Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chapter 6

As Karen left her house, she called Natalie to make sure she was home and if she minded that she came over. She was ok with it and they hung up so Karen could finish the drive. Ten minutes later, Karen pulled up to Natalie and Max's house and went to knock on the door. Natalie answered it and could see that something was wrong, really wrong.

"What's going on Karen?"

Karen closed her eyes and realized there was no easy way to tell her problem. She closed her eyes and took a huge breath "I cheated on Sidney...."


"...with Jordan..."


"...and Sidney caught us...this morning."

Natalie couldn't breathe and got up to walk around the living room "just humor me and tell me one more time in one complete sentence what you just said."

"I cheated on Sidney with Jordan and Sidney walked in and caught us this morning."

"Bitch you’ve just lost the best thing to ever come into your sad little life" Natalie said rudely as she paced in front of her.

"Stating the obvious but thanks" Karen retorted.

"Kiki, I can’t even begin to imagine what you were thinking when you started seeing Jordan. I mean GIRL ARE YOU CRAZY? Look at Sid…that’s one piece off ass I could live with all my life. I can understand you wanting both but look at him. He’s everything a woman wants. Sure Jordan is good for sex but that’s it" Natalie said looking at Karen disapprovingly.

"Jordan's good for other things, you just need to give him time to show it."

"You would know" she said sarcastically.

"Maybe I should go" Karen said standing up.

"Look, I'm sorry alright. You know what the friendship and camaraderie means to these guys and you do this between two that are probably best friends on and off the ice. What were you thinking?"

"I wasn't thinkng. Nat, you can’t and won’t understand what this is like for me. Jordan was a fling one night before Sid and I got together. Over the past three years, it was left to innocent flirting and minimal touching but we did get together once after Sid and I started dating and then not again until last night." Natalie just stared at Karen as she continued, "I've screwed everything up" she said as the tears fell.

"Yeah you did"

"Seriously what should I do?"

"I think you should get naked, tie yourself to Sid’s bed and grovel…always works for me when Max gets mad at me" Natalie said seriously. Karen giggled and smiled.

"Nope wouldn’t work with my Sidney…he prefers the mature approach to things."

"It comes down to who you want more."

"There both so different and each makes me feel different too."

"Seriously I think you should follow your heart. Do whatever your instinct tells you because it may not be right but you’ll be happier and that’s what’s important."

Karen sighed thoughtfully, "but I feel so bad Nat, I mean the man I love is hurting right now cause of me. If anything I don’t deserve Sid or Jordan. I’ve broken up my relationship with them and severed the bonds of friendship. I’ve caused serious damage and I don’t think anything can undo this" Karen started weeping softly and Natalie pulled her into a tight hug.

"Things will work out I promise. You’re still a bitch for screwing two guys; two hot guys might I add. And I’m not saying what you did was right but I love you and I’ll help you make things right. And if all else fails…you can send Sidney my way…I’ll make him happy" Karen managed a giggle and squeezed Natalie.

"What about Max?"

"Max does whatever I tell him to do. He'll be fine if I want to keep Sid as a play toy" she said to make Karen smile. "It may take time, but it'll work out for the best."

"Thanks Nat, you’re a real friend" she said hugging her. "Would you mind if I crashed here, at least for tonight?"

"You can stay as long as you need to."

Karen hugged her again and went to the guest room. She laid down on the bed and replayed all the events up until this very moment. She laid there as it hit her how she hurt the man she loved most in the world and wondered if they could really get past it. Karen soon fell asleep hoping when she woke up it was a bad dream.

The next morning, Karen woke up early and needed to go home for some clothes for work. She knew Sidney would still be there and didn't know what would happen. She made the bed and quietly left the house and went home. The short drive over, Karen tried to stay calm but thinking about seeing Sidney made her a nervous wreck. She pulled into the driveway and got out, unlocking the door and went inside. She looked around and figured Sidney was still in bed. She slowly walked upstairs and entered their bedroom, seeing Sidney still asleep in bed. Karen looked at him for a minute then went to the closet.

