Monday, March 22, 2010

Chapter 26

Sidney and Karen had been home for a few weeks. It was July 4th and Sidney had invited some friends and family to the house to celebrate. Karen had felt good the last few weeks an was happy no pain had popped up. They did curb their lovemaking with the exception of a few blow jobs to make him happy. Karen didn't mind for the fact Sidney would never really let her before the Jordan incident, but since he was open to being more unreserved it made them stronger. But it was no secret Karen wasn't getting anxious either but knew waiting for a little bit longer would be for the best.

After everyone got there, they had a huge cookout and some fireworks planned when the sun went down. Karen had tried to help do things, but every time she tried Sidney ran over to stop her. She just rolled her eyes and shook her head when he carried her plate of food to the table, like a paper plate with less than a pound of food could really harm her or the baby. Sidney kissed her cheek before they sat down and said he was just being gentlemanly.

As the night fell, they were getting the fireworks set up. Sidney had found Karen and went over to her, grabbing her hand and walking her to a lounge chair.

"What? Was I standing too close to the fireworks? Talking too much to your mother? Contrary to popular belief, none of that will harm a baby."

"I know none of that will harm our baby, I just wanted to enjoy the fireworks with you" he said sitting down on the lounge chair and having Karen sit inbetween his legs, leaning up against his chest. "I loved today, just being around you and everyone. I miss this a lot."

"I loved it too, of course when I was allowed to do things for myself" she said getting a kiss to the head from Sidney "maybe when you have a few days apart from games we can invite some friends and family down to stay with us. That way you don't have to wait until the offseason to see everyone."

"That sounds like a great idea baby, but with the new baby are you going to be able to stand having all those people around?"

"More people to help take care of her."

"I'm sure they'll all help out to take care of HIM when HE arrives" he said getting a giggle out of her. They snuggled up closer together as the first sights and sounds of the fireworks went off.

As the next couple weeks went by, Karen was getting more anxious and knew she needed Sidney in the worst way possible. She had certainly hit her fourth month and it was eating away at her. When Sidney got home from his work out, Karen wanted nothing more than to attack him, but decided to wait until later.

After dinner and a nice walk through the neighborhood, Karen stopped Sidney when he was about to open the door. She wrapped her arms around his neck and brought him down for a heated kiss.

"You sure you can handle where this will lead us?" Sidney asked breaking the kiss and trying to find his breath.

"The question of the night will be, can you handle it?" Karen kissed him again before walking inside and directly up the steps. Sidney closed and locked the door behind him, following her upstairs.

"Baby, it's been almost a sure?" Sidney asked concern.

"That's the thing, it's been a month. Maybe we can play to see what the next 5 months hold for us." Karen looked into his eyes hoping he didn't want to play it safe. She also knew if the pain popped up and he wasn't around, she wouldn't tell him for knowing she'd be sexually active this month. Sidney thought for a minute before dropping his head and capturing her lips. They began to undress each other until all clothes were distributed around the room.

After they got in bed. Sidney didn't exactly jump into the sex. They laid there kissing and fondling each other, making Karen a little impatient, but she understood why he was taking his time. Karen made a move and Sidney had gingerly crawled on top of her. With her bump more apparent Sidney still wasn't sure about laying directly on her. He got into position and entered her, sitting up on his hands to give a little space between them. Sidney went slow and Karen started to feel a little tightness but when he picked up the pace, all was ok. Karen arched her back up as the sensations tore through her body and telling Sidney she was close. She whimpered out for him to go faster and harder to which he obliged sending her orgasm over the edge and bringing out his own. Sidney dipped his head down and kissed her before rolling off her body to capture his breath.

"You ok?" he asked.

"No" Karen said shaking her head.

Sidney shot up "what, another pain?"

