Thursday, May 7, 2009

Chapter 11

"What do you mean you don't know what you feel for him?"

"We were friends before this all started and I do care about him and what happens to him as a friend."

"I can understand that but do you love him as more than a friend?"

Karen looked at Sidney with tears in her eyes shaking her head "no" she whispered "love was never a part of it."

Sidney took his eyes off of her, looking to the floor "he seems to have different feelings."

"I know" she said as Sidney's head shot up to look at her "I heard your conversation on the ice and what he said. If he fell in love with me, I can't help that. All I know is I can't return his feelings."

"At least you're being honest."

"Sid, I have no reason to not tell you the truth about this."

"Yeah because you've been so honest with me for the past few years. I better go. I am glad you're ok and I'll be in touch." All Karen could do was will herself not to cry as she nodded her head. Sidney opened the door to leave but looked back at Karen standing there with her head down, wiping a stray tear that fell. He hated doing this to her, but he needed to show her he wasn't just going give in that easily. He took one last look and left. Karen heard the door shut and sat back down on the couch to let the tears fall. Her life was falling apart at her doing and all she could do was wait to see what Sidney wanted...she only hoped it was her.

Three weeks had gone by and Karen hadn't talked to Sidney, but then again, he didn't talk to her. The times they saw each other at the arena, he would walk past her or look at her for a brief second then look away. Karen knew there had been some talk about them but chose to ignore it all. It was the same with Britnie, Karen had tried to talk to her a couple times and got nowhere so she just decided to let her come to her when she was ready.

Karen left the arena for lunch and found Jordan waiting around for her. She sighed knowing she didn't need this right now but figuring the team was gone, talking to him wouldn't arise suspicions.

"How come you're still here so late? No plans with Brit since it's a day off."

"I'll see her after she gets off work but right now..." he said as he grabbed for her waist.

"Jordan stop" she said taking a step back "this isn't going to happen again."

"Baby, don't say that. I can tell how much you're hurting, let me ease the pain."

"I'm hurting because of this. This should've stopped when Sid and I started dating."


"Just stop Jordan. Brit forgave you, be thankful for that. I'm still without my husband and sister and it doesn't get any easier day after day. It's over Jordan."

"Don't say that. It'll never be over between us" he said lightly pressing her up against the wall becoming dangerously close to her lips.

Karen put her hands to his chest and pushed him away "it is over Jordan. It's so over, we need a new word for over." She got out of his grasp and walked out, wiping her eyes that showed any fallen tears. Jordan stood there leaning up against the wall and sighed wondering if he could actually let her go. He pushed himself off the wall and left.

A minute later, Sidney appeared from the hallway where he had been listening to the entire conversation between them. He felt relieved that Karen did what she did and that it wasn't for his benefit since neither knew he was still in the building. Sidney wanted to finally forgive her, he just needed her to show him that he was what she wanted. He got his stuff and headed out wondering how to get her back once and for all.

Later that day, Karen went to her parent's house to have dinner with her dad. Her mom was out of town for work and Karen always felt like she needed to take care of her dad while she was gone. She made him dinner and when they sat down to eat, he realized something was going on.

"So, Sidney didn't want to come over with you?"

"No, he had other plans."

"What other plans? There isn't a game tonight." Karen looked at him and she knew he could tell something was wrong "you guys have a fight?"

"Kind of. I really screwed up daddy."

"What happened?"

"I really don't want to get into details but it's my fault and now he hates me, hasn't talked to me in almost a month and I don't know if we'll be able to get back together."

"You and Sidney are special and I've told you that since the day you brought him home. Things will have a way of working out, just be patient baby girl."

"I love your positive thinking dad but I don't know this time."

"It will just....just wait and.....wait and see" he said like he was having trouble breathing.

Karen got up and went over to him "what's wrong dad?"

He could barely speak and pointed to his chest "pains....shooting pains."

"Oh my god" Karen got him up and moved him to the couch that was not far. She laid him down and grabbed the phone calling for an ambulance. As she was talking to them, she went into the bathroom and came out with a damp washcloth and some aspirin. "The ambulance is on the way dad. Here, put this aspirin under your tongue and let it dissolve." Karen wiped the sweat from his forehead and left it there to cool him down a little. Before long, she heard the sirens and left his side to let them into the house. Karen watched them take care of him then take him to the ambulance. She told him she would meet him there and ran inside to get her purse and keys, going to her car. As Karen drove to the hospital, she called the hotel her mom was at and had to leave a message. She knew she needed to call Britnie and went ahead. The phone rang and rang, Karen hung up before voicemail came on and kept redialing until she answered. Pulling into the Emergency parking lot, she finally left a message.

Brit you need to get the stick out of your ass and call me ASAP. It's about dad.

She hung up and ran inside. Karen was stopped by the admitting nurse and was told the doctor was checking him. She filled out some forms the best she could and was handing them in when her cell phone rang. Looking at the ID, she saw it was Sidney and answered it.


"Hey, it's me. Can we talk?"

"Um, now is not a good time. I'm in the Emergency room and need to go. Can we talk later?"

Sidney sensed her urgency "yeah, I'll call you tomorrow ok."

"Ok, bye." Karen didn't hear him respond as she hung up. Sidney got an uneasy feeling and left the house and heading to the hospital. He wasn't sure where she was but tried the one he thought she would be at.

A while later, the doctor came out and Karen went up to him. As they were talking, Sidney was walking inside and saw her standing there. He walked over to them and heard the words 'open heart surgery'. Karen felt a hand on the small of her back and turned to see Sidney standing there with her.

"So you're going to operate now?"

"We need to go in now to repair the damage to the valves around the heart. It can't wait."

"Can I ok it? My mom is out of town and I am the oldest."

"That's not a problem. We're prepping him now and I will come out to talk to you when it's over. And by the way, good thinking with the aspirin. You prolonged his life by a few hours."

Karen just nodded and watched the doctor walk away. "What are you doing here?" she said turning to Sidney.

"You didn't sound good on the phone and I was worried."

"So you came down to be with me?" she said with hope as her tears fell.

Sidney wiped away the wetness off her cheek "there wasn't anywhere else I needed to be baby." He wrapped his arms around her and she instantly melted into his chest and silently cried.


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