Saturday, August 14, 2010

Chapter 46

They laid on the bed kissing and making the moment intense between them. Karen was hoping Sidney would just pounce on her as turned on he was getting her, but the slow and sensual pace was getting her hotter by the minute.

Sidney broke the kiss and moved down her body. He lifted up the babydoll towards her breasts to expose her stomach. He place light kisses over the skin as he made his way to the top of her panties. Putting his thumbs inside the fabric, Sidney pulled her panties down off her hips and proceeded to take them off completely, leaving her womanhood open to him. He threw the panties to the floor and came back to her. Karen bent her knees, spreading her legs to give him better access. Sidney dipped his head down and kissed her inner thighs making her squirm. He reached her mound and blew cool air over the swollen lips begging to be touched.

Karen drew in a deep breath when Sidney stuck out his tongue and ran it over her lips, aiming directly for her clit. He flicked it numerous times hearing whimpers and moans come from her. After a few minutes of torture, Sidney placed his mouth directly over her opening and started sucking, making sure to dart his tongue in and out of her core. Karen reached her hands above her head to grab the pillows around her as the sensations were driving her wild. As her orgasm was ready to explode, Karen moved her hand and put it in his hair, lightly tugging as she moaned out her release. She felt her body tremble as Sidney left her mound and moved back up her body, waiting for her to calm down. He kissed her neck as he felt her breathing return to normal. Sidney looked up and into her eyes, no words needed to where they took it next.

Karen pulled down Sidney's shorts off his ass and down his hips. She brought her foot up and pushed them down the rest of the way until she got them off completely. Their lips met again as Sidney took one of Karen's hands and placed it over his cock. She instinctly began to massage his manhood hearing a low growl escape his throat. When she had him hard as a rock, she took her hand away as Sidney replaced his hand to guide himself inside her wet core. He stayed still for a few minutes before he bent one of his knees for better access. Karen wrapped her leg around his thigh, locking her ankle against his ass. He started out slow, rocking his hips as his cock went deep inside her. The closeness of their bodies was more erotic then their normal routine as they held onto one another while letting their souls speak to each other. Karen could feel her orgasm build and dug her fingernails into his skin every time a wave hit. Sidney took the hint and lifted himself up on his hands, bending his elbows to stay close to her body. His hip movements got a little bigger and faster as he started to pound into her, letting the moans fill the room. Sidney felt the tightness around his cock and that made him bring out her orgasm by coming all the way out and slamming back into her, milking both of theirs out. Karen unwrapped her leg and relaxed it as Sidney placed his forehead to hers.

"I love you" Karen mustered out between breaths.

"I love you too baby" Sidney said issuing the same sentiment before pulling off her and slipping to her side and holding her.

"I don't think this night could have been any more perfect."

"Me either. Do you know how hard it was to keep all this away from you?"

"And to make sure everyone else didn't say anything either."

"That's what made it perfect baby" he whispered. "You said you needed something to smack you in the face to realize my love for you, so that's when I came up with the impromtu wedding."

"So the deal with the ring is?" she said holding up her hand.

"I was looking for an anniversary present for you and I wasn't sure what to get you until I saw this" he said putting his hand over hers and interlocked their fingers together.

Karen turned her head to kiss him "you didn't need to get me anything Sid."

"I know I didn't but you know how it is, to give you anything and everything your heart desires or whatever I want to buy you...whichever comes first."

"So then what's my role?"

"Hmmm, I'll let you know later" he said kissing her temple "but I do need to sound selfish and ask where my present is."

"Well I didn't bring it since I thought we'd be home after the party."

"You could tell me what you got me."

"I could but then it won't be a surprise."

"Oh come on, I'll still be surprised when I see it baby."

"Well that's the thing, you won't see it until we go to Nova Scotia next summer."

Sidney sat up and looked at her "what did you get me Karen?"

"I bought that boat you were looking at last summer before we left to come home."

"How did you...why...wait, what?"

"I think you heard me."

"But why, it's so expensive and you didn't need to."

"I know I didn't need to but I wanted to. You give me so much without realizing it and I have my own money, let me give you something special."

"Thank you baby, really" he said kissing her.

Your welcome. Happy Anniversary Sidney."

"Happy Anniversay Karen" he said as they kissed again before cuddling up against each other and let sleep overcome them.

Later that morning, Karen managed to get untangled from Sidney arms and get out of bed to go to the bathroom. She came out a few minutes later and saw Sidney still sleeping. Karen smiled at the sight and went out of the bedroom and towards the balcony, looking out the window. Sidney had woken up ten minutes later and noticed Karen wasn't beside him. He got up and put on his shorts before going to find her. He left the bedroom and was about to head towards the door when he saw her standing by the balcony door looking lost in thought. He walked over and stood behind her wrapping his arms around her waist.

"I thought you left me."

"That would never happen."

"Why did you leave the bed?"

"Had to go to the bathroom."

"Ok but that doesn't explain why you didn't come back."

"I didn't feel like falling back asleep."

"You could have woke me up and we could have done something else."

"I know."

"Something wrong baby?"

"No, everything is perfect. Just standing here thinking how very blessed I am."

"We're are both blessed and we have two beautiful kids to help prove that."

"Speaking of them, would you mind if we headed home?"

"You miss them huh?"

"Please don't be disappointed."

"I'm not" he said turning her around "I miss them too baby. Why don't we get ready and head home to them."

"Thank you for last night."

"Your welcome" he said kissing her then leading her back to the bedroom to get ready to head home.

After a half hour, Sidney and Karen headed home. They walked into the house and saw his parents in the living room drinking some coffee.

"Didn't expect you two back so early" Trina said putting her cup down and hugging them both.

"Separation anxiety from the twins" Karen told her with a smile.

"Totally understand dear" she said as they went upstairs to see the them.

"So last night really surprised Karen huh?" Troy asked his son.

"Definitely dad, she had no idea."

"I'm happy everything worked out and you two are back on track Sid."

"Thanks dad. I didn't want to lose her after what happened and this is what I had to do. I'll marry her every year if I need to" he said smiling as his dad nodded in agreement.

A while later, Sidney's parents left and he went upstairs to find Karen in the nursery with the twins. She just got done feeding Nicki and was putting her back into the crib.

"Do you need Sidney?"

"No, I fed him first."

They stood inbetween the cribs and looked from one to the other "I know what your role is?"

"And that would be?"

Sidney took her into his arms "to be my wife and mother to our children. Your role is to love us everyday no matter what the world throws at us."

"I think that is a perfect role for me considering how much I already love you and our children."

"Is it safe to say that this is the first day of the rest of our lives?"

"Yeah, I think it is but I want to look at it as living happily ever after."

"We will definitely be doing that too baby" he said as they shared a kiss to cement their love and future together as a family.

The End

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  1. It sucks that this is the ending!! Perfect ending, though. I hope you update your other story soon.