Sunday, June 20, 2010

Chapter 39

Six hours of sleep later, Karen got up at 8a and went to the bathroom. She checked on the babies after and saw they were still sleeping which gave her a few minutes to head downstairs and get the coffee started. When she came back up and went into the nursery, Karen stopped at the doorway and saw Sidney in the rocker with one of the babies.

"I think you're going to get a little to use to this."

"I woke up and you weren't in bed, so I heard a whimper coming from in here and saw this little one on the verge of tears if her daddy didn't pick her up."

"Wow, she's home for only a few hours and already has her daddy wrapped around her finger."

"You know that's not true" Sidney said only to hear a small cry from their son "sounds like you are needed too." Karen went to pick up the baby and stood there rubbing his back until he fell back asleep "you definitely have the magic touch baby."

"What about you? She really seems happy."

"Well Nicki and I had a little talk before you came up."

"Nicki?" she asked confused.

"Calling her by both names, it's like she's going to always be in trouble when we use her middle name. So we talked about it and she really responded well to Nicki."

"You two talked about it huh?" Karen smiled "I like it. Of course, when she starts school, we'll let her decided what name she wants to be called ok?"

"Fair enough." Sidney sat there and stared at his daughter in his arms "I hate that I have to go to practice today. I don't want to leave them."

"You'll be off tomorrow and can spend all day with them then."

"Hopefully you too."

"But of course. I'm not dumb enough to leave you alone with two babies at the same time. I'll wait to do that when their toddlers and getting in to everything." Karen laughed but stopped when she saw Nicki getting a bit restless "I think someone needs changed."

"I changed her right before you came up. Maybe she's hungry?"

"Well I would say for you to go ahead, but I think you're missing some components" she said putting Sidney in his crib.

"Let me move and you can have the rocker."

"Actually, why don't you bring her to me in bed, that way you can be in there with us?"

"I like that." Sidney got up and followed Karen into the bedroom. She got on the bed and pulled up her tank top over one of her breasts. Sidney handed Nicki to her and Karen smiled when she latched on. "I'll be back" Sidney said disappearing for a second and came back with little Sidney in his arms, gingerly sitting on the bed with Karen. "Figured he would be next and we can just trade afterwards" he said to get Karen to lightly laugh. "You know, it's amazing."

"What is?"

"How they know what to do? Like they had a manual in the womb to know what they need after they're born."

"I think it's just more instinct. If we had a bottle in front of them, it would be the same way."

"So they could have rejected your breast?"

"You make it sound like the plague or something" she said laughing softly to not disturb Nicki "but yeah, some babies won't breast feed and only take to the bottle."

"Sucks that I'll have to wait to help feed them."

"You won't have to wait long. I may use a breast pump to put some of my milk in bottles so if Im not here or both need fed at the same time, then you can feed one of them too."

Sidney looked at his son in his arms "I may need to borrow that manual of yours to know what your mom is talking about." Karen just smiled and shook her head as her daughter finished feeding.

Two hours later, both babies had been fed, burped and changed. Sidney had set up the bassinets in the living room so they would be there with them while they were bome and so Karen wouldn't have to run up and down the stairs all day to check on one, the other, or both. It was also easier for Karen while Sidney was at either practices or away games.

When Sidney came back from practice, he had some players in tow that came over to see the babies. Karen just shook her head when she saw the likes of Tanger, Max and Billy all make faces and talk baby talk to the twins. She was a little disappointed that Jordan wasn't there but knew it was best since he had gotten his ultimatium from the organization. The guys stayed for an hour before they headed out to leave Sid and Karen alone with their children.

"I have an idea baby."

"And that idea is what?"

"How about I go get us some dinner from that Italian place you love and if you can get the table set up, we could have a little quiet, romantic dinner?"

"Is this the start of some pampering?"

"Maybe" he said caressing her cheek "but it's ultimately to just keep showing you how much I love you."

"Either way, I like the sound to that" she said leaning in to meet his lips but a small cry stopped that "and so it begins" Karen said laughing. She went over to pick up Sidney and bring him over to the couch.

"Listen little man, we're going to have to have a talk about disrupting your mom and I when I'm trying to make some moves here."

