Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chapter 27

Over the next month, Karen had practically jumped Sidney any given chance. Sidney on the other hand didn't mind as long as Karen was fine after each time. They had fun too, which was different then when they first got married. Karen saw a change with Sidney and hoped it was there for the duration.

Soon it was Sidney birthday and his day with the Stanley Cup. They town had a huge day of festivities planned and Karen couldn't wait to watch him be adorned by everyone that loves him. When Karen saw Max had come with the Cup, she was surprised to see Natalie as well. She was happy to have someone to be with today and hadn't seen Natalie since the last Cup party in Pittsburgh and when everyone headed out of town for the summer.

After the parade, celebration at the stage, and a street hockey game, Sidney finally brought the Cup home for just friends and family to enjoy. Everyone took turns taking pictures with the Cup and Karen and Natalie even got a couple together. When Sidney grabbed Karen to get a few, she saw his smile fade after they were done.

"What's wrong?"

"It's nothing" he said kissing her head.

"I'd like to believe that."

"It's just, when this little one is born who's to say he'll get a chance to exprience this" he said lightly rubbing her stomach.

"I'm sure she will be like her daddy and win a few of these. Sid this won't be the only one you'll get and it certainly isn't the last. We will get our family picture with it one day."

"I know it won't." Sidney kissed her to a couple of 'awws', breaking away to see Max there with a camera taking pictures and mocking their tender moment. Sidney just laughed, kissed Karen on the cheek before running after Max.

"They will always be children at heart."

"Yes they will, but how can you not love them like this."

"So, how you been feeling?"

"Great actually. Just started my fifth month and so thankful I've made it this far."

"Maybe this was the blessing you needed."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you wanted your life and marriage to Sidney to be stronger and you've obviously surpassed the other pregnancies by a few months. This is what you guys needed to get back on track for everything to be fine."

"Yeah, maybe it is. I guess I never really thought of it. I guess I would have to wonder if I couldn't have gotten pregnant or lost this one like the others if Sid and I would still be together."

"Karen, I didn't mean to start putting doubts in your head."

"I know and you didn't. I'm happy that Sidney forgave me and still wanted me in his life. If he couldn't have forgiven me, I would've had to live with the consequences."

"With Jordan?"

"No. Being with Jordan wasn't a back up plan if this failed with Sid. I know how Jordan is and how he treats women. He isn't a one woman man Nat and I feel sorry for Britnie. I think she'll just get hurt in the long run."

"That's what I always thought about Max but he's seemed to have changed."

"Only because of you my dear friend."

"True. If he would have kept up his womanizing ways and left me for the next puck bunny that trolled her way in, I would have had to kill him." Both women laughed before going to get something to eat and sat down with their husbands.

A while later as they people began to leave, it was finally just Karen and Sidney. She got done getting some stuff cleaned up but couldn't find Sidney anywhere. She walked around the house until she saw him sitting at the dining room table and just staring at the Cup. She stood watching him for a minute before deciding to leave him alone.

"You do have to go baby."

Karen walked over to him "I figured you needed this time alone."

"Thanks but I'd rather share this time with you. Can you believe all these names of great players and teams that won this?"

"It's a hard trophy to win and just think, before the home opener in October your name will be here" she said taking his hand and placing it over the next open spot.

"It's fitting that its directly under the other time the Pens won."

"Maybe it's fate."

"You love to tell me things like that huh?"

"I kind of have to when its true."

Sidney sat down and brought Karen down on his lap "you know, we could have some alone time with it now."

Karen lightly shook her head "how is it alone time when you're preoccupied with it?"

"All it has to do is be in the room baby" he said leaning in to kiss her neck.

"Is the presence of the Cup turning you on?"

Sidney brought his hand up to cup her breasts "what would give you that idea?" Karen just smiled and kissed him before getting of his lap and standing in front of him. Sidney ran his hands up her legs and felt the smooth skin all the way to her shorts. He found the hem and brought the shorts and her underwear off her hips and down her legs. Karen kicked them to the side as Sidney stood briefly to get his shorts off as well. He sat back down and Karen straddled his lap, leaning in for a heated kiss. Karen grabbed the bottom of his shirt and broke the kiss to take it completely off. Sidney repaid the favor and took off Karen's shirt and bra, tossing them away. Karen reached inbetween them and took Sidney's cock in her hand, lightly massaging him. Their kisses got intense and more heated as Karen played with Sidney. He couldn't stand it anymore and removed her hand. Karen stood up letting Sidney position himself at her entrance and letting her slide back down on him. Sidney placed his hands under her ass to help her move on him. Karen grabbed the back of the chair and let her head fall back as she moved up and down on him. She let go of the chair and leaned back, laying her head on the table. Sidney moved his hands to her hips and pushed her hard onto him as Karen reached up and played with her breasts. She moved her hands over her head and held onto the Stanley Cup as the sensations drove her crazy. Sidney looked up and saw Karen was touching the Cup, turning him on even more. He watched her move her hands over the silver chalice lightly as his grip got tighter into her skin. He could feel they were both close and brought Karen back up to him letting their orgasms reach their peaks. Karen slowed down until her body stopped shaking and was able to get everything out of Sidney. Their lips met in a passionate kiss before they pulled away from each other.

"I think we may need to take a picture of the Cup and blow it up, putting it on the wall behind our bed."

"That might not be a bad idea."

Karen got off him and stood up, moving to the side of Sidney. She glanced between Sidney and the Cup getting an idea. She grabbed the Cup and walked out of the room.

