Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Chapter 18

Two weeks had passed and Karen was feeling better about everything. She decided that whatever happens, would happen for a reason and if this baby wasn't meant to be they would work on another one. She couldn't keep feelings or stress bottled up and let the days flow by. The regular season had wound down and the Pens managed to bump themselves into fourth place and well into the playoff picture. Karen knew Sidney would be in the mood to celebrate and since they held off having sex, she figured it would be as good a time as any to see if she was truly ok within her pregnancy.

Sidney came home from the store to make dinner for their parents. Trina and Troy were coming down for the first round of the playoffs and he decided to make them dinner so they could tell them the good news. Karen went into the kitchen to help make dinner but Sidney ushered her out mumbling that dinner was a surprise for her as well. She smiled and kissed his cheek before going to watch tv. After twenty minutes, the door bell rang and Karen went to answer it revealing both sets of parents.

"Hi baby girl" Karen's mom said greeting her with a hug "I am so glad we all get to have a nice dinner before the hectic playoffs start."

"Me too. Hi daddy" she said hugging him next. Karen was happy that her dad recovered fully from his heart surgery but she still saw signs of him not being able to do a lot of what he was before.

"How's my girl?"

"I'm ok." Karen stepped back and smiled at Trina and Troy before hugging both of them "how was the trip down?"

"It was nice. Glad we finally get a chance to spend some time together Karen" Trina said.

"I know, but we'll have to change that soon." A minute later Sidney came out of the kitchen to greet his parents and in-laws. They all went into the living room to sit and catch up before dinner was ready. Karen kept waiting for Sidney to say something but wondered if he was going to wait until they started eating.

While they were in the middle of dinner, Sidney got everyone's attention. "There was a reason I got everyone here for dinner tonight. I have some news and we wanted to wait until we knew there was something to tell."

"What's going on son?" Troy asked hoping it was good news.

"Well everyone, it looks like Karen and I have decided to bless our family and give you guys that grandchild you all have been wanting."

"Are you serious?" Trina said excitedly.

"My baby is going to have a baby?" her mom said on the verge of tears.

"Yes. Sid and I wanted to wait until we knew I was far enough along to tell everyone."

"How far along Karen?" her mom asked with anticipation.

"7 weeks."

"Oh my god" she said getting up to hug her daughter "I knew this would happen for you two."

"Really now?"

"Oh stop, you wanted this too sweetie."

"Hoped was more like it." She got out of the hug with her mom into the arms of Trina then Troy. They all offered their congratulations before sitting back down. Sidney held onto her hand as they finished eating. The conversation geared from the playoffs to the baby.

"Did your doctor give you a due date?"

"She will give me a more definite one next week but she hinted around Thanksgiving."

"You have another appointment next week?" Sidney asked concerned.

"I want to make sure everything is fine Sid and if going every week will help that I will."

"Ok, maybe I'll go with you."

"You'll be in Philly for the two games there."

"Why did you schedule it then?"

"It was the only opening they had. It'll be fine and I will tell you what happened when you get home."

"How about you call me as soon as you get home?"

Karen smiled and turned to Trina "was Troy like this with this one?"

"Exactly like this and with both of them. I couldn't get him to leave my side for two months."

Sidney saw Karen look at him "I promise I will not do that baby."

"I already told him about the hovering he did after I found out."

"Well, we will all be here to help you sweetie." Karen smiled at her family and Sidney kissed her head before getting up and getting dessert from the kitchen. They ate and finished talking about the playoffs for a change. After dinner, everyone stayed for another hour then headed out. Sidney walked the parents to the door then came back to sit with Karen on the couch. He reached for her legs and turned her to place them on his lap.

"Are you mad that I made the appointment while you're away?"

"No baby. I just want to be there for every minute of this pregnancy."

"I love that Sid but with at least 3 or 4 games being on the road each round, you'll miss some things during the next two months."

"Well, we might get ousted in the first round so I won't miss anything."

"I don't think so. I think you'll play for the Cup again this year."

"I hope so too baby but I am trying to be realistic here. Yes we fought to get into the playoffs but something could fall apart."

"And everything can fall into place."

"I'll make you a deal."

"Ok" she said getting scared "what is it?"

"If we go all the way and win the Cup, you have to stop thinking this baby isn't going to happen to full term. If you want your doubts now, go ahead and think them. But if I am still playing in June, you can't think any more bad thoughts."

"I think I can handle that."

"Do you think you could handle something else?" Sidney said sliding his hand up her bare leg towards her shorts.

"I can handle anything you got." Sidney kissed her before putting her legs down. He got up first then helped her up, leading her upstairs. It was still kind of early and Karen didn't think of it that they didn't lock up before going upstairs. They got into the room and couldn't stop the clothes from flying off each other's bodies. Sidney told Karen to lay down and he joined her. They laid on their sides facing each other, letting their hands do their talking. Of course their lips were a little preoccupied with each other. Sidney moved his hand down Karen's body and found her mound. He could feel the heat coming off her opening before he inserted a couple fingers inside. Karen moaned out against his lips loving the feeling of him touching her. It had been a while for them but Sidney was also going against the norm for how they usually were. By now, they both would be nearing the finale but Sidney took his time feeling her out. This was beyond being romantic with her. Karen managed to move her hand towards his cock, massaging him. She never would get the chance to play around with him and loved this new change. After a few minutes, Sidney removed his fingers to the dismay of Karen's groan and took her hand off him. He turned her over to her other side and opened her legs with one of his. Sidney took his cock and rubbed the head over her opening before sliding inside from behind. Karen grabbed onto the sheets infront of her as the sensations were overwhelming. Sidney's grip got harder on her hip as he pounded into her forcing the whimpers and moans to escape Karen's lips. Before they knew it, their orgasms came crashing down upon them as screams and moans filled the room. "Well that was certainly different" she said once her breathing returned to normal.

"I figured we needed a change." Karen laid there and wondered if he was doing this because of everything that happened with Jordan. He was almost acting like him since this wasn't his normal lovemaking style. Even if Sidney tried to be a little kinky and unreserved, it would still always end the same...him on top. If she wanted to start anything or be on top, he would switch them around before anything really got started. "Besides, you are being so cautious about this baby, I didn't want my weight on your stomach to help cause anything."

"I don't think that would have caused anything bad" she said turning her head to look at him.

"But we really don't know now, do we?"

"I guess not." Sidney kissed her while pulling out of her and then got off the bed. He headed into the bathroom leaving Karen lying there with more thoughts. Now she was confused more then ever about this and wondered if he would only be like this while she was pregnant. She wanted him both ways but would let it play out until the end and figure it out then.


  1. I loved the fantastic update, and I love the "new" sidney. I hope all works out and I need more updates! You're a great writer. I really missed reading both of your stories.

  2. Ditto what Caitlin wrote...