Sidney slowly opened his eyes and saw Karen standing in front of the closet. At first he thought it was a dream, but soon realized it wasn't. He was going to say something but when he saw her turn around, Sidney closed his eyes again pretending to be asleep. She walked past him but looked at him again before she left. When Sidney heard the front door close, he opened his eyes and laid there wondering what would happen between them.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chapter 5

Karen dressed hurriedly and drove home like a maniac. They had seen Sidney’s car pull out of the driveway meaning he must’ve seen them. Jordan was terrified and had practically thrown Karen out of the house in case Sidney came back. Karen noticed that Sidney’s car was in the drive and she sighed with relief. At least he hadn’t run away and done something stupid. Sidney wouldn’t do anything like that anyway. He was too sensible.

Karen let herself into the house and called for Sid several times. She searched the basement and downstairs before going upstairs to the bedroom to look for him. She found him in their bedroom stripping the bed sheets and throwing them on the floor.

"Sid" she whispered approaching him. Sidney spun round quickly and gave her a 'don’t come near me' look. "I'm so sorry Sid, it was a mistake" she groveled. Sidney carried on pulling sheets off the bed till there were no more sheets to pull off. He collapsed on the bare mattress and gazed at the ceiling.

"Why Karen, why? And why Jordan, one of my own teammates?" he spoke softly without looking at her. Karen sat down gingerly and touched Sid’s bare leg. He shrugged it off.

"I'm sorry Sidney" she mumbled.

"Why Kiki, tell me why?"

"I'm sorry" Karen repeated.

"I ASKED WHY?" Sidney suddenly yelled jumping up and looking at her. His face turned red and his fists were clenched in anger. "Now I know why you didn’t want to start a family. You wanted to have a good share of the Pittsburgh Penguins. So you marry one and use the other one for dessert. I can’t believe that you’re Mrs. Sidney Crosby…I married you and you stab me in the back. Karen you’re my life, my love" Sidney said collapsing on the floor in a flood of tears.

Karen started crying and looked at him. She had never seen him cry before. Sidney buried his face in his hands and sobbed quietly. He eventually looked up, his face red and tear stained.

"Karen I want you to go…leave me alone to think" the seriousness in his voice was enough for her and she nodded obediently.

"Will you let me explain please?"

"I don't think I want to hear what you have to say right now. I want you to leave."

"Call me when you want to talk, I’ll be staying at Natalie’s house" Karen stood up and walked out the door. She got in her car and sat there for a couple minutes with her head on the steering wheel. After another minute, she started the car and drove away.

Sidney heard her pull away and got up off the floor. He walked downstairs and saw the pictures of them together and with the team. Sidney picked up their wedding picture and saw how happy they were. He wondered where it all went wrong in a year. Putting the picture down, Sidney went over to the couch and sank down in the coushin, hoping this was all a bad dream.

Chapter 4

Karen knew where she wanted to go. Maybe given the situation with how she left Sidney, she could rationally think about what she needed to do with Jordan and their own situation. She pulled up to his apartment complex and parked near his building. She got out and walked to the door, lightly knocking.

"What you doing here?" Jordan asked wrapping his arms around an upset Karen.

"Sidney…we had a fight" Jordan pulled Karen inside and sat down beside her on the couch.

"Ssssshhh baby, calm down and tell me what happened" he stroked her hair slowly and handed her a tissue.

"Sidney wants to know why I don’t want to start a family. I can’t tell him that I can’t start a family with him because I’m sleeping with his friend and teammate. Jordan that would kill him…I can never tell him about us" Karen looked into Jordan’s concerned face and her voice softened, "because I care about you both and I don’t want to hurt either of you."

"I know you mean well but maybe you should give Sidney a proper answer instead of brushing him off all the time. It’ll only make him angrier if you don’t give him a straight answer. No matter what happens, he's is still your husband."

"I know but Sid will come round here tomorrow morning with flowers. He’ll say sorry, we’ll go home, have sex and boom...everything will be forgotten for two weeks before we have another argument" Karen sipped from a half empty bottle of Jordan's beer.

“Karen please. It's bad enough that I have to share you but sharing you with him makes it harder,” Jordan rolled his eyes and Karen giggled.

"Your captain's a better lay than you though" Karen joked.

