Thursday, June 10, 2010

Chapter 36

Sidney pulled his head back to look at her and wipe the tear streaks from her face "you ok?"

Karen nodded her head "yeah, just still shaken up that he'd take it that far." Sidney just nodded and led her to the couch in the living room. "I thought when I yelled for him to stop, he would have. But there was a look in his eyes that it wasn't him."

"What do you mean?"

"Like it was Jordan, but behind his eyes he seemed different. My friend Jordan that I know wasn't there, he was someone else." Karen paused then looked at Sidney "it scared me when you two started hitting each other."

"It felt good on my end" he said getting a small smile out of her "and it was the only way I knew to get him off you."

"How much trouble did you get into with Coach Dan?"

"He just talked to us and then Jordan left and I filled him in on everything. He'll talk to Jordan tomorrow before practice. I'm just waiting on a call from either Mario or Ray."

"When Ray hears about it I think he'll let it go since he knows the hatred you have towards Jordan. He even made the comment that you two needed to beat the hell out of each other for this to really be over."

Sidney sat there and remembered what he told Billy "let's hope it is over and he now stops his pursuit of you. All the guys probably know what's going on and I think he's smart enough to leave you alone after Mario, Dan and Ray gets done with him."

"What do you mean?"

"Dan said he'll warn Jordan to leave you alone or he might get traded if he doesn't."

"Really?" she said shocked.

"Wouldn't that be the best?"

"He's still our friend Sid."

Sidney saw the tenderness in her eyes "I know baby. That's why Dan thinks if Jordan loves playing here like the rest of us, he'll back off."

Karen got up and began pacing "I don't want to be the reason this team falls apart and ruins your chance for repeating."

"Baby, no one will hold you responsible if Jordan gets traded and we don't repeat. This is all on him now and how he wants to play it" he said getting up to stop her.

"I just want all this to die down so we can bring home our children and be normal again."

"It's all I want too Karen" he said kissing her. At first she hesitated but then kissed him back before they broke apart and put their foreheads together holding each other. "I have an idea, why don't you go lay down for a little bit and I'll find something to make for a late lunch."

Karen shook her head no "I don't want to close my eyes right now. Everything's too fresh in my mind and I won't be able to fall asleep."

"Ok, then plan B."

"What's plan B?"

"Why don't I take you out for lunch and then a visit to the most beautiful children in Pittsburgh?"

"That plan I like better" she said smiling, making Sidney smile as well.

"It's going to be ok, I promise."

"I know" she said leaning in to kiss him which he happily accepted. He thought the situation with Jordan would either draw her back to him or scare her away from his touches. Sidney smiled inside knowing neither was happening. "Thank you for today."

"Baby stop apologizing."

"No, I can't and won't. You saved me from god knows what could have happened and I will forever be grateful."

"Protecting the love of my life is what I signed up for when we started dating. So stop thanking me because it's not neccessary and it will start to become annoying real soon."

"Ok, but how about one more on reserve to be used at a later date?"

"I think I can let you have that. Do you need to do anything before we head out?"

"No, I'm good." Their lips met again before leaving the house. They got to the hospital after eating lunch and headed straight to InfantICU. Sidney helped put the gown on Karen before getting his own on and going inside. Karen let a tear fall and Sidney just looked at her "it's a happy tear Sid."

"Ok" he said kissing her head. The nurse saw them over by the babies and came to talk to them. She told them they were progressing strong and should definitely be going home in a couple weeks. Karen and Sidney just smiled at each other and couldn't believe it. They stayed for another hour then decided to leave.

"I had a feeling you two would be here today" Dr. Kelley said seeing them coming out of the room.

"Like I could keep her away" Sidney said getting hit in the stomach by Karen "or myself."

"How are you feeling Karen?"

"Better, thanks."

"It's good I ran into you, I have an opening tomorrow, why don't you stop in for your check up."

"That'll work, what time?"


"I have practice then" Sidney said.

"I can go by myself Sid, besides you'll need to be there tomorrow with your game tomorrow night." Sidney hestitated "Dr. Kelley will you please tell him I am fine to drive myself to your office?"

"Sid, I know you're still worried about her, but driving to my office will not put a strain on her."

"See, even the doctor agrees with me."

"Alright fine" he said defeated making the other two laugh.

