Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chapter 40

Before everyone knew it, Christmas was a couple days away. Karen had to laugh when she saw all the presents Sidney had bought the twins. Of course they said that they didn't need anything and to just by for the babies and other family members but that was thrown out the window when Karen saw a present to herself from Sidney.

"I thought we weren't buying gifts for each other this year" she said as Sidney walked into the room.

"Well, when I was out getting things for the babies, I saw this for you and couldn't resist. It's not going to matter if you don't have anything for me."

"I didn't say that I don't have anything for you."

"So see, even you couldn't keep to the pact" Sidney smiled then kissed her.

"No, I guess not."

"Are the babies asleep? It's really quiet" Sidney asked looking around the room.

"Actually, your mom and mine took Sidney and Nicki for the day so I could get their presents wrapped and the house cleaned up for having everyone over for dinner Christmas Day."

"So it's just you and me?"

"Put the look away, I still have a lot to finish."

"But baby, these last few weeks the kids have been taking all your time away from me."

"Aww, poor baby. That's what's suppose to happen when you have kids. Think about not getting any when they get bigger and start walking and talking."

"That's why we need to preserve the moment when it's given to us."

"You're not going to drop this are you?"

"Not until I have you in bed and do what I want to you."

Karen sighed "Sid..."

"That's all I need" he said jumping up and bringing Karen with him. He picked her up and threw her over his shoulder, heading upstairs.

"Oh my God you freak, put me down" she said laughing.

Sidney got to the bedroom and put her down on the bed. He made a move to climb on top of her but Karen raised her foot and playfully pushed him away so she could escape off the other side of the bed. They both stood at opposite sides of the bed staring at each other and trying not to laugh.

"You're not going to get away from me beautiful. Don't fight this, you know you want this as much as I do."

"Do you hear me arguing?"

"No but resisting just makes me want you more."

"I'm not resisting. Whatever gives you that idea?"

"Uh hello, you're on the other side of the bed."

"I am?"

"Come here smartass" Sidney said laughing and started to climb on the bed.

"Ok, just wait a minute" Karen said taking a step back "how about we both undress and then when we're done, we'll meet in the middle?"

Sidney backed off the bed "I think I like that idea. You start."

Karen shook her head "nope, we undress at the same time." Sidney just nodded and they both began to undress. They first took off their shirts, then their jeans. Sidney waited until Karen took off her bra and underwear before taking off his boxers. They stood there for a couple minutes admiring each other's bodies before they climbed on the bed and came towards each other until they were in the middle.

"I must say baby, you've been working out" he said moving his hand over her stomach "you've gotten your body back."

"Actually, I've never had this body but it did tone up pretty well working off the baby weight."

"Well let me tell you, I love it" he said bringing his hand up to cup her breast. He saw Karen close her eyes and knew she was loving the sensations going through her body. Karen put her hand on Sidney's hips to steady herself from falling over as Sidney continued roaming over her body. He heard her gasp in a breath when he went to her mound and let his finger lightly touch her clit, but a small moan escaped when his fingers dipped inside. Karen moved her hands from his hips and wrapped her arms around his shoulders as his fingers fucked her. Sidney found her lips as he drew out her first orgasm and felt the bed shake a little as her body trembled.

"Mmm" was all Karen could muster as she felt Sidney remove his fingers.

"Guessing you enjoyed that?"

Karen nodded her head "but now I think it's time for you to enjoy something." Sidney smiled and knew what she was going for. Karen lightly pushed him back on the bed and Sidney laid down letting her get inbetween his legs. She took her hand and began massaging his cock that was already becoming hard from being turned on with what he did to her. It didn't take long and Karen bent her head down, taking him into her mouth. Sidney closed his eyes and managed to move his hands into her hair, helping to guide her on him. Karen would go from hard to light sucks and getting a moan out of Sidney was turning her on. She came completely off him and took her tongue, licking him like a lollypop. Karen would flick her tongue over the top of his cock and she felt Sidney squirm under her. She dipped her head down once more and moved her head up and down as fast as she could until she felt the hot liquid coat the back of her throat. She milked every drop out of him before crawling up his body and lying beside him.

"I never let you do that when we made love before why?"

"Because you always wanted to be in control when we made love. If I tried to take control, you would let it last for a minute before you were back on top of me."

"Well that will never happen again" he said getting a laugh out of Karen.

After Sidney caugh his breath, he rolled on to his side and brought Karen with him. Their lips met and hands roamed for a little bit to stir up those feelings of passion again. Karen could feel Sidney's cock grow against her leg and it made her wet just thinking about him being inside of her.

"Sid, wait" Karen said as she felt him turn them onto her back with him on top of her. She reached inside the drawer of the nightstand and pulled out a condom.

"You had your check up a couple weeks ago and the doctor put you back on the pill."

