Sunday, May 23, 2010

Chapter 29

The next month had passed and it was now October and the home opener was just around the corner. Karen had gotten bigger and was somewhat happy she was now in her third trimester. The uneasy feelings were still in her mind though.

Karen had stayed home from work since she's been feeling off. Nothing bad, but she didn't want to chance doing too much at one time. She had gotten out of the shower and dried off but before she got dressed, Karen stood in front of the mirror looking at her body.

Sidney had come home from practice and called for Karen but got no answer. He panicked for a minute and went to find her. He went upstairs and as he was about to walk into the bedroom, he stopped at the doorway and watched her. He saw her rub over her stomach and just really looked at herself.

Karen looked from her feet all the way up to her face, seeing every inch of her body. She couldn't believe she was really pregnant and in her 7th month. A couple tears escaped and she brought her hand up to wipe it off.

"You know, if I come home everyday and you greet me like this, I may have to leave and come back about 20 times a day" Sidney said walking into the room.

Karen saw him through the mirror and smiled "how about you just never leave" she said turning around to him.

"I could but then that means the team comes over here to play."

"Well that would give you the reason to build that hockey rink in the back yard you always wanted."

Sidney just smiled "you're beautiful. You were beautiful before you got pregnant and after you bring our baby into the world, you will still be beautiful." He saw Karen's smile start to fade and got out of his grip going to get her robe and put it on "what just happened?"

"I'm scared Sid."

"Baby, we've come this far and..."

"I know we've come this far and there's still a possibility that something could happen."

Sidney brought her over to the bed and sat her down, kneeling in front of her "I'm scared about that too Karen but thinking that we are going to have our family in 3 months puts all those bad thoughts out of my mind. You need to think that too."

"I know I do."

"How about if you get dressed and we'll go out to dinner? I'll take you to your favorite Mexican place."

"You need to stop spoiling me."

"Never in a million years" he said kissing her then leaving her alone to get dressed. Twenty minutes later, Karen was downstairs and they left for a night out.

During the middle of the night, Karen was moving around because she couldn't get comfortable. She moved onto her back and closed her eyes, drifting back into a peaceful sleep.

"Sexy" he said whispering to her "wake up for me beautiful."

Karen slowly opened her eyes to the voice and was startled "Jordan? What are you doing here?" she said looking over and not seeing Sidney beside her.

"I came for you. I came to have my last time with you."

"I told you no Jordan."

"Well if you look down, I think you're saying yes."

Jordan moved off her and Karen looked at herself. She saw she was now naked and so was he "I'm not saying yes Jordan" she said pulling the sheet over her "you need to leave."

Jordan climbed back on the bed "isn't this what you wanted baby" Sidney said as he walked into the room, climbing on the bed beside her.

"What's going on Sid?"

"You wanted us both, here's your chance."

"I don't understand this."

"Its not for you to understand sexy" Jordan said caressing her cheek and pulling the sheet off "just go with it." Jordan leaned in and kissed her and Karen hesitated for a moment before kissing him back. She felt herself being moved in a sitting position and Sidney moved in behind her. Jordan broke the kiss and leaned her back against Sidney's chest. Karen turned her head to look at Sidney, only to have his lips meet hers for a searing kiss. Karen let go of his lips to let out a whimpering moan when she felt Jordan's tongue lick all around her aching lips. As Jordan went deeper, Karen pushed her head back into Sidney's shoulder and loved the feelings that were coming over her. Sidney reached his hands around and attacked her breasts, massaging them hard to help draw out those feelings. Karen moaned out when her orgasm hit her. She didn't know what was to come next and it wasn't long before she found out.

Jordan scooted up her naked, pregnant body and kissed her. He sat her up and brought her to her knees. This also made room for Sidney to move off the bed and walked over to the lounge chair in the room, sitting down and watching Jordan with his wife. Jordan moved behind her and just ran his hands over her body as he kissed her neck. Pushing her forward a little, he was able to slide inside of her with ease before bringing her back up against his chest. Jordan grabbed her hips to help pound into her and Karen reached her hands around grabbing his ass and leaving fingernail marks in his skin.

Sidney sat there and watched how much Karen enjoyed being touched by Jordan. Watching Jordan pound his hard cock inside her making her moan out for him. His anger started to rise within his body and he walked over to them, standing at the foot of the bed and infront of Karen. When she felt another set of hands on her body, her focus went from Jordan behind her to Sidney who was now touching her. Karen brought one of her hands around and wrapped it around Sidney's body letting their lips meet again. The more feelings Jordan brought out in her, there was an intensity when she kissed Sidney. She felt his fingers begin to play with her clit and it helped bring her second orgasm rushing through her body. Jordan felt the tightness and came hard after the last few hard pounding thrusts he gave her. Sidney left her lips only to have Jordan turn her head around and reclaiming them in a fiery kiss.

Sidney broke them apart to Jordan's dismay "my wife, my turn" he told him. Jordan snuck in one last kiss before he pulled out from behind her and got off the bed. Sidney stepped back up to her body and wrapped his arms around her body, bringing her in for his own searing kiss. When they broke apart, Karen didn't know how much more she could take.

