Friday, July 17, 2009

Chapter 21

The next morning, Sidney got out of bed early for practice. Since game 2 was tonight, they were going to have a short practice. While he was at practice, Karen had gotten up and ordered some room service for breakfast. Before she knew it, Sidney was coming back and they spent the rest of the morning together. They were watching tv and kissing, but when Karen tried to press the issue and take it a step further, Sidney stopped any attempt by being subtle about it but Karen knew why he was doing it. She played it off because she didn't want him to have other things on his mind except for the game.

Awhile later, Sidney went to lay down and Karen asked if he minded that she took a walk. He didn't and she kissed him before letting him sleep. Karen grabbed the key card and headed out. She went downstairs and found Nathalie coming from the pool with girls. She stopped and talked with Karen for a few minutes before they made their way upstairs. Karen walked outside and took in all the Stanley Cup fever that surrounded the city. She hoped and prayed that this year turned out different for the Pens. After seeing Sidney deal with the loss, or try to deal with the loss, she knew losing this year would kill him more. She took a brief walk before looking at her watch and knowing Sidney would be getting up and a few minutes. Karen headed back inside and went up to the room. When she got there, Sidney was just getting up and saw her come in.

"Hey beautiful. Have a nice walk?"

"Yeah. Went outside and saw how this city takes to their team being in the finals."

"How was it?" he said getting up and wrapping his arms around her.

"Pittsburgh's better."

"Now that's what I like to hear" he leaned in and kissed her "I am going to grab a shower and then we'll head down for dinner."

"Ok." They kissed again as Sidney went into the bathroom and Karen soon heard the shower start up. She sat down to watch tv until he got out. Ten minutes later, Sidney was done and dressed and they were headed downstairs. Before long, it was nearing game time and they were partng ways for Sidney to head to the arena with the team on the bus. Karen met up with Nathalie and went to the arena with her. Game 2 was pretty much the replica of game 1, by the style of play and of the score...with the Pens losing 3-1. Karen knew Sidney and the guys would bounce back since they were going home for the next two games.

After the game was done and all the interviews, Sidney had asked if Karen could fly home with him on the team plane. She hated when he pulled strings like that and knew she would be fine meeting him at the airport. Karen already knew a few guys didn't care, but heard talk from the other wives how she got special treatment being married to the captain. Sidney just got her to play it off when she talked to him about it and said that he wanted her with him no matter what. On the plane ride home, Karen laid her head on Sidney's shoulder and fell asleep and before they knew it, they were home.

On Monday, Sidney and the team had a morning practice to get ready for game 3. Karen had planned a special evening for them and hoped it went off as she wanted it. After he got home from practice, they did things around the house until it was close to dinner time. She got Sidney to leave to the house for an hour until dinner was done. He kind of argued, but was intrigued by what she had planned. Karen went to get dinner started and got everything else ready while things were cooking.

The hour was almost up and Karen had the dinner done. She had the dining room surrounded in candles and the table set for the two of them. As she was plating the food, she heard the door and Sidney's voice.

"Baby?" Karen walked out of the kitchen and smiled "I didn't know where to go, so I took my time picking these out." Sidney held out the huge bouquet of flowers and Karen couldn't believe it.

"Do I even want an idea to how much that cost?"

"I could tell you, but knowing how much I spend on you, you would want that much spent every time."

"They are beautiful Sid, thank you" she said kissing him and then taking the flowers from him. "I may break it up into different groups and have them all over the house."

"Why not keep it like it is?"

"Because I don't have a vase big enough."

"Gotcha beautiful" he said then smelled the aroma of dinner "is your surprise done?"

"Yes and if you follow me into the dining room, you'll see it." They walked in and Sidney saw the candles and dinner all set for him.

"Ok, it's not my birthday or yours. It's not our anniversary so...."

"I just wanted to give you a quiet, special dinner."

"Well I love it" he said kissing her "and I love you." They sat down and ate talking about the rest of the series and their summer plans in Nova Scotia. After dinner, Karen told Sidney to go sit in the living room and she would go get dessert. She walked in with a big bowl of Peach Cobbler and whipped cream. "You expect me to eat that with hopefully 5 more games of hockey to play?"

"You'll work it off tomorrow at practice anyway." Karen took the spoon and got a scoopful giving him the first bite "well?"

"Wow, that's good. Did you get that at the store?"

"No, try homemade. I had some peaches left in the freezer from last year."

"You need to stop spoiling me baby."