Karen was patting Sidney's back until a burp came out "I guess there's your answer daddy."

"We'll talk later junior" he said rubbing his back. Sidney gave Karen a kiss and got up "I'll be back in a little bit."

"Ok." Karen watched Sidney leave and smiled at her son "don't let daddy talk you out of anything. If my baby boy needs me, you call me for anytime" she said kissing his head before putting him back down for a nap. She left the living room to get the table set for their romantic dinner and sat back down with the twins until Sidney came back. About twenty minutes later, Sidney came back with dinner and told Karen to sit still and he would plate out the food for them. She loved getting pampered by him but then laughed when she knew how annoying it would get before long. Sidney soon came over to get her and led her by the hand to the table to eat.

"I need to propose a toast before we eat" Sidney started.

"Its not really necessary Sid."

"I think it is. To my beautiful wife who gave me the two most beautiful children in the world. I found not only my best friend but the love of my life the day I met you. We start our new life with our children from this moment on and everything that happened in the past, stays there. I don't think you will ever imagine how much I love you Karen."

Karen wiped away the tears that had fallen down her cheeks "I think I can because I love you just as much if not more. You believed in me and more importantly us to let this family happen."

"You know, I forsee great things for the Crosby clan."

"You forsee? Did you become a gypsy while waiting for dinner? Tell me you didn't buy a crystal ball."

"No, nothing like that. I just know it'll turn out the way we want it to."

"I second that" she said and they clinked glasses then started eating.

After they had eaten and sat in the living room admiring their children, Sidney leaned over and began kissing Karen on her neck.

"Um, excuse me sir, but I don't go this far on our first date."

"I bought you dinner, doesn't that count for some kind of affection."

Karen turned her head to look at him "what kind of a girl do you take me for?"

Sidney leaned in and captured her lips for a soft kiss "sexy, beautiful, easy, a push over..."

"Oh my god, I can't believe you said that" she said laughing and playfully pushing him away.

"Come on, you know you're going to give into me."

"Well I never said I wasn't but at least I like to make it a challenge for you." Sidney leaned back in and Karen laid down on the couch letting his body cover hers. Just as he was about to attach his lips to hers, a cry rang out to stop them.

"Alright, we're taking them back to the hospital to get the radar taken out of them" Sidney said as Karen pushed him off.

"Might as well get used to it, it'll probably happen a lot."

"Not after I get done talking to them."

Karen got up and check on the babies. Sidney was getting fussy and Karen picked him up cradling him in her arms and going back over to sit down with him.

"See, I knew it had to be him. Listen bud, you'll understand when you're older that private time with a woman is precious so you'll have to choose your time to call your mom wisely."

"In others words, your daddy will be spending a lot of time alone in the bathroom if he doesn't stop blaming you for interrupting us" she said smiling at her son.

"Am I overreacting here?"

"Yes, a little."

Sidney smiled and kissed his son's head "maybe I am but he'll understand why we need this time together."

"It's because daddy's horny" she whispered.

"Oh like you aren't baby." Karen just gave him a look "see I knew it."

"It'll happen Sid, we just might need to learn a start and stop method sometimes."

"Could be fun getting you going again."

"Oh god baby boy, see what you and your sister are getting into being born into this family. Let's hope you both learn from me and not your daddy."

"As long as they have my hockey skills, they can definitely be like you."

"I gave you two Sid, I am not about to pop out enough to make you your own hockey team."

"All I would need is three more, two on defense and a goalie since I already got my wingers."

"You seriously need help."

"Nah" he said kissing her neck again "I just seriously want to make love to you" he whispered in her ear. Karen turned her head and met his lips.

"Why don't you take your son and I'll get our daughter and we'll go put them to bed."

"So we can" Sidney said smiling as Karen handed their son over. He fussed a little but settled back down when Sidney held him close. Karen got up and slowly picked up Nicki so she wouldn't wake up. They went upstairs and put them in their cribs, watching them for a minute to make sure they fell back asleep. Sidney kissed Karen's cheek and took her hand, leading her out of the room and into theirs.

He began to undress her in rather a quick motion "will you slow down" Karen told him laughing.

"Don't know how much time we have" he told her as he removed the last of her clothes that left her standing there naked. "That still doesn't mean you need to rush."

