Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chapter 6

As Karen left her house, she called Natalie to make sure she was home and if she minded that she came over. She was ok with it and they hung up so Karen could finish the drive. Ten minutes later, Karen pulled up to Natalie and Max's house and went to knock on the door. Natalie answered it and could see that something was wrong, really wrong.

"What's going on Karen?"

Karen closed her eyes and realized there was no easy way to tell her problem. She closed her eyes and took a huge breath "I cheated on Sidney...."


"...with Jordan..."


"...and Sidney caught us...this morning."

Natalie couldn't breathe and got up to walk around the living room "just humor me and tell me one more time in one complete sentence what you just said."

"I cheated on Sidney with Jordan and Sidney walked in and caught us this morning."

"Bitch you’ve just lost the best thing to ever come into your sad little life" Natalie said rudely as she paced in front of her.

"Stating the obvious but thanks" Karen retorted.

"Kiki, I can’t even begin to imagine what you were thinking when you started seeing Jordan. I mean GIRL ARE YOU CRAZY? Look at Sid…that’s one piece off ass I could live with all my life. I can understand you wanting both but look at him. He’s everything a woman wants. Sure Jordan is good for sex but that’s it" Natalie said looking at Karen disapprovingly.

"Jordan's good for other things, you just need to give him time to show it."

"You would know" she said sarcastically.

"Maybe I should go" Karen said standing up.

"Look, I'm sorry alright. You know what the friendship and camaraderie means to these guys and you do this between two that are probably best friends on and off the ice. What were you thinking?"

"I wasn't thinkng. Nat, you can’t and won’t understand what this is like for me. Jordan was a fling one night before Sid and I got together. Over the past three years, it was left to innocent flirting and minimal touching but we did get together once after Sid and I started dating and then not again until last night." Natalie just stared at Karen as she continued, "I've screwed everything up" she said as the tears fell.

"Yeah you did"

"Seriously what should I do?"

"I think you should get naked, tie yourself to Sid’s bed and grovel…always works for me when Max gets mad at me" Natalie said seriously. Karen giggled and smiled.

"Nope wouldn’t work with my Sidney…he prefers the mature approach to things."

"It comes down to who you want more."

"There both so different and each makes me feel different too."

"Seriously I think you should follow your heart. Do whatever your instinct tells you because it may not be right but you’ll be happier and that’s what’s important."

Karen sighed thoughtfully, "but I feel so bad Nat, I mean the man I love is hurting right now cause of me. If anything I don’t deserve Sid or Jordan. I’ve broken up my relationship with them and severed the bonds of friendship. I’ve caused serious damage and I don’t think anything can undo this" Karen started weeping softly and Natalie pulled her into a tight hug.

"Things will work out I promise. You’re still a bitch for screwing two guys; two hot guys might I add. And I’m not saying what you did was right but I love you and I’ll help you make things right. And if all else fails…you can send Sidney my way…I’ll make him happy" Karen managed a giggle and squeezed Natalie.

"What about Max?"

"Max does whatever I tell him to do. He'll be fine if I want to keep Sid as a play toy" she said to make Karen smile. "It may take time, but it'll work out for the best."

"Thanks Nat, you’re a real friend" she said hugging her. "Would you mind if I crashed here, at least for tonight?"

"You can stay as long as you need to."

Karen hugged her again and went to the guest room. She laid down on the bed and replayed all the events up until this very moment. She laid there as it hit her how she hurt the man she loved most in the world and wondered if they could really get past it. Karen soon fell asleep hoping when she woke up it was a bad dream.

The next morning, Karen woke up early and needed to go home for some clothes for work. She knew Sidney would still be there and didn't know what would happen. She made the bed and quietly left the house and went home. The short drive over, Karen tried to stay calm but thinking about seeing Sidney made her a nervous wreck. She pulled into the driveway and got out, unlocking the door and went inside. She looked around and figured Sidney was still in bed. She slowly walked upstairs and entered their bedroom, seeing Sidney still asleep in bed. Karen looked at him for a minute then went to the closet.

Sidney slowly opened his eyes and saw Karen standing in front of the closet. At first he thought it was a dream, but soon realized it wasn't. He was going to say something but when he saw her turn around, Sidney closed his eyes again pretending to be asleep. She walked past him but looked at him again before she left. When Sidney heard the front door close, he opened his eyes and laid there wondering what would happen between them.


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