Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chapter 41

On Christmas Eve, the team had their party for the guys and their families. Karen had gotten a babysitter for the twins so she wouldn't have to worry about them being around all those people. Since she had been using the breat pump, it was getting easier to start the transition of being away from the twins for a few hours at a time. Sidney could still tell that Karen would miss them by looking around for them only to be told they were at home and fine. He might have had a few laughs watching Karen go through it, but he didn't want to admit he hated being away from them as well.

Karen had gone to the bathroom and was coming out when she saw Jordan waiting for her.

"Hey" he said quietly.

"Hey yourself" Karen said offering a smile.

"I was hoping to have a minute alone with you to give you this" Jordan said pulling a box out of his pocket.

"Jordan, you didn't need to get me anything."

"Well, it is Christmas and I guess it's also a peace offering."

"Its been more than a month Jordan, we're all over about what happened."

"I know but I still feel like I owe you a lot more for making you feel fear being around me."

"Well I don't have those feeling anymore."

"Good, now will open your present?"

Karen smiled and opened the box to reveal a small jewelry box. She opened the top to see the mother/child pendant and it was appropriate that it had the mother and two children "Jordan, it's beautiful. Thank you."

"Your welcome. You know, Brit and I had a long talk after what happened and I told her everything. She's helping me get over my feelings of more than friendship for you and when I told her I got this for you, she said for me to find a time for us to be alone and give it to you."

"I'm proud of you Jordy. After everything, I hated not having one of my best friends with me during the holidays."

"We set a date" he said smiling.

"Really? When?"

"During the Olympic break" he said seeing Karen's face fall. "I know you would want to be there, but I feel we need to get married alone then have the actual wedding after the playoffs. I want her to know that I do love her Karen."

"And that'll do it. Where are you guys going?"

"I was thinking Aruba or the Bahamas. Just a quiet beach wedding that's just us."

"I'm happy for you Jordan."

"Thanks" he said as they hugged each other.

"What's going on here?" Coach Dan said seeing the two embrace.

"It's not what you think coach. Just giving my friend her Christmas present" Jordan said walking away.

"You ok?"

"Yeah and please don't look anything into this. Jordan's over his feelings for me and I'm not scared to be around him."

"I don't know Karen."

"Dan, please. He gave me a present and we talked about him getting married to my sister. Everything's fine now."

"Ok, if you say so." He left her alone and she looked at the necklace again smiling before heading back to find Sidney.

They stayed for another hour then left to head home to their babies. Sidney paid the babysitter and Karen went to check on the twins before going to go change into more comfortable clothes. She came back down and Sidney was sitting in the living room getting the fire going in the fireplace.

"Twins ok?"

"Yeah, their sleeping like little angels."

"I saw you and Jordan talking by the bathrooms."

"He gave me a present."

"What was it?" Sidney asked waiting to see it.

"This" she said showing him the neckalce.

"It's beautiful."

"Yes it is. He also told me him and Brit were going to get married in the Carribean during the Olympic break."

"Really? But how will you be with me if they're getting married during the same time?"

"I'm not going to the wedding, actually no one is. Its just going to be them then have a bigger one after the playoffs are over."

"Are you happy about that?"

"Yes. Sid, I couldn't be happier that they're together and happy. He told her everything that happened that day with me and she still wants to be with him. It shows how much she loves him and how much he loves her by getting over me to concentrate fully on their life together."

"I know Jordan's our friend and I want to see him happy, but something still lingers that being married to Britnie might keep him too close to you."

"I think its finally over Sid. I saw the old Jordan tonight, I saw my best friend back."

Sidney smiled and pushed a strand of hair off her face "I could tell the way you two were talking. I didn't see any tension between you two. I guess this means I don't have to worry about you anymore."

"You always better worry about me."

"Don't worry, I always will" he said leaning in to let their lips meet for a slow, passion filled kiss. Karen broke the kiss and snuggled up to Sidney's chest letting the fire warm them.

After sitting there quietly for awhile, Sidney noticed Karen had fallen asleep. He was going to pick her up and take her upstairs, but the baby monitor had a little fussing coming through. Sidney slowly moved and helped lie Karen down on the couch, covering her with a blanket before going upstairs and seeing what was wrong.

"Hey little buddy" he said seeing Sidney moving around and on the verge of tears, picking him up "I think you need a new diaper huh? Well let me take care of that for you since your mom is taking her own little nap downstairs." Sidney got the diaper off "whoa buddy, what have you been doing, saving it all up?" he said seeing Sidney put his fingers in his mouth and coo at his father.

Karen had come to and heard voices looking at the monitor and hearing Sidney talking. She picked it up and turned up the volume to listen.

Sidney wiped his son's butt and put on the powder only to get a smile out of him "you like that part huh? The cool sensations of the powder hitting your little butt."

"Let's hope it stays that way" Karen said to herself smiling.

Sidney got the new diaper on and stood him up "and your mom thought it would take months for me to master this. Let me tell you a little secret buddy, she may always think she's right, but I only let her win arguments to let her think she's won. She usually realizes that I'm the one who's always right but plays it off. She doesn't think I know her game, but I do. Have to keep them happy son. If I give you any piece of advice worth remembering, it's that...keep the woman in your life happy. I guess that means you'll be letting your sister win a lot of the times until you're old enough for a girlfriend."

Karen shook her head at what Sidney was telling their son but loved how he was with him. She always knew he's be a great father but this surpassed all her expectations.

Sidney took a bottle out of the fridge and sat down with his son. They put the small refigerator in the nursery so when Sidney wanted to feed them, he didn't have to go down to the kitchen to get it. The fridge wasn't as cold as the main one so he didn't need to warm it since it wasn't too cold. He tested it on his arm like Karen showed him before putting it near Sidney's mouth to see if he was hungry.

"I know it's not your mother's breast, but it's the next best thing." Sidney watched as he closed his eyes and wiggled his mouth to get the breast milk out of the bottle, making a small suckling sound. "And here I thought watching you feed off your mom was amazing. This really brings life into perspective baby boy. Since we have some time, let me tell you about your dear old dad incase no one has filled you in yet. I was born in Nova Scotia, that's in Canada if your wondering, to two wonderful parents that gave me pretty much everything I asked for. When I was about three or four, I was on my first pair of skates and loved being on the ice. You couldn't get me off of it once I mastered it. Even your mom will tell you it takes a lot to get me off the ice at the arena. If I didn't have her nagging at me, we'd be living at the arena."

"Dream on Siddo" Karen said into the monitor.

"Anyway, I enjoyed playing hockey so much that I lived out my dream going to Shattuck's as a teen, which you and your sister will be going whether your mom likes it or not. Then to either a college with a kick ass hockey program or maybe a Junior team before you two run rampant in the NHL."

"I guess I don't have any say" she said laughing.

"After playing there, I went back to Canada to play in the Quebec Junior league and I was pretty good. Ok, I was phenominal. Everyone thought so, I'm not just saying it because I want you to see me as a hockey god or anything. From putting up some big numbers, I became eligible for the NHL draft in 2005. Well, the year before, the NHL was on strike and they didn't play the year before I was drafted. The league had to have a drawing to see which team would get me and let me tell you son, I was so happy when it was Pittsburgh. Back then, the idea of getting to play with Mario Lemieux was what I had dreamt of the most. Well fast forward a couple years later when I met this beautiful woman who lived here in Pittsburgh. Yep, I'm talking about your mom. When I first saw her, I was hooked. Hockey could have been a distant memory but she likes watching me play...I think it's the uniform."

Karen got up and quietly walked upstairs, She wanted to hear Sidney finish the story to their son and as she got closer, she turned the volume down so it wouldn't echo and tell him she was listening. She sat down against the wall in the hallway and listened.

"I fell in love with her quicker than you can say daddy" Sidney said looking at him "no, nothing yet. Alright, I can wait. Anyway, I worked up enough courage to ak your mom out. Yeah, I'm not as smooth as I let her think. I was nervous and shy thinking she was going to turn me down. I was so head over skates in love with her I had to be with her. So, I asked her out and we had a ton of fun together. We dated for a little while before I asked her to marry me and I have never regretted that decision. Some people thought it was too soon but I had a feeling if I didn't marry her then, we might not be where we are today...with two of the most beautiful children in the world." Sidney looked down to see him staring up at him "any questions or comments? No, that's ok. It's pretty much an open and closed case when it comes to your mom and I. She is an amazing woman, which I'm sure you and your sister have figured that out already. When she told me she was pregnant I didn't think I could love her any more, but when you and your sister arrived I found so much more love for her. And I believe that love made you two fight to stay with us. You and Nicki complete this family Sidney. You guys are what we were brought together in this world for." Sidney saw the bottle was empty and took it out of his mouth. He brought him up to his shoulder and rubbed his back until he burped a couple times. Sidney didn't want to lie him back down just yet and craddled him in his arms.