"Ha ha Kiki, you crack me up" Jordan grinned carrying her to his room, “let me remind you how good I really am!" They got to his bedroom and Jordan set her down on the edge of the bed, kneeling infront of her. He captured her lips in a heated kiss before travelling down her body. Jordan undid her pants, pulling them down as she lifted her hips off the bed and discarded them off to the side. He smiled that grin of his to make any girl melt as he leaned back to her lips for a kiss, moving her backwards onto the bed. Jordan left her lips and went directly to her mound, sticking his tongue out and grazing her swollen clit before moving down an inch and darting his tongue in and out of her opening. Karen grabbed the sheets in her hands as the feelings stirred within her. She loved how uninhibited Jordan was with her with the no-holds-bar sex they always shared. Soon, she felt him remove his tongue and replace them with his fingers, digging deep into her core. He made sure to curl his finger inside of her to hit her sweet spot as he got faster and brought her over the edge. Karen arched her back as she came, letting her juices cover his fingers.

Before Karen could recover, Jordan had undressed and plunged into her. He grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head. Jordan left on her bra, but exposed her breasts by pulling down the fabric under them. His mouth attacked each one making sure to bring each nipple to it's own hard peak. He left her breasts and lifted himself up onto his hands to give him leverage to pound into her. Jordan always got rough with Karen, getting harder with each thrust. Karen couldn't hold on any longer and her orgasm came blaring out of her, moaning at the top of her lungs. Jordan felt the muscles clamp down on him and it drew out his own orgasm. Karen felt the weight of his body on top of hers as he collapsed over her, matching his lips with hers before they both fell asleep.

The next morning, Karen pulled on one of Jordan’s shirts and came downstairs to make some breakfast. She was busy frying bacon when he strolled downstairs in a pair of boxers.

"Morning babe, sleep well?" he leaned over and kissed Karen on the cheek.

"I don’t think we did much sleeping" Karen smirked and set the food down on the table.

"I thought we could do something else before breakfast" Jordan smiled and toyed with the hem on the shirt. He pulled the shirt off and admired her naked body.

Meanwhile, Sidney figured Karen had gone to one of two places last night since she hadn't come home. He checked her friend Natalie's house, who was married to Max Talbot or Jordan's. He called Max before he left the house to see if Karen was there and when he told him that she wasn't, Sidney knew she was at Jordan's. He headed over there and since it was early, he decided to find the hidden key and let himself in. Sidney walked through the living room and heard voices in the kitchen. He was about to go in but the sight before him, stopped him in his tracks.

"You definitely look better like that" he smiled and kissed her neck working his way down to her breasts. Karen moaned and gritted her teeth as Jordan bit her nipples then ran his tongue over the skin to soothe the pain.

Sidney couldn't believe his eyes and turned quietly, exiting the same way he entered.

"Jordan not in the kitchen…let’s go upstairs" Karen slipped the shirt back on and followed him out of the kitchen when the unmistakable sound of the front door slamming echoed through the house.

"Oh shit, you don’t think that was…" Jordan’s voice trailed off as he looked at Karen with fear.

Chapter 3

"This is wrong."

Those three words echoed through Karen’s head as she drove home. She had asked Jordan later on what he meant, but he refused to comment. She had showered at his house and got dressed, now she just felt guilty. Guilty because she was cheating on her husband. Her husband of one year who treated her like gold and worshipped the ground she walked on. She was cheating on the man she loved for a bit of kinky sex.

Karen parked the car and let herself inside. The soft tangy smell of garlic and tomatoes crept to her nose. She rubbed her stomach not realizing how hungry she was.

"Lunch will be served in ten minutes" Sidney called from the kitchen. He appeared in the doorway briefly to hand Karen a glass of wine. He flashed a smile before wandering back into the kitchen. Karen watched him leave and realized how beautiful he really was. "What was I thinking sleeping with Jordan" she thought sullenly "it’ll kill Sid if he finds out."

Karen walked into the kitchen as Sidney was putting lunch on the table. "You took a long time at Jordan’s?" Sidney asked casually sipping his wine.

"Jordan wanted some advice about Britnie" Karen replied hastily avoiding eye contact.

"Really? What's going on there?"

"He's not sure, he likes her a lot but doesn't know if he likes her enough to love her."

"I'm sure Staalsy will be alright. If it doesn't work out with your sister, he's got another girl right around the corner waiting for him."

"That he does."

"Oh by the way, your mom called" Sidney said bitterly changing the topic. Sidney and Karen’s mom never really saw eye to eye on anything and it was no secret that Karen’s mom wanted her to marry anyone other than him. She never thought the life of a hockey player made a good husband with going on road games with the temptation to cheat in every city. Karen had tried and tried to tell her mom that Sidney wasn't like that but she was set in her ways, even when Britnie started to date Jordan she couldn't convice her that they both found the best on the team.