"I don't want to, besides it's an easy way to get what I want" she said eating a spoonful.

"So this is to just butter me up for later."

"You catch on quick Crosby. Just enjoy the dessert Sid" she said giving him another bite. They shared the cobbler until it was finished and Karen put the bowl on the coffee table.

"Thank you baby. Dinner was fabulous as always."

"Your welcome" she said cuddling up to him.

"At least you took my mind off of the first two games."

"Sid, you've said it yourself that you can't dwell on the losses when you've got more to go. Do you really think you and the guys don't have enough in you to beat them this year?"

"I know we have enough in us baby, I just can't handle losing again this year."

"Well you haven't lost anything yet. There are 5 more games in this series and you guys will play in all of them to determine the winner."

"How did you get so smart?"

"I married you."

"So you were stupid before you met me?"

Karen sat there laughing "nice, really nice" she said getting up "I have dishes to wash." Sidney sat there laughing and then turned on the tv, finding a movie to watch. A half hour later, Karen came back in and sat down beside him, watching the rest of the movie with him. During the middle of the movie, Karen started lightly moving her fingers over Sidney's leg. He knew what she was doing and smiled at her. Soon their lips met and the movie was long forgotten. Karen made a move and got up bringing Sidney with her.

"Why don't you head up and I'll meet you up there after I lock up?" he told her.

"Ok. Just don't be too long." Karen kissed him very passionately before she left him in the living room. Sidney watched her until she left his sight. He knew it was going to be hard turning her down and hoped she understood why. Sidney got everything locked up and headed upstairs. Karen was coming out of the bathroom in a tank top and boy shorts. She stood up against the door frame before walking over to Sidney and running her hands over his chest and kissing him. Sidney let the kiss linger before pulling away.

"Baby, stop. I don't think we should do this."

Karen took a step back and looked at him with disappointment in her eyes "I knew I shouldn't have told you" she whispered and walked to her side on the bed, getting in and turning away from Sidney.

He got undressed and got into bed turning to her "Karen, I don't want to hurt you again."

"How do you know it's going to happen again? It might not and I'm fine."

"But it might happen again and I don't want to take that chance."

"Fine, whatever you want Sid" she said quietly. Sidney just sighed and rolled out of bed going to the bathroom. Karen felt the bed shift and wiped the tears that escaped. He came back a few minutes and crawled back into bed, spooning up behind her and falling asleep.

The next morning, Sidney got up for practice and Karen went on doing things for Ray and some light housework until he got back. A couple hours later, Sidney came home with some lunch and saw Karen in the living room on her laptop. He brought the bag of food in to her and set it on the table. Karen looked up at the bag and smiled at what he brought. Sidney went to get something for both of them to drink and came back to sit beside her. He brought out the container with the honey bbq wings and set them on the coffee table.

"A peace offering" he said taking the lid off and the smell was heavenly to Karen who was starving.

"So you're saying that I'm not fat enough you need to feed me my favorite foods."

"Not saying that at all baby and you know it."

"I know. I can't believe you went out of your way to Robinson from the arena to get me wings from Quaker Steak."

"For you, I will go anywhere and do everything for you baby. I am sorry for last night Karen. I didn't want to take the chance of you getting another pain like last time. I know you said it wasn't anywhere near the baby, but it still scared me."

"I know, it scared me too. Look, I called my doctor and told her what happened and I have an appointment tomorrow morning."

"I can't go with you, we have practice for the game tomorrow night."

"Well this series is more important Sid, I'll tell you everything when you get home ok?"

"Ok. She'll think we're nuts asking her about all this."

"Well, she knows my history and she can tell I will be uptight about this pregnancy until the day I give birth."

"The day I am looking forward to."

"So, if I go into labor and its a game night, do you play or stay with me at the hospital?"

"Why do you ask me questions like that?"

Karen smiled at him "because I want to know if you choose the right answer."

"Since it will be a regular season game before Thanksgiving, I'm sure I can miss one game."

"Well let's hope I either give birth in the early morning or after the game."

"I just hope it's when I'm home. I would hate for me to be on the road."

"Me too." Karen kissed him and they finished eating.


  1. I like that they are getting along and both trying...something better give soon, though, because you can sense a little, um, sexual frustration!

  2. ah, an interesting twist thrown in there. I can't wait to see what's coming next. Please update soon!

  3. I hope her doctor says all is ok, and they can releive some *ahem* tension..

    Great update!