Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chapter 44

The week had passed by and New Year's was approaching fast. The Pens had an early game on New Year's eve so they could celebrate with friends and family afterwards. Since Karen was at home with the twins, Sidney got through the media and rushed through his shower to get home to them. He had left instructions to be showered and dressed by the time he got home. Karen just laughed because unless both kids fell asleep that would be near impossible.

At 6p, Sidney made it home and saw Karen in her robe feeding one of the babies.

"I thought I told you to be ready" Sidney said coming into the house.

"Well I at least managed to get my shower when these two fell asleep finally. Your son decided he was hungry and being the wonderful mother that I am decided to feed him."

Just then a small cry rang out from upstairs "finish up with junior here and I will get Nicki fed then I'll go change."

"What is with the rushing and dictating?"

"I'm sorry for rushing you and I'm trying not to dictate but I want to get the the New Year's party."

"What's going on Sid?"

Sidney leaned down to kiss her "you'll find out in time" he said running up the steps to feed his daughter leaving Karen to shake her head.

"Your dad has something planned. Do you know what it is?" she asked her son as he ate with his eyes closed "no huh, didn't think you'd rat him out." Karen let Sidney finish nursing before taking him upstairs to put him in the crib so she could get dressed.

"Do you mind wearing this?" Sidney asked holding up a white cocktail dress with lace trimmed edges and straps.

"Not what I had in mind but if that's what you want me to wear I'll wear it tonight."

"Good. I'll go get the kids changed and dressed as you get ready." Karen watched him practically run out of the room and smiled wondering what was going to happen tonight.

After a half hour of getting the kids ready and packing an overnight bag, Sidney had them downstairs and was waiting on Karen. She saw him pacing around and slowly walked down the steps.

"Sid, will you calm down. It's a New Year's eve party. It's a safe bet it'll be going on for another 6 or 7 hours if not all night."

"I know, I just want to beat traffic and get there."

"Nice cover" she said looking at the bags by the door "are we not coming back?"

"We are the kids aren't."


"Mom and dad will probably leave after midnight and she decided to give us a night alone so she offered to take the twins tonight."

"I'm sure you did some begging first."

"Me? I would never do that."

"Then tell me what you have planned."

"Nope, can't do that. It's a surprise and you will love what ever happens."

"But I hate surprises."

"Yeah I know, but you will still love me after this." Karen laughed and shook her head before grabbing one of the carriers and a bag then heading out to the car. Sidney smiled and took the other carrier and bag, following her and getting the twins settled in the back seat.

The whole way to the hotel, Karen kept trying to get what Sidney had planned but he just kissed her hand and kept mum. They got to the hotel and went to the room where the team was having their party. Karen looked around and made her way to Sidney's parents and hers, giving them a hug and setting the twins down. Sidney walked over to some of his teammates and talked about the upcoming events.

"Does she suspect anything Sid?" Max asked.

"No and it's killing her that I won't tell her."

"When do you want us to get everything ready?" Jordan chimed in.

"After I take Karen outside the room, you guys can get everyone to change the room and I'll bring her back in about 5 minutes later to start everything" Sidney said smiling hoping his plan goes off without a hitch.

Meanwhile, Karen had found Natalie and Britnie and was talking to them.

"Ok, I have to ask. Sid has something planned and I know both of you know what it is. So, what's is it?"

"I have no idea sis, really."

"Seriously Karen, Max hasn't said anything to me about something happening tonight."

"Really? So your men are just plotting something over there with my husband and you two have no idea." Karen saw the smirk they gave each other "yeah and neither of you know."

"Just enjoy the party Karen, you'll love what happens" Natalie said as she walked away laughing.

"So tell me Brit, does everyone in this room know what's going to happen tonight?"

"Yep....well everyone but you" she said smiling as she left Karen alone.

Karen had enough and walked over to Sidney who quit talking when she walked up "can we talk for a minute Sid?"

"Sure, why don't we step out of the room for a minute. It's a little noisy in here" he told her and gave Max and Jordan a look before leading Karen away from everyone. They left the room and Sidney walked her away from the door "what's the matter?"

"Why don't you tell me. Something's going on that everyone else knows about but me."

"Did I tell you how beautiful you look tonight?" he said caressing her cheek.

"Sid, I'm being serious."

"So am I. Do you know how much I love you?"

"Sid, please?"

"Alright, I'll tell you what's going on after this" he said before leaning in to meet her lips with a soft, passionate kiss.

"You're stalling" she said breaking the kiss.

"I'm showing you how much I love you."

"I love you too, now tell me what's going on."

Sidney just smiled and nodded his head yes. He took her hand and led her back into the room, standing behind her to let her soak in what she was now looking at.

"Why are all the chairs and everyone sitting like they are waiting for something to happen?"

"You do know what tonight is, right?"

Karen smiled "its our wedding anniversary."

"Well, this is your surprise" he said still holding her hand and walking her down between everyone and standing in front of them. "Ever since the first day I saw you, I knew I wanted, needed you in my life. You brought so much love, joy and surprises that I thought the world was nothing but a hockey game."

"What are you doing?" she whispered knowing everyone was staring at them.

"I don't think I could have picked anyone better to share my life with and I want to continue to share my life with you." Sidney slowly moved down on to one knee and a breath caught in Karen's throat "tonight isn't just about celebrating a New Year, but the start of a new journey with each other and our children. Karen, the love of my life, will you do me the honor and marry me...again?"

Karen looked around at all their friends and then laid her eyes upon her children, her babies that she never thought would happen. She turned back to look at Sidney as the tears stained her cheeks and nodded her head "yes, I'll marry you again" she said making Sidney jump up and kiss her.

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