Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chapter 28

After the first night of training camp, Jordan decided to take fate into his own hands and go see Sidney. He went to his room and knocked on the door. Marc answered to his surprise to see Jordan standing there.

"Are you nuts Gronk?" Flower told him.

"Just let me in Flower" Jordan said with an unamused look to his face.

"It's your funeral." Marc stepped aside and let Jordan in. Sidney was lying on his bed talking to Karen when he saw Jordan appear.

"Baby, let me call you back."

"Why, what's wrong?"

"It seems I have a visitor."

"You will play nice right Crosby?"

"I'll let you know later. I love you."

"Love you too." They hung up from each other and Sidney stood up, a safe distance from Jordan.

"I think we need to talk about what happened in the locker room."

"I think you know I hit you."

"Why did you hit him Darryl?" Flower chimed in.

"Because Staalsy here decided to make a move on Karen and kiss her after we won the Cup."

"I thought you were over her man?"

"Flower could you leave us alone please?"

"Nope, someone's gotta stay and play referee." Both Sidney and Jordan looked at Marc and he took the hint by leaving the room "I'm not going far and if I here things breaking, I will be back in" he said before walking out the door.

"Did you think Karen wouldn't tell me what you did. Preyed on her like some drunk puck bunny at Diesel after a game. She is my wife Jordan and you will stay away from her."

"You just won't get it. I love her Sid and there's nothing that will change that."

Sidney walked up to Jordan, his 5'11" frame standing up tall to him "it better change Jordy or you won't make it through the rest of training camp. I'm done holding back and playing it off that you'll leave her alone. You do anything to her or I hear from her that you tried anything, you're done and that sucker punch I gave you earlier will be nothing to what I will do to you."

Jordan saw the intensity in his eyes and knew what that look meant, but wondered if he would really take it that far "one day might surprise you Siddo and all you'll be able to do is stand on the sidelines and watch how happy I make Karen." Jordan gave one last stare into his eyes before walking backwards towards the door. He opened it but turned around "by the way, how does it feel to know when you make love to her, her thoughts are going back to me? Being compared to others doesn't really suit you Crosby."

"Fuck you Staal" Sidney said with his fists clenched. Jordan just laughed as he walked out letting the door slam shut behind him. Sidney paced around the room trying to let off some steam when Marc came back in.

"What happened?"

"I only restrained myself because we have a shot of repeating this year. I could have killed him Flower."

"Look man, I'm never one to pry but what is going on with you two?"

"Karen had an affair with Jordan a while back."


"They had a couple nights together before we had gotten together and I guess it continued on from there. They had been together after we got married until I caught them together."

"That was the reason you were pissed and left anytime Jordan was around."

"Yeah, I couldn't stand to be in the same room with him. It was like a piece of my heart died everytime I saw him and pictured them together."

"Did anyone else know about this?"

"Max knew because Karen had talked to Natalie about what to do and fix it between us but other than that if anyone else did, they didn't talk to me about it."

"I wish you would have said something, I could have helped."

"I know but you know how private I am. Didn't want the media picking up on my life falling apart when were trying to win games and make the playoffs."

"So Jordan's not letting up?"

"No and he's picking his moments to keep trying to get to her."

"Well Karen must be over him if she told you what happened."

"She says she is and I do believe her."


"I just think Jordan's too strong and she may give in but not under her own power."

"You think Staalsy would force himself on her?" Marc asked with disbelief.

"Not sure, but if he can't get over his feelings for her, anything is possible."

"Let's just hope if he does think about doing anything, he waits until after she gives birth." Sidney just looked at Marc and nodded. They decided to head down to the pool for a little bit to unwind before bed. After an hour, Sidney went back to the room to shower and call Karen back.

"You killed him didn't you? You killed him and took the time to hide the body before calling me back."

Sidney just laughed "no, Flower and I went to the pool to swim some laps."

"And to blow off some steam from what Jordan said to you."

"That could be it too."

"Sid just don't let him get to you."

"I'm trying baby, but it drives me crazy when he talks about you like he owns you."

"Well no one owns me, but I do belong to you."

Sidney smiled "that makes me feel a lot better."

"Good. Now get some sleep so you can actually concentrate on playing hockey the rest of this week. Show them how good you really are."

"I love you, you know that right?"

"All the way to my heart. I love you too, night."

"Night baby." They hung up and Sidney fell asleep shortly after, forgetting about Jordan and thinking about Karen and his soon to be family.

Before long, it was nearing the end of summer and Sidney and Karen were back in Pittsburgh. Sidney was asked to once again deliver some season tickets and there was one in particular he needed to do. One ticketholder, Alice, predicted they would get the Cup when he delivered the tickets to her before and Sidney wanted to bring her the tickets and the Cup to her to show how right she was. Karen knew this was one part of the fame of being an NHL hockey player was giving back to the fans and didn't mind when this took up his time.

As training camp opened, Karen hoped that Sidney and Jordan could get over their feelings and focus on what they need to. She stopped at the arena to go talk to Ray about coming back in to work and hoped her job was still there.