Karen didn't hear anymore talking and got up, going into the room "are you going to have the same talk with your daughter when you have the same moment with her?"

"Maybe, you never know. Of course, her talk will be about the danger of boys and how to stay away from them until she's 28."

"And how do you propose that?"

"Make sure she has a wicked slap shot."

Karen laughed and walked over to check on Nicki who was lying there staring straight up at her mom "apparently she heard you and has a rebuttle" she said picking her daughter up.

"So if you're up here did you hear what I said?"

"I heard it all. I woke up to you talking and kept listening through the monitor. Apparently you have their lives all mapped out."

"Just the hockey part."

"What if they come to you and tell you they'd rather be a doctor or lawyer and not play hockey, then what?"

"Then I cry and maybe guilt them into it" he said seeing Karen roll her eyes at him "I don't know but I can't lie and say I won't be disappointed."

Karen laid Nicki down on the changing table and began to change her diaper "Sid, you can be disappointed but you can't guilt them into liking something they might not want anything to do with. Not all kids of hockey greats play the game when they grow up. Maybe in PeeWee or AA, but a lot don't strive to get to the NHL level."

"But they're Crosbys, baby. They'll have it in their blood no matter what."

"I thought you just said you let me win a lot of our arguments?"

"He doesn't understand all I told him, for all I know I never said that" he said smiling at her.

"You're insane. Come get your daughter so you can feed her and I'll go deprogam your son." Karen took Sidney from his arms as he picked up Nicki and sat down with her. Karen reached for a bottle and handed it to him as Karen took Sidney for a little walk downstairs.

Chapter 40

Before everyone knew it, Christmas was a couple days away. Karen had to laugh when she saw all the presents Sidney had bought the twins. Of course they said that they didn't need anything and to just by for the babies and other family members but that was thrown out the window when Karen saw a present to herself from Sidney.

"I thought we weren't buying gifts for each other this year" she said as Sidney walked into the room.

"Well, when I was out getting things for the babies, I saw this for you and couldn't resist. It's not going to matter if you don't have anything for me."

"I didn't say that I don't have anything for you."

"So see, even you couldn't keep to the pact" Sidney smiled then kissed her.

"No, I guess not."

"Are the babies asleep? It's really quiet" Sidney asked looking around the room.

"Actually, your mom and mine took Sidney and Nicki for the day so I could get their presents wrapped and the house cleaned up for having everyone over for dinner Christmas Day."

"So it's just you and me?"

"Put the look away, I still have a lot to finish."

"But baby, these last few weeks the kids have been taking all your time away from me."

"Aww, poor baby. That's what's suppose to happen when you have kids. Think about not getting any when they get bigger and start walking and talking."

"That's why we need to preserve the moment when it's given to us."

"You're not going to drop this are you?"

"Not until I have you in bed and do what I want to you."

Karen sighed "Sid..."

"That's all I need" he said jumping up and bringing Karen with him. He picked her up and threw her over his shoulder, heading upstairs.

"Oh my God you freak, put me down" she said laughing.

Sidney got to the bedroom and put her down on the bed. He made a move to climb on top of her but Karen raised her foot and playfully pushed him away so she could escape off the other side of the bed. They both stood at opposite sides of the bed staring at each other and trying not to laugh.

"You're not going to get away from me beautiful. Don't fight this, you know you want this as much as I do."

"Do you hear me arguing?"

"No but resisting just makes me want you more."

"I'm not resisting. Whatever gives you that idea?"

"Uh hello, you're on the other side of the bed."

"I am?"

"Come here smartass" Sidney said laughing and started to climb on the bed.

"Ok, just wait a minute" Karen said taking a step back "how about we both undress and then when we're done, we'll meet in the middle?"

Sidney backed off the bed "I think I like that idea. You start."

Karen shook her head "nope, we undress at the same time." Sidney just nodded and they both began to undress. They first took off their shirts, then their jeans. Sidney waited until Karen took off her bra and underwear before taking off his boxers. They stood there for a couple minutes admiring each other's bodies before they climbed on the bed and came towards each other until they were in the middle.

"I must say baby, you've been working out" he said moving his hand over her stomach "you've gotten your body back."

"Actually, I've never had this body but it did tone up pretty well working off the baby weight."

"Well let me tell you, I love it" he said bringing his hand up to cup her breast. He saw Karen close her eyes and knew she was loving the sensations going through her body. Karen put her hand on Sidney's hips to steady herself from falling over as Sidney continued roaming over her body. He heard her gasp in a breath when he went to her mound and let his finger lightly touch her clit, but a small moan escaped when his fingers dipped inside. Karen moved her hands from his hips and wrapped her arms around his shoulders as his fingers fucked her. Sidney found her lips as he drew out her first orgasm and felt the bed shake a little as her body trembled.

"Mmm" was all Karen could muster as she felt Sidney remove his fingers.

"Guessing you enjoyed that?"

Karen nodded her head "but now I think it's time for you to enjoy something." Sidney smiled and knew what she was going for. Karen lightly pushed him back on the bed and Sidney laid down letting her get inbetween his legs. She took her hand and began massaging his cock that was already becoming hard from being turned on with what he did to her. It didn't take long and Karen bent her head down, taking him into her mouth. Sidney closed his eyes and managed to move his hands into her hair, helping to guide her on him. Karen would go from hard to light sucks and getting a moan out of Sidney was turning her on. She came completely off him and took her tongue, licking him like a lollypop. Karen would flick her tongue over the top of his cock and she felt Sidney squirm under her. She dipped her head down once more and moved her head up and down as fast as she could until she felt the hot liquid coat the back of her throat. She milked every drop out of him before crawling up his body and lying beside him.

"I never let you do that when we made love before why?"

"Because you always wanted to be in control when we made love. If I tried to take control, you would let it last for a minute before you were back on top of me."

"Well that will never happen again" he said getting a laugh out of Karen.

After Sidney caugh his breath, he rolled on to his side and brought Karen with him. Their lips met and hands roamed for a little bit to stir up those feelings of passion again. Karen could feel Sidney's cock grow against her leg and it made her wet just thinking about him being inside of her.

"Sid, wait" Karen said as she felt him turn them onto her back with him on top of her. She reached inside the drawer of the nightstand and pulled out a condom.

"You had your check up a couple weeks ago and the doctor put you back on the pill."

"Right, but it still takes almost a month to be really sure that it's in my system. I don't want to take a chance Sid" she said seeing the disappointment in his eyes.

"I don't either" he said taking the condom from her and moved off to unroll the condom on his erect cock. He came back on top of her and kissed her letting her know he was ok with it. Sidney took his hands and spread her legs apart before grabbing the base of his cock and entering into her, filling her up. After being still for a few minutes, Sidney began moving his hips in an upward motion getting a rhythm going between them. His movements got bigger and Sidney sat up on his hands to give him leverage over her. This gave him the advantage to go faster and pound harder into her, bringing her close to the edge, then slowing back down to draw it out longer. Karen knew she couldn't hold on too much longer and was able to maneuver Sidney onto his back. Karen straddled back over his cock and slid down on him. She rocked her hips to get their rhythm going again before she opened up and rode him hard. Sounds of moans, heavy breathing, and skin slapping against each other echoed throughout the room.

"Oh God Sid" Karen said gripping his pecks as she came down on him with force.

Sidney dug his fingers into her hips "oh baby, come for me" he said helping to bring her down on him.

Karen sat up and Sidney let go of her hips, lacing his fingers with hers as her orgasm hit hard and brought her over the edge screaming her release. Her body shook as she continued riding Sidney's cock to bring out his own orgasm. She heard the growl come from Sidney's mouth and Karen stopped moving, clamping down on him. Karen leaned down to capture his lips before rolling off and laying beside him, both letting their breathing settle down. After a few minutes, Sidney got off the bed and went into the bathroom before coming back and spooning behind Karen.

"Sorry, I know you didn't want to wear that."

"If its to keep you from getting pregnant again too soon, I will live with the sacrifice."

"Wow, you almost sounded convincing there."

"Sorry baby, but I love feeling you on me. I can't have that wearing a condom."

"I know. I love feeling you inside me too. Just give it a couple more weeks to be sure and then we can omit them permenantly again."

"Don't tease me Karen" he said kissing her cheek when he heard her giggle. They managed to lay there for a half hour before getting up and getting dressed. Sidney helped Karen finish cleaning up the downstairs and had dinner in the oven.

