Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chapter 37

Sidney and Karen got to the arena and Sidney could sense her uneasyness. He squeezed her side and held her close to his body "you going to be ok?"

"Yeah I just feel like I need to talk to him to see why he did what he did."

"You really think I'm going to leave you alone with him?"

"No and I know tonight is not the time or place but I need answers Sid. I know you probably don't understand it, but I do."

Sidney took her away from everyone "baby, listen to me. I know you need answers but for your safety, I want you no where near him."

"I know" she whispered as she looked down "but..." she started to say when she looked up and saw Jordan standing behind them.

Sidney turned around and was less than pleased "get the hell away from her Staal."

"Can I please just apologize Sid?"

He felt Karen squeeze his hand and he looked at her "then apologize but I'm not leaving her alone with you. Look how scared she is with you around her."

"Karen I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me."

"Sid, could you leave us alone for a minute?"


"Please? You can stand right by the wall so you're right here. Just one minute?"

Sidney looked between them "I will be right behind you Jordo, you even make a move to touch her and I will kill you." He kissed her temple and walked away to the wall behind them and watched Jordan like a hawk.

"I'm so sorry Karen, please believe me that I never, ever wanted to hurt you like that."

"Why Jordan? That wasn't you."

"I know. Look, I love you" he said and Karen looked past him to see Sidney start to move but stopped when he saw her look "and I can't get over my feelings for you. For that, I am not apologizing. I'm not sorry I fell in love with you."

"But I don't love you."

"You did once."

Karen shook her head no "only as my friend. I know you don't want to hear this, it was just sex between us."

"You wouldn't be saying that if Sid was standing behind us listening."

"Yes I would. I love him and HE is my life, along with our babies. If I loved you and not him, I would have given anything to be with you. But my heart didn't want that" she said as her eyes filled with tears and it finally hit Jordan "it wanted to be with Sid and start the family I was afraid to have with him. I want you happy Jordan and if you give Brit half the chance of all that love you have for me, she will make you so happy."

"How am I suppose to get over you?" he whispered with tears of his own.

"That's something you need to figure out here" she said putting her hand over his heart "you have to get over me Jordy."

Jordan cracked a smile "I always loved it when you called me Jordy."

"I know" she smiled back at him "give your love a chance with Brit and be happy" she said stepping closer and hugging him. "And I do love my best friend" she kissed his cheek and walked over to Sidney who took her hand as they walked away. Jordan leaned up against the wall and closed his eyes, letting the tears fall. When Sidney and Karen got a few feet away, Sidney stopped her and wrapped his arms around her body, letting her finish getting out all her tears for Jordan. "Thank you for letting us talk."

Sidney pulled back "you did just say all that because I was standing there, right?"

"No, I said it because it was the truth. I think at one time maybe I mistook our time together with something happening between us but the more I thought about it, it was just sex. If you didn't want me anymore, then yes I would have wanted to be with Jordan for the fact of just wanting to be loved by someone."

"But you said you never loved him?"

"I would have learned to love him if he loved me enough." Karen saw the look in Sidney's eyes "I wouldn't have been able to live without you loving me Sid. I would have decided to be with anyone, even Jordan to have that void filled."

"If all this is over, why are you still making things so hard on yourself?"

"Because I'm trying to make everyone plus myself truly believe it's over. I know it is and I know my life is with you and our children but for some reason my head doesn't want to let it go. I don't know if there's an impending fear that something like yesterday will happen again or...."

"That we could actually end up happily ever after?"

"I do want that Sid but part of me wonders if Jordan and I can be the friends we were before are you going to think something else is going on again."

"I don't know, depends on if you give me reason to start speculating again."

"I won't because I don't plan on being alone with him."

Sidney looked into her eyes and knew nothing would ever happen again with Jordan "I know everything you've been through there's a lot of feelings going on inside your heart and your head. Just always know that I love you and after the babies come home, it us, our family that I will always be thinking of."

"I love that idea" she said leaning in to kiss him. "Ok, now that I have completely got you off your game concentration, you need to go get ready" she said laughing.

"Just gives me a reason to go out there and score 100 goals for you tonight."

"Trying to break yet another NHL record?"

"Nope, just want to impress my beautiful wife."

"You already got me, you don't have to impress me anymore."

"I will always want to impress you."

"Good, because I still want you to" she said kissing him again "go get ready and have a kick ass game. I'm going to head up to the suite."

"Alright. I love you."

"I love you too" she said before they shared another kiss and went their separate ways.

When Karen got to the suite, Britnie was already up there and sitting by herself. Karen walked down to the seat outside the box and sat beside her "penny for your thoughts."

"Well with how rich your husband is, I will be taking you up on te offer" Britnie said laughing.

"You ok? You seem lost in thought about something."

Britnie sighed "it's Jordan. There's something going on with him and I can't put my finger on it."

Karen wasn't sure if she should tell her but knew she had to "um, I think I know."

"Are you sneaking around with him again?"

"No, Brit its nothing like that. That part of my life is over and I can't go back to hurting you or Sid like that again."

"Then what is it?"

"Jordan has never gotten over his feelings for me. As many times that I've rejected his advances, he said he still loves me."

"Oh" Britnie said quietly.

"But I know he loves you Brit, you just need to make it impossible for him to not love you back."