Karen went towards the offices and noticed Ray's door was open. She walked up and knocked on the door frame getting his attention.

"Karen, what a nice surprise. Please come in."

"Thanks, it's good to see you too."

"So what do I owe to this wonderful visit?"

"I'm hoping my job and desk is still available to come back."

"Your job was always here for you. Are you sure you feel ok for coming back in?"

"Yeah, absolutely. I'm nearing my 6th month and everything is progressing very well. I think I can handle coming in and helping out with the new season starting."

"Well I would be very happy to have you back in the office. You helped out so much with the work I sent to you and it was fantastic work. I'm assuming Sid is ok with all this?"

"I really didn't tell him I was coming to see you today but if I tell him that I'll come to the arena with him, he won't be able to say no to that."

"Because he'll be here if anything happens."


"Did you want to come in during camp or wait until the season starts?"

"It's whenever you need me to start."

"Do you have time today? We can go over some things."

"I have the time" she said smiling at him. Ray got some files and they went to sit on the couch so Karen could be more comfortable while they talked.

A couple hours had past and Ray told Karen to go get something to eat.

"Before I go, could I maybe ask a favor?"

"Sure, anything."

"Do you remember when I had the family problems last year and needed the leave of absent?"

"Yeah, Sidney confided in me that you and him had a falling out."

"Yeah, um, not sure what all he told you but I had an affair with another player."

"Ok" Ray said sounding confused.

"It started before Sid and I got together but it became a force bigger than me. Anyway, it was Jordan and my favor I am about to ask is, could you maybe talk to them to make sure they leave any anger for off the ice? I don't need them to fight and jeopordize the team coming together before the season actually starts."

"Well this is technically Sid's team. I'm sure there are other teams that would want Jordan."

"NO, Ray that's not what I'm asking. I don't know if they need to just fight and get over it or what needs to happen but.."

"But you want harmony in the team."

"Basically yeah. Maybe see how they act around each other and if you notice a problem brewing bring them in for a meeting. But I don't want either to lose their spot on the team. Eventhough Jordan won't give up on me, he's still a friend and I don't want me or Sid to be hated by the city of Pittsburgh if this comes out and they know the real reason Jordan left."

"I understand Karen, really I do and I will make sure they don't kill each other."

"Thanks Ray. I'll see you back here in an hour."

"Sounds good."

As Karen was leaving, she saw Sidney walking down the hallway by himself.

"You know, walking around like that can give a girl a heart attack for looking so sexy and hot."

Sidney turned around at the sound of the voice and smiled "well that's my plan and now that you found it out, I will have to bound you to silence."

Karen seductively walked up to him "and how would you bound a girl to silence?"

Sidney wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her "like that."

"Mmm, I like that" she said with a content sigh.

"What are you doing here?" he asked surprised.

"To see you?" she said smiling sweetly.

"Nice try baby, why?"

"I wanted to talk to Ray about coming back to work."

"You did what? Karen, I don't want you stressing yourself out."

"Sid, think about it. I can come in with you when you're here for practice and morning skates and if anything happens you're already here."


"Come on, I'm getting bored sitting at home and working via email. Let me have some human contact" she said almost whining playfully.

"Oh alright. And you know, you want human contact, I can provide that for you."

"I don't doubt you will."

"So where are you going now?"

"To go get some lunch then coming back to finish up with Ray."

"Why don't you wait and let me see if I can go with you. We're between work outs anyway."

"Ok, but don't keep me waiting too long."

"I won't baby, I'll be right back." Sidney gave Karen a kiss before running off.

"Hey there sexy momma" Max said coming up to Karen "how's the future Sidney Jr doing?" he said rubbing her bump.

"Oh God, you and Sidney just can't help yourselves."

"Please girl, you know this child being a product of the next great one is going to be a boy and have all the same skills if not better ones."

"I know but a little girl Sidney could be just like her daddy too."

"Maybe, but we all know it's going to be a boy."

"Glad to know everyone is so sure."

"Do you know what you're having yet?"

"Not yet but at my next appointment, I should find out...if I want to. I might want Sid and I to be surprised."

"Surprised about what?"

"She thinks she'll be surprised she's carrying the next Sidney Crosby when she knows I'm right."

Karen took a deep breath and let it out "it's exhausting talking to you Max. I don't know how Nat puts up with you day in and day out."

"Ask her one day, I'm sure she'll tell you" Max said winking at her before leaving them alone.

"Are you allowed to leave?" she said still shaking her head at Max.


"How did you manage that?"

"Told Coach Dan that my pregnant wife was hungry and if I don't feed you, you'll take it out on me that I might be too hurt to play to my full potential."

"Nice lie there Crosby."

"I had to make it convincing."

Karen just laughed then kissed him "where do you want to go for lunch?"

"I have the perfect place." Sidney and Karen left the arena and he took them home.

"Why did you bring me all the way home for lunch?"