"Baby, relax" he said tracing his finger over her cheek to calm her down "it's just you and me now" he whispered to her before pulling her in for another kiss. Karen left his lips and Sidney got on the bed in front of her. He managed to lay down and Karen instinctively staddled his cock and slid down on him. Karen started off slow but moved a little faster when she couldn't get enough. Jordan had moved back over to the bed and stood beside Karen. As she laced her fingers with Sidney's, Jordan's hands were touching her breasts and went to find her clit to help her out. Karen couldn't handle all the sensations and turned her head to meet Jordan's lips as her third and final orgasm ripped through her body making her leave his lips and scream out....

Sidney shot up in bed when he heard Karen let out a small scream "baby. what's wrong?" he said frantic.

Karen sat up like she was gasping for breath and looked around "what happened?"

"That's what I'm trying to find out. You let out a scream and then shot up breathing all heavy. Are you ok? Is it the baby?"

Karen grabbed her stomach and felt around not feeling any pain or liquid "no, the baby's fine. I guess I just had a bad dream." She started to remember everything and telling him what she dreamt was not what she had planned. "I'm sorry I scared you" she said caressing his cheek.

"I just want you safe baby."

"I'm here with you, so I am definitely safe" she said leaning into him for a gentle kiss. Sidney laid back down and brought her with him, letting her get comfortable and falling back asleep.

Two days later, it was the home opener and Karen wasn't about to miss it. Sidney could tell she had been feeling off and wasn't about to tell her to stay home. He got her to go into the arena with him so he knew where she was and he could keep an eye on her until he had to get ready for warm ups.

Karen was sitting in the lounge with some other girlfriends and wives while the guys were having their soccer game to warm up. Natalie came over to sit with her friend and could sense something was wrong.

"Hey, feel like going for a walk?"

"Yeah. It does seem to be getting a little crowded in here."

"And we can talk about what happened."

They got up and started walking out of the lounge and locker room, going down the corridor "where would you get something happened?"

"Girl please, I know you. What happened?"

"Ok but I need you to be sworn to secrecy for what I tell you."

"No details will leave my lips, what is it?"

"Apparently I dreamt that I sex with Sidney..."

"Oh please, that's not news" she said interrupting her.

"....and Jordan."

Natalie stopped her friend from walking "say that again but as a whole sentence."

"I had a dream that I had sex with Sidney and Jordan."

"Like, together? As a threesome?" she asked with disbelief.

"No, not as a threesome. I was asleep and Jordan woke me up. Sidney wasn't in bed with us but then walked in and said that I wanted them both so here was my chance. Then it just started and Jordan went first as Sidney watched us. Then he wanted his turn and Jordan watched but started touching me as Sidney and I were having sex. I guess when my final orgasm came, I screamed out literally and woke up."

"Damn girl. What triggered that?"

"I don't know" she said with some hesitation "maybe its because Jordan said he wouldn't give up until he's been with me again and the fear he would try something."

"Or it could be you never got over your feelings for him fully."

Karen just looked at her friend "I don't love him Nat."

"I didn't say you did Karen....unless you have some underlying feeling of love for him that you don't want to admit to yourself."

"Everything is perfect between Sid and I now. I'm not going to jeopardize that again."

"Kiki, I didn't mean anything by it. I know you love Sid and this baby is proof of that."

"So, that dream meant nothing...right?"

"Not unless you want it to" she told her friend before they finished their walk. They got near the lounge and Karen saw Sidney and Max outside waiting for them "well?"

"I don't want anything to happen with Jordan again."

"Then there's your answer. Just chaulk it up to pregnancy hormones." Natalie walked over to Max when Sidney made a beeline for Karen.

"I got worried when you weren't in the lounge."

"Sorry, Nat and I couldn't sit still and went for a walk."

"Everything ok?" he said rubbing her stomach.

Karen saw Jordan walk out and go the other way, smiling when she locked eyes with Sidney "everything's perfect." They shared a kiss and headed back into the lounge for a little bit. A while later, everyone left the guys to get ready and Sidney held Karen back to just get one last kiss in before the game.

"Tonight's the night to start defending what's yours" she told him as they locked eyes.

"You've put up with so much and here it is another year just beginning."

"I only worry on the days inbetween pay days" Karen smiled to get him to "this is what you love and I love watching you live your dream."

"My dream also includes you and this little one. Thank you for standing by me, I couldn't do all this without you."

"I think you could have but I'm glad through everything we're together."

"I'll let you in on a little secret...not at any time did I ever not want to be with you."

As soon as Karen heard those words, the tears she was holding began to fall "I love you and I want you to go out there tonight, take in the ceremony and watch that banner raise to the roof, then kick some Ranger ass."

"How about a goal tonight just for you."

"How about one for your child instead."

"Alright one for both of you."

"And if you only score one during the whole game?"

"I'll let you choose who it belongs to."

"I think that will work."

"I love you Karen. See you after?"

"I love you too Sid and unless I get a better offer, you're stuck with me." They shared another kiss until Sidney got pulled away by Flower and Geno and left her there laughing. She turned and headed up to Mario's suite to watch the game with everyone.

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