"I was going to do a check over your children, would you like to stick around for a few more minutes and I'll tell you what's going on?"

"Like you even need to ask Doc" Sidney said.

"Ok, why don't you guys head down to the cafeteria for a little bit and by the time you come back, I'll be done." Sidney and Karen just nodded and left.

While they were sitting at a table with their drinks, Sidney noticed Karen was lost in thought "what's wrong baby?"

"What if she finds something wrong with them?"

"Then we're here while she does and if something needs done we're here to authorize it. Baby, they looked healthy and stronger to me."

"Me too, but that fear is still there ya know."

"I know baby" he said grabbing her hand "repeat after me...they're getting stronger."

"They're getting stronger."

"They're fighting to get healthy to come home with us."

"They're fighting to get healthy to come home with us."

"I love you and I'm right about this."

"I love you too and I will never admit you're right" she said getting Sidney to laugh.

"Not what I said beautiful."

"Funny, cause that's what I heard."

"You're not right Karen."

"Never said I was but you are right Sid. I need to just let all the negative thoughts go and realize what's in front of me."

"And what's in front of you?" Sidney asked seriously.

"My husband that hopefully still loves me after everything that's happened so when we bring our two beautiful children home we can be the family we both always wanted."

"This thing with Jordan is over for the both of us. You're not in love with him and today, I got all my frustrations out on him. Anything else that happens it will be on him and if he wants to continue this, it's his life and career he's screwing up. This chapter of our lives is over and those babies upstairs start a new one. Eventhough I was hurt and had my heart broken, I've never stopped loving you Karen. You might not have been able to see it, but I was certainly ready to fight for you to keep you in my life."

"I think you accomplished that today" she said smiling and lightly caressing his cheek that still beared a red mark.

"You were the love of my life when I first met you and you still are the love of my life. Nothing will change that, ever."

"Thank you for believing in us."

Sidney reached up and wiped away the stray tear that fell "anytime baby." They smiled at each other as Sidney kissed her hand before they got up to head back upstairs to see Dr. Kelley.

"Perfect timing you two" Dr. Kelley said coming out of the room "well my biggest fear has been answered...they will be leaving us soon to go home with you."

"Really?" Karen said as the happy tears fell again when Sidney put his arms around her.

"I ran some tests and they are breathing on their own. I am going to ween them out of their incubators over the next couple days and make sure they can handle everything on their own. I will still have 24 hour care for them so if something goes wrong we will be right on top of them to get them back on oxygen or anything else they need. I am hoping they will continue to get stronger and go home with you by the end of the month."

"That is great news" Sidney said still holding onto Karen.

"Yeah it is."

"So, why don't you two head home and I will see you tomorrow Karen."

"Ok, thanks Dr. Kelley."

"You guys are welcome" she said before leaving them alone. Karen took one more look inside the room and Sidney stood behind her with his arms around her waist.

"See, I was right."

"Yes you were."

"Not a true admission, but I'll take it."

Karen turned around in his arms to face him "Ok, I will admit it to you face to were right and I love you."

"See, now that wasn't so hard...and I love you too" he said before leaning in to kiss her.

"Feel like working on the nursey tonight?"

"I think we could get it painted over the next couple days and then get the furniture put together so everything is ready for them."

"Only taking out time for hockey games."

"Yeah because I wouldn't know how to explain missing games to get a nursery ready."

"I wouldn't let you miss a game anyways."

"I knew you were a smart woman."

"Can we go home now?" she said laughing.

"Absolutely baby" he said as they both told their babies goodbye and left.

When they got home, they moved what was in the nursery out and Karen laid down the sheet on the floor. Sidney got the paints and brushes and everything they needed while Karen opened the windows to let any fumes out.

"Ok, how are we going to do this?" Sidney asked walking in with the last of the paints.

"I was thinking, why don't we paint the whole room the same instead of half your way and the other half mine."

"I'm listening."

"You obviously want a hockey theme..."

"Your point is?"

"Let me finish bonehead. How about we paint the whole room in that theme?"

"Isn't that a little biased?"

"Not when your daughter could be the next Crosby star."

Sidney stepped up to her "why do I get the feeling you're changing your mind about them playing?"

"I was never against them playing. All I said was to wait until they were old enough."

