Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chapter 32

"So you were surprised?" Karen's whispered voice spoke out.

Sidney shot his head up to see Karen trying to open her eyes and focus on him "hey baby, you ok?" Karen just nodded her head "and yes I was surprised. Why didn't you tell me?"

"When I found out I was going to tell you but then I wanted you to be surprised when they came out. But I didn't know it was one of each."

"We have a son and a daughter baby. Do you know how happy you made me?"

"I think I can imagine. I was so scared that I wouldn't have been able to carry them to term and to disappoint you again."

"You could never disappoint me Karen. I love you way to much for that to ever happen." Sidney leaned in and captured her lips in a soft kiss.

"You know, you would have had time to shower before coming to see me."

"I thought you liked me like this, said it turned you on."

"It does, but I can't ravish you like I would want to right now so that makes you not playing fair."

"All in good time baby, all in good time" Sidney was about to lean in for another kiss but was interrupted.

"Apparently I need to tell you that 6 weeks is the timeline before you can lead where that kiss usually takes you" Dr. Kelley said walking in.

"You might need to record that so I can play it everyday for him."

"I'll be good, but I can't promise it won't be easy."

"Karen, you feel ok?"

"Yeah, a little sore but the end result was worth it."

"Well here's what happened. The pain you felt was your placenta rupturing. It caused a cramp and there's no real way to stop it from happening. You were far along enough that the end result was a great one. If this had happened earlier you might have lost them both. I had to do a C section so your abdomen will be sore for a couple weeks. I want no heavy lifting, minimal time on your feet for at least a week and as I said, no sex for 6 weeks."

"You might need to make a recording for her about staying off her feet there doc." Karen just smiled at Sidney.

"I would like to see you in two weeks just to make sure everything is healing properly."

"What about the babies?"

"They are in an incubator and trying to breathe on their own. As I told Sidney, they have oxygen flowing into their lungs just in case but their vitals look great and are getting stronger every minute. Of course a visit from their father could have done that."

"When can I see them?"

"How about tomorrow? I don't think you're really up to it right now."

Sidney saw the disappointment on her face "you sure we couldn't just let her see them for a second?"

"I can't risk her pulling her stitches Sid, I'm sorry Karen but you can see them tomorrow ok?"

"Ok, I can wait until tomorrow but can I ask one request?"


"Could my handsome husband stay with me tonight?"

"I don't see that as a problem. I might be able to get a bigger bed so you'll both be comfortable too."

"Thanks." Dr. Kelley left as Sidney turned back to her.

"Like I was going to leave you anyway baby."

"Well, unless you go get a shower like right now, you might be leaving me for the night."

"Actually, how about I head home and get a quick shower and I can get you a change of clothes too. I'll see you in about a half hour ok?"

"Ok. I love you."

"I love you too Karen and thank you."

"For what?"

"For making me a father" he said kissing her lips then leaving the room.

"Thank you for making me a mother" she whispered as the door shut. She let the tears she held fall and was happy her family was really here.

Sidney got home and was about to go upstairs when he heard voices in the kitchen. He headed towards there and saw Max and Natalie cleaning up.

"What are you guys doing here?" he said looking at the floor and seeing the red stain.

"I didn't want you to see this" Natalie told him.

"I appreciate that Nat, thank you."

"How's Karen?" Max said.

"She's awake. She summoned me home for a shower and I want to bring her some new clothes incase she leaves tomorrow."

"Well we'll finish up here and then get out of your way." Sidney hugged his friends and ran upstairs as they finished cleaning up.

An hour later, Sidney was back at the hospital and was told to go to another room. Karen was moved to one that had a double bed and they could sleep together. Sidney got into bed and let Karen curl up to him before he wrapped his arms around her, not to hurt her.

"Have you heard from your parents or Britnie?"

"No, I'll call them tmorrow. That way I can let my grandparents know at the same time."

"Sorry they weren't here for this."

"Not like you were either."

"I know, sorry my career that puts food on the table and makes it possible to buy you all the jewelry you could want got in the way."

Karen just smiled into his chest "well just don't let it happen again."

"I promise it won't baby, now get some sleep." Sidney held her as tight as he could and Karen loved being in his arms. They both dozed off for a peaceful sleep.

During the night, Karen had to go to the bathroom and carefully got out of bed. She managed to go by herself taking it one slow step at a time. A few minutes later, she was coming out of the bathroom and felt dizzy.

"Sidney? I don't feel so...." that was all she said as she tried to clutch the wall falling to the floor. Sidney jumped out of bed and ran to her side. He was about to pick her up when he saw she was bleeding again. He opened the door and yelled out into the hall for anyone. A few orderlies came in and picked her up, putting her on a gurney. Sidney just stood there in disbelief and wondered what could have happened. He got a shirt on and ran down the hall after them. He was stopped short of the OR and was told someone would be out to talk to him.

After what seemed like an eternity, Dr. Kelley emerged and he ran over to meet her.

"I didn't know you were still here?"

"I'm on rotation for the weekend. Do you know what happened?"

"I felt her get out of bed and then heard the toilet flush then she called for me before collapsing. What happened?"

"I'm not sure but if it's what I think, I may need to operate again and we might need to do a hysterectomy. I won't truly know until I get in there. I need to know you're fine with all this."

"Do whatever you need to, just don't let her die."

"I will take care of her Sid and I will be out as soon as I can ok?"

"Ok." Sidney found the closest chair and fell into it. He put his head into his hands and every thought possible ran through his head again. "God, please you need to help me. That woman in there is my life and those two beautiful babies born tonight need her too. Please, do whatever you have to just save her and bring her back to me. I won't be able to live if she's not in my life." He silently cried and kept saying over and over again she has to be alright until he couldn't say it anymore.

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