. The kiss began slow but heated up immediately. Hands were roaming over every inch of each other's bodies knowing where to take the night. Karen let out a whimper when Sidney pulled his lips away breaking the kiss "tell me you believe that this was meant to be between us. Tell me everything that happened tonight will put away every doubt you have that I want this to be over."

"It did" she said as tears welled up in her eyes "my doubt was the fear of being without you. I thought I would be able to handle not being married to you or substaintually have the family that we do now."

"I don't want anyone else baby. You have been my life and now it's you and the twins. This is my family and to know you want that to, makes me love you even more."

Karen giggled through her tears and wiped her eyes "why do you have to turn every romantic evening into something sappy?"

"Because I can" he said smiling "and because I love you."

"I love you to Sid" she said bringing him back down to her lips to seal their love.

Their kissing got more intense and Sidney broke away once again. Karen was about to question his intentions when she realized what they were. He led them into the bedroom and kissed her briefly before picking her up and placing her in the middle of the bed. Sidney crawled on the bed and over her body. Karen made a move to touch him, but he held her hands to stop her.

"This night is about you baby."


"No buts, I'll get what I want out of tonight but the first part is all for you."