"I just love that you'll let them both play."

"You can make up their mind now but when they're old enough, it's their decision if they want to continue or not, agreed?"

"I can agree to that" he said bringing her closer to him as their lips met in a very passionate kiss.

"Ok, I'm going to stop this before we head somewhere we can't go" Karen said breaking the kiss.

"I know I shouldn't have taken it that far, but baby, you had a C section. I don't see why she won't let you have sex."

"Um, the weight of you on me that could pull my stitches for one."

"Not like we don't know how to fix that."

"Sid, I will talk to her tomorrow and ask your question ok?"

"It's all I ask." They both laughed and began painting the wall. They continued painting until about 9p, only stopping to get something to eat for dinner then quitting for the night and going to bed.

The next day, Karen went to her doctor's appointment as Sidney went to the arena for the morning skate before the game tonight. Karen was nervous for what would happen at the arena and it showed at her appointment. She got through her check up and was waiting for Dr. Kelley to meet up with her in her office.

"Well Karen, everything looks good and healing nicely. The ultrasound shows your uterus is healing very nice and that is what I wanted to see. Have you had any pains or cramping since the births?"

"No but then again, when I felt the pains it was primarily after sex. Sidney won't let me lift anything to see if it appears that way like once before."

"Well I applaud him for that" she said getting Karen to laugh.

"I know better trust me."

"I know you're anxious to do normal things again, but if you would have ripped out the stitches from your uterus before it healed the tear would have opened up again and you would have started bleeding again and if you couldn't have gotten to the hospital I can't begin to tell you what could happen."

"I understand, I do. As I told Sidney I'm not stupid enough to risk anything."

"Good girl. Now why do I get the feeling another question is lurking?"

"Because there is. Sidney kissed me last night and if I didn't stop him, trust me it would have gone to another level."

Karen? Tell me you guys didn't?"

"We didn't, as much as we both wanted to, it didn't."

"But you want to know why you still need to wait the whole six weeks when you had a C section?"

"Yeah, why is that? I can see why if I delivered vaginally, but not from a C section with the exception of him putting his weight on my stomach."

"That is basically the reason with a C section. I wanted to make sure you were healing first and since you had the tear in your uterus, I didn't want you getting to bounced around to upset that healing process. But, since everything looks good, if maybe you guys wanted to try a few positions where Sid wasn't directly on top of you, I might consider letting you guys decide for yourselves. But, and this is a huge but, any discomfort, pain, or spot bleeding I want a phone call and I am reinstating the six weeks ok?"


"And I know Sid isn't going to like this, but you will need to use condoms between now and the full six weeks. I don't want you pregnant again this soon."

"Taking care of twin infants...believe me, the thought of being pregnant again before their 5 is not an option in my mind."

"Here, let me start you guys off" she said getting up and getting into a cupboard "this should last you a while. Don't go overboard with the sex. Maybe once or twice a week to start then you guys can get back into your normal routine."

"Hmm, a normal routine when twins are in the house. That's funny doc, come up with that all by yourself?" Karen said getting them both laughing.

"Let's just say, when they're's the prefect timing for you two."

"Thanks Dr. Kelley."

"Your welcome Karen and just becareful."

"We will be" she said then left the office. Karen figured she would surprise Sidney tonight after the game. She went home and got something small to eat knowing she'd be making dinner for Sidney early.

Sidney got home and found Karen in the nursery painting "hey baby."

"Hey, how was practice?"

"Good, it's going to be a good game tonight."

"With a win hopefully."

"You know it."

"What happened with Jordan?" she asked as she stopped painting and looked at him.

"Well it was obvious that someone talked to him because he wanted nothing to do with me on the ice. Don't know how well that'll work during the game if our lines overlap."

"You think he'll purposely throw a pass or a scoring chance if you're on the ice with him?"

"I don't know, let's hope not. But let's not talk about that. How did your check up go?"

"Great actually. She said both incisions are healing nicely and am recovering great."

"And did you ask about the other thing?"

"What other thing?"

"Karen?" he said almost whining only to see her laughing "you did ask, what did she say?"

"That the decision is up to me" she said going back to her painting.

"No, no, no" he said getting her off the step ladder "tell me what she said" Sidney asked looking deep into her eyes.