Twenty minutes later, Trina and Nicole brought the twins back home to the delight of Karen and Sidney.

"Did you guys have fun with your grandchildren today?" Sidney asked his mom.

"We did" Trina said taking off her jacket.

"We went to see Santa at the mall" Nicole, Karen's mom told them.

"You did" Karen smiled at her babies getting a smile out of them "did grandma take you to see Santa?"

"Here's the pictures" Trina said handing them to Sidney who went to show Karen.

"Those are too cute."

"Yeah, since they weren't getting fussy we managed to get three sets so we all could have them."

"Good thinking mom" Karen said. "Do you two want to stay for dinner?"

"We met up with your dads and all had dinner out. The twins each had a bottle while we ate, so they should be good to go" Nicole told them.

"Well why don't we go get you two wonderful babies changed and put down for a nap from your long adventurous day."

"Let me help you baby girl." Karen and her mom took the babies and headed upstairs leaving Sidney and his mom time to talk.

"So, do you have everything all arranged?" Trina asked her son.

"Yep and Karen has no clue what's going on."

"I'm so proud of you for doing this Sid."

"Its what needs to happen mom. I want her to know how much I love her."

"Well your surprise will certainly prove that."

"And you will get everything taken care of on your end?" he asked her.

"Yes, so stop worrying. Everything will come together" she told him before they finished their conversation.

Meanwhile in the nursery...

"Everything still ok between you and Sidney?"

"Yeah why wouldn't it be?"

"I know the struggles a couple can have with newborns but twins bring a lot more to the table."

"Sidney's been great helping me and these two angels haven't been anything but a blessing."

"So, your sex life isn't suffering?"

Karen just laughed "no mom, we're picking our moments to be together like when their asleep or your mothers come and take them for half the day."

"Well, if you couldn't read between the lines our little plot worked then."

"Are you sure it wasn't my doing asking you to take the twins?" Karen looked at her mom and they both laughed. After the babies got both changed and put in their cribs, the two women went downstairs to join the others.

"Well, we're not going to keep you guys any longer and let you two get some dinner."

"Thanks mom, Trina for watching them today."

"Hey, no need to thanks us" Karen's mom told them.

"Really. I cherish this age and anytime we're in town, just give me a call and I will definitely love to babysit" Trina said.

"Becareful driving back mom" Sidney said hugging her then Karen's mom.

"I will and I'll call when we've gotten back so you don't worry." They all hugged and they left their kids alone. Sidney closed the door and pressed Karen upagainst it, kissing her passionately.

"Mmm, what brought that on?"

"Because I love you."

"I love you too" she said bringing him in for another kiss. They heard the oven timer go off and Sidney took her hand, leading her into the kitchen so they could have dinner and spend the rest of the night enjoying each other's company.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Chapter 39

Six hours of sleep later, Karen got up at 8a and went to the bathroom. She checked on the babies after and saw they were still sleeping which gave her a few minutes to head downstairs and get the coffee started. When she came back up and went into the nursery, Karen stopped at the doorway and saw Sidney in the rocker with one of the babies.

"I think you're going to get a little to use to this."

"I woke up and you weren't in bed, so I heard a whimper coming from in here and saw this little one on the verge of tears if her daddy didn't pick her up."

"Wow, she's home for only a few hours and already has her daddy wrapped around her finger."

"You know that's not true" Sidney said only to hear a small cry from their son "sounds like you are needed too." Karen went to pick up the baby and stood there rubbing his back until he fell back asleep "you definitely have the magic touch baby."

"What about you? She really seems happy."

"Well Nicki and I had a little talk before you came up."

"Nicki?" she asked confused.

"Calling her by both names, it's like she's going to always be in trouble when we use her middle name. So we talked about it and she really responded well to Nicki."

"You two talked about it huh?" Karen smiled "I like it. Of course, when she starts school, we'll let her decided what name she wants to be called ok?"

"Fair enough." Sidney sat there and stared at his daughter in his arms "I hate that I have to go to practice today. I don't want to leave them."

"You'll be off tomorrow and can spend all day with them then."

"Hopefully you too."

"But of course. I'm not dumb enough to leave you alone with two babies at the same time. I'll wait to do that when their toddlers and getting in to everything." Karen laughed but stopped when she saw Nicki getting a bit restless "I think someone needs changed."

"I changed her right before you came up. Maybe she's hungry?"

"Well I would say for you to go ahead, but I think you're missing some components" she said putting Sidney in his crib.

"Let me move and you can have the rocker."

"Actually, why don't you bring her to me in bed, that way you can be in there with us?"

"I like that." Sidney got up and followed Karen into the bedroom. She got on the bed and pulled up her tank top over one of her breasts. Sidney handed Nicki to her and Karen smiled when she latched on. "I'll be back" Sidney said disappearing for a second and came back with little Sidney in his arms, gingerly sitting on the bed with Karen. "Figured he would be next and we can just trade afterwards" he said to get Karen to lightly laugh. "You know, it's amazing."

"What is?"

"How they know what to do? Like they had a manual in the womb to know what they need after they're born."

"I think it's just more instinct. If we had a bottle in front of them, it would be the same way."

"So they could have rejected your breast?"

"You make it sound like the plague or something" she said laughing softly to not disturb Nicki "but yeah, some babies won't breast feed and only take to the bottle."

"Sucks that I'll have to wait to help feed them."

"You won't have to wait long. I may use a breast pump to put some of my milk in bottles so if Im not here or both need fed at the same time, then you can feed one of them too."

Sidney looked at his son in his arms "I may need to borrow that manual of yours to know what your mom is talking about." Karen just smiled and shook her head as her daughter finished feeding.

Two hours later, both babies had been fed, burped and changed. Sidney had set up the bassinets in the living room so they would be there with them while they were bome and so Karen wouldn't have to run up and down the stairs all day to check on one, the other, or both. It was also easier for Karen while Sidney was at either practices or away games.

When Sidney came back from practice, he had some players in tow that came over to see the babies. Karen just shook her head when she saw the likes of Tanger, Max and Billy all make faces and talk baby talk to the twins. She was a little disappointed that Jordan wasn't there but knew it was best since he had gotten his ultimatium from the organization. The guys stayed for an hour before they headed out to leave Sid and Karen alone with their children.

"I have an idea baby."

"And that idea is what?"

"How about I go get us some dinner from that Italian place you love and if you can get the table set up, we could have a little quiet, romantic dinner?"

"Is this the start of some pampering?"

"Maybe" he said caressing her cheek "but it's ultimately to just keep showing you how much I love you."

"Either way, I like the sound to that" she said leaning in to meet his lips but a small cry stopped that "and so it begins" Karen said laughing. She went over to pick up Sidney and bring him over to the couch.

"Listen little man, we're going to have to have a talk about disrupting your mom and I when I'm trying to make some moves here."

Karen was patting Sidney's back until a burp came out "I guess there's your answer daddy."

"We'll talk later junior" he said rubbing his back. Sidney gave Karen a kiss and got up "I'll be back in a little bit."

"Ok." Karen watched Sidney leave and smiled at her son "don't let daddy talk you out of anything. If my baby boy needs me, you call me for anytime" she said kissing his head before putting him back down for a nap. She left the living room to get the table set for their romantic dinner and sat back down with the twins until Sidney came back. About twenty minutes later, Sidney came back with dinner and told Karen to sit still and he would plate out the food for them. She loved getting pampered by him but then laughed when she knew how annoying it would get before long. Sidney soon came over to get her and led her by the hand to the table to eat.

"I need to propose a toast before we eat" Sidney started.

"Its not really necessary Sid."

"I think it is. To my beautiful wife who gave me the two most beautiful children in the world. I found not only my best friend but the love of my life the day I met you. We start our new life with our children from this moment on and everything that happened in the past, stays there. I don't think you will ever imagine how much I love you Karen."

Karen wiped away the tears that had fallen down her cheeks "I think I can because I love you just as much if not more. You believed in me and more importantly us to let this family happen."

"You know, I forsee great things for the Crosby clan."

"You forsee? Did you become a gypsy while waiting for dinner? Tell me you didn't buy a crystal ball."

"No, nothing like that. I just know it'll turn out the way we want it to."

"I second that" she said and they clinked glasses then started eating.

After they had eaten and sat in the living room admiring their children, Sidney leaned over and began kissing Karen on her neck.

"Um, excuse me sir, but I don't go this far on our first date."

"I bought you dinner, doesn't that count for some kind of affection."

Karen turned her head to look at him "what kind of a girl do you take me for?"

Sidney leaned in and captured her lips for a soft kiss "sexy, beautiful, easy, a push over..."

"Oh my god, I can't believe you said that" she said laughing and playfully pushing him away.

