Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Chapter 2

The next morning, Karen watched as Sidney crawled out of bed naked and padded to the bathroom. Making love to him was awesome but her mind was always with Jordan. Sidney was so romantic. He was careful with her, held her lovingly and showered her with compliments. But Jordan was…different. Not romantic but more exciting, more unpredictable and more kinky. He knew exactly what a woman wanted and gave her that and more. And he really liked to talk dirty…hell he could even make food seem erotic! He would surprise anyone by how shy and reserved he acted in front of the media, but get him behind closed doors and it's a whole other ballgame.

Sidney came back into the room some ten minutes later, a towel wrapped around his waist "baby could you do me a favor?" he asked smiling and wiggling his ass. Karen giggled and nodded. He looked so damn sexy when he came out the shower. "Could you pick some stuff up from Jordan’s? I left some gear over there." Sidney pulled on some boxers and put gel in his wet hair. "I would go but Pat has me scheduled for a couple phone interviews today."

"My baby's work of being the face of the NHL is never done."

"Ha ha beautiful. Will you go for me please?" he said giving her his puppy dog look.

"Sure thing, I’ll go after breakfast," Karen replied walking over to Sidney and giving him a kiss. She loved him so much. He was her heart, body and soul. But what about Jordan…he was incredibly beautiful and sexy too. Karen, you need to sort it out girl, she thought.

Karen drove to Jordan’s apartment and sighed with anticipation. She knew Britnie wouldn't be there for she had her own place and a job that worked her until 5p religiously. Karen felt a buzz of excitement but was nervous as hell. Why was she nervous? She’d had sex with Jordan twice before. But seeing him and making love to him always felt like the first time. The moment they saw it each other, clothes would scatter around the room and Jordan would pounce on her. With Sidney the attraction was physical and mental but with Jordan it was only physical. She just couldn’t get enough of him. Karen parked her small jeep beside Jordan’s SUV and walked to the door and knocked gingerly. Deep down she hoped that he wasn’t in. That way she wouldn’t feel so guilty after sex. Sidney didn’t suspect anything anyway, he was far too trusting.

"Karen," Jordan smirked as he opened the door to allow her to squeeze past him. He stood at an angle so she had to press her body against his to get past.

"Sidney sent me to collect his gear," Karen said looking around the room. She saw traces of her sister around and had a twinge of her own jealousy, not to mention guilt.

"And Sidney won’t expect you back for ages. He knows what you’re like when you get talking to a friend," he winked and tugged at Karen’s waistband.

"Is Britnie working today?" she asked casually.

"You know she is and I won't see her until tonight. Why bring her up anyway when they both are far from our thoughts" he said caressing her cheek.

Karen pulled herself away and walked into the kitchen."I need a drink," she muttered rummaging through the fridge. Jordan came up behind her and grabbed her ass.

"Babe, you can have a drink later…I can think of more exciting things to do," he leaned forward and captured her lips. His tongue wiggled its way inside her mouth as his hands worked on removing Karen’s clothes. She felt herself melt against his embrace and shivered as his tongue scrapped along the edge of her teeth and stroked the roof of her mouth. "Sidney is so lucky," Jordan whispered as he broke free and removed Karen’s bra and panties hurriedly. He pulled off his own shirt and jeans so he was left standing in his boxers "so lucky," he repeated lifting Karen on to the counter.

He stroked her soft supple breasts tenderly while kissing her. Karen moaned prompting him to move his mouth down to her nipple. He sucked on the bud and rolled it between his teeth. Karen arched her back wrapping her legs around Jordan’s waist.

"Come inside me baby," she groaned as Jordan ran his finger inside her parting lips, making her pant with want. He carried her to the couch and parted her legs. He hurriedly removed his boxers and positioned his body on top of hers, entering her slowly allowing Karen to adjust to his size. Her walls tightened around him and he started thrusting rapidly. She gripped on to his biceps, overwhelmed at his passion and ferocity. He was rough with her and she liked it. Jordan moved inside her until she screamed her release repeating his name. He soon followed liberating his hot seed inside her, collapsing on top of her, and his cock still inside.

"I always want you inside me," Karen said softly kissing Jordan’s nose and closing her eyes.

Jordan smiled without making any attempt to move "this is wrong" he managed to say before falling asleep.


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  2. Wow, definitely different from your first story, but that is a good thing...keep it up, girlfriend!

  3. I agree with Val and Caitlin - definitely different than your other story, but this one is also fantastic!

  4. Whoa. Sidney AND Jordan. I'm so jealous. I agree with the three ladies above - very different, very interesting. Please post more soon! :]