"WHERE ARE YOU GOING WITH THAT?" Sidney yelled to her.

"UPSTAIRS" he heard her yell back. Sidney got up and ran after her, seeing her place the Cup on the bed. She moved the pillows and turned into Sidney's arms.

"So what do you have planned?"

"Just trying to turn you on again." Karen kissed him and climbed on the bed on her knees, facing the Cup.

"Before we do anything" Sidney grabbed his camera and snapped a couple pictures of Karen kneeling naked beside the Cup. Sidney put the camera down and knelt behind Karen. His lips found the bottom of the back of her neck letting the feelings make him hard again. He grabbed his cock and entered her from behind. Karen reached for his hands placing them on the bowl of the Cup, putting hers over his, holding them there. Sidney got a rhythm going and Karen was pretty much sandwiched inbetween him and the Cup. There was something different as using the Cup was intoxicating to them both. Sidney got harder and faster, pounding into Karen and making the Cup move with them. Karen knew she was ready to explode and Sidney soon felt the tightness around him. A few more hard thrusts and they both came together. Sidney let go of the Cup and sat back on his knees, bringing Karen with him. They sat there settling down their breathing as Karen turned her head to capture Sidney's lips.

"I don't want the blown up picture, I always want this in our bed."

"Well take it all in now because it goes away tomorrow."

"Why do you ruin my fun?"

"I'm trying not to but for this to continue, you'll have to buy a replica."

"I don't think it would have the same effect."

Karen turned to look at him "probably not" she said before kissing him. Sidney got off the bed to let Karen up as she went to the bathroom. When she got up, she felt the familiar tightness and sat back down for a minute. The feeling went away without anything getting worse and she finished up in the bathroom heading back to the bedroom to go to bed. When she came out, she couldn't help but laugh at the sight she was looking at. "You have got to be kidding me."

"What?" Sidney said nochalantly. He had out the Cup in bed with them and had a different cover over it, like he just tucked it in.

"Sid, are we seriously going to sleep with that in bed with us?"

"Its a king size bed, there is plenty of room" he said getting in bed beside the Cup and turned to Karen, patting the spot beside him.

"This is crazy" she said getting in and snuggling up to Sidney.

"Yeah it is" he said kissing her head and falling asleep.

The next morning, Karen got up and found Sidney had turned during the night and was now sleeping with his arms around the Cup. Karen grabbed the camera and took a picture of it because he looked like a kid at Christmas going to sleep with his favorite toy. She smiled and put the camera away, going to the bathroom and starting up the shower. When she was done, she came out and woke up Sidney.

"Hey sleeping beauty, wake up."

Sidney came to and realized he had his arm around the Cup "morning baby."

"Yeah whatever" she said pretending to be mad and getting dressed.

"Why are you acting like that?"

"We have a beautiful night and you end up cuddling with that instead of me. I felt so dirty and used, I had to get a shower."

"Oh stop it" he said getting out of bed "the best part was before we went to sleep."

"I know, just had to give you a hard time" she said wrapping her arms around him.

"Mmm, speaking of hard..."

"Uh sorry honey, but we need to take the Cup and meet your parents. There's that ceremony downtown for you remember."

"Oh right. The want to unveil the shrine to me at the center."

"Don't make it sound like you aren't to enthused there."

"I am, believe me I am. It's just I have to give up the Cup and my time with it is over soon."

"You'll get it again trust me."

"I do. I'll meet you downstairs after I'm done."

"Ok, I'm going to call your mom and tell her we'll meet everyone there." Sidney kissed her as she finished getting ready and Sidney got his shower.

A while later, everyone was at the center and there was a brief ceremony before they unveiled all the memoribilia that they had for Sidney throughout his hockey career. Sidney held Karen's hand as they walked to each case looking at all the pictures and trophies. Sidney explained to her when they all took place and she saw the sparkle in his eyes as he was brought back to his childhood. Karen couldn't have been more proud of him as she watched him talk to everyone. After the ceremony, they had a breakfast buffet for everyone to enjoy before they headed back to the house for one last get together before the Cup went to the next player.

After an hour or so, Karen couldn't find Sidney and didn't see the Cup at all. She saw a small gathering outside and walked out seeing Sidney washing the Cup. Karen smiled at the thought of how dirty it really was and laughed to herself getting a look from the few there, including Sidney.


Karen walked over to him and whispered in his ear "if they only knew why it was dirty." She kissed his cheek and left him alone to finish up. When Sidney was done washing and drying it, he reluctantly gave it to the guys and let them put it back into its box and left. Sidney stood there for a few minutes before going in and finding his parents and wife sitting in the living room talking, joining them.

A couple weeks later, Sidney had left to go to Calgary for the Olympic team tryouts. As Sidney walked into the locker room and got dressed, he saw Jordan with his brothers and shook his head before getting his gear on. As he was getting ready, Sidney thought back to all what Karen told him on the plane as they went home. His blood started to boil and got madder the more he thought about it. As Sidney saw Jordan standing there laughing, he reached his boiling point, walked over to Jordan and drew his arm back, letting his fist fly and connecting it with Jordan's jaw.

"What the hell Crosby?" Eric said getting inbetween him and Jordan.

"Staalsy knows exactly why I hit him and knows he deserved it too." Sidney turned and grabbed his stick, leaving the locker room to hit the ice.

"What was that about Jordy?" Marc asked him confused.

"Just Sid doing what he needed to do" he said grabbing his stick and leaving his brothers standing there more confused then ever.


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