"Don't worry, this will be the only part I'm rushing" he said getting undressed in record time. Once all their clothes were disposed of all over the room, Sidney stepped up to Karen and let their naked bodies press together.

"It better be the only part" she told him as she wrapped her arms around him letting their lips meet for a passionate kiss. Sidney broke the kiss a couple minutes later and moved the pillows around. He picked Karen up and placed her on the bed and she was leaning up against the pillows, almost sitting up. Sidney crawled up on the bed and laid over her body as Karen moved her legs to the sides giving him better access.

"Am I hurting you?" he asked looking deep into her eyes.

"No, your fine" she said caressing his cheek. Sidney moved his hand inbetween them and grabbed his cock, finding her entrance and plunging inside. He laid still for a moment before beginning to move. Sidney bent his knee up and it brought Karen's leg up a little. Their lips reattached themselves as Sidney went as slow as he could allow himself to go. There was no rushing between either of them and it brought Karen back to when they first got together. She had missed this part of him and loved every minute of it. Hands roamed over every inch of skin and Karen arched her back when Sidney's mouth found one of her nipples to suck on. She moved her hands to his ass and dug her fingernails in as she helped push him into her. The slow sensations brought out their orgasms together and showed the love they've always had for one another. "I've missed this."

"The sex?"

"No, the slow sensual love making from long ago."

"You were the one that wanted the variety."

"I know but I always thought you would come back to this from time to time."

"Sorry, I'll try to remember that" he said kissing her. "You know, I got a little taste of what the babies get, not bad."

"Well don't get use to it since it is their only source of nutrion right now."

"I won't."

"Can I ask what it tasted like?"

"Can't really place it but it was sweet."

Just then they heard one of the babies cry out "uh oh, you're in trouble now."

"Yeah yeah, thou shalt not covet thy wife's breasts when they belong to the babies" he said getting a laugh out of Karen as she got out of bed, putting on her robe.

"They will belong to you again after a few months."

"They will forever belong to me" he yelled to her after she had left the room. He got up a few minutes later and went into the nursery seeing one of the babies feeding. He just stood there and watched until Karen looked up at him "sorry for staring but I can't get over watching you do this."

"Its ok, I know you only like it because my breast is exposed."

Sidney nodded while laughing "maybe" he said walking into the room and sitting on the floor infront of Karen.

"You know, there's still a part of me that can't believe they're here, we're here together."

"Divorce was never an option for me Karen."

"I know that now but before I got pregnant, I wasn't sure if it was. Makes me wonder if having the twins is what's holding us together."

"You still think I'm going to leave or something?"

"Sometimes" she said feeling the single tear cascade down her cheek "you can tell me you're over it and everything but who's to say that one day you'll remember what you walked in on and decide you can't live with it anymore."

"I'm to say. Baby, I fought to be with you, that has to mean something to you" he said getting up on his knees and closer to her.

"It does but everyone has their breaking point. Maybe yours is just covered up right now."

Sidney got up and sat on the ottoman infront of Karen "I know you still have a lot of hormones racing around in there but be aware that I'm not going to leave you and the kids. I'm not going to run out and cheat with some random girl to get back at you. You need to let yourself get over it and not keep preparing for the worse."

"I don't see why not. If I'm prepared for it at least I know it's coming before it happens" she said smiling.

"Look around, all we need is in this room."

"You always have to be the one that's right all the time."

"Bout time you realized it beautiful. I need to go lock up, you need anything?" Karen shook her head no "ok, I'll be back up in a minute" he said leaning forward to kiss her then kissed his daughter's head before leaving them alone.

"Let this be a lesson to you darling daughter, never make it to where your dad has to admit he's right. There will be no living with him after that" she smiled and caressed her head as she continued feeding.

About a half hour later, both kids had been fed and changed as Karen went back to bed. Sidney was already lying there with his eyes closed and she quietly got in beside him. Sidney felt the bed shift and rolled over cuddling up to her. Karen got comfortable and fell asleep holding onto her life.

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  1. i hope this isn't the last chapter! I love this story and seeing Sid as a daddy. Although, its annoying that sex seems to come before the kids.