Friday, May 1, 2009

Chapter 7

Later that morning, Sidney was in the locker room getting ready for practice when Jordan walked in. It took all the anger in his body to not go after him but he restrained himself and finished getting ready and heading out to the ice. Jordan sat there and got ready knowing Sidney will deal with him later whether he wanted to or not.

Karen was up in the office typing up some emails for Ray when she heard practice was going on. She finished up an email and left the offices to head to one of the suites to watch for a minute. She wanted to see if anything would transpire between Sid and Jordan but for the few minutes she watched they concentrated on their drills and stayed away from each other. She went back to work and tried to think of anything other then the two of them.

After practice, Sidney got his gear off and put on a pair of shorts and his shoes. He put his cap on and grabbed his stick, heading back to the ice. Sidney couldn’t be in the locker room with Jordan right now and went to work on some stick work until the locker room cleared out…or so he thought. Jordan knew what was going on and got his gear off as well, putting on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt with his shoes and following Sidney to the ice. When he got out there, Sidney was taking slap shots into the net when he saw Jordan come out onto the ice.

“Leave me alone Jordan” Sidney said without looking at him.

“I can’t do that. You need to talk to me Sid. Let me explain what happened.”

“What happened? What happened Jordan is you had sex with my wife. I don’t see where an explanation is needed here.”

“So what, you’re just going to keep avoiding me? We’re on the same team Sid, we need to work together.”

“I don’t have a problem working with you on the ice it’s off the ice where you can go to hell.”

“Then deal with me. I am right here, take your best shot.”

Sidney did just that and took the puck shooting it at him, making him jump out of the way.

Karen was leaving the offices for lunch when she heard a commotion on the ice and went through one of the openings to the ice by the seats and watched the unpleasantries.

“You don’t get it do you Jordan? I finally found the one woman who didn’t care what I did or who I was and we fell in love. That might not mean anything to one of the guys who chases after every female in a short skirt that comes prancing around the arena, but it means something to me. I love Karen more than anything and you couldn’t keep your hands off her.”

“That’s not how it happened Sid. We had one night before you two even started dating and I could have taken it to the next level but I didn’t. When I saw you asked her out I got jealous and made a play for her and yes, she gave in and told me that was our last time together but I couldn’t let it go, let her go. You’re not the only one that fell in love with her.”

Karen’s breath got caught in her throat when she heard what Jordan said. She knew she cared for Jordan but she didn’t love him. She was in love with Sidney and a few sexual adventures with Jordan weren’t going to change that. She got up out of her seat and left, not wanting to watch the rest of this unfold.

“What did you just tell me?” Sidney threw his stick down and glared at him.

“If YOU really love Karen, then you would let her make the decision whether she wants to see me or not because believe it or not I think I love her and I want to carry on seeing her,” Jordan’s words burned through Sidney’s heart and he cringed as he watched the look of infatuation and devotion spread across his face at the mere mention of his Karen.
“DAMMIT JORDAN, SHE IS MY WIFE,” Sidney screamed as fury filled him, “I WILL NOT LET YOU SEE HER.”
“She’s a person, she can make her own decision’s about whether she wants to see me or not,” Jordan hollered back.
“Don’t argue with me, she’s my wife and I say you’re to have nothing to do with her. Do you know how much I’m hurting right now?”
Jordan hung his head with shame, “Sid I am truly sorry for hurting you I really am. But I can’t help the fact that I’ve fallen for Karen and how do you now that she doesn’t feel the same way.”

Sidney stood there as Jordan walked off the ice. Did he just confess his love for Karen? Would Karen really leave him for Jordan? He got the pucks out of the net and set them up again.

As Karen was leaving the arena, she ran into Max as he was going to his car as well.

“Hey Karen, glad I found you.”

“Hey Max. How was practice?”

“Not bad. Is Sid ok, he seemed mad about something?”

Karen realized he never told any of the guys about what was going on “maybe he was just really focused today.”

“That could be it. Anyway, the reason I stopped you was I wanted to remind you about Natalie’s surprise birthday party at Diesel tonight.”

“God, that’s tonight. I totally forgot about it.”

“You’re still coming right? You are her best friend and besides the guys on the team, she’ll definitely want you and Sidney there. I reminded Sid after practice and he just nodded about coming so I figured it was a given with you too.”

“Yeah, of course I’ll be there.”

“Great” he said hugging her “I’ll see you and Sid later.”

Karen just smiled at him as he went to his car before going to hers and heading out.

The rest of the day, Karen tried to figure out what she would do when she showed up at Diesel by herself and if Sidney showed up and completely ignore her. The guys would find out sooner or later and she guessed it would be sooner. Karen headed home to get the outfit she wanted to wear tonight. Fact was, all her clothes were still at the house and she needed to figure out what to do since Sidney didn’t want her around. After the party, she would be intruding on Natalie and Max so she had to find a place to go. She thought about going to Britnie’s to stay but she would need to tell her what was going on if Jordan hadn’t already. Hurting Sidney was one thing, but hurting her sister was another subject.

Karen got to the house and saw that Sidney wasn’t home yet. She walked in and went to get the outfit plus a change of clothes. As she was coming downstairs and went for the door to leave, Sidney came in at the same time, looking directly at her.


“What are you doing here?”

Karen felt the dejection in her heart “I needed this outfit to wear tonight for the surprise party Max is throwing for Natalie.” Sidney just nodded and walked past her into the kitchen. He got something to drink and stood by the sink, looking out the window. Karen walked to the doorway and watched him. “Will you please talk to me?” she said with sadness in her voice. Sidney just stayed with his back to her. When he didn’t turn around, Karen did and left the house. Sidney hated doing this but after what Jordan told him, he didn’t want to hear her tell him the same thing.

Karen went back to Natalie’s since she was the only one who knew what was going on. After a while, Karen got dressed and made some excuse about where she was going to Nat so she wouldn’t get suspicious. She ended up at Diesel and was escorted to the VIP lounge. Karen saw some of the other players were already there and she sat down talking to Kris Letang and Brooks Orpik. They asked where Sidney was and all she told them was she had come from work and that he should be here in a little bit.

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