Karen smiled and climbed on top of him, sliding down on his semi-hard cock "no, another wave of pleasure." She sat up and began grinding on him before opening it up and fully riding him. Sidney couldn't believe what was happening and grabbed onto her hips, digging his fingers into her skin. Karen leaned back and soon enough, screamed out her release for the second time. Sidney was almost there and Karen leaned down to kiss him, milking his second orgasm out of him. After Sidney shot off inside of her, Karen kissed him before getting off of him and lying back down beside him.

"Ok, that was certainly interesting" Sidney said looking to the ceiling. Eventhough they were trying to be a little more uninhibited with their lovemaking, they had never gone more than once during the same time.

"Yeah it was, but there's still another problem, feel this" she said putting Sidney's hand over her opening. He could feel the heat coming from her opening and her lips were pulsating.

Sidney shot a look to her "baby, as much as I would love to I need a few minutes."

Karen just held his hand there and closed her eyes "just start rubbing Sid, please." Sidney did what he was asked and began rubbing over her lips. He could see Karen squirm as she was enjoying just the simple pleasure. Sidney decided to help her out a little more and moved down her body as he was continuing his assault. He brought his mouth down and blew cool air over her opening as a couple fingers slipped inside of her. He started to nip at her clit as Karen would moan out as each wave hit her. Sidney removed his mouth and slipped all four fingers inside, having his thumb apply pressure to her clit bringing out her third and final orgasm. As she came, Karen dug her fingernails into his shoulders until her breathing slowed and she opened her eyes looking directly at Sidney.

"Are you done now?" he said with a slight giggle.

"I think so. I knew the fourth month was going to be interesting but I didn't realize it was going to be like this."

"So we have a month of this to look forward to?"

"I'm afraid so."

"I'm going to have to really save my strength for nights like this."

"Not like you'll really need to do much."

"Excuse me?"

"Well, you helped out for the initial part but we found out you could just lie there and let me get my fill."

"I am not going to just lie here and let you take advantage of me" he said getting out of bed and putting on a pair of shorts.

"My god, you are acting just like a girl. I can't help it if the first time won't satisfy me right now and need more until the feelings are curbed."

"Well until you apologize, you may need to curb those feelings on your own" he said before walking out of the room. Karen laid there and silently laughed when she heard him stomp downstairs. She got out of bed and went for a shower wondering how she would handle this.

As Sidney was down in the living room, he had a beer in hand and heard the shower start up. Grabbing his computer, he went to and searched for 'pregnancy and fourth month'. He sat there reading all about the heightened sexual feelings and how it was normal for the next few months the feelings would decrease as the woman would get bigger and feel less sexual towards the end of her term. Sidney started to feel bad, but knew she got a little laugh out of his overreaction. In fact, he didn't mind being used like he did when she took control. He thought back to how they were when they got together and after they were married and how every time they made love, it was always him on top and he never let her express what she wanted. "Maybe that's why she connected with Jordan" he said to himself.

"What do you mean, maybe that's why I connected with Jordan?" Karen said startling him as she walked into the room.

"I've heard how Jordan is with women and just thought back to when were together."

"Ok, you're not making sense. What are you talking about Sid?"

"What just happened upstairs. was that what it was like with Jordan?"

"Why do you want to know that? Especially after what just did happen."

"Look, when we got together it was all me when we had sex. I never let you express anything and maybe with the way Jordan is with women, I thought that you got fulfilled by him and never with me."

"I'm not going to sugar coat it for you Sid because you know that's not me, but yes Jordan has this aminalistic way of having sex and he takes control but did let me do whatever I wanted too. That was never the reason why I went to him a couple times. I love when you get all romantic and make me feel like I'm the only woman in the world. You always touched me with love and with Jordan, it was just getting to the point. There was never a comparison to either of you...he was just different. You have always satisfied me Sid, there was never any doubt about that."

"Maybe I did overreact upstairs, sorry."

"You didn't overreact per say, it's just you to want to be in control. We've had our moments when you've been like Jordan and hopefully that's over."

"You didn't like that?"

"No because it wasn't you. Sid, if you want to add spice to our marriage and lovemaking, then do it to where it's coming from here" she said pointing to his heart "and not what you think how Jordan would be. If you want to be rough or attack me in the middle of dinner, then you think of how you would like it."

