Saturday, July 3, 2010

Chapter 42

Karen went into the bedroom for a minute as Sidney held his daughter "your mom's not as complicated as she seems most days" he said in a voice above a whisper.

"I heard that" Karen said as she stopped by the doorway on her way downstairs. She looked at her son who was staring at her "I think your dad has gotten knocked around one too many times on the ice buddy."

"I HEARD THAT" Sidney yelled from the nursery as he heard Karen laugh before she totally disappeared downstairs.

"Well baby girl, now we get our father/daughter time. I won't beat around the bush and tell you I wanted a son to follow me in my footsteps, but I think having a daughter to reach the NHL and break all kinds of records has me giddy" he said smiling. "Let's see here. I'm guessing you heard what I told your brother huh? Well, I'm glad so I don't have to repeat my life story. Don't want to bore your mom again who's listening downstairs." Karen just smiled knowing she was as she sat on the couch with Sidney cradled in her arms. "I have a lot of plans for you and Sidney. I hope you enjoy being a hockey kid, hell...sorry heck, I just hope you enjoy having me as your dad."

"You know they will Sid" Karen said into the monitor. She looked at Sidney in her arms and he had his eyes closed, falling asleep "your dad is so amazing Sid, I can't wait for you to see him play. I had to name him after you because when I first saw you, you had that same determination in your eyes to get better as he does before he goes on the ice for a game. You and Nicki were in mommy's tummy when he won the Cup and you probably wondered what all the noise was huh? That was the sound of the world being proud of him. I have no doubt you guys will be just as proud of him as I am" she said kissing his head then went back listen to Sidney talk to his daughter.

"I am going to teach you all kinds of shi...stuff little girl. You my dear will have a wicked slap shot that even the toughest players will dive out of the way. I will make goalies fear you as you come down the ice."

"Why do I think there is going to be heavy competition in this house as you two grow up" Karen said shaking her head.

"Of course Nicki, I will have to be really tough on the guys you date. I'm sorry but I don't think a hockey player will be in your future. I know, I know...if it was good enough for your mom it can be good enough for you. Your mom didn't know what she was thinking when she picked me but I will definitely pick the right one for you. Get that baby, all potential boyfriends must meet my final approval" he said into the speaker as Karen quietly laughed downstairs. "You're special Trina Nicole Crosby and I will make sure all your talents come through. You know your mom named you after both your grandmothers. My mom, Trina, is no stranger to helping provide a hockey atmosphere in the family. Karen's mom, Nicole, well let's just say she was no fan of mine. I guess she thought your mom could have done better. She didn't think a professional hockey player could be good enough for her daughter."

Karen listened intently. She knew her mom tolerated Sidney but never really knew why she didn't like him.

"There was this other guy, Nathan I think, that also wanted your mom's heart. He was in and out of the picture a lot with his job and I saw them together one day while we were dating. They were having lunch in a cafe downtown and a couple teammates and I were going nearby for lunch after practice one day. She looked like she was happy being with him. The smile that I thought was meant for me came out for him too. I felt sad to wonder if the next time I saw her, she was going to break it off with me."

"I didn't know he knew about that day" she whispered to herself.

"But she didn't. Since she didn't mention it, I knew in my heart she wanted to be with me as much as I wanted to be with her. Anyway, back to your grandmother Nicole, she would throw Nathan in my face when your mom wasn't around. I blew it off knowing where her heart was. Even when we had our own little time apart I knew she always loved me, I just had to make myself believe it again. You and your brother are a product of that love that fought to be together." Sidney looked down and saw the bottle was empty. He took it from her mouth and put it aside as he lifted her to his shoulder and rubbed her back waiting for her to burp. After she did, Sidney got up and brought his daughter downstairs to sit with his wife and son.

"You needed to wait to feed your daughter to tell me all that?" Karen asked as he walked into the living room. "When we were dating, why didn't you tell me you saw me with Nathan?"

"I didn't want to bring it up for fear you were going to tell me it was over."

"When you saw me smiling, we were talking about old times. That smile didn't last long when he started talking about doing anything and everything to get me to be his wife. I had no intention to be with a man I didn't love Sid."

"I figured that when you never brought it up."

"And I knew my mom hated the fact that I married a hockey player but you should have told me how she treated you when I wasn't around."

"Any porfessional athlete is prone to have extracurricular activities when they go away for games but she couldn't or didn't want to believe I wasn't like that."

"I think she likes you now."

"Only because of these two beauties. We gave her grandchildren, how can she not like me now."

"Maybe I'll have a talk with her."

"No, let's just let it die and it'll work itself out as time goes on."

"I love you for tolerating her behavior towards you."

"I'll find a way to charm her" he said to get Karen to smile. He looked at the clock on the wall "Merry Christmas baby, it's midnight."

"Merry Christmas Sid" she said as they leaned in for a sweet, slow passionate kiss. When they broke apart, they looked at the sleeping children in their arms "Merry Christmas Sidney and Nicki" she said only to have Sidney reiterate the sentiment. Sidney slowly got off the couch and went over by the tree, grabbing a small box and bringing it back over to the couch.

"I know we said not to get presents for each other this year and concentrate on the kids, but I had to get this for you" he said handing her the box.