"Come on, you know you're going to give into me."

"Well I never said I wasn't but at least I like to make it a challenge for you." Sidney leaned back in and Karen laid down on the couch letting his body cover hers. Just as he was about to attach his lips to hers, a cry rang out to stop them.

"Alright, we're taking them back to the hospital to get the radar taken out of them" Sidney said as Karen pushed him off.

"Might as well get used to it, it'll probably happen a lot."

"Not after I get done talking to them."

Karen got up and check on the babies. Sidney was getting fussy and Karen picked him up cradling him in her arms and going back over to sit down with him.

"See, I knew it had to be him. Listen bud, you'll understand when you're older that private time with a woman is precious so you'll have to choose your time to call your mom wisely."

"In others words, your daddy will be spending a lot of time alone in the bathroom if he doesn't stop blaming you for interrupting us" she said smiling at her son.

"Am I overreacting here?"

"Yes, a little."

Sidney smiled and kissed his son's head "maybe I am but he'll understand why we need this time together."

"It's because daddy's horny" she whispered.

"Oh like you aren't baby." Karen just gave him a look "see I knew it."

"It'll happen Sid, we just might need to learn a start and stop method sometimes."

"Could be fun getting you going again."

"Oh god baby boy, see what you and your sister are getting into being born into this family. Let's hope you both learn from me and not your daddy."

"As long as they have my hockey skills, they can definitely be like you."

"I gave you two Sid, I am not about to pop out enough to make you your own hockey team."

"All I would need is three more, two on defense and a goalie since I already got my wingers."

"You seriously need help."

"Nah" he said kissing her neck again "I just seriously want to make love to you" he whispered in her ear. Karen turned her head and met his lips.

"Why don't you take your son and I'll get our daughter and we'll go put them to bed."

"So we can" Sidney said smiling as Karen handed their son over. He fussed a little but settled back down when Sidney held him close. Karen got up and slowly picked up Nicki so she wouldn't wake up. They went upstairs and put them in their cribs, watching them for a minute to make sure they fell back asleep. Sidney kissed Karen's cheek and took her hand, leading her out of the room and into theirs.

He began to undress her in rather a quick motion "will you slow down" Karen told him laughing.

"Don't know how much time we have" he told her as he removed the last of her clothes that left her standing there naked. "That still doesn't mean you need to rush."

"Don't worry, this will be the only part I'm rushing" he said getting undressed in record time. Once all their clothes were disposed of all over the room, Sidney stepped up to Karen and let their naked bodies press together.

"It better be the only part" she told him as she wrapped her arms around him letting their lips meet for a passionate kiss. Sidney broke the kiss a couple minutes later and moved the pillows around. He picked Karen up and placed her on the bed and she was leaning up against the pillows, almost sitting up. Sidney crawled up on the bed and laid over her body as Karen moved her legs to the sides giving him better access.

"Am I hurting you?" he asked looking deep into her eyes.

"No, your fine" she said caressing his cheek. Sidney moved his hand inbetween them and grabbed his cock, finding her entrance and plunging inside. He laid still for a moment before beginning to move. Sidney bent his knee up and it brought Karen's leg up a little. Their lips reattached themselves as Sidney went as slow as he could allow himself to go. There was no rushing between either of them and it brought Karen back to when they first got together. She had missed this part of him and loved every minute of it. Hands roamed over every inch of skin and Karen arched her back when Sidney's mouth found one of her nipples to suck on. She moved her hands to his ass and dug her fingernails in as she helped push him into her. The slow sensations brought out their orgasms together and showed the love they've always had for one another. "I've missed this."

"The sex?"

"No, the slow sensual love making from long ago."

"You were the one that wanted the variety."

"I know but I always thought you would come back to this from time to time."

"Sorry, I'll try to remember that" he said kissing her. "You know, I got a little taste of what the babies get, not bad."

"Well don't get use to it since it is their only source of nutrion right now."

"I won't."

"Can I ask what it tasted like?"

"Can't really place it but it was sweet."

Just then they heard one of the babies cry out "uh oh, you're in trouble now."

"Yeah yeah, thou shalt not covet thy wife's breasts when they belong to the babies" he said getting a laugh out of Karen as she got out of bed, putting on her robe.

"They will belong to you again after a few months."

"They will forever belong to me" he yelled to her after she had left the room. He got up a few minutes later and went into the nursery seeing one of the babies feeding. He just stood there and watched until Karen looked up at him "sorry for staring but I can't get over watching you do this."

"Its ok, I know you only like it because my breast is exposed."

Sidney nodded while laughing "maybe" he said walking into the room and sitting on the floor infront of Karen.

"You know, there's still a part of me that can't believe they're here, we're here together."

"Divorce was never an option for me Karen."

"I know that now but before I got pregnant, I wasn't sure if it was. Makes me wonder if having the twins is what's holding us together."

"You still think I'm going to leave or something?"

"Sometimes" she said feeling the single tear cascade down her cheek "you can tell me you're over it and everything but who's to say that one day you'll remember what you walked in on and decide you can't live with it anymore."

"I'm to say. Baby, I fought to be with you, that has to mean something to you" he said getting up on his knees and closer to her.

"It does but everyone has their breaking point. Maybe yours is just covered up right now."

Sidney got up and sat on the ottoman infront of Karen "I know you still have a lot of hormones racing around in there but be aware that I'm not going to leave you and the kids. I'm not going to run out and cheat with some random girl to get back at you. You need to let yourself get over it and not keep preparing for the worse."

"I don't see why not. If I'm prepared for it at least I know it's coming before it happens" she said smiling.

"Look around, all we need is in this room."

"You always have to be the one that's right all the time."

"Bout time you realized it beautiful. I need to go lock up, you need anything?" Karen shook her head no "ok, I'll be back up in a minute" he said leaning forward to kiss her then kissed his daughter's head before leaving them alone.

"Let this be a lesson to you darling daughter, never make it to where your dad has to admit he's right. There will be no living with him after that" she smiled and caressed her head as she continued feeding.

About a half hour later, both kids had been fed and changed as Karen went back to bed. Sidney was already lying there with his eyes closed and she quietly got in beside him. Sidney felt the bed shift and rolled over cuddling up to her. Karen got comfortable and fell asleep holding onto her life.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Chapter 38

The next couple weeks had gone quickly and it was the day before Thanksgiving. Sidney and the Pens had a game and then they would be heading to New York for their game the day after. Karen was a little saddened that he wouldn't be home for Thanksgiving dinner with both their parents but knew it was one of those trade offs for being married to a hockey player. The team was going to leave after the game and Karen hated saying goodbye when this year, they each had a lot to be thankful for.

On Friday, Karen and her mom, Britnie, Trina and Taylor all braved the crowds and went shopping on Black Friday for all the sales. They all got a lot of good deals and Karen even bought Sidney a new laptop for Christmas since his other was getting old. When they finally got home and found something to eat, the phone rang and Karen smiled knowing it was Sidney.

"Hey handsome."

"Hey yourself sweetie, it's Dr Kelley."

Karen started laughing when she realized it wasn't Sidney "I'm so sorry, I thought you were Sidney."

"I could tell" she said laughing on her end "I wanted to call and see if you could come by the hospital today."

"Why? What's wrong with the babies?"

"Karen, I need you to stay calm. I will explain everything when you get here ok?"

"Yeah, I'm on my way" she said franticly.

"Baby, what's wrong?" Karen's mom asked.

"I don't know. Dr. Kelley just said that I need to come by the hospital today."

"Did she say why?" Trina asked.

Karen shook her head and ran to grab her jacket "let me go with you baby girl" her mom said grabbing her jacket as well. Trina yelled to call and let them know what's going on as they left. Karen's mom drove because Karen was a little to wired to handle the road. Twenty minutes later, they pulled up to the hospital and parked the car with Karen running inside and up to Infant ICU. Dr. Kelley saw her running towards her and stopped her before she ran into the room.

"I'm here, what's wrong?"

"First, take a couple deep breaths. Second, I didn't mean to panic you. There's nothing wrong, look" she said pointing to the window.

Karen looked through the window and saw her son and daughter off all the machines and moving around out of the incubators. "I don't understand, are they....?"

"They're fine and wanted me to call you to come pick them up to take them home."

"What?" Karen said crying.

"After they were breathing on their own, we tried some different meds on them to speed up everything else. They got stronger everyday and they've been out of the incubators for two days now. We needed to make sure they were perfectly fine before I wanted to call you."

Karen heard everything she said but couldn't stop staring at her babies "I can take them home" she said more of a statement rather than a question.

"Baby, this is happy news. You can take your babies home today."

