Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chapter 13

Sidney had tried all he could to get Karen to calm down but she kept getting up to walk around. It had been an hour and a half and they hadn't heard anything. Karen imagined the worst and it showed on her face enough to scare Sidney. He got up and walked over to her, holding her still.

"Baby, if they are going to get it fixed right it's going to take a while."

"I know but what if something happened. He could have crashed or they found more tears or..."

"Stop" Sidney brought his hands to her face to steady her "your dad is a fighter and will pull through this."

Karen was about to respond when she saw the doctor come out and over to them "is everything alright?"

"Everything went fine. After we got in, we found another tear and got it all repaired. He is resting comfortable and should be moved to ICU in a half hour."

"Thank you for everything" Karen said as the doctor smiled and left them alone.

"See baby" Sidney said kissing her head and she melted into his arms.

"Ok, you were right. I'm going to call mom and let her know" she said excusing herself and walking outside. After a few minutes, Karen walked back inside.

"Everything ok?" Jordan asked.

"Yeah, mom feels better knowing he's out of surgery but she won't really be fine until she sees him."

"Since there's nothing more we can do tonight, how about we all head home" Sidney said putting his arm around her.

"I can't leave until I see him to make sure."

"Yeah me too" Britnie chimed in "I want to see if he's ok." The guys nodded and the four of them went up to ICU to wait. The nurse let two go at a time and Britnie went in first with Jordan.

"How about when we're done here, I follow you home and sometime tomorrow you can get your things from your grandmother's house" Sidney mentioned while they were alone.

"Um, I need to do some things first."

"Karen, I meant it when I said I wanted you back home with me. I'm not going to change my mind about this."

Karen smiled and brought her hand up to his cheek "I know and I'm glad you want me to come back but when all this happened dad and I were in the middle of dinner. There's food left on the table and the kitchen's a mess. I can't leave it for mom to deal with, I need to go clean up."

"Ok, how about I come with you and we'll get it done in half the time?"

"Sid, you have practice in the morning. Why don't you just head home and I'll come back sometime tomorrow."

"What's going on? Is there another reason why you don't want to come home?"

Karen never got to answer as Britnie and Jordan came out and told them they could go in. They told them they were going to head home and said goodbye. Karen walked into the room with Sidney behind her and she hated seeing all the machines her dad was hooked up to. She walked over to the bed and took her dad's hand into hers.

"Hey pudding pop" he said opening his eyes.

"Hi daddy" she smiled at him.

"Um, pudding pop?" Sidney asked curiously.

Karen turned her head and glared at him "that name ends up in the locker room and I will take away your ability to play hockey."

"Understood baby" he said kissing her head "how you feeling dad?"

"Better now my girls came to see me."

"You'll feel even better when mom gets here later."

"You shouldn't have called to worry her."

"Well I get my stubbornness from you." Karen saw he was falling back asleep and leaned down to kiss his cheek "get some rest and I will see you later daddy" she whispered to him. She felt him squeeze her hand and she knew it was ok to go. They walked out and headed to their cars but Sidney stopped her before she got in.

"Before you go, talk to me for a minute."

"Sid, it's late and I am so emotionally drained right now."

"Just tell me why you don't want to come home."

"You're being too nice about all this. I cheated on you with one of your best friends and you saw us together. You should hate me and yell, not be all loving and want me back already."

"Baby, I was mad and for a brief moment I hated what you did but I love you and that caused my hate to go away. Besides, it wasn't an affair that happened every chance you and Jordan were around each other and you said it yourself, you guys were together a few times during the three years we've known each other. That's why it was forgivable so easily. Please tell me you understand that?"

"I do but..."

"No buts alright" Karen nodded her head "now let's go get your parent's house cleaned up and head home, ok?"

"Were you always this persuasive?"

"Of course, how do you think I got you to marry me after only being engaged a few months?"

"It wasn't you, it was your bank account" she said smiling.

"See I knew it" he smiled as he kissed her "I'll follow you there."

"Ok." He kissed her again before she got in her car and Sidney ran to his.