Karen took the box with her free hand, only to put it in the hand under Sidney and opened it with the other. She looked inside and saw a heart shaped locket with the Penguins logo on it. "Sid, it's beautiful."

"Open it."

Karen put her thumbnail inbetween and heard a small click then pryed it apart with her thumb to reveal pictures inside "oh Sid, how did you do this?"

"When you were sleeping one morning and I got up to check on the twins, they were both awake so I got the camera, turned off the flash and snapped a picture of both of them. When I saw this pendant available, I went to get it and they were able to shrink the pictures to fit for me. I've had it for a little while now, waiting patiently for Christmas to get here to give it to you."

"I love it, and I love you. Thank you, I will always cherish this" she said before kissing him. "Do you want yours now?"

"If you want to give it to me now."

"Ok" Karen got up and put Sidney in his bassinette, going back over taking Nicki and putting her down as well. She walked over to the tree and got the huge package bringing it back over and laying it on the coffee table.

"What could this possibly be?" Sidney asked shocked as to what Karen got him.

"Well open it and find out."

Sidney ripped off the paper and saw the back of a picture frame. He lifted the picture up and turned it over, looking at it in awe. ""

Karen just laughed at his bewilderment "I found a local artist that paints the athletes for all three Pittsburgh teams. I gave him a photo of Mellon Arena, both outside and in and a couple different pictures of you on and off the ice that I love. I asked him to use his own imagination and create a mural of you with Mellon behind you to commenorate the years you played there before you guys move into the new one next year."

"Baby, out of all my hockey trophies and everything I've collected through the years of playing, this is what I will treasure the most. Thank you so much for thinking of this, I love you beyond words right now."

"I was thinking, if you have no objections, we could hang it in the nursery so the kids can see you everyday even when you're on road trips."

"I can't think of a better place to hang it" he said smiling through the tears in his eyes as he leaned in to kiss her. "How about we take the kids back up to bed and head there ourselves? Think they'll get us up in a few hours anyway for their presents."

"I don't think the whole holiday and what it means has sunken in for them yet. Besides, I think you'll have more fun opening their presents then they will."

"That's probably true" he said laughing "but it's their first Christmas, I think in some shape or form they'll remember."

Maybe you're right" she said as they got up and each picked up a baby and headed upstairs. After tucking them in, they left the room and went into their own bedroom. Sidney laid down as Karen went into the bathroom before coming out to join him. She curled up to his side and played with his necklace, getting lost in thought about what all she heard Sidney talk about tonight. She was brought out of her thoughts when she heard Sidney clear his throat and looked to see him holding a condom package between his fingers.

"Are you serious?" Sidney took her hand and placed it over his crotch that was definitely showing signs of life "apparently you are."

He rolled them over onto Karen's back and lifted up her nightgown, seeing she took off her underwear "apparently you had something in mind too baby."

"Well you know, I can't play hard to get all the time."

Sidney moved and rolled the condom over his hard cock. He grabbed the base and guided himself inside Karen's wet core. They both let out a gasp as each felt the sensations of being connected. Sidney's lips made contact with Karen's for a searing kiss as his hips began to move upward slowly to torture her. Karen let Sidney do what he wanted to her and go as slow, fast, hard, or easy as he saw fit. She arched her back and lifted her hips off the bed to match his thrusts. Karen felt her orgasm building and wanted to take over. She made a move to get them to roll over onto Sidney's back and got repositioned. She started out slow to get the rhythm going again before speeding up as the feeling began to grow inside her again. As she was almost drawn over the edge, Karen reached down and pulled Sidney up to her, wrapping her arms around him and holding on tight as her body shook hard. Sidney felt the tightness around his cock and dug his fingers into her hips, keeping her tight over his cock and not letting her move until his orgasm finished taking over. When their bodies calmed down, they were holding on to each other until Karen pulled back and stared deeply into Sidney's eyes before their lips met again. Sidney carefully moved them to put them back on the bed and Karen on her back before pulling out and rolling off to her side. Karen felt the bed shift and saw Sidney head to the bathroom, smiling at him when he came back to cuddle up beside her.

"That is the main reason why I hate wearing those. It spoils the mood afterwards."

"I know and I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault, besides, you'd kill me if you ended up pregnant again so soon."

"Let's hope I can if we choose to expand our family a few years down the road."

"Baby, these two were a miracle and if something happens and you can't carry to term like the others, then we will be blessed with the ones we have. I know I've talked about wanting a whole line change plus a goalie, but I'm not going to be disappointed if I don't get it." Karen started to moved to get up "where you going?"

"To get a piece of paper and a pen so I can have that in writing for a later time" she said smiling but Sidney grabbed her and brought her back down to him "it was worth a shot."

"Yeah it was." Sidney kissed her head "get some sleep beautiful, tomorrow will be a hectic one with both our families here." Karen smiled into his chest and Sidney held on tighter as they fell asleep in each other's arms.


  1. "I know I've talked about wanting a whole line change plus a goalie,"

    This was especially hilarious...a whole line change, lol.

  2. I love how he wants his kids to pursue a career in hockey too and she is like "TO HELL THEY WILL" lol. their relationships proves that they can go through it all and still get through it with more strength and love than ever before.