"What about you?"

"Me? I'll like it no matter what" she said getting a laugh out of him "please don't keep comparing yourself to him. He is not what I want anymore, it's you and how you do things, how you make me feel is what I want." Karen leaned in and kissed him. Their kiss was full of electricity and it sent sparks through her body. She knew if Sidney didn't want to do anything, she wasn't going to put pressure on him and find a way to take care it herself. When they broke apart, Karen looked to the computer and read a little bit of what it said "did you not believe me?" she asked pointing to the screen.

"It's not that baby, I'm just trying to figure out what this month holds for us. Besides it says that from the 5th month on, your desire will decrease because the bigger you get, the less attractive you'll feel and may not want to have sex close to the end."

"They obviously don't know me then huh?"

"Apparently not. After I left the room, did you get a pain or anything?"

"Surprisingly no. Maybe knowing what my body is going through I'm getting a reprieve for this month."

"Let's hope it stays that way until end."

"I am definitely for that."

Sidney pulled her in for a kiss as they got comfortable on the couch. karen could feel her body heat rise and knew where this was about to lead. She moved out of his grip and climbed on his lap, straddling his hips. Karen recaptured his lips as she lightly grinded her crotch over his. As their kiss intensified, Sidney brought his hand up to rub her crotch over her shorts knowing what it would do to her. After a few minutes, Sidney managed to get them both off the couch and standing in front of it. He broke the kiss and took off Karen's shorts and underwear as Karen took his shorts off as well. Sidney wanted to let Karen do what she wanted and sat back down on the couch, letting her restraddle his hips. Karen sat up on her knees positioning herself over his cock and sliding down on in. Sidney could feel how ready she was as she coated his cock with her juices. Karen started off rocking up and down on her knees getting a rhythm going. As their bodies moved, Karen reached down to the bottom of her shirt and pulled it off revealing her swollen breasts and hard nipples. Sidney couldn't resist and attached his mouth to one of her nipples. Karen picked up her pace and moved faster on him until she moaned out her release. Sidney let her calm down for a minute before pulling out of her to her dismay. Sidney knew she wasn't done yet and wanted to show her it was time for something he wanted. They switched positions and Sidney put Karen back on her knees facing the back of the couch. Sidney got on his knees and reentered her from behind, slowly pounding into her. Karen went from gripping the top of the couch to reaching her hand down and rubbing her clit. Not that she wanted this to end soon, she just had so much building inside her, she needed another release to let the other one through. Her muscles clamped down on Sidney when her orgasm hit and Sidney again pulled out not wanting to end it yet. he was determined to last as long as she did. When Karen slowed her breathing Sidney turned her around to him. She sat down on the edge of the couch and Sidney knelt down on the floor. He was lightly massaging his cock to keep it hard and moved closer plunging back into her. He wrapped his arms around her waist letting his hips move into her. Karen wrapped her arms around his lower back, keeping him as close to her as she can. She managed to move her hands to his ass and helped push him into her. Karen couldn't stand sitting up and laid back bringing Sidney with her. Sidney kept up his pace but got harder when they were both close. This time when Karen came, Sidney unleashed his juices and came hard from all that had built up inside him. Sidney sat back up and brought Karen with him, not wanting to lay on her longer than he needed to. They switched position yet again, but this time to rest. Sidney laid down on the couch having Karen lie in front of him, spooning her from behind. He pulled the cover over them and they laid there content fromt he last few hours.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Chapter 25

As the night wound down, Karen had left with Natalie, Britnie and the Lemieux family to head back to Pittsburgh. Sidney told her that they will all acclimate to Mario's for a long after party and to just go there with Nathalie and the kids. When the families got into Pittsburgh, most went home and a few had gone to Mario's to wait for the guys. Karen told Nathalie she was feeling tired and she said to go lay down in Sidney's old room. She told her she'd let Sidney know where she was when he got in.