"I wanted dessert too" Sidney said with his sexy smirk. They walked into the house and was immediately attacking each other.

"Don'" Karen tried to stammer out between kisses.

"Later" Sidney said just as breathless. He led her to the kitchen and put her on the table, lifting her dress up before he sat her down. Karen spread her legs, letting Sidney fit inbetween them. "I've been thinking about you all morning baby" he said moving his hands over her breasts still covered by fabric "seeing you just increased those feelings."

"Then by all means, act on those feelings" she said pulling his shorts down. Sidney finished taking off his shorts then went for Karen's underwear. She lifted up her hips to help Sidney take them off her, throwing them to the side. He scooted her closer to the edge of the table and plunged into her, making her take in a sharp breath. Karen put her hands to her sides and let Sidney do whatever he wanted to her. He grabbed ahold of her hips and pounded into her, making the table move a little. Karen watched Sidney's face and all the emotions that went through him with each thrust he made into her. She never really just watched him enjoy himself as he fucked her hard. Before long, the sensations succumbed to her and Karen dropped her head back increasing her moans as her peak neared. She felt her orgasm hit and screamed out, grabbing for Sidney's shoulder. Sidney felt her vaginal muscles clamp down on him hard and leaned into Karen, making her lay down on the table until his last thrust brought out his own orgasm and his juices flowed inside of her. Sidney let go of her hips and leaned up on his hands to not lay directly on top of her until he was strong enough to stand.

"I'm glad you had exactly what I wanted for lunch" Karen said smiling up at him.

"You always have what I want baby." Sidney stood up and brought Karen with him.

"So why won't you lay on me? You're not going to hurt me or the baby."

"Deep down I know that, but I just don't want to take any chances."

Karen put her hand on Sidney's cheek "I appreciate the concern but I'm fine and the baby's fine."

"It'll be back to normal in a few months."

"Is there normal for us Sid? Is there a 'back to where we once were'?"

"Yes there is. After the baby is born, we will be a family and believe it or not, we will be like we once were."

"You know anyone else would not fight this hard if the other man was still forcing his way into the picture."

"I'm not like anyone else and I fight to keep what's mine." Sidney pulled out of her, only to bring her off the table and turn her around. He lifted up her dress again and found her enterance again, entering her from behind. Karen put her hands on the edge of the table to keep her stomach from going into it when Sidney got harder with his thrusts. Sidney moved a hand around and found Karen's mound, cupping around her clit and massaging her roughly.

"Oh God Sid...don't stop."

Sidney rolled her clit between his thumb and finger making a shiver shoot through Karen's body "come for me baby." Karen's moans got louder "are you close baby?" All Karen could do was moan out a 'yes' as Sidney's grip on her hips tightened and he pounded nonstop into her until she released her second orgasm and Sidney soon followed. Sidney wrapped his arms around her and brought her back into his chest until they calmed down.

"I do believe I like being yours" Karen said turning her head to kiss him. Sidney pulled out of her again and turned her around fully to face him.

"This was all me baby" he said grazing his finger down her cheek.

"I know" she said smiling before their lips met in an amazing kiss. Karen broke the kiss after a few minutes "can we feed your child now?"

"Definitely." Sidney let her go and they got their clothes back on. Karen got some food out of the fridge to make a huge salad as Sidney went to get cleaned up. When he came back down, she had two plates for them for lunch.

"So what did you and Ray talk about all morning?"

"Besides coming back to work?"


"I talked to him about you and Jordan" she said getting a look from Sidney "I asked him to watch the two of you and if he sees a problem brewing, he'll have a meeting with you both."

"Why did you do that baby?"

"Because I love you and I don't want to see this year go down the drain if something else has your concentration."

"It won't"

"Sid, I've seen how you get when something distracts your mind. Jordan being on the ice with you might make your mind wonder and you'll lose focus."

"Karen, I know you have a good heart and good intentions here, but it'll be fine."

"Apparently you'll just kick the shit of each other until you both feel it's over huh?"

"I didn't mean it that way Karen. We had a little confrontation during the Olympic training camp and he knows how I feel."

"What confrontation? All I knew of was the talk you two had."

"Yeah, I sort of punched him in the jaw the first day before we hit the ice."

"You did what?"

"I saw him there laughing with his brothers and as I got ready I thought back to all you told me when we went home. My blood started boiling and I went over and decked him." Karen just sat there and looked at him "well you wouldn't let me board a plane to Thunder Bay so it had to wait until I saw him again."

"What am I going to do with you?"

"Hmm, be my wife and have my baby?"

"Already am and will soon enough."

"That's all I need to concentrate on then." Sidney picked up her hand and kissed the back of it before finishing up their lunch and heading back to the arena.


  1. Aww nice update. I'm glad everything seems to be working out for them both. I have a feeling that her being back in the Igloo will cause more problems with Jordan...

  2. aww i just love sid! jordan is being a big douche lol but im with india on her being back at the igloo and causing more problems with staalzy