"What did she say?"

"She said that I should be at work earning money to support my wife and kids when we have some and can you give her a call later" Sidney rolled his eyes and shoveled some pasta into his mouth. "I may need to show her my bank account statement and she'll know I can support my family."

"Sid please don’t start about the kids" Karen looked at Sidney and warned him with her eyes. He wanted to start a family but Karen wasn’t ready. She wanted to wait until they were married for at least another year.

"Karen, I didn’t say anything" Sidney looked at her grimly from above the rim of his glass.

"You didn’t have to" Karen shot back.

"Kiki, we’ll have to talk about it sometime. We can’t put it off forever." Sidney put down his fork and crossed his arms.

"Not now Crosby, I am not in the mood" she glared at him from across the table.

"Let’s just get it into the open now okay. Why do you always feel the need to avoid this?"

"I'm not avoiding anything. You want to talk, let's talk" Karen slammed her glass on to the table causing the red liquid to spill on to the floor. Karen ignored it and looked at her husband.

"I want us to start a family" Sidney said.

"And I don’t" Karen said firmly.

"See what I mean. Every time we talk about kids, you say no. But you haven’t really given me a proper answer as to why not. Kiki, I deserve to know why not. Then maybe I can understand and support your decision to wait."

Karen shook her head "Sid…I don’t know okay. I just don’t know so stop pressuring me" as she tried to blink back tears threatening to escape from her eyes.

"Karen talk to ME. TELL ME WHY" Sidney’s raised his voice and looked at Karen angrily.

"I can’t Sid" Karen sobbed standing up and grabbing her purse from the counter.

"Where are you going?" Sidney asked as she ran out the door.

"Out" Karen replied as she jumped into the car and started up the engine.

Sidney nodded and watched her leave making no attempt to follow her. He knew that she’d be safe where ever she went and that’s all that mattered for the time being. He couldn't understand why this was always a sore subject between them and needed to figure out what was going on.

Karen drove around for a few minutes until she came to a vacant parking lot. She put the car in park and turned off the engine, sitting there letting the tears fall freely. The fact being, Karen never really saw kids in her future but it slowly came to a realization that Sidney might want one or two, hell he'd want enough kids to start his own hockey team if he could. But everything was screwed up now. Jordan complicated things. When they first got together, it was right after they all started hanging around each other as friends. One night after the team won, they all went to Diesel to celebrate and Karen had too much to drink, with Jordan taking advantage of it in a secluded area of the club. After that, they resorted to flirting, touching and coming dangerously close at other times. Their second time was after her and Sidney got together and Karen swore it wouldn't happen again with they way things were progressing with him but Jordan made it hard for her to stay away. When Sidney proposed, she told Jordan that they needed to stay on a friend level but it seemed everytime they saw each other, they knew what buttons to push...hence the night at her parent's house. Just one look from him and Karen knew what was instore for her.

She tried to blame Sidney and how he kept their love making monotonous and would never change it up, like having sex in different places of the house or in the car, at the arena....something than always in their bed. Karen adored Sidney's style and how he would caress every inch of her body, but she wanted something more. Different positions, more oral sex. She wanted to have the kind of sexual escapades with Sidney that she had with Jordan, that's why she sought him out, but Sidney wouldn't listen to her. Karen knew she needed to end it with Jordan, but didn't know if she was strong enough to do it.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Chapter 2

The next morning, Karen watched as Sidney crawled out of bed naked and padded to the bathroom. Making love to him was awesome but her mind was always with Jordan. Sidney was so romantic. He was careful with her, held her lovingly and showered her with compliments. But Jordan was…different. Not romantic but more exciting, more unpredictable and more kinky. He knew exactly what a woman wanted and gave her that and more. And he really liked to talk dirty…hell he could even make food seem erotic! He would surprise anyone by how shy and reserved he acted in front of the media, but get him behind closed doors and it's a whole other ballgame.

Sidney came back into the room some ten minutes later, a towel wrapped around his waist "baby could you do me a favor?" he asked smiling and wiggling his ass. Karen giggled and nodded. He looked so damn sexy when he came out the shower. "Could you pick some stuff up from Jordan’s? I left some gear over there." Sidney pulled on some boxers and put gel in his wet hair. "I would go but Pat has me scheduled for a couple phone interviews today."

"My baby's work of being the face of the NHL is never done."