A couple hours later, the team plane landed and as expected they all wound up at Mario's. Sidney came in with Cup in hand and sat it down in the kitchen. Nathalie told him that Karen was tired and was laying down in his old room. Sidney just smiled and went to find her. As he walked into the room, he saw Karen lying on her side asleep. Sidney walked over to the bed quietly and got in bed with her, spooning up against her. The alcohol had taken its toll and he moved his hands over her legs up to her ass. Sidney put his hands inside her shorts, moving them to the front and finding her mound. Karen stirred and woke up startled until Sidney spoke up.

"Its me baby" he said bringing her head around to capture her lips.

Karen could taste all the alcohol from his lips and knew he wasn't in the right frame of mind. She let the kiss get more passionate and the feelings intensified. Sidney removed his hand from her shorts, only to pull them down off her hips. He unbuttoned and unzipped his pants to unleash his now hard cock from its prison. Sidney lifted Karen's top leg and slid his leg between as he plunged deep into her. Sidney was hard and rough with each thrust he made into her. Karen grabbed the sheets infront of her tightly as the sensations ripped through her body. Soon her orgasm came and she all but screamed her release. Sidney continued to pound into her until he released his own orgasm, coming hard inside of her. They laid there breathless until Sidney pulled out of her.

"You ok?" he asked her.

Karen didn't feel any pain and it usually hit right after her orgasm hit "yeah, I'm fine. Where did all that come from?"

"It just built up baby" he said getting a giggle out of her. Karen rolled over and snuggled up to him "do you want to go out and celebrate with me?"

"Do you have to? I like the private celebration we started."

"We will have plenty of time to celebrate privately, trust me."

"Then why don't you go out and see the guys and I will be out in a little bit."

Sidney took his hand and brought her chin up "thank you for believing in me."

"I've always believed in you Sid" she told him before their lips met again in another passionate kiss. Sidney reluctantly got up and changed his clothes before leaving to head out by the pool. Karen pulled her shorts back up and covered her legs, falling back asleep for a little bit.

Awhile later as Karen slept, she felt a sharp pain and shot up in bed "OH GOD" she said loudly as the pain overwhelmed her. She stayed curled up and had her hand pressed when the pain was. She was rocking back and forth and taking deep breaths willing the pain to go away quickly. She let the tears fall as the pain wasn't going away fast enough. Karen thought that maybe Sidney was right and they should stop having sex for fear of keeping her and the baby safe. The pain finally started to subside after what seemed like an eternity and laid back down, straightening out her leg and lightly rubbing the area. Karen looked at the clock and laid there for another 20 minutes until she was able to get out of bed and walk outside to join Sidney. She figured she wouldn't tell him until they went to the house in Nova Scotia or if he wanted to make love again...which ever came first. Karen went outside and met up with everyone to enjoy the rest of the celebration.

A couple days later and the city held a parade for the team. Sidney told Karen that he wanted her to go with the families on the bus for fear she would get hurt riding in the back of the truck with him and the Cup. She just laughed and told him he didn't want his wife interferring with his time with his mistress. She gave him a kiss and went to join his mother and the other families.

When they got to the stage, Jordan had tried to get close to her, but Karen would walk away as she saw him get near her. At Mario's when he tried something, she made sure to stick close to Sidney. She wasn't going to let any left over feelings for him ruin what she worked so hard to get back with Sidney, but Karen was still afraid to wonder if he would be capable of anything violent towards her if she kept resisting him. She was thankful that Sidney and her would be leaving in a couple weeks and hoped he would get over her in three months.

After the celebrations died down, Sidney and Karen were on their way to Nova Scotia to spend the summer together. They had to plan for Sidney's birthday and his day with the Cup to share with the community. He knew what he wanted and when they got home, him and his dad would get the ball rolling. As they were on the plane, Karen wondered if it was the right time to talk to Sidney.

"Hey, can we talk for a minute?" she asked somewhat quietly.

"Sure baby, what's wrong?" he said putting his magazine down.