"What do I need to do to take them?"

"Just sign these papers and they're yours to take."

"Um, I don't have clothes or carriers to take them" she said as she signed her name.

"Don't worry about that. The nurses all chipped in and bought two outfits and you can borrow a couple carriers from the hospital and bring back later."

"I can't let you guys do that. I can run home get their clothes and carriers and be back."

"Karen, don't be silly" her mom said "take the outfits given to them and you can bring the carriers back tomorrow."

"You're right, I don't want to leave knowing they can come with me now."

"Well they are yours for the taking" Dr. Kelley said looking at the papers "but if you suspect anything within the first three months that you're not sure about, please don't hesitate to call me."

"I think we'll be fine but I will let you know if anything happens." Dr. Kelley just smiled and left them alone. Karen and her mom walked into the room and the tears started to fall again as she saw her babies so lively and moving around. She went to pick up Sidney, holding him to her heart "oh my baby boy, mommy's here. And my baby girl..." she said taking a hand away to rub Trina Nicole's stomach "daddy is going to be so happy when he comes home tonight and sees you in your cribs. Are you guys ready to go home?" Karen heard them coo and smiled through her tears that they were telling her yes. She put Sidney down and one of the nurses gave Karen the two onesies to put on them as she went to get the carriers and blankets. Karen laid Sidney back down and changed his diaper first before getting him dressed as her mom did the same to her granddaughter. The nurse came back with two carriers and two blankets, as they got them settled inside and covered them up. They were each given a knit hat and karen put them on their heads so the cold air wouldn't get them sick. Karen hugged the ICU nurses and thanked them for taking great care of her babies before her and her mom left to head home. They stopped at the store and her mom ran in real quick to get some extra diapers then they headed home.

Trina had heard a car pull up and ran outside with Taylor to see what was going on "I thought you would call Karen."

"I would have but I had a couple more packages to pick up" she said bringing out one of the carriers as her mom got the other one and they walked to the front porch.

"Oh my God, is that? Are those?"

"Mom, it's Sidney and Trina Nicole."

"I know that Tay, I'm just so shocked to see them here."

"That's what the emergency was, they were ready to come home" she said stopping for a brief second before they all went inside. Karen got the blankets off them so they didn't get too hot inside the house and picked up Sidney as Trina picked up her namesake.

"Can I hold one of them?" Taylor asked.

"Which one do you want to hold?" Karen asked her.

"I want to hold Sidney first."

"Ok, come sit down first" Taylor sat down beside Karen as she handed off her son "make sure you cradle his head with your arm and put your hand on his legs and just cradle him in your arm with the other supporting the one."

"Oh wow, look how small he is."

"He'll get bigger. It was a little cramped in there for both of them so they had to share the room."

"Here Karen, take your daughter."

"You can hold her for a while Trina."

"I'll get a lot of other chances Karen, believe me."

Karen took Trina Nicole from her mother-in-law and sat back looking at her daughter "I can't believe they are finally home."

"Are you going to tell Sid when he calls before the game?" Taylor asked.

"No, I think I'm going to surprise him when he comes home tonight."

"So that means you can't say anything to dad when you talk to him before the game either mom."

"Yes Tay, I know." They all sat around and took their time holding the babies and talking.

An hour before the game, Karen put the babies back in their carriers to take them to their room "here you go" she said showing them the room "your dad and I made it look like you guys are at center ice since you'll pretty much be the center of attention" she laughed at herself. "See all the people around you to watch over the two most beautiful babies in Pittsburgh." Karen and Sidney had painted the room to look like the inside of Mellon Arena. Their cribs were side by side on one wall by the players bench. Karen had painted two jerseys slung over the boards and all you saw was Crosby written on the back of them. She had also stenciled the outlines of a crowd on all walls as if they were on the ice. Sidney had gotten a rug specially made to look like the ice with all the lines painted on it, with the Penguins logo proudly in the middle. Sidney had his parents bring down the nets from the basement of their house and the one he had outside his house in Nova Scotia. They were able to put a dresser in each of them and on the opposite walls. Karen laughed the day they brought them home for knowing when they got older that room would be turned into a play area.

She set the carriers down and got each one out and placed in their crib. Karen watched them play around with the mobile over their heads before they settled down and fell asleep. She turned on the monitor and took the walkie talkie back downstairs with her. As soon as she got down there, the phone rang and she looked before answering.

"Hey handsome."

"Hey baby. I miss you so much."

"I miss you too. Wish you were with us for dinner yesterday."

"I know but Billy's parents made a huge Thanksgiving dinner for the whole team, so we ate pretty well."

"That was nice of them."

"Do you know what I was silently thankful for?"

"Hopefully me and our children."

"It was. If I was home yesterday, we could have gone to see them."

"Well, we can go see them tomorrow when you're home."

"Like you could keep us away. I hate to cut this short, but warm ups are in 15 minutes."

"Ok. Have a great game and I'll be watching."

"You better. I love you."

"I love you too. See you when you get home tonight."

"Ok." They hung up and Karen settled in to watch the game with her mom, dad, Trina and Taylor.

When the game was over, Karen's mom invited Trina and Taylor to stay with her so when Sidney got home, they could have some family time together with the babies. They left and Karen cleaned up before checking on the babies and going to her bedroom and changing, laying in bed with a book. She wasn't all that tired yet and it was apparent, neither was her children. Karen went into the nursery and saw Trina Nicole awake and whimpering. She felt her diaper and changed her before sitting with her in the rocking chair. She figured she was probably hungry and tried breast feeding her. To her surprise, she took to her nipple and began sucking. Karen wondered if she would ever get to experience this bonding and was happy it was happening.

Sidney got home, it was about 2a. He quietly went inside thinking Karen was in bed and asleep but when he got upstairs he noticed the light on in the nursery and peeked inside the room.

"Hi daddy" she said holding up Sidney's hand to wave at him.

"What the fuck?"

"Language please, we have our children home now."

Sidney walked into the room shocked and looked in the other crib seeing Trina Nicole sleeping soundly then went and knelt down beside the rocker "how....when....why...."

"You forgot 'who and what' there. Stop and think about the sentence you want to ask" she said smiling.

"How did this happen? How are they home?"

"Dr. Kelley call me this morning and told me to come to the hospital. Of course I was panicked but when I got there, they were out of the incubators and alive and alert. I got to bring them home with me."

"Why didn't you tell me when I called earlier?"

"Because I wanted to surprise you."

"Is Sidney ok? Why do you have him?"

"I got done changing and feeding Trina Nicole and then this one woke up so I had to give equal treatment you know. He just got done eating a few moments ago."

"Don't get to comfortable with those breasts baby boy, they belong to daddy" he said lightly touching his head.

"Are you seriously laying claim to my breasts when they need them for food right now?"

"Just laying down the ground rules."

"Here, take your son" Karen said handing him over "cradle the head" she told him as he took him into his arms and looked natural holding his son. "It's like you were born to be a father."

"I know, it just seems natural holding him."

Karen got up and checked on Trina Nicole and turned to just watch Sidney with his son. Her eyes began to tear up when she realized at one point, this almost didn't happen. She moved when she saw him walk towards the crib to put him down "he fell asleep." Sidney rubbed his stomach and then looked into the other crib at his duaghter "hey baby girl, daddy's home." Trina Nicole moved a little and fell back asleep as Sidney kissed his fingers and put them on her head, lightly stroking it before wrapping his arms around Karen and holding her as they watched their children sleep for a little bit then headed to bed themselves.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chapter 37

Sidney and Karen got to the arena and Sidney could sense her uneasyness. He squeezed her side and held her close to his body "you going to be ok?"

"Yeah I just feel like I need to talk to him to see why he did what he did."

"You really think I'm going to leave you alone with him?"

"No and I know tonight is not the time or place but I need answers Sid. I know you probably don't understand it, but I do."

Sidney took her away from everyone "baby, listen to me. I know you need answers but for your safety, I want you no where near him."

"I know" she whispered as she looked down "but..." she started to say when she looked up and saw Jordan standing behind them.

Sidney turned around and was less than pleased "get the hell away from her Staal."

"Can I please just apologize Sid?"

He felt Karen squeeze his hand and he looked at her "then apologize but I'm not leaving her alone with you. Look how scared she is with you around her."

"Karen I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me."

"Sid, could you leave us alone for a minute?"


"Please? You can stand right by the wall so you're right here. Just one minute?"

Sidney looked between them "I will be right behind you Jordo, you even make a move to touch her and I will kill you." He kissed her temple and walked away to the wall behind them and watched Jordan like a hawk.

"I'm so sorry Karen, please believe me that I never, ever wanted to hurt you like that."