"Ha ha beautiful. Will you go for me please?" he said giving her his puppy dog look.

"Sure thing, I’ll go after breakfast," Karen replied walking over to Sidney and giving him a kiss. She loved him so much. He was her heart, body and soul. But what about Jordan…he was incredibly beautiful and sexy too. Karen, you need to sort it out girl, she thought.

Karen drove to Jordan’s apartment and sighed with anticipation. She knew Britnie wouldn't be there for she had her own place and a job that worked her until 5p religiously. Karen felt a buzz of excitement but was nervous as hell. Why was she nervous? She’d had sex with Jordan twice before. But seeing him and making love to him always felt like the first time. The moment they saw it each other, clothes would scatter around the room and Jordan would pounce on her. With Sidney the attraction was physical and mental but with Jordan it was only physical. She just couldn’t get enough of him. Karen parked her small jeep beside Jordan’s SUV and walked to the door and knocked gingerly. Deep down she hoped that he wasn’t in. That way she wouldn’t feel so guilty after sex. Sidney didn’t suspect anything anyway, he was far too trusting.

"Karen," Jordan smirked as he opened the door to allow her to squeeze past him. He stood at an angle so she had to press her body against his to get past.

"Sidney sent me to collect his gear," Karen said looking around the room. She saw traces of her sister around and had a twinge of her own jealousy, not to mention guilt.

"And Sidney won’t expect you back for ages. He knows what you’re like when you get talking to a friend," he winked and tugged at Karen’s waistband.

"Is Britnie working today?" she asked casually.

"You know she is and I won't see her until tonight. Why bring her up anyway when they both are far from our thoughts" he said caressing her cheek.

Karen pulled herself away and walked into the kitchen."I need a drink," she muttered rummaging through the fridge. Jordan came up behind her and grabbed her ass.

"Babe, you can have a drink later…I can think of more exciting things to do," he leaned forward and captured her lips. His tongue wiggled its way inside her mouth as his hands worked on removing Karen’s clothes. She felt herself melt against his embrace and shivered as his tongue scrapped along the edge of her teeth and stroked the roof of her mouth. "Sidney is so lucky," Jordan whispered as he broke free and removed Karen’s bra and panties hurriedly. He pulled off his own shirt and jeans so he was left standing in his boxers "so lucky," he repeated lifting Karen on to the counter.

He stroked her soft supple breasts tenderly while kissing her. Karen moaned prompting him to move his mouth down to her nipple. He sucked on the bud and rolled it between his teeth. Karen arched her back wrapping her legs around Jordan’s waist.

"Come inside me baby," she groaned as Jordan ran his finger inside her parting lips, making her pant with want. He carried her to the couch and parted her legs. He hurriedly removed his boxers and positioned his body on top of hers, entering her slowly allowing Karen to adjust to his size. Her walls tightened around him and he started thrusting rapidly. She gripped on to his biceps, overwhelmed at his passion and ferocity. He was rough with her and she liked it. Jordan moved inside her until she screamed her release repeating his name. He soon followed liberating his hot seed inside her, collapsing on top of her, and his cock still inside.

"I always want you inside me," Karen said softly kissing Jordan’s nose and closing her eyes.

Jordan smiled without making any attempt to move "this is wrong" he managed to say before falling asleep.

Chapter 1

It was family dinner night at Karen's parent's house. They had invited her and her husband, Sidney Crosby but also her sister Britnie and her boyfriend, Jordan Staal. As everyone was getting things ready for dinner, no one noticed two had slipped away.

"You’re so sexy," Jordan drawled kissing Karen.

"Jordan don’t…" Karen complained kissing him back. Jordan let his hand travel up her leg and caressed her inner thigh, all the while probing her mouth with his tongue.

"Jordan we shouldn’t…you know we can’t."

"They won’t find out…trust me," he slipped off her dress and let his hands wander over the smooth skin.

"Oh baby, no…not today…we can’t," Karen gasped as Jordan’s mouth met her nipples, his tongue sliding over the buds effortlessly.

"Oh Karen, you’re so beautiful, so damn beautiful," he whispered as his hands moved down to remove the wet panties.

"Karen can you come down here a second. Your mom wants help in the kitchen," Sidney called from somewhere in the house.

"Shit," Karen howled grabbing her dress off the floor. She slipped it on and pulled on her shoes. "Could you go down and tell him that I’m in the bathroom or something." Jordan nodded, straightened his shirt and went downstairs, but not before sneaking in another kiss.