"I wasn't sure when I was going to tell you this, and I was going to tell you I just wanted to pick the perfect moment."

"Karen, you're rambling. Just tell me what's going on."

She took a deep breath before turning to face him "Jordan's been making advances towards me." Karen saw the expression change on Sidney's face and feared he was going to blow up right there on the plane.

"When?" he said through clenched teeth.

"He's been doing little things like glaring at me but during dinner before game 7 he touched my ass and then after you won the Cup, he pinned me up against the wall and kissed me." Karen could see the anger arise and hoped he didn't start yelling at her.

"Was that all?" Sidney said trying to remain calm on the plane.

"He said that he wouldn't stop until he had another chance with me and when I told him it would never happen, he said it would like he would do whatever he had to, to make it happen."

Sidney looked at the frighten look on her face and his anger soften "why did you wait to tell me now?"

"Because you were in a safe place and wouldn't go kick his ass. If we were already home, you would have chartered a plane to Thunder Bay."

Sidney let out a small laugh because that would have been exactly what he would have done "were you truly going to tell me or did you figure you would clear your conscience?"

"I was always planning to tell you I just didn't know how when he started his advances. I thought it would stay harmless by him but when he actually got phsycal, it got uneasy."

"I'm sure it did. Where was I when he did this?"

"Um, you had gone to sit down with your plate and facing the other way, then you were whisked away for the media after the game."

"I could kill him right now."

"I know and that's why I'm telling you while you're stuck inside a big metal capsule."

"There's nothing stopping me from getting off this plane in Halifax and taking one over to Ontario, you do realize that?"

"I do realize it but I think you'd rather spend three months with me forgeting him and what he did."

Sidney look at her "that's all I want to do, but come training camp all bets are off baby."

"Retailiation after a three month grudge, he better watch out." Sidney smiled and leaned over to kiss her letting her know everything would be alright.

The plane landed and Karen tugged on Sidney's arm when he tried to head back to the ticketing counter. They saw his dad and went to get the bags. Karen reached for hers, but Sidney grabbed it before she could, getting a look from him. She still had to tell him about the pain she felt at Mario's and limiting their lovemaking. Karen was now a little over 3 months pregnant, her bump proudly showing, but Sidney was still keeping her from doing anything to strenuous.

After they got home, his dad stayed around for a little bit then left. Karen could sense Sidney was glad to be home and away from everything that he would be eager to rebuild their life together since everything happened. She felt Sidney's hand on her leg and knew she needed to tell him.

"Um, before you get all sexual on me, we need to talk about something else."

"You've been having pains again huh?"

"Just one and it was really bad" she said in a tone louder than a whisper.


"After you came back to Mario's after the game, before you went out to celebrate. I went back to sleep and got woken up with a very sharp pain. It lasted probably a half hour."

"That's pretty long baby. Why didn't...nevermind I know why you didn't tell me. You didn't want to worry me after winning the Cup."

"Wow, you have that down pat now."

"Why do you have this need to not tell me things when they happen?"

"Because I'm afraid that you'll be disappointed or mad or scared like I am."

"Wouldn't it be better if I was scared with you than have you go through it alone all the time? I can see not telling me right away about Jordan because I would tie him to the goal posts and shoot pucks at him until he stops, but this is about your health...and it now involves our child."

"I know and keeping the last two pregnancies from you shouldn't have happened. Would it make a difference that from here on out, I will tell you everything that happens the time it happens?"

"It would make a huge difference baby" he said hugging her.

"But that brings me to the pain, maybe you're right and we need to hold off on the lovemaking for a little while."

"It could still be one sided though right?"

"Are you seriously asking me that?" she said with a slight giggle.

Sidney just smirked at her "well if you can't why do I have to suffer?"

"Keep going and you will suffer or you might develop carpal tunnel syndrome."

"Don't be cruel baby, you know when you feel safe enough to have sex I will repay the favor."

"I want that in writing now."

"How about we just seal it this way" he said leaning into her for a very sensual kiss.