Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Chapter 23

A couple days later, game four was the same as game three with the Pens winning by the same score. Karen wondered if that was something with Detroit winning the first two by the same score and then the Pens winning by the same score to even the series. She hoped at least two more games went the way Sidney and the guys wanted it to.

Sidney got ready to head to the arena for their morning skate. Karen wasn't going to make the day trip to Detroit for game 5 knowing they were coming back for a game 6 at Mellon. She had either limited or no pain over the last couple days and knew it came on when it wanted to. She thought it was strange one morning after she had slept for 8 hours that the pain returned after she went to the bathroom. Karen felt the tightness but it subsided as quickly as it came. She wasn't going to write it down in her journal but figured it could pinpoint something better if she did. Karen kept the journal in a hidden place that she knew Sidney wouldn't find it. Not to be sneaky of course, just he didn't need to worry about all the little times it happened, but she would tell him about the bigger times.

Karen settled in to watch game 5 and couldn't believe the tragedy that unfolded before her eyes. Detroit went on a killing spree of goals and blank the Pens 5-0. She couldn't believe how lopsided this game was and wondered where it came from. She was thankful they had a game 6 to redeem themselves but hoped being down 3-2 in the series was enough to hold on.

As the night ticked away, Karen tried to stay awake for when Sidney came home. She couldn't and went up to bed. A while later, Karen heard the front door close and looked at the clock, reading 2:15am. She sat up but didn't hear Sidney come upstairs, so she got out of bed and went looking for him. As she walked downstairs, she saw him sitting on the couch and just staring at nothing.

"Hey" she said softly to not startle him.

"Baby, you should be in bed resting" he said holding out his hand for her.

"Sid, I'm not that far along right now so you can worry about me resting when I'm 7 or 8 months pregnant. I heard you come in and wanted to see if you were alright."

"I can't believe that game tonight, it was like we weren't even there to play them."

"What happened?"

"I don't know if we just couldn't get any good passes or bounces or if the puck just didn't want to go in."

"There are still two more games Sid and one is in front of your home crowd. You know we'll all be behind you guys cheering loudly Tuesday night."

"I know. You been feeling ok?"

"Sid, you just saw me yesterday before you left."

"I know but today is a different day and I didn't see you yesterday."

"Are you going to be like this for the remainder of the pregnancy?"

Sidney sat there for a minute pretending to be contemplating a thought "yes."

"Then I will begin to ignore you starting now."

"That will never happen baby, you can't stop talking to me. I'm too irresistable for that to happen."

"You're too irresistable for me to keep my hands off of you, not talk to you."

"We'll see about that" Sidney said before pulling her in for a kiss. "Come on, let's head to bed so I can forget this game once and for all."

"Want me to help?"

"Just being beside me and holding you all night will help."

"Saving everything else for a celebration Friday night?"

"Pretty much" he said as they both smiled and headed upstairs for the night.

As game 6 neared, Karen had a good feeling all day and knew tonight's game would be high energy for both the players and crowd. Sidney and Karen arrived at the arena and went inside. He led her to the lounge and told her to sit while he took care of a couple of things. He came back a few minutes later and found her talking to Vero.

"Well if you two are talking, Flower and I need to run for the hills."

"It's no different than what you guys say when talking about us."

"Then I am definitely scared" Sidney said sitting down.

"All we're doing is comparing the both of you" Vero said getting a scared look from Sidney.

"Yeah, she's giving some advice of things Marc does that I might have you try."

"I am definitely scared" Sidney said getting a laugh out of the girls. Vero soon left them alone and Karen looked at Sidney "what were you two really talking about?"

"Just some baby talk about what to do with the nursery and if we thought of any names yet."

"Did you have any plans for what to do for the nursery yet?"

"Well I was thinking we just really need a crib, a changing table, maybe a rocking chair, and just the necessities of clothes, diapers, toys, things like that."

"The room directly across from ours would be the best room to change into the nursery."

"Where would you put all the gym equipment and your hockey stuff?"

"Stuff? My hockey stuff? My dear wife, all that is not stuff its hockey memorabila from past games and tournaments."

"Sorry my adoring husband, to you its me its your hockey stuff."

"Good to know now, I'll leave all my hockey stuff to my son or daughter since their mother is being cruel."

"I'm not being cruel, but one day when you're on a long trip I may have all that appraised then I may change my mind."

"You hear how cruel your mommy is to your daddy" Sidney said leaning down to talk to Karen's stomach "you better get everything from my side of the family."

"Tell her anything you want Sid, she'll see who has to put up with what being married to a star hockey player."


"Well I'm not going to call my unborn child 'it', thank you very much."

"So then you don't know if its a girl?"

"No. It's to early to tell right now."

"Maybe its a boy?"

"And god help us if it is....another Sidney."

"Just be glad I love you so much."

"Good, cause you're stuck with me and our child."

Sidney leaned down and kissed her lips "only way I want it baby." He kissed her again before getting told to go get ready. Karen wished him luck and headed up to the suite with Britnie and a few other wives.

Game 6 was just how Karen pictured it, the Pens coming back to fight and forget game 5 evcer happened. They came out hard and played the entire 60 minutes winning by a score of 2-1, making the series even 3-3. As Karen neared the locker room, she heard all the guys cheering and carrying on for sending this series to a seventh and deciding game. She went into the lounge and waited, knowing Sidney would be drug away for interviews and would be back a little later.

Karen must have gotten a little to comfortable and closed her eyes, falling asleep. When she felt lips on her cheek, she stirred and opened her eyes.

"Jordan? What are you doing?" she said getting up and stepping away from him.

"Look, no one is around and you looked so peaceful sitting there, I couldn't resist."

"It doesn't matter, you shouldn't have done that" she said walking past him, only to get stopped by his arm. "Let me go Jordan."

"I think I figured it out."

"You figured what out?"

"That child you're carrying is really mine and after the baby's born, we will be together again."

"Why are you saying this? What about Britnie?"

"Brit is good while I'm waiting for the one thing I will never give up" Jordan leaned in to kiss her but Karen turned her head and he got her cheek again "it inevitable Karen, just wait and see." Karen was able to get out of his grasp and walk out of the lounge and to the hallway. She walked until she saw no one really around and leaned against the wall. She soon realized she was near the media area and peeked her head in seeing Sidney sitting, still answering questions. She watched him and knew she didn't want to be with anyone else but him. Karen walked around to the back where Sidney would go out at to meet up with him.

"What are you doing here?" he said seeing her wait for him.

"I got bored waiting for you and wanted to come find you."

"Well I'm here now. Why don't we head back so I can change and we can go home?"

Karen didn't want to go back if she would be alone with Jordan again "ok." She was thankful that there were more people around and didn't see Jordan at all. Sidney left her to go shower and Karen sat talking to Natalie who was still around waiting on Max. Twenty minutes later, both Sidney and Max came out ready and got their wives, heading out. Karen knew Sidney would stop to sign autographs with Max so she headed to the car to wait for him. After he was done, they got in the car and headed home.


  1. Wow....Jordan has to leave her alone and except the fact they will never be!

    I can't wait to see if they're having a boy or girl!

  2. I don't think I commented on ch.22 or ch.23 but they were both great, and Jordan needs to simmer down...very uncool what he is thinking & doing!