They got to her parent's house and proceeded to clean up from dinner. Karen was cleaning the dining room as Sidney was in the kitchen. He saw her sit down and looked pale.

"Baby what's wrong?" he said coming over to her.

"It's just a few hours ago, he was fine. We were talking and laughing and in a blink of an eye everything changed. I still can't let it go wondering if I wasn't here with him and this all happened."

"You can't think that" he said turning her head to make her look at him "things happen for a reason and you can't dwell on them or wonder what if, it'll drive you crazy."

"You're right. He made it through surgery and doing fine. I need to just concentrate on that."

"Maybe you can concentrate on us too."

"That's all I've been concentrating on."

"Good to hear. Come on, let's finish getting all this cleaned up." Karen smiled and got up to get the rest of the table cleared and took them to the kitchen. They loaded the dishes into the dishwasher and got the couple pots and pans washed up.

Sidney looked at his watch "since it's getting late, maybe we should just stay here tonight?"

"Wow, I didn't realize it was after midnight. It might be better to stay unless you want to go home."

I want to be wherever you are" Sidney said taking a step closer to her and wrapping his arms around her waist.

"You know my dad is against having guys stay over when he and mom aren't around."

"Well I think that doesn't apply to me since I am your husband. It's a given I'll be in the same bed with you." Karen just smiled and got out of his grip, walking towards her old room. "How did you manage to get the biggest bedroom in the house?" he said looking around.

"Technically the room stops at the bookcase. When I came back from college and was working so close to home, I offered to pay rent like I was at my own apartment and my dad let me tear down the wall that separated my room and the den."

"That was nice of him."

"I don't think he wanted me to go out on my own and he agreed to keep me closer to him. But then it just got to the point where I needed more space but he understood and I did move somewhere close to them."

"Until I came along and took you further away."

"Yeah but he eventually got over it" she said leaving the room and going into the bathroom to get ready for bed. Sidney watched her leave then got undressed to his boxers and climbed into the bed. Karen came out a few minutes later in a tank top and her underwear. She crawled into bed and set the alarm before getting comfortable. "I set the alarm for 8, it that enough time?"


"For you getting up, going home then heading to the arena for practice."

"Yeah, it'll be fine."

They both laid there on their backs staring up to the ceiling until Karen heard Sidney take a deep breath then felt the bed move and him. She soon felt his hand on her body and turned her on to her side to face him. He took her leg and put it over his bringing their bodies closer together. Karen brought her hand up caressing his cheek and looking deep into his eyes. Sidney leaned in and captured her lips, thankful she kissed him back. Her hand moved to his chest and then to his back where she kept it there, feeling all the muscles as they moved around. Sidney managed to sneak his hand under her tank top and began to massage her breast as the kiss continued to get more passionate. Karen felt him grow harder against her crotch and it made her want him even more. He kept his hand there for a while until he decided to remove it, travelling his hand down her stomach. Karen felt him lightly touch around the top of her underwear. He rolled them over onto her back and stopped kissing her long enough to strip off her underwear. Sidney rid himself of his boxers before climbing back on top of Karen. He moved her top over her breasts, exposing them until Karen reached down and fnished taking it off over her head. Sidney positioned himself at her entrance and slid inside hearing the gasp from her lips.

"You ok?" Sidney whispered as Karen just nodded.

Their lips attached once more as Sidney began to move inside her. The kiss continued as did their love making. Karen dug her fingernails into his back as the sensations poured through her. She had missed being with him and wondered if it would ever happen again. Sidney took his time not wanting to rush their first time together after a month being separated. The light moans that were muffled by their kiss slightly filled the room as Sidney continued his slow torture bringing his wife over the edge. Karen moved her hands to his lower back and scratched her way to his shoulders as the feeling of her orgasm kept building. She brought her hands to his cheeks and released his lips, pressing her forehead to his as she hit her peak letting her heavy breathing speak volumes. Sidney felt the tightness and kept pumping until he let go filling her with everything he had to give her. They stayed wrapped up with each other, not letting words get in the way. Sidney leaned in to find her lips again to end their night but also signaled a new beginning for them.


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