Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chapter 5

Karen dressed hurriedly and drove home like a maniac. They had seen Sidney’s car pull out of the driveway meaning he must’ve seen them. Jordan was terrified and had practically thrown Karen out of the house in case Sidney came back. Karen noticed that Sidney’s car was in the drive and she sighed with relief. At least he hadn’t run away and done something stupid. Sidney wouldn’t do anything like that anyway. He was too sensible.

Karen let herself into the house and called for Sid several times. She searched the basement and downstairs before going upstairs to the bedroom to look for him. She found him in their bedroom stripping the bed sheets and throwing them on the floor.

"Sid" she whispered approaching him. Sidney spun round quickly and gave her a 'don’t come near me' look. "I'm so sorry Sid, it was a mistake" she groveled. Sidney carried on pulling sheets off the bed till there were no more sheets to pull off. He collapsed on the bare mattress and gazed at the ceiling.

"Why Karen, why? And why Jordan, one of my own teammates?" he spoke softly without looking at her. Karen sat down gingerly and touched Sid’s bare leg. He shrugged it off.

"I'm sorry Sidney" she mumbled.

"Why Kiki, tell me why?"

"I'm sorry" Karen repeated.

"I ASKED WHY?" Sidney suddenly yelled jumping up and looking at her. His face turned red and his fists were clenched in anger. "Now I know why you didn’t want to start a family. You wanted to have a good share of the Pittsburgh Penguins. So you marry one and use the other one for dessert. I can’t believe that you’re Mrs. Sidney Crosby…I married you and you stab me in the back. Karen you’re my life, my love" Sidney said collapsing on the floor in a flood of tears.

Karen started crying and looked at him. She had never seen him cry before. Sidney buried his face in his hands and sobbed quietly. He eventually looked up, his face red and tear stained.

"Karen I want you to go…leave me alone to think" the seriousness in his voice was enough for her and she nodded obediently.

"Will you let me explain please?"

"I don't think I want to hear what you have to say right now. I want you to leave."

"Call me when you want to talk, I’ll be staying at Natalie’s house" Karen stood up and walked out the door. She got in her car and sat there for a couple minutes with her head on the steering wheel. After another minute, she started the car and drove away.

Sidney heard her pull away and got up off the floor. He walked downstairs and saw the pictures of them together and with the team. Sidney picked up their wedding picture and saw how happy they were. He wondered where it all went wrong in a year. Putting the picture down, Sidney went over to the couch and sank down in the coushin, hoping this was all a bad dream.

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  1. awww poor sidney. I can'r wait to see what happens next! Is he going to kill jordan? Are they gonna work it out? I don't know, but god is this good.