Saturday, August 7, 2010

Chapter 45

A minute later, a minister came out and stood infront of Sidney and Karen. They let go of each other and faced him, still holding hands.

"When I was asked here tonight, I knew something special was going to happen. A year ago when I married Sidney and Karen the first time, I saw a love between these two that I hadn't seen in a long time and I am honored to get the pleasure to rejoin them in their vows once again. Sidney, Karen please face each other" the minister said and they turned towards each other as they took each other's hands. "Since these two are already married, I think it's appropriate that they say what exactly is in their hearts. Karen, would you like to go first?"

"I guess if I knew this was going to happen I could have at least knew what I was going to say" she said getting a laugh out of the crowd "but seeing the man I love standing infront of me, it's not hard to speak how I feel about him" she started as s few tears began to fall. Sidney brought his hand up and lightly wiped away the ones that fell "on this night a year ago, we stood infront of, pretty much the same friends and family and professed our love for each other. And here a year later, you made it possible for us to do it again. This year had been filled with both the good and the bad, which I'm sure we both wish the bad never happened. It scared me that there was a brief moment we wouldn't have gotten to where we are right now but our love fought through and got us not only back together but it brought us two of the most beautiful children in the world and I can't wait to see what the world has in store for all of us. I love you with all my heart and nothing can or will ever change that" she said as the tears flowed freely down her cheeks.


He wiped his eyes and smiled "maybe I should have gone first" he said as everyone, including Karen laughed. "I don't know what else I can say that you already did but it's all true. My love for you started the first day I saw you and each day since then, I was able to find more and more love to share with you. Yes, we had a bad stint but those two beautiful babies were a result of the love that fought through. I don't know how you were able to put up with all the commitments that pulled me in so many directions but you never complained once when I had to leave at a moments notice. For that, I am grateful and love you so much more for it. I can't wait to see what the next 18 years hold raising our son and daughter, and many more years after that spending the rest of my life with you. Remember that I will always love you everyday for the rest of our lives."

"Well from what I heard, it tells me that no two other people should be together more than Sidney and Karen. I was told that you have a ring for Karen?"

"Yes I do" Sidney said reaching into his pocket.

"You didn't need to get me a new ring Sid."

"Yes I did" he said taking her hand and placing the new white gold diamond band with her other ones "the old rings still symbolize my love for you, this one symbolizes our love for many more years to come."

"It's beautiful."

"So are you."

"Since we can all see where this is going I will make this short and sweet. Sidney, do you take Karen to be your wife?" the minister asked.

"I forever do" he said with a smile.

"Karen, do you take Sidney to be your husband?"

"I forever do" she said as a tear escaped down her cheek.

"For the second time, I proudly pronounce you husband and wife. Sidney, you may kiss you bride."

Sidney took a step closer and wrapped his arms around Karen's waist as hers went around his neck. Their lips met in a soft kiss, which got a little too intense until the crowd got involved and they broke apart "sorry, couldn't help myself" Karen said blushing.

"Save it for later" Max said to get everyone laughing only to have Natalie hit him on the arm "what, like I'm the only one thinking it."

"You can think it all you want Max, I just have two things left to, Happy Anniversary to my beautiful wife and two, Happy New Year everyone" he said realizing it was now midnight. Everyone ushered the same sentiment as they all hugged and kiss to celebrate the new year.

After another hour, Sidney's parents decided to leave and as promised took the twins with them. The night was winding down and more people were leaving to head home.

"So are we heading home anytime soon, oh husband of mine" she asked him taking him away from his conversation with Max, Jordan, and Kris Letang. The other three just looked at each other "oh please, not like you all have someone that you want to go home with." They all just smiled and bid the happy couple goodnight.

"Actually, I lied earlier."

"You're not my husband?"

"Oh I am definitely your husband but I lied about going back home after the party. Mom and dad are staying at the house with the twins and we have a room upstairs."

"Let me guess, you already had a bag packed just for this occasion."

"I actually had the room ready with our bag in it since yesterday. I had to make sure it was perfect for tonight."

"Any more surprises my dear?"

"Just what I have planned for you in bed, but then again we're so great together that it's no surprise there." Karen just shook her head and smiled as they said goodnight to everyone else left and went upstairs to their room.