"I do love him Kiki, more than anything" she said with a sniffle to hold back her tears.

"Can I ask how he propsed to you?"

Britnie smiled remembering the night "he came over, actually made me dinner and afterwards we made love on the floor infront of the fire. After lying there for a while, he sat up and told me how he couldn't see his life without me and asked me to marry him."

"Wow, that must have be romantic as hell."

"It was but now it makes me wonder if it was all a ploy to be closer to you."

Karen new the answer was yes but could see how much she loved him told her different "I don't think it was. He genuinely loves you and I can't wait for you guys to get married and live happily ever after" she said as both women laughed hysterically.

"Maybe you're right. I should realize he does love me and make this work for the both of us."

"Listen Brit, Jordan will get over me in time. He has to or Sidney will kill him" she said smiling "give him the time he needs and he'll see for himself he's in love with the woman infront of him and not me."

"Thanks sis" Britnie said hugging Karen. By the time they were done with their talk, the warm up were starting and they watched their men skate around and take shots. One time, Karen saw Jordan skate near Sidney and tap his legs with his stick then skate away. She knew that was Jordan's way of telling him that everything was over. Sidney looked up at the suites and saw Karen standing there watching and smiled hoping that it was really over.

The game ended a couple hours later and the Pens had won. Some of the guys decided to head to Diesel and Karen thought it would be fun to go. All she had to do was pout and Sidney gave in. After he was done with the media, Sidney got his shower and met Karen in the lounge so they could leave and head to Diesel.

"You know" Sidney said walking in holding Karen's hand "this is not how I wanted to celebrate our win tonight."

"Oh come on, let's have a little fun before we go home and have a lot of it."

"Never said I wanted to go home and have fun, just wanted to go home and make love to you all night."

"You are determined to milk this for all it's worth."

"Absolutely" he said kissing her before going to the VIP area with the rest of the team. They had been there for an hour and a half and Karen had excused herself and went to the bathroom with Vero and Britnie. When they came back Karen made a motion for Sidney to follow her and he walked over to her before they disappeared around the corner of the room, away from everyone. "What's wrong?"

Karen didn't answer him, she just leaned up and kissed him passionately "I want to go home" she said breathlessly as they broke apart.

"Whatever my wife wants, she gets." They shared another kiss and went back to tell the others they were leaving. They headed out and Sidney was stopped to sign a few autographs before they got to the car and left to go home. When Sidney pulled into the driveway, he parked the car then got out, running around to help Karen out her side. They laced their fingers together and walked inside. Before Karen could head anywhere, Sidney held her close to him and began kissing her. She broke the kiss and smiled before getting out of his grasp and walking upstairs. Sidney turned and locked the door behind him before following her up to their bedroom. He saw her start to undress and put his hands over hers to help her be discarded of her clothes. Karen turned around and began to undress Sidney at the same time until they were both standing there naked and holding each other.

"I've been thinking about this ever since I watched you skate around during warm ups."

"Then why did you prolong it by making me take you to Diesel?"

"You needed time to unwind before getting all worked up again."

"Is that right?"

Karen could feel Sidney's cock start to press against her leg, making her juices churn to feel him inside her "have in it you?"

"I think I have just enough energy for you." Sidney kissed her then left her lips to climb up on the bed. Karen got into the nightstand and pulled out a condom before climbing on the bed and straddling over his thighs. Sidney lied there and closed his eyes as the pleasures of Karen touching his aching cock and massaging it sent chills up his spine. When he was rock hard, Karen took the condom out of the package and unrolled it over him. It took everything he had to not come right there and then to spoil their night. She leaned down to kiss him as she moved up and was right over his cock. Karen sat up on her kness as Sidney grabbed his cock and positioned it at her entrance, holding it as she slid down on him. She sat still and loved the feeling of him stretching her. Sidney grabbed her hips and started to rock her a little to tell her he couldn't wait any longer. Karen took the hint and began to move a little more and get a rhythm going between them. She reached up and touched her breasts as she came off his cock a little and coming back down hard. Sidney watched her touch herself and then travelled his eyes to her mound, watching her come off him then slide back down. "Oh god baby. I love how you ride me."

Karen moved her hands from her breasts and grabbed Sidney's shoulders, bringing him up to her "I love it when you pound your cock into me" she said looking into his eyes.

"I can definitely make that happen baby" he said wrapping his arms around her waist and flipping them over. After he got Karen comfortable, he sat up on his hands and let his hips take over. Sidney came all the way out then slammed back into her making her moans fill the room. Karen reached between her legs and grabbed his ass, pulling him into her as hard as she could. The faster he got, the harder he pounded into her.

"Sid...oh god...right there...." Karen moaned out as her orgasm hit its peak and she screamed out as her body shook, making her fingernails dig into Sidney's ass. Sidney felt the tightness around his cock and thrusted a few more times before his own orgasm took over. He gingerly laid on top of her until he realized and started to move "no, wait."

"Baby, I don't want to hurt you."

"You're not hurting me if you're not moving. Just stay here for another minute."

"Ok" he whispered then kissed her. The minute seemed like an hour before Sidney rolled off her and brought her up to his body. "I love you Karen."

"I love you too Sid" she said smiling before sleep overtook them both.

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