"That if we wanted to try we can but you can't lay directly on me and we need to take it easy."

"You're being serious right?"

"Yes, I am."

"Then let's go" he said leading her into the bedroom.

"Sid wait, why can't we do this after your game tonight?"

"You want me to wait? Baby, this will be all I can think about. Please baby, don't make me wait anymore than I have to?"

"Well I don't want you to beg or anything" she said smiling "but you will need this" Karen said pulling the condom from her pocket.

"And you were going to make me wait."

"Yeah, like that was going to happen."

Sidney took the condom from Karen and laid it on the bed. Sidney took off her shirt and bra, caressing her breasts "tell me you weren't as excited when she told you we could?" He soon left her breasts and travelled down her stomach to the top of her shorts, taking them and her underwear with it, making sure he cupped her mound on the way back up sticking a couple fingers inside and feeling how wet she was "tell me you don't want me as much as I want you."

"Oh Sid, I do want you...right now" she said breathless as he kept up his finger job. Karen could feel her orgasm build but didn't want to explode yet "stop Sid...this isn't how I want you."

Sidney smiled and removed his fingers, discarding himself of his clothes. He picked her up and carefully placed her on the middle of the bed. Sidney crawled up and stayed on his knees hovering over Karen. He spread her legs and Karen put them to the sides of Sidney's legs, giving him ample room. Sidney inched closer to her but grabbed a pillow and placed it under her ass, lifting her up a little. Before Sidney entered into her, he took the condom and put it on easing into her slick opening.

"Oh god" Karen said with a gasp.

"You ok?" Sidney said concerned. Karen just nodded and Sidney took it as a green light to proceed. He began to move inside of her, putting his hands by her sides to keep the leverage over her. Karen arched her back into the sensations as she grabbed ahold of Sidney's wrists feeling him go a bit harder in his thrusts. Sidney heard her whimpers and knew she was alright as he started to pick up the pace. Karen let go of his wrists and grabbed the bedspread as Sidey sat up and grabbed her hips, pulling her into him. Karen felt her orgasm slam her body as she screamed out. Sidney kept pounding into her fast until he couldn't stand the tightness around his cock and he came hard as well. He leaned over her and captured her lips before sitting up and pulling out of her, laying beside her.

"Oh wow" she said breathing hard "I forgot how great we were."

"I know. Nice to know we haven't lost anything. You ok? Any pain or anything?"

"No, I feel good. I'm not sore since I had a C section and you stayed off my stomach, so we're all good."

Sidney turned over onto his side and lightly rubbed her stomach, inching his way to caressing her breasts "feel like round two?"

"Sid, Dr. Kelley said to take it easy before getting back into our normal routine."

Sidney moved his hand back down to her mound and started to rub her clit "we'll take it easy after today." Karen just looked at Sidney and smiled shaking her head. He got off the bed and went into the bathroom, coming back and laying down beside her. Karen sat up and straddled his thighs, ripping open another condom package. She grabbed his slightly erect cock and massaged him until he was at his hardest. She put the condom on, unrolling down his shaft then moved over his cock and slowly sat down on him. Sidney put his hands on her hips as Karen got a rhythm going. She started off slow but the feelings got more intense and she picked up her hips going faster and slamming back down on him hard making him moan out. Karen leaned forward and grasped his pecks riding him until her second orgasm came crashing hard. She felt Sidney get thicker inside of her and began milking his orgasm out until his low growl told her he came. Sidney sat up, wrapping his arms around her as their lips met for a slow kiss. "So, are you going to tell me we should have waited until after the game tonight?"

"Well I only gave in because you were begging."

"Ok, play your game, but I got you either way baby."

"That you did" she said letting her lips meet his again "but I do believe you used up your nap time."

"I can take a quick one while you get dinner ready."

"When do I get my nap?"

"After tonight when I wear your cute ass out."

Karen got off him and the bed going into the bathroom "I'll be sure to save up all my energy then" she said disappearing into the shower. Sidney took off the condom and threw it in the trash can by the bed, laying back down and closing his eyes. Karen came out of the bathroom twenty minutes later with a towel wrapped around her body and laughed at the sight in front of her, a naked Sidney lying asleep. She grabbed the blanket from the foot of the bed and put it over him before she got dressed and headed downstairs to make them dinner.


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