When they got to the floor and their room Sidney unlocked the door and turned to Karen "close your eyes" he told her and she did. Sidney got the door open slightly before picking her up and carrying her into their room. He got her a ways in and set her down "open your eyes baby."

Karen opened her eyes and scanned the room. It was filled with roses of all colors and there was a plate of fruit and a bottle of champagne on the table by the patio door. "I can't believe you did all this for us."

"Well, more for you" he said wrapping his arms around her waist from behind "I just wanted to show you how much you mean to me."

Karen turned around to face him "I know how much you love me Sid, you know I never needed anything expensive or fancy to prove that."

"I know and I love the fact that you never asked for more than what you wanted. You always kept it simple which told me you loved me for me."

"When have I ever never loved you for just being you?"

Sidney smiled "never. Why don't you get changed into something a little more comfortable and I will open the champagne?"

"I'm assuming my Christmas present is in the bag."

"But of course beautiful" he said kissing her then letting her go change. Karen went to pick up the bag and took it into the bathroom with her. She decided to jump in the shower real quick and got undressed, putting her hair up. After her shower, Karen dried off, put on some lotion and found her present in the bag. She smiled as she held it up then put on the babydoll and matching panties. Karen looked in the mirror once more and smiled before walking out into the living room area.

Before Karen came out, Sidney had moved the fruit and champagne over to the coffee table. He was opening the bottle when he saw the bathroom door open and Karen walk out in the lingerie that he bought her. Karen stood in the doorway for a minute as she caught Sidney's eye. He forgot what he was doing and the cork of the champagne bottle popped out and flew across the room, making both of them laugh.

"You're dangerous with those as I remember."

"Well they do tend to have a mind of their own when something stunning walks into the room."

"I don't think the bottle can tell if something is stunning."

"No, but I can and you look beautiful Karen."

"Thank you but you need to credit my handsome husband for picking it out."

"He did a great job if I say so myself."

"Don't get all cocky on me now."

"Oh I can get cocky baby, you just need to be open to it."

"For you, I am open to anything."


Karen smiled "almost anything."

"I think we can play with that" he said handing her a glass of champagne. "To my beautiful wife, who I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with."

"And to my sexy husband who loves me enough to want to spend the rest of his life with me and our beautiful children."

They clinked glasses "I will definitely drink to that" he said as they took a drink. "I love you."

"I love you too."

They finished their glass and Sidney sat down, pulling Karen down onto the couch with him. She reached for the bottle and refilled their glasses "planning on getting me drunk?"

"I don't know, maybe" she said smiling at him "you were pretty fun the last time you had too much to drink."

"If I remember correctly, we were celebrating something then too."

"Do I dare ask if you are going to compare them?"

"I might but I think this celebration will win out" he said kissing her but after a minute Karen broke the kiss "what's wrong?"

"Nothing except for the fact that you are way to overdressed to be doing this with me."

"I think I might be able to fix that, here" he said giving her his glass and leaving the room. Karen saw him head to the bathroom and she just smiled sitting back and finishing her drink and his.

A couple minutes later, Sidney emerged in only a pair of shorts "is this better?"

Karen looked up and smiled "much better." Sidney walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her "I think I know what that look means."

"You better know" he said leaning down to kiss her. The kiss began slow but heated up immediately. Hands were roaming over every inch of each other's bodies knowing where to take the night. Karen let out a whimper when Sidney pulled his lips away breaking the kiss "tell me you believe that this was meant to be between us. Tell me everything that happened tonight will put away every doubt you have that I want this to be over."

"It did" she said as tears welled up in her eyes "my doubt was the fear of being without you. I thought I would be able to handle not being married to you or substaintually have the family that we do now."

"I don't want anyone else baby. You have been my life and now it's you and the twins. This is my family and to know you want that to, makes me love you even more."

Karen giggled through her tears and wiped her eyes "why do you have to turn every romantic evening into something sappy?"

"Because I can" he said smiling "and because I love you."

"I love you to Sid" she said bringing him back down to her lips to seal their love.

Their kissing got more intense and Sidney broke away once again. Karen was about to question his intentions when she realized what they were. He led them into the bedroom and kissed her briefly before picking her up and placing her in the middle of the bed. Sidney crawled on the bed and over her body. Karen made a move to touch him, but he held her hands to stop her.

"This night is about you baby."


"No buts, I'll get what I want out of tonight but the first part is all for you."

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