Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Chapter 1

It was family dinner night at Karen's parent's house. They had invited her and her husband, Sidney Crosby but also her sister Britnie and her boyfriend, Jordan Staal. As everyone was getting things ready for dinner, no one noticed two had slipped away.

"You’re so sexy," Jordan drawled kissing Karen.

"Jordan don’t…" Karen complained kissing him back. Jordan let his hand travel up her leg and caressed her inner thigh, all the while probing her mouth with his tongue.

"Jordan we shouldn’t…you know we can’t."

"They won’t find out…trust me," he slipped off her dress and let his hands wander over the smooth skin.

"Oh baby, no…not today…we can’t," Karen gasped as Jordan’s mouth met her nipples, his tongue sliding over the buds effortlessly.

"Oh Karen, you’re so beautiful, so damn beautiful," he whispered as his hands moved down to remove the wet panties.

"Karen can you come down here a second. Your mom wants help in the kitchen," Sidney called from somewhere in the house.

"Shit," Karen howled grabbing her dress off the floor. She slipped it on and pulled on her shoes. "Could you go down and tell him that I’m in the bathroom or something." Jordan nodded, straightened his shirt and went downstairs, but not before sneaking in another kiss.

Karen looked in the mirror and took a deep breath, that was close, damn that was too fucking close. She freshened up and brushed her soft brown hair before joining her parents and husband downstairs.

"You look beautiful baby," Sidney whispered in Karen’s ear.

“You look pretty hot yourself,” she whispered back hoping that he wouldn’t notice the guilty expression on her face.

“Maybe I can help you out of that dress when we get home tonight,” he whispered again, his lips briefly grazing her ear.

I’ve already been helped out of it once, Karen thought, "now that’s an interesting thought," she replied back instead.

"Just a few more hours to wait…" he let his finger trail an invisible line down her back making her shiver with excitement "just a few more hours."

"If you keep doing that, we won’t be waiting until tonight," Karen whispered back, knowing she was already hot and ready from what Jordan started.

"Baby, don’t tempt me. I have been yearning for you since we got here." Sidney lifted her chin and kissed her passionately before they were interrupted.

"Karen, I need some help please," her mom shouted from the kitchen.

"Tonight" that was all Karen said before letting go of Sidney and heading to the kitchen.

As they sat down for dinner, Karen and Jordan would sneak glances at each other while the conversations went on. Karen was the eldest of her and Britnie and older than Sidney. She was one of Ray Shero's assistants at the arena and her and Sidney took a liking to each other. Ray was skeptical of their friendship but knew keeping them apart would probably do more harm than good. As they became better friends, they started dating and then eventually got married a year ago. He saw the positive change in Sidney and knew it was the right call to let it happen.

About eight months ago, Karen had introduced her sister Britnie to the team when she came back to Pittsburgh to live and there was instant attraction with Jordan. The four of them came inseparatable after games and on some off days. Britnie was exactly like Karen but 4 years younger...and also older than Jordan. They both were average women with flowing brown hair and brown eyes. They weren't like every other female around the city of Pittsburgh and actually enjoyed the game of hockey. Jordan and Sidney found that incredibly sexy from the two women and was hooked from the beginning.

When dinner was over, they all sat around talking until Sidney gave Karen a look and she told her parents they needed to go. Jordan felt a twinge of jealousy whenever he saw them together and knew what would happen when they got home. He was brought out of his thoughts when Britnie nudged him and they headed out as well.

After Sidney and Karen got home, he pushed her up against the wall in the hallway and captured her lips in a heated kiss. The desire between them sent fire through their bodies. Karen was able to get out of Sidney's grip and head up the stairs to their bedroom. She stopped in the middle and turned, motioning for Sidney to follow her. He practically ran up after her and chased her into their room.

"Thought you could get away from me huh?"

"No, I just figured you would want to work off dinner first."

"Don't worry, we will" he said with lust in his voice. Sidney brought his lips back to hers and wouldn't let go until their clothes were completely scattered around the floor. He laid her down on the bed and covered her body with his. Sidney was never the one to rush their love making or add the kinkyness to it. He was always sensual and loving, caring and paid attention to her needs. Karen tried to get him to change it up every now and again, but it would still end up with Sidney on top.

Karen got comfortable and wrapped her leg around Sidney's waist, squeezing her muscles to help bring him closer to her. She gasped as he slid inside of her and breathlessly waited for him to move within her. As Sidney began to slowly thrust into her, Karen's mind wandered to earlier. Her brief encounter with Jordan then her teasing moment with Sidney. Having two men want her, sent chills through her body and made the heat rise from her core. She began to match her hip movements to Sidney's, bringing the start of her orgasm with it. Karen moved her hands to his hips and dug her fingernails into the skin telling Sidney she was ready to explode. A few more hard thrusts and Karen moaned out her satisfaction waiting for Sidney to unleash himself deep into her. Sidney stayed on top of her for another minute before pulling out of her and rolling to her side, soon cuddling up to each other and falling asleep.


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