"Why Jordan? That wasn't you."

"I know. Look, I love you" he said and Karen looked past him to see Sidney start to move but stopped when he saw her look "and I can't get over my feelings for you. For that, I am not apologizing. I'm not sorry I fell in love with you."

"But I don't love you."

"You did once."

Karen shook her head no "only as my friend. I know you don't want to hear this, it was just sex between us."

"You wouldn't be saying that if Sid was standing behind us listening."

"Yes I would. I love him and HE is my life, along with our babies. If I loved you and not him, I would have given anything to be with you. But my heart didn't want that" she said as her eyes filled with tears and it finally hit Jordan "it wanted to be with Sid and start the family I was afraid to have with him. I want you happy Jordan and if you give Brit half the chance of all that love you have for me, she will make you so happy."

"How am I suppose to get over you?" he whispered with tears of his own.

"That's something you need to figure out here" she said putting her hand over his heart "you have to get over me Jordy."

Jordan cracked a smile "I always loved it when you called me Jordy."

"I know" she smiled back at him "give your love a chance with Brit and be happy" she said stepping closer and hugging him. "And I do love my best friend" she kissed his cheek and walked over to Sidney who took her hand as they walked away. Jordan leaned up against the wall and closed his eyes, letting the tears fall. When Sidney and Karen got a few feet away, Sidney stopped her and wrapped his arms around her body, letting her finish getting out all her tears for Jordan. "Thank you for letting us talk."

Sidney pulled back "you did just say all that because I was standing there, right?"

"No, I said it because it was the truth. I think at one time maybe I mistook our time together with something happening between us but the more I thought about it, it was just sex. If you didn't want me anymore, then yes I would have wanted to be with Jordan for the fact of just wanting to be loved by someone."

"But you said you never loved him?"

"I would have learned to love him if he loved me enough." Karen saw the look in Sidney's eyes "I wouldn't have been able to live without you loving me Sid. I would have decided to be with anyone, even Jordan to have that void filled."

"If all this is over, why are you still making things so hard on yourself?"

"Because I'm trying to make everyone plus myself truly believe it's over. I know it is and I know my life is with you and our children but for some reason my head doesn't want to let it go. I don't know if there's an impending fear that something like yesterday will happen again or...."

"That we could actually end up happily ever after?"

"I do want that Sid but part of me wonders if Jordan and I can be the friends we were before are you going to think something else is going on again."

"I don't know, depends on if you give me reason to start speculating again."

"I won't because I don't plan on being alone with him."

Sidney looked into her eyes and knew nothing would ever happen again with Jordan "I know everything you've been through there's a lot of feelings going on inside your heart and your head. Just always know that I love you and after the babies come home, it us, our family that I will always be thinking of."

"I love that idea" she said leaning in to kiss him. "Ok, now that I have completely got you off your game concentration, you need to go get ready" she said laughing.

"Just gives me a reason to go out there and score 100 goals for you tonight."

"Trying to break yet another NHL record?"

"Nope, just want to impress my beautiful wife."

"You already got me, you don't have to impress me anymore."

"I will always want to impress you."

"Good, because I still want you to" she said kissing him again "go get ready and have a kick ass game. I'm going to head up to the suite."

"Alright. I love you."

"I love you too" she said before they shared another kiss and went their separate ways.

When Karen got to the suite, Britnie was already up there and sitting by herself. Karen walked down to the seat outside the box and sat beside her "penny for your thoughts."

"Well with how rich your husband is, I will be taking you up on te offer" Britnie said laughing.

"You ok? You seem lost in thought about something."

Britnie sighed "it's Jordan. There's something going on with him and I can't put my finger on it."

Karen wasn't sure if she should tell her but knew she had to "um, I think I know."

"Are you sneaking around with him again?"

"No, Brit its nothing like that. That part of my life is over and I can't go back to hurting you or Sid like that again."

"Then what is it?"

"Jordan has never gotten over his feelings for me. As many times that I've rejected his advances, he said he still loves me."

"Oh" Britnie said quietly.

"But I know he loves you Brit, you just need to make it impossible for him to not love you back."

"I do love him Kiki, more than anything" she said with a sniffle to hold back her tears.

"Can I ask how he propsed to you?"

Britnie smiled remembering the night "he came over, actually made me dinner and afterwards we made love on the floor infront of the fire. After lying there for a while, he sat up and told me how he couldn't see his life without me and asked me to marry him."

"Wow, that must have be romantic as hell."

"It was but now it makes me wonder if it was all a ploy to be closer to you."

Karen new the answer was yes but could see how much she loved him told her different "I don't think it was. He genuinely loves you and I can't wait for you guys to get married and live happily ever after" she said as both women laughed hysterically.

"Maybe you're right. I should realize he does love me and make this work for the both of us."

"Listen Brit, Jordan will get over me in time. He has to or Sidney will kill him" she said smiling "give him the time he needs and he'll see for himself he's in love with the woman infront of him and not me."

"Thanks sis" Britnie said hugging Karen. By the time they were done with their talk, the warm up were starting and they watched their men skate around and take shots. One time, Karen saw Jordan skate near Sidney and tap his legs with his stick then skate away. She knew that was Jordan's way of telling him that everything was over. Sidney looked up at the suites and saw Karen standing there watching and smiled hoping that it was really over.

The game ended a couple hours later and the Pens had won. Some of the guys decided to head to Diesel and Karen thought it would be fun to go. All she had to do was pout and Sidney gave in. After he was done with the media, Sidney got his shower and met Karen in the lounge so they could leave and head to Diesel.

"You know" Sidney said walking in holding Karen's hand "this is not how I wanted to celebrate our win tonight."

"Oh come on, let's have a little fun before we go home and have a lot of it."

"Never said I wanted to go home and have fun, just wanted to go home and make love to you all night."

"You are determined to milk this for all it's worth."

"Absolutely" he said kissing her before going to the VIP area with the rest of the team. They had been there for an hour and a half and Karen had excused herself and went to the bathroom with Vero and Britnie. When they came back Karen made a motion for Sidney to follow her and he walked over to her before they disappeared around the corner of the room, away from everyone. "What's wrong?"

Karen didn't answer him, she just leaned up and kissed him passionately "I want to go home" she said breathlessly as they broke apart.

"Whatever my wife wants, she gets." They shared another kiss and went back to tell the others they were leaving. They headed out and Sidney was stopped to sign a few autographs before they got to the car and left to go home. When Sidney pulled into the driveway, he parked the car then got out, running around to help Karen out her side. They laced their fingers together and walked inside. Before Karen could head anywhere, Sidney held her close to him and began kissing her. She broke the kiss and smiled before getting out of his grasp and walking upstairs. Sidney turned and locked the door behind him before following her up to their bedroom. He saw her start to undress and put his hands over hers to help her be discarded of her clothes. Karen turned around and began to undress Sidney at the same time until they were both standing there naked and holding each other.

"I've been thinking about this ever since I watched you skate around during warm ups."

"Then why did you prolong it by making me take you to Diesel?"

"You needed time to unwind before getting all worked up again."

"Is that right?"

Karen could feel Sidney's cock start to press against her leg, making her juices churn to feel him inside her "have in it you?"

"I think I have just enough energy for you." Sidney kissed her then left her lips to climb up on the bed. Karen got into the nightstand and pulled out a condom before climbing on the bed and straddling over his thighs. Sidney lied there and closed his eyes as the pleasures of Karen touching his aching cock and massaging it sent chills up his spine. When he was rock hard, Karen took the condom out of the package and unrolled it over him. It took everything he had to not come right there and then to spoil their night. She leaned down to kiss him as she moved up and was right over his cock. Karen sat up on her kness as Sidney grabbed his cock and positioned it at her entrance, holding it as she slid down on him. She sat still and loved the feeling of him stretching her. Sidney grabbed her hips and started to rock her a little to tell her he couldn't wait any longer. Karen took the hint and began to move a little more and get a rhythm going between them. She reached up and touched her breasts as she came off his cock a little and coming back down hard. Sidney watched her touch herself and then travelled his eyes to her mound, watching her come off him then slide back down. "Oh god baby. I love how you ride me."

Karen moved her hands from her breasts and grabbed Sidney's shoulders, bringing him up to her "I love it when you pound your cock into me" she said looking into his eyes.

"I can definitely make that happen baby" he said wrapping his arms around her waist and flipping them over. After he got Karen comfortable, he sat up on his hands and let his hips take over. Sidney came all the way out then slammed back into her making her moans fill the room. Karen reached between her legs and grabbed his ass, pulling him into her as hard as she could. The faster he got, the harder he pounded into her.