Karen looked in the mirror and took a deep breath, that was close, damn that was too fucking close. She freshened up and brushed her soft brown hair before joining her parents and husband downstairs.

"You look beautiful baby," Sidney whispered in Karen’s ear.

“You look pretty hot yourself,” she whispered back hoping that he wouldn’t notice the guilty expression on her face.

“Maybe I can help you out of that dress when we get home tonight,” he whispered again, his lips briefly grazing her ear.

I’ve already been helped out of it once, Karen thought, "now that’s an interesting thought," she replied back instead.

"Just a few more hours to wait…" he let his finger trail an invisible line down her back making her shiver with excitement "just a few more hours."

"If you keep doing that, we won’t be waiting until tonight," Karen whispered back, knowing she was already hot and ready from what Jordan started.

"Baby, don’t tempt me. I have been yearning for you since we got here." Sidney lifted her chin and kissed her passionately before they were interrupted.

"Karen, I need some help please," her mom shouted from the kitchen.

"Tonight" that was all Karen said before letting go of Sidney and heading to the kitchen.

As they sat down for dinner, Karen and Jordan would sneak glances at each other while the conversations went on. Karen was the eldest of her and Britnie and older than Sidney. She was one of Ray Shero's assistants at the arena and her and Sidney took a liking to each other. Ray was skeptical of their friendship but knew keeping them apart would probably do more harm than good. As they became better friends, they started dating and then eventually got married a year ago. He saw the positive change in Sidney and knew it was the right call to let it happen.

About eight months ago, Karen had introduced her sister Britnie to the team when she came back to Pittsburgh to live and there was instant attraction with Jordan. The four of them came inseparatable after games and on some off days. Britnie was exactly like Karen but 4 years younger...and also older than Jordan. They both were average women with flowing brown hair and brown eyes. They weren't like every other female around the city of Pittsburgh and actually enjoyed the game of hockey. Jordan and Sidney found that incredibly sexy from the two women and was hooked from the beginning.

When dinner was over, they all sat around talking until Sidney gave Karen a look and she told her parents they needed to go. Jordan felt a twinge of jealousy whenever he saw them together and knew what would happen when they got home. He was brought out of his thoughts when Britnie nudged him and they headed out as well.

After Sidney and Karen got home, he pushed her up against the wall in the hallway and captured her lips in a heated kiss. The desire between them sent fire through their bodies. Karen was able to get out of Sidney's grip and head up the stairs to their bedroom. She stopped in the middle and turned, motioning for Sidney to follow her. He practically ran up after her and chased her into their room.

"Thought you could get away from me huh?"

"No, I just figured you would want to work off dinner first."

"Don't worry, we will" he said with lust in his voice. Sidney brought his lips back to hers and wouldn't let go until their clothes were completely scattered around the floor. He laid her down on the bed and covered her body with his. Sidney was never the one to rush their love making or add the kinkyness to it. He was always sensual and loving, caring and paid attention to her needs. Karen tried to get him to change it up every now and again, but it would still end up with Sidney on top.

Karen got comfortable and wrapped her leg around Sidney's waist, squeezing her muscles to help bring him closer to her. She gasped as he slid inside of her and breathlessly waited for him to move within her. As Sidney began to slowly thrust into her, Karen's mind wandered to earlier. Her brief encounter with Jordan then her teasing moment with Sidney. Having two men want her, sent chills through her body and made the heat rise from her core. She began to match her hip movements to Sidney's, bringing the start of her orgasm with it. Karen moved her hands to his hips and dug her fingernails into the skin telling Sidney she was ready to explode. A few more hard thrusts and Karen moaned out her satisfaction waiting for Sidney to unleash himself deep into her. Sidney stayed on top of her for another minute before pulling out of her and rolling to her side, soon cuddling up to each other and falling asleep.


Really...there is no intro. This is just another story I had brewing and I hope you guys enjoy it. No, 'Is Love Possible' will not be neglected, just been plagued by enduring thoughts of another player and this is what came out of it. Let me know what you think.

As always, I own no one except myself and my friends to be named later on and anyone I make up. Any Penguin player, Pens organization, and true facts pertaining to the Pittsburgh Penguins is only used for purpose of this story. If this story was real, I for one wouldn't be writing it....I would be living it. Therefore, I have no money so suing would not not work.