"Right, but it still takes almost a month to be really sure that it's in my system. I don't want to take a chance Sid" she said seeing the disappointment in his eyes.

"I don't either" he said taking the condom from her and moved off to unroll the condom on his erect cock. He came back on top of her and kissed her letting her know he was ok with it. Sidney took his hands and spread her legs apart before grabbing the base of his cock and entering into her, filling her up. After being still for a few minutes, Sidney began moving his hips in an upward motion getting a rhythm going between them. His movements got bigger and Sidney sat up on his hands to give him leverage over her. This gave him the advantage to go faster and pound harder into her, bringing her close to the edge, then slowing back down to draw it out longer. Karen knew she couldn't hold on too much longer and was able to maneuver Sidney onto his back. Karen straddled back over his cock and slid down on him. She rocked her hips to get their rhythm going again before she opened up and rode him hard. Sounds of moans, heavy breathing, and skin slapping against each other echoed throughout the room.

"Oh God Sid" Karen said gripping his pecks as she came down on him with force.

Sidney dug his fingers into her hips "oh baby, come for me" he said helping to bring her down on him.

Karen sat up and Sidney let go of her hips, lacing his fingers with hers as her orgasm hit hard and brought her over the edge screaming her release. Her body shook as she continued riding Sidney's cock to bring out his own orgasm. She heard the growl come from Sidney's mouth and Karen stopped moving, clamping down on him. Karen leaned down to capture his lips before rolling off and laying beside him, both letting their breathing settle down. After a few minutes, Sidney got off the bed and went into the bathroom before coming back and spooning behind Karen.

"Sorry, I know you didn't want to wear that."

"If its to keep you from getting pregnant again too soon, I will live with the sacrifice."

"Wow, you almost sounded convincing there."

"Sorry baby, but I love feeling you on me. I can't have that wearing a condom."

"I know. I love feeling you inside me too. Just give it a couple more weeks to be sure and then we can omit them permenantly again."

"Don't tease me Karen" he said kissing her cheek when he heard her giggle. They managed to lay there for a half hour before getting up and getting dressed. Sidney helped Karen finish cleaning up the downstairs and had dinner in the oven.

Twenty minutes later, Trina and Nicole brought the twins back home to the delight of Karen and Sidney.

"Did you guys have fun with your grandchildren today?" Sidney asked his mom.

"We did" Trina said taking off her jacket.

"We went to see Santa at the mall" Nicole, Karen's mom told them.

"You did" Karen smiled at her babies getting a smile out of them "did grandma take you to see Santa?"

"Here's the pictures" Trina said handing them to Sidney who went to show Karen.

"Those are too cute."

"Yeah, since they weren't getting fussy we managed to get three sets so we all could have them."

"Good thinking mom" Karen said. "Do you two want to stay for dinner?"

"We met up with your dads and all had dinner out. The twins each had a bottle while we ate, so they should be good to go" Nicole told them.

"Well why don't we go get you two wonderful babies changed and put down for a nap from your long adventurous day."

"Let me help you baby girl." Karen and her mom took the babies and headed upstairs leaving Sidney and his mom time to talk.

"So, do you have everything all arranged?" Trina asked her son.

"Yep and Karen has no clue what's going on."

"I'm so proud of you for doing this Sid."

"Its what needs to happen mom. I want her to know how much I love her."

"Well your surprise will certainly prove that."

"And you will get everything taken care of on your end?" he asked her.

"Yes, so stop worrying. Everything will come together" she told him before they finished their conversation.

Meanwhile in the nursery...

"Everything still ok between you and Sidney?"

"Yeah why wouldn't it be?"

"I know the struggles a couple can have with newborns but twins bring a lot more to the table."

"Sidney's been great helping me and these two angels haven't been anything but a blessing."

"So, your sex life isn't suffering?"

Karen just laughed "no mom, we're picking our moments to be together like when their asleep or your mothers come and take them for half the day."

"Well, if you couldn't read between the lines our little plot worked then."

"Are you sure it wasn't my doing asking you to take the twins?" Karen looked at her mom and they both laughed. After the babies got both changed and put in their cribs, the two women went downstairs to join the others.

"Well, we're not going to keep you guys any longer and let you two get some dinner."

"Thanks mom, Trina for watching them today."

"Hey, no need to thanks us" Karen's mom told them.

"Really. I cherish this age and anytime we're in town, just give me a call and I will definitely love to babysit" Trina said.

"Becareful driving back mom" Sidney said hugging her then Karen's mom.

"I will and I'll call when we've gotten back so you don't worry." They all hugged and they left their kids alone. Sidney closed the door and pressed Karen upagainst it, kissing her passionately.

"Mmm, what brought that on?"

"Because I love you."

"I love you too" she said bringing him in for another kiss. They heard the oven timer go off and Sidney took her hand, leading her into the kitchen so they could have dinner and spend the rest of the night enjoying each other's company.

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