"Sid...oh god...right there...." Karen moaned out as her orgasm hit its peak and she screamed out as her body shook, making her fingernails dig into Sidney's ass. Sidney felt the tightness around his cock and thrusted a few more times before his own orgasm took over. He gingerly laid on top of her until he realized and started to move "no, wait."

"Baby, I don't want to hurt you."

"You're not hurting me if you're not moving. Just stay here for another minute."

"Ok" he whispered then kissed her. The minute seemed like an hour before Sidney rolled off her and brought her up to his body. "I love you Karen."

"I love you too Sid" she said smiling before sleep overtook them both.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Chapter 36

Sidney pulled his head back to look at her and wipe the tear streaks from her face "you ok?"

Karen nodded her head "yeah, just still shaken up that he'd take it that far." Sidney just nodded and led her to the couch in the living room. "I thought when I yelled for him to stop, he would have. But there was a look in his eyes that it wasn't him."

"What do you mean?"

"Like it was Jordan, but behind his eyes he seemed different. My friend Jordan that I know wasn't there, he was someone else." Karen paused then looked at Sidney "it scared me when you two started hitting each other."

"It felt good on my end" he said getting a small smile out of her "and it was the only way I knew to get him off you."

"How much trouble did you get into with Coach Dan?"

"He just talked to us and then Jordan left and I filled him in on everything. He'll talk to Jordan tomorrow before practice. I'm just waiting on a call from either Mario or Ray."

"When Ray hears about it I think he'll let it go since he knows the hatred you have towards Jordan. He even made the comment that you two needed to beat the hell out of each other for this to really be over."

Sidney sat there and remembered what he told Billy "let's hope it is over and he now stops his pursuit of you. All the guys probably know what's going on and I think he's smart enough to leave you alone after Mario, Dan and Ray gets done with him."

"What do you mean?"

"Dan said he'll warn Jordan to leave you alone or he might get traded if he doesn't."

"Really?" she said shocked.

"Wouldn't that be the best?"

"He's still our friend Sid."

Sidney saw the tenderness in her eyes "I know baby. That's why Dan thinks if Jordan loves playing here like the rest of us, he'll back off."

Karen got up and began pacing "I don't want to be the reason this team falls apart and ruins your chance for repeating."

"Baby, no one will hold you responsible if Jordan gets traded and we don't repeat. This is all on him now and how he wants to play it" he said getting up to stop her.

"I just want all this to die down so we can bring home our children and be normal again."

"It's all I want too Karen" he said kissing her. At first she hesitated but then kissed him back before they broke apart and put their foreheads together holding each other. "I have an idea, why don't you go lay down for a little bit and I'll find something to make for a late lunch."

Karen shook her head no "I don't want to close my eyes right now. Everything's too fresh in my mind and I won't be able to fall asleep."

"Ok, then plan B."

"What's plan B?"

"Why don't I take you out for lunch and then a visit to the most beautiful children in Pittsburgh?"

"That plan I like better" she said smiling, making Sidney smile as well.

"It's going to be ok, I promise."

"I know" she said leaning in to kiss him which he happily accepted. He thought the situation with Jordan would either draw her back to him or scare her away from his touches. Sidney smiled inside knowing neither was happening. "Thank you for today."

"Baby stop apologizing."

"No, I can't and won't. You saved me from god knows what could have happened and I will forever be grateful."

"Protecting the love of my life is what I signed up for when we started dating. So stop thanking me because it's not neccessary and it will start to become annoying real soon."

"Ok, but how about one more on reserve to be used at a later date?"

"I think I can let you have that. Do you need to do anything before we head out?"

"No, I'm good." Their lips met again before leaving the house. They got to the hospital after eating lunch and headed straight to InfantICU. Sidney helped put the gown on Karen before getting his own on and going inside. Karen let a tear fall and Sidney just looked at her "it's a happy tear Sid."

"Ok" he said kissing her head. The nurse saw them over by the babies and came to talk to them. She told them they were progressing strong and should definitely be going home in a couple weeks. Karen and Sidney just smiled at each other and couldn't believe it. They stayed for another hour then decided to leave.

"I had a feeling you two would be here today" Dr. Kelley said seeing them coming out of the room.

"Like I could keep her away" Sidney said getting hit in the stomach by Karen "or myself."

"How are you feeling Karen?"

"Better, thanks."

"It's good I ran into you, I have an opening tomorrow, why don't you stop in for your check up."

"That'll work, what time?"


"I have practice then" Sidney said.

"I can go by myself Sid, besides you'll need to be there tomorrow with your game tomorrow night." Sidney hestitated "Dr. Kelley will you please tell him I am fine to drive myself to your office?"

"Sid, I know you're still worried about her, but driving to my office will not put a strain on her."

"See, even the doctor agrees with me."

"Alright fine" he said defeated making the other two laugh.

"I was going to do a check over your children, would you like to stick around for a few more minutes and I'll tell you what's going on?"

"Like you even need to ask Doc" Sidney said.

"Ok, why don't you guys head down to the cafeteria for a little bit and by the time you come back, I'll be done." Sidney and Karen just nodded and left.

While they were sitting at a table with their drinks, Sidney noticed Karen was lost in thought "what's wrong baby?"

"What if she finds something wrong with them?"

"Then we're here while she does and if something needs done we're here to authorize it. Baby, they looked healthy and stronger to me."

"Me too, but that fear is still there ya know."

"I know baby" he said grabbing her hand "repeat after me...they're getting stronger."

"They're getting stronger."

"They're fighting to get healthy to come home with us."

"They're fighting to get healthy to come home with us."

"I love you and I'm right about this."

"I love you too and I will never admit you're right" she said getting Sidney to laugh.

"Not what I said beautiful."

"Funny, cause that's what I heard."

"You're not right Karen."

"Never said I was but you are right Sid. I need to just let all the negative thoughts go and realize what's in front of me."

"And what's in front of you?" Sidney asked seriously.

"My husband that hopefully still loves me after everything that's happened so when we bring our two beautiful children home we can be the family we both always wanted."

"This thing with Jordan is over for the both of us. You're not in love with him and today, I got all my frustrations out on him. Anything else that happens it will be on him and if he wants to continue this, it's his life and career he's screwing up. This chapter of our lives is over and those babies upstairs start a new one. Eventhough I was hurt and had my heart broken, I've never stopped loving you Karen. You might not have been able to see it, but I was certainly ready to fight for you to keep you in my life."

"I think you accomplished that today" she said smiling and lightly caressing his cheek that still beared a red mark.

"You were the love of my life when I first met you and you still are the love of my life. Nothing will change that, ever."

"Thank you for believing in us."

Sidney reached up and wiped away the stray tear that fell "anytime baby." They smiled at each other as Sidney kissed her hand before they got up to head back upstairs to see Dr. Kelley.

"Perfect timing you two" Dr. Kelley said coming out of the room "well my biggest fear has been answered...they will be leaving us soon to go home with you."

"Really?" Karen said as the happy tears fell again when Sidney put his arms around her.

"I ran some tests and they are breathing on their own. I am going to ween them out of their incubators over the next couple days and make sure they can handle everything on their own. I will still have 24 hour care for them so if something goes wrong we will be right on top of them to get them back on oxygen or anything else they need. I am hoping they will continue to get stronger and go home with you by the end of the month."

"That is great news" Sidney said still holding onto Karen.

"Yeah it is."

"So, why don't you two head home and I will see you tomorrow Karen."

"Ok, thanks Dr. Kelley."

"You guys are welcome" she said before leaving them alone. Karen took one more look inside the room and Sidney stood behind her with his arms around her waist.

"See, I was right."

"Yes you were."

"Not a true admission, but I'll take it."

Karen turned around in his arms to face him "Ok, I will admit it to you face to were right and I love you."

"See, now that wasn't so hard...and I love you too" he said before leaning in to kiss her.

"Feel like working on the nursey tonight?"

"I think we could get it painted over the next couple days and then get the furniture put together so everything is ready for them."

"Only taking out time for hockey games."

"Yeah because I wouldn't know how to explain missing games to get a nursery ready."

"I wouldn't let you miss a game anyways."

"I knew you were a smart woman."

"Can we go home now?" she said laughing.

"Absolutely baby" he said as they both told their babies goodbye and left.

When they got home, they moved what was in the nursery out and Karen laid down the sheet on the floor. Sidney got the paints and brushes and everything they needed while Karen opened the windows to let any fumes out.

"Ok, how are we going to do this?" Sidney asked walking in with the last of the paints.

"I was thinking, why don't we paint the whole room the same instead of half your way and the other half mine."

"I'm listening."

"You obviously want a hockey theme..."

"Your point is?"

"Let me finish bonehead. How about we paint the whole room in that theme?"

"Isn't that a little biased?"

"Not when your daughter could be the next Crosby star."

Sidney stepped up to her "why do I get the feeling you're changing your mind about them playing?"

"I was never against them playing. All I said was to wait until they were old enough."

"I just love that you'll let them both play."

"You can make up their mind now but when they're old enough, it's their decision if they want to continue or not, agreed?"

"I can agree to that" he said bringing her closer to him as their lips met in a very passionate kiss.

"Ok, I'm going to stop this before we head somewhere we can't go" Karen said breaking the kiss.

"I know I shouldn't have taken it that far, but baby, you had a C section. I don't see why she won't let you have sex."

"Um, the weight of you on me that could pull my stitches for one."

"Not like we don't know how to fix that."

"Sid, I will talk to her tomorrow and ask your question ok?"

"It's all I ask." They both laughed and began painting the wall. They continued painting until about 9p, only stopping to get something to eat for dinner then quitting for the night and going to bed.

The next day, Karen went to her doctor's appointment as Sidney went to the arena for the morning skate before the game tonight. Karen was nervous for what would happen at the arena and it showed at her appointment. She got through her check up and was waiting for Dr. Kelley to meet up with her in her office.

"Well Karen, everything looks good and healing nicely. The ultrasound shows your uterus is healing very nice and that is what I wanted to see. Have you had any pains or cramping since the births?"

"No but then again, when I felt the pains it was primarily after sex. Sidney won't let me lift anything to see if it appears that way like once before."

"Well I applaud him for that" she said getting Karen to laugh.

"I know better trust me."

"I know you're anxious to do normal things again, but if you would have ripped out the stitches from your uterus before it healed the tear would have opened up again and you would have started bleeding again and if you couldn't have gotten to the hospital I can't begin to tell you what could happen."

"I understand, I do. As I told Sidney I'm not stupid enough to risk anything."

"Good girl. Now why do I get the feeling another question is lurking?"

"Because there is. Sidney kissed me last night and if I didn't stop him, trust me it would have gone to another level."

Karen? Tell me you guys didn't?"

"We didn't, as much as we both wanted to, it didn't."

"But you want to know why you still need to wait the whole six weeks when you had a C section?"

"Yeah, why is that? I can see why if I delivered vaginally, but not from a C section with the exception of him putting his weight on my stomach."

"That is basically the reason with a C section. I wanted to make sure you were healing first and since you had the tear in your uterus, I didn't want you getting to bounced around to upset that healing process. But, since everything looks good, if maybe you guys wanted to try a few positions where Sid wasn't directly on top of you, I might consider letting you guys decide for yourselves. But, and this is a huge but, any discomfort, pain, or spot bleeding I want a phone call and I am reinstating the six weeks ok?"


"And I know Sid isn't going to like this, but you will need to use condoms between now and the full six weeks. I don't want you pregnant again this soon."

"Taking care of twin infants...believe me, the thought of being pregnant again before their 5 is not an option in my mind."

"Here, let me start you guys off" she said getting up and getting into a cupboard "this should last you a while. Don't go overboard with the sex. Maybe once or twice a week to start then you guys can get back into your normal routine."

"Hmm, a normal routine when twins are in the house. That's funny doc, come up with that all by yourself?" Karen said getting them both laughing.

"Let's just say, when they're's the prefect timing for you two."

"Thanks Dr. Kelley."

"Your welcome Karen and just becareful."

"We will be" she said then left the office. Karen figured she would surprise Sidney tonight after the game. She went home and got something small to eat knowing she'd be making dinner for Sidney early.

Sidney got home and found Karen in the nursery painting "hey baby."

"Hey, how was practice?"

"Good, it's going to be a good game tonight."

"With a win hopefully."

"You know it."

"What happened with Jordan?" she asked as she stopped painting and looked at him.

"Well it was obvious that someone talked to him because he wanted nothing to do with me on the ice. Don't know how well that'll work during the game if our lines overlap."

"You think he'll purposely throw a pass or a scoring chance if you're on the ice with him?"

"I don't know, let's hope not. But let's not talk about that. How did your check up go?"

"Great actually. She said both incisions are healing nicely and am recovering great."

"And did you ask about the other thing?"

"What other thing?"

"Karen?" he said almost whining only to see her laughing "you did ask, what did she say?"

"That the decision is up to me" she said going back to her painting.

"No, no, no" he said getting her off the step ladder "tell me what she said" Sidney asked looking deep into her eyes.

"That if we wanted to try we can but you can't lay directly on me and we need to take it easy."

"You're being serious right?"

"Yes, I am."

"Then let's go" he said leading her into the bedroom.

"Sid wait, why can't we do this after your game tonight?"

"You want me to wait? Baby, this will be all I can think about. Please baby, don't make me wait anymore than I have to?"

"Well I don't want you to beg or anything" she said smiling "but you will need this" Karen said pulling the condom from her pocket.

"And you were going to make me wait."

"Yeah, like that was going to happen."

Sidney took the condom from Karen and laid it on the bed. Sidney took off her shirt and bra, caressing her breasts "tell me you weren't as excited when she told you we could?" He soon left her breasts and travelled down her stomach to the top of her shorts, taking them and her underwear with it, making sure he cupped her mound on the way back up sticking a couple fingers inside and feeling how wet she was "tell me you don't want me as much as I want you."

"Oh Sid, I do want you...right now" she said breathless as he kept up his finger job. Karen could feel her orgasm build but didn't want to explode yet "stop Sid...this isn't how I want you."

Sidney smiled and removed his fingers, discarding himself of his clothes. He picked her up and carefully placed her on the middle of the bed. Sidney crawled up and stayed on his knees hovering over Karen. He spread her legs and Karen put them to the sides of Sidney's legs, giving him ample room. Sidney inched closer to her but grabbed a pillow and placed it under her ass, lifting her up a little. Before Sidney entered into her, he took the condom and put it on easing into her slick opening.

"Oh god" Karen said with a gasp.

"You ok?" Sidney said concerned. Karen just nodded and Sidney took it as a green light to proceed. He began to move inside of her, putting his hands by her sides to keep the leverage over her. Karen arched her back into the sensations as she grabbed ahold of Sidney's wrists feeling him go a bit harder in his thrusts. Sidney heard her whimpers and knew she was alright as he started to pick up the pace. Karen let go of his wrists and grabbed the bedspread as Sidey sat up and grabbed her hips, pulling her into him. Karen felt her orgasm slam her body as she screamed out. Sidney kept pounding into her fast until he couldn't stand the tightness around his cock and he came hard as well. He leaned over her and captured her lips before sitting up and pulling out of her, laying beside her.

"Oh wow" she said breathing hard "I forgot how great we were."

"I know. Nice to know we haven't lost anything. You ok? Any pain or anything?"

"No, I feel good. I'm not sore since I had a C section and you stayed off my stomach, so we're all good."

Sidney turned over onto his side and lightly rubbed her stomach, inching his way to caressing her breasts "feel like round two?"

"Sid, Dr. Kelley said to take it easy before getting back into our normal routine."

Sidney moved his hand back down to her mound and started to rub her clit "we'll take it easy after today." Karen just looked at Sidney and smiled shaking her head. He got off the bed and went into the bathroom, coming back and laying down beside her. Karen sat up and straddled his thighs, ripping open another condom package. She grabbed his slightly erect cock and massaged him until he was at his hardest. She put the condom on, unrolling down his shaft then moved over his cock and slowly sat down on him. Sidney put his hands on her hips as Karen got a rhythm going. She started off slow but the feelings got more intense and she picked up her hips going faster and slamming back down on him hard making him moan out. Karen leaned forward and grasped his pecks riding him until her second orgasm came crashing hard. She felt Sidney get thicker inside of her and began milking his orgasm out until his low growl told her he came. Sidney sat up, wrapping his arms around her as their lips met for a slow kiss. "So, are you going to tell me we should have waited until after the game tonight?"

"Well I only gave in because you were begging."

"Ok, play your game, but I got you either way baby."

"That you did" she said letting her lips meet his again "but I do believe you used up your nap time."

"I can take a quick one while you get dinner ready."

"When do I get my nap?"

"After tonight when I wear your cute ass out."

Karen got off him and the bed going into the bathroom "I'll be sure to save up all my energy then" she said disappearing into the shower. Sidney took off the condom and threw it in the trash can by the bed, laying back down and closing his eyes. Karen came out of the bathroom twenty minutes later with a towel wrapped around her body and laughed at the sight in front of her, a naked Sidney lying asleep. She grabbed the blanket from the foot of the bed and put it over him before she got dressed and headed downstairs to make them dinner.